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S so I'm gonna cover a couple of things really quickly that we didn't get teo on and they were gonna have a special guest then we'll get all into the continent for the fourth segment, so just super quick actually going to go back, I'm not going back where I go and guess I'm going back, throw away tickets and hit he's hidden city ticketing won't explain what this is buying a ticket that you don't use the entire itinerary of sometimes it is cheaper to buy a ticket to a destination that you don't actually intend to travel to on dh it's sometimes cheaper to fly through a hub city than to a hub. I'm going to give you an example of what this means if it doesn't makes sense, right? Officers say you live in portland, oregon or you're in portland and you need to go to charlotte, north carolina if you look at the nonstop flight p extra charlotte, then it's two hundred and ninety two dollars on us airways and this is because charlotte is the hub city so it's a little bit expensive but if you look...

at the same flight, same details, same day everything portland to charlotte continuing on to tampa, then the flight is one hundred ninety seven dollars, right? So if you need to go to charlotte, basically you can book a ticket on to tampa or to some other city and you just don't use that final segment right? And then you're going to say what almost one hundred dollars and so this principle holds true mostly throughout all hub cities so if you need to fly you know portland hears that example again portland to dallas on american that's americans hub so it's going to be kind of expensive then you just book portland dallas austin portland dollars san antonio oklahoma city somewhere else at least put that in and see what comes up and it's going to be it's going to be a lot cheaper usually the airlines don't love this actually this is a little bit black hat but it's not illegal it's not wrong the only thing to be aware of is you wouldn't want to check a bag on this kind of itinerary because your bag would always be checked to your final destination so if you were if you were flying portland to charlotte and then leaving your bag would continue to tampa so don't check it back on and just be aware that I have a question that a real quick question we're just going to say that when I've done that in the past one time they actually he canceled my return flight because I never made it to my final destination right and so I went to rome to the airports that I need to go home way don't have your flight that's, right? Because it's a return flight. So I should have mentioned that you should only do this for one way tickets. Or you should only do this for whenever you don't need the next segment. Whatever it isthe that's, right? Good point. Uh, ok. And then quickly on glitch fairs or mistake fares. Once in a while, something will like the system. There will be a glitch in the matrix, right? And like some crew, some create some crazy fare, you know will pop up where it's like super super cheap, you know, to fly on something and it's usually only available for a limited time because it is a mistake and, you know, people will sometimes jump on those and purchase them. If you're wondering like how to actually find out about these couple of forms are great mile point dot com there's a hole there's a hole for him specifically about mistake bears a zealous flyertalk dot com. You can kind of see it. I traveled on a few mistakes there's not a lot of them, but one time there was a deal a few years ago for a ticket originating in malaysia. It was like a business class ticket originally a month later that went through soul to the united states and then continued to any destination in canada on at that time I didn't actually need to go to destination in canada, so I just kind of ended my trip in los angeles but my own ticket home to portland that was a business class affair for something like seven hundred dollars would have otherwise been four thousand dollars, so I took advantage of that that mistake fair which they honored irene miles for it so that's that just frequent travelers warning on it before we go on deals that seem too good to be true sometimes our s o when there are situations like this, sometimes the airline will honor it and sometimes they want on sometimes after a couple of days they will just kind of cancel the tickets usually most the time you're going to go well in advance if you know the tickets going to be honored our not so my philosophy is if you find a great clip, you take advantage of it if it works out that's wonderful if it doesn't you know I don't I don't lose too much sleep over it because sometimes it's it seems to be to be sure it is we had a couple of questions from the last thing to go through super quick and I'm happy to follow later with anybody has other stuff what's the cheapest day of the week to book tickets this is a good one real quick for everybody else does anybody know the ship is day of the week to book tickets tuesday, wednesday, tuesday, everybody settling on tuesday or wednesday. There actually is no day it's a myth this's like a factor of fiction. There is no chief day of the week or cheap time to buy tickets or anything like that once in a while there's a thing about when the bears are loaded into the system for the first time, three hundred thirty days out, but it's really not true for the most part, for the most part, there is no day of the week or magic time magic hour of sunset glowing you know when you should buy your tickets, how do you get visas for the places you travel? I did a lot of my visa's direct with, um the consulate the embassy on I also used a service for a while, so I used to be is a h q dot com there's also visa h q dot for canadians there's number of competing services, and they also provide information on which countries you need visas for. So even if you don't want to use that service, it's helpful to go to that web site on learned that someone you should definitely research that in advance of travel, how do you get a second passport? For a number of years? I had to us passports I let that expire eventually, but it's called