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Searching for Images

Lesson 6 from: Tour of the Library Module in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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6. Searching for Images

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Lesson Info

Searching for Images

Okay, So now that we have our files here, inside of light room, um, we can start to look through those files. And so this is the process by which we're going to review the files. But let me show you where these images now are so inside of my hard drive over on the right hand side, you'll see that I've got what's called a folders area and let me close all these so you can see so inside of light room, there's a navigator. There's catalogues. So this is everything to do with the catalogue. So these change a lot. So, like if you have errors in synchronization, there will actually they'll add another, um, lying here that says, Ah, synchronization errors or something like that. And so these change based on what you've done so you can see that this says previous import. So it just added this line and said, These are the images that you previously imported. If you I just exported something, it'll say previous exports. If I just exported a catalogue, it'll say, What was your previous exporters ...

catalogue? So it shows you all of the different things that you've been doing with the catalogue itself. But below that is the folders, then collections, then publish services, folders or actual physical spaces on your hard drive. This is the file organizer, But remember, these folders here are not, um, folders that air inside of the light room program. They are on a hard drive somewhere, and it's just pointing to him. It is very important that once you start working inside of light room that you maintain a strict observance of doing things in light room, not outside of light room. So if you want to move files around, move them around inside of light room. Don't move them around outside of light room, because if you do light room will lose track of them. I won't be able to find them. It's akin to someone going into a physical library and pulling one of the books off the shelf. And all of the kid has to do is move it like five aisles down and put it, and it's lost forever because no one will be able to find it. It's just stuck in a bookshelf somewhere, and the card catalogue can't take you to it because you didn't tell the library the library and where you put it. So, um, always move stuff with in light room, not outside of light room. And don't change the names of folders outside of light room. You can always right click a folder, and you can rename that folder here inside of light room. Don't do it at the file level, because then light room will lose it. But by the way, if, for some reason you have a file here and you want to find it, it'll have a question mark on it, and you can always right click that and then find the missing folder and then point to it. Show it where you move the folder or point to the new renamed folder that you re named. So that light room then knows where, where and what you did with the files that you moved outside of its purview. Okay, so here is the folder that we brought in, and you'll notice that it says creativelive personal. This is raw than us digital than the and then there's the files, so it shows you the entire file folder structure. But I can either look at the images just inside one folder or I can click on the entire job and see the entire job all at one time. Okay, so that is where everything is. Um, if for some reason you I like to use the folders as a to do list. And so you see these color options here, these color options air fantastic. Because I can right click any job and I can add a color to it. So, for instance, red do this. So that's like, Hey, look at me. I need to do this. Um, if I do purple, which is at the bottom, that means, Hey, you can archive me now. I'm done. So if you ever see a purple one, that means Jared is done with this job, and he's just needs to finish archiving it. So I just use those colors as a to do list that tells me what to do with any given image or file. Also, I have the right. If I right click, I can also market as a favorite. If I market is a favorite, it gets a little star on it to that star, And the beauty of that is I can go up to the top of the folders area, and there's a search feature. That surge features super helpful, especially when you have one catalogue has a ton of jobs in it and a ton of folders because I can do I can either click in here and I can say, Um, look for everything that says creative on it and you'll see that there as I zoom out. There are two jobs here that have creative on it, both because of creativelive. And so I've got creative live. I found the file. I can also find that file by simply going up here and clicking on the actual, uh, well, magnifying glass. And I can either search for only favorites folders. So if I click on that, it shows me all of the folders that I've favorited. So it pares down all the folders that I have into just those that have favorites on it. Or I can say, OK, I want all folders and I want to go in and search on Lee four Purple. So I click on purple and there we go. There's my list of the things that Aiken archive, so you'll note that I've I'm in an archiving mood so I've got all these things and I'm in the process of archiving it. That's just something I do on a regular basis archive stuff. And so I've been archiving a lot of stuff. Um, so in this case, I want to look for red, and right now it's showing red and purple, and I want to get rid of the purple. So let's just say none and then go to purple. Oops, Sorry. I want to do red. So none for some reason, the purple sticks, if you so just you have to hit none and then read there. Well, the purple still sticking on some of them. Um OK, so there we are. I see my red folders and then I click on this one and now I'm ready to start working. Now you'll notice something up here in the top left corner. See that little note that says sinking photos? That's because the photos that we just imported have been turned into smart previews. Those smart previous have been been being thrown up on the cloud right now as we speak. And so those images air now available to all of my mobile devices as well as a computer that has light room desktop on it. So they're available all over the place because they're synchronizing to the cloud. If, for some reason you didn't see the option when you were on import to sync to the cloud, it's probably because you haven't turned it on. You have to come in here and start it. So you have to actually push a button right here that will have, like, a little play button on it and then start that so minus just already started because it's always synchronizing.

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