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Organizing Images

Lesson 8 from: Tour of the Library Module in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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8. Organizing Images

Lesson Info

Organizing Images

And so this is where we come into the process of organizing our images once we're done selecting. So we have a set of images that are our favorite images. The rest of them are either rejects that we never want to see again or their images that are not important enough for us to care about. Um and we're gonna separate those two. So what we're gonna do is we're going to go up to the top of the the folder area, and we're going to click also that we're no longer sorting things so that we can see all of these folders. And what we're gonna do is we're going to click on this raw folder and we're going to create a folder inside of it. And that folder is going to be called select. And we're going to include all of the full, the photos that are selected and hit, create. And it is moving all of those photos into a folder called Select. And if I right click this folder and I say show show in Finder, it opens that folder in the finder. And look, there's the selects folder. So I'm actually organizin...

g these photos from within light room, and it's creating a physical location inside of my hard drive. Four. Those photos. And this is really important when you figure the idea that someday you might need to use some other program toe. Look at your photos, and if you use a folder based structure to do that, then even if you leave light room and you decide you're gonna go back to bridge or you're going to go and just open him up with photo shop or you go to some completely other program that you want to use later on, you can still find the images that you selected that you knew were great. They're organized at the folder level. This is one of the values of Light Room classic, as opposed to light room desktop, the newer version of Light Room. Because Lightning Classic is very folder centric, it allows you to organize based on folders, whereas light room desktop is much more organized based on date and whatever the computer wants to do with the files, you don't have access to where it puts him like what folders it puts him in. It organizes very differently. So here in light room classic. You have the ability to organize your files, however, you want them to be organized. And that's really, really helpful in useful, especially to those of us who are shooting a lot of images. So going back to light room, then I've got all of these other files here. So I've got this US digital file here. All I have to do is right. Click that and rename it and I can call this one rejects. I don't have to move him. I just rename them. And so now, inside of the raw folder, I've got a raw rejects and a selects. If I click on that one folder, I see all of the images that I want to work with, and I am ready to go in that regard. So we have just imported are images and we've gone through the selection process, and now we've even started organized them into specific folders at the folder structure of the folder level. So this is critical because it's all part. You can see how we're moving through this process, and we're making sure that we bring things in. We put them in the right place, and then, as we bring them in, we choose the ones that are valuable to us, and we further solidify their position by putting them into their own folder so that later on it'll be easy for us to find him. And even at a folder structure level, I could always find my photos and be able to say These are the ones that I need to keep. I could get rid of those rejects if I want to.

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