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How to See the World Part 2

Double dipping. Um, this is a great picture of an ice cream cone, but that is not we're talking about double dipping in the hotel sense of the world in the travel hacking sense the world is when you get points in two places for the same thing. So, for example, right now starwood has a promotion with delta that you get points if you are having elite status in delta, when you stay at star, would you get delta points and fuel the stats and starwood? Then you get dealt. You start with points when you fly delta. So this is something that you can sign up. If you have status in either of those programmes, you consign up on their website, but in a lot of hotel programs, they will actually let you pick. If you want teo, get hotel points, or if you want to get airline points or in some cases they'll let you pick both. You just have to set that up in your account. Preferences and it's by hotel chain mattress running. Has anyone ever heard of mattress running before? They were heard mileage runnin...

g. Okay, so the concept of mileage running is ifyou're trying teo requalify for your status will qualify for the first time and you need to reach this certain. Thresholds then you book what to call it a mileage front, or you can do it just to earn miles, but usually it's it's for a specific goal. So if you're coming up on the end of the year and you need tio reach seventy five thousand flight miles and you've only got sixty eight thousand and you're like, ok, what do I do? Like actually value to status? I wanna have it all next year. So you book what's called a mileage run on this is a trip that's designed exclusively to earn miles basically. So you go on a trip like either cross country or you like at a bunch of segments, or you basically just go on a trip, you know, essentially to get closer to your qualification, so mattress running is the equivalent of that for hotel stays because for hotel status, you have to continue to requalify every year. S o in my case, their main status is that I have our star road and hyatt and I also have some others that have been comped as we remain etching. But every year I'm trying to actually, like legitimately requalify for starwood and hyatt, both of which require twenty five stays and s o it was a couple of things I do to that point. One of them is you can also qualify on nights, but the night qualification is much higher, so the night qualification is like fifty nights or something like that so if I'm staying in the city, you know, for more than one night I'm usually going to change hotels because I want to get multiple stays you know, if there's like two heights that are really close to get to know each other especially and I'll stay in one for one night and one for the next night that way I get to stays if I stay there for two nights in the same place I only get once day, right? So I'm always like thinking about my my qualification starwood and hilton both count awards stays toward the total, which is great but high it doesn't it's over hi, I'd actually have to have twenty five paise day so kind of like toward the end of the year, like right now, you know exactly like okay, we're like where my ads, you know, with my with my qualification with starwood, I think I've got twenty two out of twenty five stays, you know? I'm almost there I got most of book that's going to be good with hyatt and actually like I actually like sixteen out of twenty five got a lot more to go there, so now I'm thinking, okay, how can I like you know what kind of trick and I take or how can I arrange my travel plans in a way that I can make sure I get more height states to qualify? And again, like, you don't want to go crazy with that? You don't wanna end up spending too much money that's like it's not worth it, but for me, I like the status. Is there something that I definitely want to have next year, so one way or another after qualified, uh, here's an example, just have a, uh I took hotel hopping example of using some miles. I went to abu dhabi and stayed at for two nights that I got for free when I got my hyatt card that cost me ninety five dollars. I spent two nights at the park hyatt abu dhabi, which is about six hundred dollars a night, and I stayed there new year's week last year and stayed there for free had free internet because of my status. And then I walked across the street to the st regis, which is another six hundred dollars a night hotel, and at that point it was before starwood devalued some of their redemptions, and it cost me forty eight a hundred points, plus fifty five dollars to sleep at the saudi at st regis. Ah hotel that has a butler service so they would bring me tea and I would sit on my porch and look at the ocean it was amazing and all that wass through through getting points through credit cards all of the hotels I'm usually quarterly will have some kind of promotion that doubles your point sometimes it's if you book using your iphone app, you'll get a thousand extra points or five hundred extra points hilton actually has a promotion going on right now that if you book a stay using an iphone that you get a thousand points on your stay way didn't put these up here because they change all the time, but we will we do post them in the travel hacking cartel and as part of today's offer, you can get a trial subscription to the travel hacking cartel at the link trouble hacking dartboard flash creative life round the world tickets ways change over it around the world to get any in the studio. All right, so a question wass um laura says my head is spinning a bit so so let's say a newbie with no status right now, let's say I'm a newbie with no status what's the good first action step to move forward on towards statuses and I don't understand how given how having a good status at one place can help you out another hotel so with questions. Great. Eso first step would be we had an action slide a little bit ago. Weaken retweet that may be the first step would be to sign up for the free status which you can get right now. I forget with that with a g or something. And again, the reason why that's good isn't because you want to spend the rest of your life staying at holiday inn like, maybe you do. But the reason it's good is because you can then use that status for something else later, perhaps, you know, a cz for, like, qualifying for status. And, you know, if you're in a place where you were gonna have a bunch of knights coming up, then maybe you should look at the challenge that we talked about briefly, so the star would challenge would be, like eighteen nights. I think, in ninety days or something as opposed to fifty nights. Otherwise it kind of depends on your own preferences and like, what do you trying? What are we trying to achieve? What's the goal here, you know, do you want, like, one status to rule them all? Do you want, like, a bunch of different statuses, you know how much you're going to be traveling? S o those kind of things get a little bit granular an individual. But I would say first step is to make sure you get whatever free status is there. You should always take it, because then you can use it for something else. Weii did have another question from juvie says if you redeem points to say the hotel, does that stay count for the purpose of achieving or maintaining a leak? Great question depends on the property. Depend on the chain, not the property depends on this specific company. So starwood? Yes, it does. Hilton. Yes, it does high it. It doesn't. I'm not as familiar with the others. Those of the three big ones let's go around the world just going around the world, right? We got a lot. We have so much going on. We still got trouble. Fact, we've got a guest. Got somebody got so big in germany that's going to fall asleep way can't skip her coming up around the world tickets on another ticket