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Type Kit and Smart Guides in Photoshop®

Let's come back over to light room and what are we going to talk about we have talked about we need to talk a little bit about type we talk a little bit look like smart guides rounded rectangles live shapes all sorts of stuff here so this is this is going to be a fun one to go through I'm trying to redesign my my my website not my block but my website it's it totally needs help so what just happened? Well I'm sure that if you collaborate with anyone this has happened to you where you've got or you don't have a fund that someone else has so one of the nice things with with creative cloud complete and to an extent with the photo shop in light room the ccp is that we have high I would love for you to come help I know I'm sorry I'm sorry I did this to you do you want just the photography plan on creative cloud reminder to everybody out there if you have not heard adobe is giving a fifteen percent discount to you creative leiber's for new accounts on the creative live I'm sorry for being cr...

eative cloud photography playing that it's light room and photo shop you could go to the course page to find a link for that or crystal give it to you in the chat rooms but fifteen percent off for one hundred two dollars for the first year that's really cool? Yeah. That's pretty cool. Okay, um and then if you want to go big and do the whole thing that you get all these funds that you get with type kit now, if you have the ccp, you still do get some typefaces on dso what's really important when you're collaborating, and I'm sure you guys already know this is just that you have the same funds and stalled in this I don't know when you go on the way back machine like I do like installing funds has been kind of a hassle and there's a lot of fun folder, especially in the operating system that I use and so was always kind of do I put it in like the indesign folder, the photo shop or the library or the user library or the system library? Where do I find so how do I manage him? So now what? What what's happening is I'm opening this file and photo shop is automatically telling me that I'm missing funds and it is a type kit fund that I'm missing. And so what happened is that said, hey, I recognize that fun, that finest part of type kid, would you like me to go up and down, load that fun for you and install it and update the funds in this document with that type face, which like that wasn't a huge amount of work like clicking ok was a lot easier than me explaining even what it does so it's done that and you can see there's no longer a warning on the type right here. Now we've done a lot of other things with type as well let me just zoom in a little bit and we'll look at at the naming the branding area here and I'll grab the type tool so I tapped the tiki and I'm going tio well, I know that it's this layer right here, right? And aiken toggle the eye icahn on and off it is the eye icon you should know it's not the eyeball icon I there was a memo on that as well I am now I'm in the know that is the icon, not the eyeball icon, so don't poke anyone in the eye ball just poke him in the eye I guess so it's the icon so I'm on the right layer now when I select the drop down menu for all the different fonts, you'll notice that we now have this live preview over here, which is pretty darn cool so I can actually see whatever the typefaces instead of looking at this little sample on the actual drop down, I can actually see it over an amateur area and in fact this little sample area I don't even need that anymore right? It's taking up look, I can't even see my first julie right it's cropping it so what if I went to the type menu and I came down the font preview size and I said I don't need a fun preview size because that's previewing it in the drop down menu so I clicked none there and now look at how much thinner it is so now we can see my whole name so get rid of that extra chunk of real estate that it's taking up so not only do we have this live preview we can also search now so you could always type in like if you knew oh I want myriad that's a great typeface I want to use that you could type it in but what you couldn't do is just type in like bold like I just want to see what are all the bold funds that I have right? Or you know what? Maybe I want to see all the italic funds so I just start typing in a talic and it will just show me it's gonna limit what I roll over to just those fonts but wait there's more. Of course, if I only want to see my type kit bond's like she's talking a lot about type kit yeah here's the cool thing about type kid is that anyone with creative cloud has these finds the creative cloud complete right? If you subscribe to create a clump complete and you're collaborating with somebody you know often some of their state on the same project, they're gonna have the same fonts that you have and their desktop and webb so they actually live up there in the cloud and you can download them with your specific page and it's all it's it's kind of the new way that were there were managing typefaces on the web and what you can you so now you have access to all these different funds, so I'm gonna filter by my type kit funds I'm gonna say yeah, I don't really see anything that I like, so I'm just gonna click on the add funds from type kit icon and that takes me to my browser, my default browser and it will open up the full library of type kit funds now I don't remember what the normal thing is, but if you're looking for specific characters like you might want the death in the tea for some reason you want, we will see two teas together to see if you've got ligatures or not. You might want to see what whatever it is, so I just put in jake because that it's the initials, so now I could say all right, well, I only want to look at sand sarah funds so I know I want to really plain fun I want something or maybe you don't know what you want and you can scroll down and you can say you know what I need a heading I just need a typeface that's that's good for headings or you know what? I need a paragraph fun not a heading fun and you know