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Personal Vision Statement & Goal Setting

Brandon Webb

Total Focus

Brandon Webb

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10. Personal Vision Statement & Goal Setting


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Personal Vision Statement & Goal Setting

This is probably, vision statement, goal setting, one of the most important lessons that just tie in everything together. So I think you guys will get a lot out of it. I'm gonna share my personal vision statement with you guys, and then I'll share some goals as well. Vision statement, before I get into it, it should really be a paragraph about who you are, the type of person that you aspire to be. And this was literally my 2018 statement. I look at it every year and modify it a bit, maybe add to it, try and condense it. So there you go. And I'll read it. I value my time as my most precious asset and I make good decisions about how I use time. I live an adventurous and meaningful life. I lead by example. I speak candidly, we talked about that earlier. I respect people's views and choices. I don't fall prey to certainty, and we talked about that in an earlier lesson. I always keep an open mind. I see fear, adversity, and failure as necessary tools to grow, learn, and become successful an...

d happy. I set challenging goals and achieve them. I never give up, and I know the difference between failing and quitting. I stay physically fit and eat healthy but remember to sometimes cut loose and have fun. I'm leaving the world a better place, and I know the importance of giving back. I'm always striving to improve myself as a father, friend, son, companion, and business leader to my team. I plan my life and live my plan. And as a diver, you know that comes from the diving community. And it's so true. Plan your life and live your plan. That's my vision statement, and that gives you, a vision statement to me is the foundation of how you wanna live your life. So what I do every year, usually November, I start thinking about the next year ahead, and what I want my year to look like. And I go somewhere, could be a vacation, could be a mini staycation, but I make sure there's no distractions, no cell phones, I put on my headphones to nice music, and I do this exercise every year. I look at my vision statement, and then I write my goals down, which we'll get to right now. A vision statement. A paragraph describing the type of person you are and want to be. Okay, so goal setting. We talked about the mission statement already. Yearly goal setting. I have a monthly accountability partner, Solomon is his name, if any of you guys have been to New York City and eaten frozen yogurt, Solomon started 16 Handles, the frozen yogurt chain. Got some amazing stories about him that are in the book Total Focus, but he literally is my accountability partner. I met him two weeks ago at eight in the morning to share each other's goals. I email him mine, and he emails me his, and then when we have, before we meet up usually over breakfast, I report, hey, here's my status, here's what I've achieved, and it really helps you hold each other accountable. Having an accountability partner is a lot like working out. You and I can go to the gym or do yoga at home by ourselves, but if we're in a group setting or with somebody else, your game is gonna elevate. You're gonna push yourself harder. So it's really important, I think, for accountability, to have somebody help you with this. It could be a friend, family member, even a co-worker. Okay, so, categories. This is how I divide mine up. You can interpret it, change it, however you want, but I have personal, family, and professional, or what I call business. And that's the outline I would use. Okay, let me see. I'm actually gonna pull my phone up and read through some of my goals, but just as a reference, the goals should be specific, measurable, and actionable. And I gave an example there. We all hear the end of the year resolutions, I wanna lose weight this year. Well, that doesn't mean much, right? What does that mean? An actionable, measurable, specific goal would be I will lose 20 pounds by June 5th. There's no doubt about what that is, one compared to the other. You know exactly what that is, and you can hold yourself accountable. And if June 5th comes around, and your check-in partner is like, hey, what's going on? Where are you at? You know there's a time associated with that. I'm literally gonna pull up mine. I'll read through my business goals for this year, and I may sterilize some numbers. I have a 2018 revenue goal, it's a big, eight-figure number. I wanna hire a VP of ops by Q4. I wanna release our subscription dog box by March 15th. We've done that, we released it early. I want to redesign our main website by January 15th. We missed that, we did it by the 30th, though. But that one's done. I want a custom membership platform for all of our subscribers, digital and our box business. Custom platform designed by August 30th, and we're on track for that so far. I wanna buy a New York City work live loft, with my SBA loan before this June. So that kind of gives you a cadence of some of my business goals. I'm gonna skip over the rest and go to family. I wanna talk to my mom and sister and father once a month. So there's no getting around that. Either I did it that month, or it didn't happen. Three FaceTimes minimum a week with my kids, and then one of the things I do is I take each of my kids on a unique trip by themselves. This year, I flew my daughter to the city for her birthday, with her best friend, and we went around and did girl stuff, which was pretty fun until, I remember we had an amazing time, Broadway, shopping in SoHo, tea, I had one of my friend's wives to take them to get mani-pedis, and I took them on this really cool, underground New York restaurant, and these are like 13 year old girls, and the waiter offered them a drink. I was like okay, not so fun anymore. Then they thought it was the coolest thing ever, oh, we're in New York. But that's something I do with my kids once a year. I take them on these trips, and I plan them with a specific date. This year, I'm gonna take my daughter skiing. We're gonna go ski in Chamonix, that Mont-Blanc glacier, because she's a really good skier, and I need to plan that trip before, let me find it, I have to plan the trip before August. With my youngest son, I'm taking him to the NBA finals, so I gotta buy those tickets by the end of May. Personal, skipping over the rest of my family, take a dance class before the end of March. And that's something I've just wanted to do. I've always wanted to learn how to properly dance. I have another book coming out called Mastering Fear in August. I have a goal here, make the New York Times best seller list before the end of August. And I review this every week. You'd think that okay, you're gonna put this book out and it's out of your control, but by having it on my list, I know I have to pay attention to it, and put resources behind it. So it's something that I'm always reviewing this. I want to get my multi-engine rating before October. I've always loved aviation since I was a kid. I've been flying for eleven years now. I have two small planes, I don't own an automobile. I know that's strange, but I love to fly, that's why I wanna get my, I have a goal to own a small business jet, that I wanna fly myself, so I need my multi-engine rating and I need to get that before October. I have a novel I'm working on, so I have in here, finish my novel before the end of 2018. So that gives you guys an idea. Those are my personal goals, I gave you a snapshot of them, but they're very specific, and there's time and deadlines associated with that stuff. Then I always think it's important, like what's the future look like three, five years from now, and one of my goals, I want to sell part of my company to take some money, to provide some liquidity to produce my number that I want, that takes care of me and my family, and that's in my three year outlook. I have in there I wanna buy or build a second home somewhere on the water. I don't know where that is yet, but that's stuff in there, it's stuff I like to think about in the future. I wanna grow my business to evaluation of a billion dollars or more. That's on there. So, that's a snapshot of my own goals. Another practice that I would encourage is every Sunday, for me, I look at the week ahead, I review all these goals. My vision statement, I look at all my goals, and then I look at my, I pull up my calendar, and I have the week ahead of me, and I look and say, oh, I don't wanna take that meeting, why did I say yes to that guy? And I'll totally plan my week in advance on Sunday. And that enables me to literally take control of the week rather than the week take control of me. And that's been one of the most powerful practices I've done is planning that week ahead. And you could do it, takes 15 minutes. And it's because I used to get in that, I'm working, like we all do, we get busy, and next thing you know you're taking meetings, and you're just like what just happened, the week flew by like that, and this prevents that from happening. It really lets you stay in control. And back to the whole time conversation, time is the most valuable thing we have, and just like opportunities come along, people will come along, and they'll try and take your time. And I'm not... It may even sound mean-spirited, if there's no purpose behind the meeting, and how I assess purpose is does meeting this person provide some personal fulfillment for me, or is it on my plan? Does it meet some objective on my plan? And if it doesn't, I'm sorry. I don't have time. People will try and get your time and not respect it. That's just the reality of life. Yes. Do you block time out on your calendar for writing? Yes, I do. I block time out for writing, and also, I'm thinking of myself, if any of my employees are watching, they're gonna go, oh, he's taking Wednesdays off. I block out every Wednesday as a personal day. So every Wednesday, I know is a personal day for me, and I still work, but I don't take any meetings, and it's a chance for me to catch up with a friend over brunch, do some reading, have a coffee, take some time to myself, take a walk, take my dog on a long walk. It's that it's my time, and especially if you live... The world we live in today with social media, and I spend a lot of time in Manhattan, it's just so busy and so easy to let work get out of control. That, to me, is sacred time. And my assistant knows, and she tries. Now she knows and she defends it for me. Do you work on weekends? Usually I take the, I mean, in media, you're always kind of working, but I take the weekend off. So yeah, you could say I have three days off, but I still stay in touch with my team, I'm not gonna not answer an email, but that personal time is awesome. Okay. In the planning your week ahead out, taking the time on a Saturday or Sunday to okay, what's my week gonna look like, and move stuff around, or put things in place, plan it how you want it. Just don't let it happen to you. 'Cause that's what happens, people are like I wanna take this, and this meeting and that meeting, and just being able to manage that yourself is extremely powerful. Thank you. Thank you guys. I know you spent your time here today with me, and everybody online, so I really appreciate that. And that's my Instagram, if you guys wanna give me a follow, just @BrandonTwebb. These are my books. I have a personal website, it's All my books are on there. These are the important ones. Total Focus, which is the subject of this class. Mastering Fear, I'm really excited about Mastering Fear. I taught my friend Kumal how to swim when he was in his 40s, and what people didn't realize that tried to teach him before, they just tried to teach him the strokes, and he said you were the first person who actually taught me how to be comfortable in the water, and then taught me. He was like, you should write a book. And the next week I sold it to my publisher. And he's like, that's what made me talk about it earlier, he was like, you just get shit done. So I'm excited about that book.

