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Perspective Warp in Photoshop®

I want to show you another cool feature called perspective work, so I have this temple and this helps this can help out tremendously if you're trying to composite two things, so I'm going to come down to perspective work, which is interesting because even though it's a background layer I can still come to perspective for I wish I could go to free transport mint stuff but for some reason it to turn it into a layer first but you guys do know right? You know this little lock now if you just click the lock, it turns the background and earlier ok, because I still have people that driving the background to the new layer icahn may could do throw away the old one and then I don't know just don't done all right? So I like the fact that I got a perspective warp and it will actually work on a background layer if I want transparency though I think it's important actually it might do it automatically I'm not sure, but I just always turned it into a layer first so at it perspective work, what does t...

his do? Well, I have to draw out the perspective of the image so it's a little bit like vanishing point in a way so I don't know sometimes we don't like demonstrate we only demonstrate the new stuff and people forget about all this older stuff vanishing point is awesome if you ever need to clone anything or paint like like on a vanishing point, right like in perspective like you want to clone something and on along a road in the road gets smaller vanishing point well, allowing you to do that automatically, you can copy something a clipboard go to vanishing point so it's like, oh this is the corner of the building determined the vanishing point, pay something in there and wrap it around the building it's really cool so this is kind of a similar thing in that I'm going tio drag out too two rectangles here and let me under that I need to drag the second one if you position your cursor when you're dragging the second one kind of close to the first one don't touch it but go close to it was touching it will move it but if you go close to it it will snap them together and then you need to do fine basically the perspective. So what am I doing and what am I looking at? Well, I was looking at like this line right here in this line right here and trying to match them up to the perspective of the temple itself so I'm gonna drag this one up probably a little bit too far just because I know when I dragged this one down it's going to need tio adjust the other one so again, I'm just kind of looking at this line right here and this line and I'll bring that up the more accurate you khun b with the lines with the the perspective that you're defining the more accurate your change is there going to be so once you define this kind of lay out with this grid here you have to toggle over into the warp area and when you go into the warp area this is where it gets fun but so sometimes like when I first went here I was like uh huh okay, so that's interesting but I'm not sure I would use it here's the key to this if you want to keep kind of you want to maintain the shape of the temple I'm going to hold down the shift key and when I position my cursor over this line right here and I click on it it turns it yellow and it's going to keep that line vertical so that when I click on the pin and I start moving that pin it's going to move the top one and the bottom one you can see how if I just needed to scoot the perspective of this a little bit to change it now here's the thing you guys this is cool it really is but it's not like I can see the other side of it right so I just want to set your expectations like I don't want to be like you should see what they did like c s I and photoshopped like I could see you know like the back of somebody's head no it's like the joke where the woman goes in with the image of her husband she says hey you know can you I love this image my husband but can you take out this hat and the recapture says well sure what colors his hair and because we'll take off the hat you'll see it okay so this is very cool but don't forget like if you're trying to change the perspective something up and down like if you've got a like a tiered found you can if you have photo doesn't contain the underneath part of the fountain is going to be hard to adjust that so when I am shooting for my composites and it'll become really obvious when you start using this you like oh well maybe if I don't know where this image is gonna end that maybe I should photograph it from a variety of different perspectives both higher perspective lower perspective a little to the left a little bit to the right all right so that's perspective warp in photo shop so let's we can close that I don't need to save that and then one last thing that I do want to show in here because I don't know being a photographer I am not like a u ie designer. I'm not a graphic designer and underneath if if you've got the creative cloud complete and I think even if you have just the ccp under the creative cloud icon, right? So this is this is creative cloud the desktop app I'll call it we have a lot of different options here and you, khun, you can see everything under the home this is your activity stream you conceal the absolute have installed, you can see all these different assets and I think this gets really interesting so you can share your images on the cloud, right? You can share with other people and collaborate and store them up there you can go to the type kit fonts and manager funds, but we also have this market where you can get stuff like photoshopped brushes or icons or things that people just share. So for example, if I wanted to do research because I need a video icahn it will show me all the video icons that people have just put up there for free that I can use, which is very cool, or if I want to look at brushes well, then actually let's turn off the search and, well, maybe I do need the search I need the categories is what I need, so maybe it's I need it to say categories it's going to be something that is so easy it's going oh see this little arrow I bet it's a little arrow huh it's a little arrow right there see tough that yeah but you know what? You know what it does show me like like we I will say the engineering team and everything is really good at not putting stuff in the interface that's a relevant so I just have to I just know I have to look harder and interface like where I know they've put it in there and they probably didn't want to and it's all like flashing or it took to you know, in english the word is like, you know, twenty characters and in germany is like forty five and so it would never fit and so if I just wanna look for brushes there we go so here's all this pressure and I condone woman using for free cool they're totally cool all right and and so anyway so I downloaded that the little video icon sorry that a question yes well just uninjured action there when you were talking about fonts again this has had come in earlier is it possible to link or use google fonts? Is that possible in there? I don't know ok I don't know of a way to do it but I don't want to say no well somebody in the chat room perhaps khun well, that video I so I now call it the guma the duma which is the google machine eso use the guma and let anyone tell us do it ok cool so there's no button or anything that says hey use google funds if they're a fund that I think you could download of course you could download it to your operating system and then you could use it what the web if you're creating a web site that was selling what gets served up, I can't promise what if it would be that fun or not that well I don't know it depends I think on too many variables thank you okay, so I did download and I want a place as a linked smart object that video icon okay, so why might I want to do this? Well, because someone else might be working with me so I'm going to say place linked so place embedded says take this file and put it inside my photo shop document place linked well actually allow me to go and look and I can look in my market downloads and it's actually it was an spg file that sound an illustrator file so I'm gonna place this I'll click ok and it places a kind of lord that's fine, we can make it a little smaller all right? And then we can move it around and actually I'm it usually fits right there but you know what it doesn't have to fit because then it's going to be too small for anybody to see so here is my icon right here here's video three I'm gonna bring it all the way up to the top my layers panel so we can see it not in but right above so here is the icon I could do command jay if I needed more than one right so maybe I need one on both sides down here I know it's too big but I want to make sure you can see it but now what happens if someone else makes a change to this so let's say for a minute that I'm not me on my machine but I'm going to go open just a new window to my market downloads and I'm gonna open up this eh I file so that's going to open it up in illustrator that's where you know the vector art was made originally and in fact if I wasn't photo shop and I double clicked on it like a smart object to edit the contents it knows that it was created in illustrator and it would open up illustrator so now all I need to do it like if I want to make a change I don't like this color I want to make it black um hey where are all my other panels there we go let's make it black let's, save the file. Let's, close the file. This is externally. I'm not in that photo shop file, right? I went to my hard drive. Open this document up. I made a change to it, and when I go back to photo shop because it is externally linked photo shop is placing this, but it is a linked file. So when you make changes that file externally and, yes, the file is local on my hard drive right now, but I could be stored in the cloud so someone could be doing artwork. You know, probably a little more complex than just this, but I could, at least for placement on lee, place, a file that another person is working on, and as they work on it and save it, because it is just linked, it is not embedded. When they update that file, it would automatically update here, which is pretty darn cool.

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