a duplicate passport, and you can apply to the state department if you have some kind of need for it. So in my case, the need was I continue to send a passport off for different visa applications, and I'm not able to travel, you know, without the passport or if you're visiting sensitive countries in the middle east in particular, sometimes you're able to get this so you have to apply for it, it's only valid for two years, as opposed to ten years with the normal passport and, of course, have to pay for each time. So I did that and renewed it a couple of times. And finally, when I came to the end of the journey and every country, I decided I no longer needed to do that that's how you do it, what happens when you miss a flight, you do what you can, you beg you? Uh, you, you know, you talk to people if you don't like the answer you receive, you talk to someone else, you know, a friend of mine, gary, left. I've learned a lot about travel hacking front he's this great advice called hang up call again if you don't like the answer you received. You know, when it comes to anything and travel, try somebody else and I think that's great advice in life as well, like, hang up, try again if you don't like what's happening, you know, maybe something else work with on your packing list already covered that that's awesome. So now I believe we're going to transition, right? And we're going to hear from our amazing special guest, which I've been looking forward teo the whole day. So it's fine to meet you, and this is actually a friend of stephanie's, so if stephanie will still take this well, this is li ling pang from truck a roux it's, a family travel website that's based here in san francisco. I met li ling in nineteen ninety nine in south africa, and she was married then and didn't have three children, but she doesn't now, so it's been fun tio watch their family transition from a global couple into global family travelers in the last time I saw her was when she was with her three children and the youngest one her baby in cambodia when I was there a couple of years ago, so because neither krister I travel with the family, we wanted to make sure we cover the topic of family travel for all of you because there are lots of people who travel with the family, and things get a little bit different when you're five people instead of two people. So we just have a few questions for leaving today. So, lily, can you first tell us a little bit about trickery? Yeah, so try peru is basically a grassroots community, families who loved to travel, so we give each other the inside scoop on what are the best places to go when you get to a particular destination or hotels to stay. And, you know, the reality is families are gonna have to spend money when they travel. And so the goal is to spend your money most wisely. And teo also find ways to enjoy the destination that you're in without spending a lot of money, because kids can have just as much fun at a great playground in new york city as they would going to like the natural history museum. So, you know, kind of mixing and matching, and we also have a lot of way worked with a lot of brands to kind of get the word out about their new family offerings, and often times will do giveaways of vacations, which we do, we are doing what right now like a ski vacation, plus all the gear that goes with the ski vacation with giving that away so it's like almost every week or every other week that we're giving away of the haitian take note of trickery or dot com for your family ski vacation way. We've talked a lot about miles and points and credit cards and all of this it works really easily when you're looking one ticket or two ticket, how would how did this work with family? Are any of these things possible? Right? So I took that question, teo some of the folks in our community and asked them, like, have you guys ever use miles to book a trip with your family? And what were the complications? And it definitely is more complicated because booking one ticket versus booking five tickets on points is very different, and so some people they will mix and match still do two tickets that on miles and then two tickets that they pay, but that still have your costs. Andi, I think that's the case with a lot of family travel is you're trying to minimize your costs as opposed to take getting things were free, and when we talked prior to this, you were telling me that accommodation is usually about a third of a family cost. I mean, granted, the more children you have, the more your airfare and things were going to cost, but if accommodation is about a third of the cost of the trip than any way that you can cut back on accommodation is a a really good thing you told me a little bit about home stays in home shares, and we talk a little bit about this when we talked about hotels and airbnb, can you tell us a little bit about home stays and how that works for a family? Yeah, so I think you know, one advantage that a lot of families have that another like an individual may not is that they don't live with me that's, right? So if they're going away, that whole house is empty, so if you want, if you tend to be kind of a hospitable family anyway, doing a home exchange is actually a really great idea and, you know, the people that are in our community who have done it, they absolutely love it because they not only get a chance to travel and have their combination for free, sometimes they'll exchange the cars well, meet friends off the puzzle of the exchanging with and they develop almost like a kinship with these people, and usually the folks were exchanging with you in it sounds daunting because you're having a stranger come into your home but what people say is that you know when you know someone else is going to your home and you're going to their home you're going to be a lot more respectful of their things because you don't want to be turned home finding you know your place in the mess right and nina today and so there's this sort of a mutual understanding and the people tend to generally be very hospitable people anyway so it's a it's a subset of family travelers anyway who will do something like that it's a different