Class Description

Have you ever had a hard time reaching your career goals? Sometimes we come up short because we don’t know how to prioritize, stay composed amidst the chaos and make the right choices under pressure.

But what if you could do your job or run your business with the laser focus, precision and decisiveness of a Navy SEAL?

Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL, successful entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author of “Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure,” believes that the same qualities that allowed him to stare down terrorists have helped him create a multimillion dollar company.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid distractions that take you away from your goal.
  • Pursue the right opportunity and see it through to completion.
  • Build an action plan to achieve your objectives.
  • Increase your self-esteem and get rid of self-doubt.
  • Overcome hesitancy and indecisiveness by moving forward with an imperfect plan.
  • Embrace the suck and refuse to quit.
  • Recognize that unexpected challenges may reveal your best shot at success.



I had the pleasure of being in the live audience for this course, SO much content, I actually got the book as well and took lots of notes. With Brandon there is no fluff, it's all real actionable steps and strategies to get you focused in very specific ways. we talked about goal setting, team work, vision statement, and that's just a taste, there are so many different categories that we got into. I'll have to go and study my copious notes.. I'm glad CreativeLive added a course on FOCUS! Man I need it as a small business owner it's so helpful to have an expert help me Focus! Brandon was a high level Navy Seal but he's really down to earth, funny, smart and packed this course with massive content. Thanks Brandon

Brad Aylor

I thought that the course had a lot of helpful and interesting information. If your a person that relies on the presenter to excite you with presentation and not listen for the content, you may have some challenges. He should be applauded for what he has accomplished. We should all celebrate that.