what I needed for desktop use because this is just going to print at or maybe I need him for desktop and webb you so maybe I should turn that on because that would limit down the funds maybe you're looking for like a hand written from oh want want want yeah, we'll hand I think it's this category the paragraphs category I think they're like please do not hand write a category like note now we don't want that ok so no classic comic here we're going to go back tio a sand saref I wanted for web and desktop and then I could refine it you know more narrow by using all these different other options but let's say I like ten so I think that's how you say it I just click you response it lists me the fun so here's the regular front some of them have larger fund families that have bolds and everything in them but I'm just but I just do my kid I think I want to sink the selected funds in artie's some kid for me, it sounds really weird said we did it, and I ended it. Now I had to do it again. You shouldn't have to do that. It automatically did it. I didn't read before I clicked, so now it's installed that, um, and if I go back to photo shop and we decide that that's the typeface that I want to use, you'll notice I have the type tools selected and I have my layer selected and all I'm going to dio is I'm going to filter and then we can come right down here, I think yes, ten so that was what I yes, so you'll notice that because I didn't swipe the font, the whole line of the front change for the entire line of type if I'd gone in there and I put my texting kirsch insertion point like, if I selected this, then obviously, if I chose a different font on lee, that portion of my type, I was going to change. All right? Ok, so that's a little bit about typography, I think that's enough, let's, talk a little bit about selecting layers and and also aligning layers. So I have some icons over here, and I want to quickly select them and distribute them, and you could do this. You could do this before, but I like the fact that if I tap the wiki first of all I get the move tool and I can turn on auto select be a little careful because auto salah by default is set to group so it means if I hold down the committee if I if I had just turned on auto select and I click right now, I am not selecting the specific icon I'm actually selecting the group of icons because I've put these four icons with in a group and I did that just to tide him up, but later we'll talk all about different reasons we also might want to group besides just organization so here I have these different layers, but I'm gonna turn it so auto select is just on the layer so now look when I click on my different layers it automatically select that layer for me so I don't have to find that layer of my layers panel now some people hate this feature it drives him crazy, which is fine turn it off well, turn it on once and set it to layer, then turn it off now if I have the move to and hold down the command here the control key, then I can auto select the layer and you'll see and my layers panel how the different layers are being selected based on where I click they might release the command of the control key it goes back to just working like the normal move tool and if you don't like that you could just write mouse click and if you write mouse click on top of a layer it will show you like all of the layers that air underneath that layer in your document okay, you know I like layers because I think photoshopped it's so funny it's like yeah, the decisive moment that's what we bring over bringing photographers and that yeah it's great I have a fear of commitment so why wouldn't I like it? Ok, so I select this I start moving it around we've got these crazy smart guys going on okay here's what I recommend do we need them magenta? I don't think so let's go let's go calm our lives down let's go they don't have to yell at me like I'm smart I'm smart I'm smart. I'm smart like no like hey now look what hey, dude, I'm totally here to help you, but I'm not going to be so intrusive like oh, I love your now now you might not it's actually not showing up probably well enough for most folks so let's go back there again I'm going to my preferences sorry under the edit menu on windows under the photo shop menu on mac and I can change this actually to any color I want so if I thought that was too light come bring it down to maybe a darker gray click ok? And now as I move this around so it's nicer ok, I know you know when I was a kid I just don't feel like I need to tell you I would wear pink and purple and bright green so and my mom would always wear these earth tone colors such a boring color palette I love their tone colors now so I need to relax and just have these darker color so I moved them around and what's nice is when they're in alignment they get the straight lines and then they could also you know, once I've decided like oh, that looks like a good distance between these two and then I hold down the command can I click on the next one to auto select it and I start moving it see when it gets one hundred eleven pixels apart the same distance is the other one it will tell me. All right so it's like oh, there you go it matches now that distance there and I can also I can also if if I if I want to know like, well, how many pixels is this from this or something, you can hold down the command key and wherever you hover it will start telling you data, which is awesome, like I appreciate this. If you don't like it, just turn it off. I mean, if this is what's going to make you scream into the void all day, just go to view, come down here, tio show, and then turn off your smart guides. But for me, they're super helpful, all right, so I like him, so command click that auto selects. We just move it until it's one hundred eleven pixels, and we're going to go, all right, so it's, a great way to kind of do it more visually. I know some people would say, well, I just like the first one, it's like the last one and auto distribute that's fine, too. We didn't take that out because there would be the yelling. We don't like the yelling.

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