alternative teo I mean of course if your family and you have lots of points you can can stay in a hotel for free and it's great if you have great status you can get but for your family for free too but it's a good option a good option to exchange tio look at it a different way to see a place and great for families as well if you're able to cooker yeah you save a lot of meals and your kids are picky anyway that going to cambodia and not going to want to eat food they're you know why not just cook them a meal that they'll be happy with and you know you at least know your breakfast in your dinner maybe they'll be okay on lunch they can hack it you know way now when we talked before to you told me about an opportunity that people who love to travel and loved to write could have with the truckers community could you explain a little bit about that help people maybe yeah well, you know I mean there's so many people who kind of had this aspiration I want to be a travel writer one day will be so great people pay me to travel around the world and write about it, but not everyone can jump in and dive into that kind of lifestyle right away and so without community because it's a lot about giving tips and writing about the inside scoop on things we have developed sort of a community of families who we sent on assignment basically and how you do that if you start writing reviews and the moment you start writing a lot of reviews really pay attention to you and if you write well, then we elevate you into sort of an elite reviewer and then we'll send you on assignment, which was great for a lot of people who want to write either professionally and will mentor you into kind of a travel writer or if you don't want to right professionally but you kind of enjoy writing every so often it's a really nice outlet you know and allows you to travel to a particular destination on dh have like mostly a hotel costs covered and some of the activities cover on dh build a lot of family memories just from traveling for free and writing about it and these air really specific family destinations as well, we did have a question from a nice family of three that requesting any of your top websites or companies that you can use for home share house sitting and all of these things. So I think the biggest web site out there is a home, a change dot com one of the oldest ones is called into back, and they've been around for over fifty years, and what I found interesting about that one was that while their sight isn't so amazingly beautiful, they have actual representatives in different locations that will help you with connecting up with the families, and you can ask them all the questions, and they speak all these different languages. So, you know, it's easy sometimes when you're working with someone who's in another country and this speaking spanish and you don't speak spanish in, you know, it's hard to make that connection so you know, into back and home exchange, dot com interbank like international vacation went from, and I think we're gonna have some of the links for the home stays in this definitely think shared at the travel hacking dot orc slash creative life paige as well, and I believe there's also a family thing that you can download from the course today. Yeah so just it's just when you enroll for the course on the course page under the bonus materials there's a little link to download the pdf that leveling has provided with fun ways to entertain your kids while traveling. So one last quick question if you have one tip to give a family who might be a little bit hesitant about going out to see the world what one thing would you tell him I would say just start small right take it one step at a time not everyone is going to travel to cambodia with a three month old like engine because we're a little bit crazy but I think every time you do it and you realize how enriching it isthe you know you'll begin to prioritize that as something that your family does and it is an opportunity cost you don't you may not buy a big house but you know if you begin to see the body of it then you'll start to you know involved I mean I guess prioritize your family goals accordingly so wonderful jamal get out there with your kids thank you so much thank you, thank you so um principles of redemption principles of redemption followed by aspirational awards turning points in the travel tips and tricks our vision for this session is that it's highly interactive our vision for the session is so I'll be presenting some material stephanie probably be presenting something but we definitely want to keep things flowing and interactive lots of questions where will you go? A lot of people don't use the miles that they have because it seems difficult I was just talking teo paul out in the hallway and you saying like he's always had miles but he sometimes struggled with using them because he had a fixed calendar sometimes he would call the airlines and nothing was available, but he feels like it's getting better I think he said so that's good and we'll talk about that people can't find a flight or they just don't know what to do, so very rough guide to redemptions and all these things very depending on airline in the trip and all kinds of stuff but just kind of keep these general things in mind twenty five thousand miles u s or canada in north america domestic economy first class or business class fifty thousand miles the international economy kind of begins at sixty thousand miles, so it actually might be fifty thousand sometimes their specials one hundred thousand plus international business again, sometimes less but general one hundred twenty five thousand miles plus international first class something that's really helpful when you're kind of beginning this journey like like you followed some of the action steps we've mentioned so far it's really helpful to become somewhat familiar with at least one award chart and we have links to the awards charts you know, travel hacking dot org's last creative live, but if you're looking for any particular airlines of works charge, you should just google the name of the airline followed by awards chart, and you're probably gonna find a pdf document or maybe a web based documents and it's gonna have all these columns and rows and it looks a little bit overwhelming, but it's really quite simple just list the region looks like lists like where you're departing from, where you're going teo and how many miles are required for that. So one important action step is just to become familiar with that you don't have to have it memorized. I certainly don't, but I generally no, you know, for most of the world what I need to do now most most awards are region based, meaning like north america toe africa is a region north america to europe, north america to asia, but there are some words I think we alluded to them briefly earlier that can be distance based, and if you want to get into the details of this unit's gonna google one world explorer award chart distance based award, I want to spend a ton of time on it just to mention that summons that there were some really good opportunities if you can price your award is a distance basil word as opposed to a normal regional one so main action is get from there with your chart for your favorite airline bookmark it just kind of have it where you can refer to it again just be generally familiar one important principle that we kind of talked about a little bit but not in this way is redeem hi rules for redemptions like these there are rules, right? Not the airlines rules like our rules are like, you know, let's try to get a high value for our awards, you know, let's let's try to think about way originally like looked at a cost per mile kind of thing we said if you want to keep that low aslo is possible when acquiring miles but when we're spending miles we actually want to like, get something great out of it so you know, free travel is good free travel for fewer miles better wearing pajamas and sipping champagne in the skies best right? So I think this was actually a picture I'm gonna go back. This is actually a picture of one of stephanie's princess class flights on cathay pacific and says she had maybe four or five beverages you know brought very different point so she had a sparkling water and her chemin milty and her vodka cocktail and you know, this is that this is the reading high principal um the cost per mile originally we talked about keeping it low you know, let's, try toe do the opposite when we're going to redeem these long as long as it's an experience that we really want cost of mileage, redemptions and comparisons to purchase that flight. Jfk da hong kong, which was that flight in first class, cost sixteen thousand dollars one way people actually do spend that time, not us, but that that's that is the retail price, which you can actually book on, kayak or anywhere else, costs of mileage redemption sixty seven thousand five hundred american airlines miles plus tax cafe doesn't even have fuel surcharges, so the taxes really quite low think the taxes were like fifty dollars or something on that particular redemption. So great redemption redeeming. Hi. Um, that's. A very high evaluation, you know, twenty four cents for miles. We talked earlier about how to acquire points or miles for one cent for miles on average is a general rule of thumb. So would it be great if you khun acquire miles for one cent and then spend them for something that's twenty cents or more per mile? Well, that's, exactly what you can do. Another important tip is you are not standard. You're awesome. So when you go to look att, when you go to look on the airline websites or when you call in sometimes you see, this thing kind of started up maybe five or ten years ago where they used to just have, like here's the cost for the miles here's what here's what it is but then they started breaking it up and creating tear structures and saying like, well, there's like a low mileage thing and there's a medium mileage or a high mileage or they created these things called standard awards, which sound really good, but they're terrible. S o a saver award is what we usually almost always talk about when we talk about, you know, we want to redeem our miles for great trips were always looking for saver awards standard awards usually cost twice the number of miles sometimes more on dh they're almost never a good deal, eh? So basically you're always going to look for the sabre you are not standard, there could be a couple of exceptions, and I think we look at this like carefully does this side? Yeah, I don't know if this side reflects on one of the exceptions or not, but once in a while there may be a situation where the economy class award is not available in the saver you know category and it is available in standard, but the business class you know award is available in saver and it will cost the same amount of miles to get the business class or first class as it would to get the economy standard so basically it doesn't it yeah okay it's cheaper right so here in business class you know, sixty thousand miles the economy standard three sixty five thousand so if you do have to if you do feel like you have to spend more miles or this is blacked out here and not available in the saver and of course you would want to book the business class I work right for the same or les miles doing okay so far questions yeah keep rolling keep rolling. One question from you is there like a mount of like sense for mile that you think is too low to redeem like a seance for mile that's too low? I don't know if I think of it in a quantifiable way I think of it is generally like I think we might have an example coming up but you know if it's a it's a domestic ticket it costs like three or four hundred dollars or something or less I probably wouldn't want to spend twenty five thousand points and I have just purchased that ticket that doesn't answer your question about like, you know, cpm don't really have a number for that yeah I think it depends on what it cost me to get miles because really in that cafe pacific example ifyou're redeeming at twenty four cents a mile even that from this morning, when we showed you the bad deal about purchasing miles, you could purchase them for three cents. You could redeem them for twenty four cents. We're still it's still a good value, right? Like, if it is, you're aspirational goal to, like fly cathay pacific first class, you know, forget what that would cost a thing could be something you'll be less than two thousand dollars anyway, right? So, you know, in that case, that would be a great deal to spend two thousand dollars to have this thirteen thousand sixteen thousand dollars flight or whatever, no question, maybe you'll get to this later, which is fine the whole issue of the cant member what the united terminology was just showed on that first andr entered saver. So when the issues I alluded to earlier, as I felt like for many years because of family schedule limitations, kids, school vacations and all whenever we could go on a trip it's, when there were blackout days, couldn't actually do anything. Now it seems like a lot of the airlines have reduced blackout dates, but they've gone to this system. And I at least with our family schedule never confined the standard dates. In fact, just last week or two weeks ago, I booked on select dates feeling like I finally at least could use the money for a course but fair, I've often felt as you said, like I don't really want to do it that way because I should be able to get the better rate you have any tips on better ways to find them other than being ableto someday get better? Yeah schedule for flexible definitely a few things on first thing is it depends on when you're when you're looking you know, for the tickets and so the conventional vices advice is always like this far out as possible and that can help but it also is good close in so it's kind of the interim period that things get difficult so close in there's often a lot of seats that are opened up there's, a service called expert flyer dot com, which is a paid service I think it's pretty cheap but something like five dollars a month and they have a trial I'm not affiliated with them, they're just they're good service and you register it expert flyer you can set alerts for specific flights that you're looking for in a soon as the inventory opens up, then you'll get an email and then you can call or go online and book so that's something that helps, but that and the last thing is, after the ticket's been issued, you can actually have it re issued later, like, say, you've already booked this, but then it opened, the other bucket opens up, you can have it re issued there's usually a fee for it if you don't have elite status, but it may be worth it because you get your miles back that way you would get the difference back. You want to keep an eye on it as you go along. Good. Another principle. Make sure we have time for questions and stuff is the end of another principle is to redeem american and fly international. What is the point in as us base? Not american airlines, right, kristen, earlier in the first session, american american airlines airlines in the u s not american airlines particular mayor airlines in the u s have the best mileage programs, but typically are not the best airline in the world, so you're going to find the best value of awards if you redeem those programs. Redeem your miles in a u s based program, but use it for an international award. That's why we always encouraged people to focus on the programs that are in the us, even if you're watching this. You know from outside the states can often be much better so that's what you meant by that thank you for rescuing me there next principal you can't generally speaking combined miles this is probably the number one most frequently asked question that I received about miles if someone says I've got like ten thousand miles here in, like, twelve thousand miles here in like four thousand don't like put them all together and make one of work most of the time you can't there are a couple of examples let's see what we're examples you can combine accounts in one household on british airways and onstar wood and glue now and jetblue as of three days ago things you know things kind of change a lot with star would you can transfer to all kinds of different partners, so if you're short on one airline for an award, you can transfer from star ride on and teo fewer number of airlines from membership of words I guess for me the principal for me what I would say this like the bigger picture thing is I think people often get upset because they think I've got like this small amount of miles in this small miles, but I can't put them together I guess I would encourage them to focus on getting more miles you know that like I would say like it's always not lost if you're worried you can't use these like these, they're kind of small amounts of miles like it's not that difficult for us to get to like forty thousand miles fifty thousand a hundred thousand plus let's work on that and then when you have that then you have plenty of options, right? So right now I have you know, I have miles and probably at least ten programs if not more and I don't have like big balances in all of them but some of them I do I always have options you know? I always want to be able to redeem the star lines awarded one world of royal sky team you know, I always want to be able to redeem different hotel stay so that's really what I would encourage you to focus on about that aspirational words will go kind of quick on this but just a few fun things to think about like if you've been like washing all day today and you're like this is great, what am I going to do? I've got my goal that I said earlier what's really like a fun thing lifetimes of first class eyes great you actually get to lie flat beds or seats one to sit in and one to sleep in because you can't be in the same one on luthor owns it has an amazing first class terminal in frankfurt was actually a high point of the whole experience they have the bathtubs we discussed earlier on with the rubber ducky I actually have a rubber ducky in my bathtub at home of course from frankfurt that I took they have a whiskey bar with like I don't know thirty different kinds of whiskey you know that you can sample from around the world and like a fool buffet and all kinds of crazy stuff so luthor first is good hemorrhage shower class the onboard shower that we lied to you earlier on the day you can book emiratesal words with alaska miles on it's also a transfer partner with starwood in korean and korean so that your chase ultimate rewards connection singapore sweet singapore has a new class of service always wanting to like, you know, go above and beyond so it was business caution first class then they created like, you know, business class first class suites class right so now there's a you know, a class of service on certain singapore flights that includes a double bed it's on a plane not all airlines are created equal credit this's not not available in southwest way but this is so this is actually available on the configuration was when singapore and japan and then from japan to los angeles maybe that's another routes to but that's the ones I know about so maybe that's something you really want to plan for on the cafe wing that's, the lounge in hong kong have spent many an hour there working on stuff, and they also have a nice cabana with about the noodle bar stephanie mentioned earlier and I love that I love the wing because if you have status, you can go in that lounge regardless of the ticket for the class of service of tickets you're on. So with my one world status, I could be in an economy class ticket transiting through there and I still unable to go there, which is not always the case with star lines. First class lounge is virgin atlantic upper class. For a while, it was my aspiration to to steal or I should say, borrow the salt and pepper shakers from virgin atlantic upper class, which is kind of fun like airplanes, so I was able to accomplish that goal recently flown on virgin atlantic, a number of times direct partner with membership rewards very easy to transfer to. Virgin atlantic does have some high fuel surcharges that's something to be aware of, but the award availability is really good. So it's good thai airways tyrese has a first class massage service for I think you get a sixty minute free massage if you're flying first class and transiting through bangkok is pretty nice awesome there's like there's also like a private room in a buffet and all kinds of stuff a time of size. Well, I suppose it could be like some other kind of way. I suppose so. That's. Great. I did that. Actually, I should mention thai airways. One time I was on another star alliance itinerary and actually got a free stopover to bangkok that included the whole experience and that costs like nothing else. I just able to add on that stopover. So we have actually talked a great deal about stuff over today, but their their options to go to more than just your destination. A couple more of these that he had experience, that he had recently introduced a flying nanny. So another family travel tend to be aware of in certain certain cabins on certain head fights. There's someone will take care of your kid for you. Which is nice, I guess. Onboard chef there. And one thing that's really fun with auntie had is if you're flying in the premium cabins either business or first cost, they provide free chauffeur service to and from the airport. So it's, nice, like, pick you up, you know, in washington, d c or inject in new york and take you to jfk her dulles, however, and then on the other side, they will deliver you to anywhere in the united arab emirates. So the united arab emirates it takes about ninety minutes to go from abu dhabi, where eddie head flies to dubai, where there are a lot of hotels and other stuff on and the car service is pretty if you're flying business class for first class on a no war ticket. Even so, you khun book the award ticket, pay that fifty dollars, in taxes and get a two hundred dollar car service anywhere in the emirates, you walk outside the terminal and there's like a fleet of sedans waiting toe take you and you give them about you and you're good fun times. So frequent travelers warning, once you've traveled international first class, it will be difficult to return to the back of the airplane, you know, it's kind of funny, like I showed these pictures and I talked about these stories and I know sometimes people are cynical and they're like, oh, like I don't need that I I just need to, like, fly somewhere like that's fine that's cool, you know, when I first I mean, most of my travel for years and years was all economy class on dh, then a couple of things happened, I got upgraded once on a flight from I think atlanta to paris, and I was like, this is really nice, like this is like wow, yeah, that was just like business class, and, you know, it was an american carrier wasn't like amazing, but to me it was amazing, you know, and I was like, this is really great. I think it happened again later, and then I was like, I've gotta, like, have this more easy going, like, I don't want to, you know, now that I've seen this, I don't wanna go back to the other side. So actually, like, delayed my arrival to international first class for a few years after I started travel hacking, I was like, I'm just enjoying the business class. I don't want to go. I don't want to, like, have the the car service and the bathtub and, like, rubber duck and all that, I just don't want to get to that, because once I haven't it's gonna be hard to go back, right, just just anywhere.

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NYT bestselling author Chris Guillebeau has traveled to every single country in the world. During this course, Chris and a few special guests will show you how to earn hundreds of thousands of miles and points — before even getting on an airplane. You'll then learn how to put your new treasure chest to good use to go anywhere, anytime.

Your dream vacation is much cheaper — and can happen much sooner — than you think!

Warning: this action-packed adventure is highly practical. You might find yourself planning your next vacation in real-time.


Christine Yun

I wish I saw this course earlier! I learned so many tips on how to save money and discovered how to get perks from different credit cards. There's definitely long-term benefits to watching this class. Also, this is a great class if you're thinking of opening a new credit card as it walks you the benefits of each one.