tricks let's see? So flying around the world this somewhere kind of a rite of passage in the frequent flyer world of travel hacking world it's kind of like if you think about okay, what does it mean to be a travel hacker like you want to go on around the world trip, right? So can I actually went on around the world trip? I might ask you to share about that in a moment on we heard from steve cam when he patched in, he went on this crazy, round the world trip on, I don't I don't know how many around the road trips I've been on, I really don't proof is probably the five years that the quest was most active. I was probably doing for round the world tickets a year, in addition to a number about around the world trips that were just kind of compiled with award tickets and cobbled together so and actually round the world tickets or something that I really got excited about when I was first learning about this this whole like environment, this thing is like, I love the idea of, like, looking at a map, for example, and saying, like, what would it be like to go here and then to go here and, like, how does it work? And and all of that? So a couple of things I want you to be familiar with, and I think we do have the links for these on the resource is page both star lines in one world. Two of the three biggest alliances have around the world planner trip planner which you can access online you're nodding like you've seen this have you played with this this's really fun okay so we talk about things that are addictive this's the star alliance one and then there's the one world one as well on you can access this online and it actually works great it's really fun to like go through and like lugging all your segments and like figure out what I want to do and it's like when I first discovered this you know it's actually when I was living in west africa when the star alliance when came out and you know I probably spent hours upon hours upon hours just like planning my trip and seeing like if I had so many miles that I could you know take that trip on with star alliance the the fare is based on miles you get a certain number of miles like twenty eight thousand to thirty four thousand and you know there's certain rules you have to follow within that but basically you khun as long as you're traveling in one direction for the most part you can have as many flights you know as you want up to a maximum within that thirty four thousand mileage bucket or whatever so I just spent so much time like, you know, planning out trips and thinking about how how I would do it and some of the first big international trips that I went on were around the old town. This is a partial around the world itinerary that I went on way back in the day I had some more segments around the world. Tickets used to be able to be up to twenty segments long on dh. That was in the days of paper tickets. So I used to begin a lot of mine in south africa or in japan and they would literally, like have to handwrite the ticket. It would take, like, an hour at the ticket counter to go through and write it all out on dh. Now it can only be a maximum of sixteen segments, but sixteen still pretty good s o this one actually began in south africa. Jo'burg johannes buried till london. I think I had a couple of european segments that I took out here and then eventually london to seattle, seattle, chicago, denver, miami, jfk and then going to asia. You know, jfk, hong kong and she on that seoul, korea, narita, tokyo, japan, singapore, hong kong. So I'm kind of in that region, asia and eventually I go back to where I started, right? So eventually, always beginning one the anyone destination yet to finish in the same country eventually and I also broke up the trip a little bit so I started it like I was living in seattle at the time s o I traveled to south africa to begin the journey I think I'd also had like some intra africa traveled before I went to london and I had something in europe and then I flew to seattle break you know and then later I go back at a decent us segments eventually I go to asia eventually I go home that was one of my first itineraries this's one that I'm working on because a couple of errors here that I have to correct this is what I'm working on for january s o in january the status re qualification starts all over right so this is what you were telling us what we're telling you all the amazing things about travel hacking this is one thing that's kind of a challenge because like once january one hits like you got to start all over so all the status that you earn for this year like you have it for next year like assuming that I re qualify for my star road and high it I have it all of twenty fourteen even if I never go there if I have one stay next december I still have the status right but then I won't have it after that every year you have to requalify on the same is true with airline programs so right now I have like ninety three thousand miles qualifying miles on american airlines I have to get to one hundred thousand before the end of the year to requalify for my highest status, so I'll do that I'll have it all next year, but then january one my qualifying miles or zero right, I gotta start all over so s actually was planning a trip for january of custom stuff to do and this is also actually begins in south africa under the draft itinerary right now, beginning in capetown to johannesburg again and in qatar airways eyes recently joined one world which is really fun. Once in a while, like a big airline will, I could drop out of an alliance or go to somebody else or some of the gulf carriers have actually never been part of the alliance is before s o qatar airways to join one world is a big deal, so now you'll be able to access those fights too. So d o h is dough, huh? We're not doing airport co challenge for this by the way, I'll just tell you what most of them are going to go. Teo ha and then to london, lisbon, backto london and then on to asia, kul is calling poorer quality for hong kong morita, bangkok, hong kong, then over to the states on that chicago p d x, portland, my hometown airport dallas lacks it, says d c a which is washington reagan airport but it should actually be dulles id my bad um and then eventually back to doe ha and then back to cape town or johannesburg so you can usually end this in the trip in a different airport as long as it's the same country and sometimes even in the same region. So if your trip begins in the middle east, you can begin in jordan and ended in egypt, for example and there's some other various exceptions. So both star lines in one world have all kinds of different rules and like we could get very granular with it. But I guess probably the main action point is if you're interested in this, you should check out the trip planners on dh spend some time with that because you'll learn kind of through experience of that. The main point is that this is a very, very flexible product it's a very flexible fare product it's not like booking any other kind of plane ticket in the sense that once the first segment is fixed, you can't have any changes whatsoever you have to be there for the first flight okay, but once you begin the ticket, then almost everything else is changeable all the way up to the end of the ticket one year later so it's going to say you can change the date and time of of your segment's at any time for free. I've done it the same day at the airports. You know? I have, like so I want to stay in the city that another day or two. You can do it. No problem. You know, it's free. You can also change the operating carrier as well on the routes for free, eh? So if if you were booked on a british airways and you wanted to fly on american or something, you know, whatever you want to do that's how flexible and you can even reroute the ticket midpoint. And for that, you do pay a fee. It's usually like one hundred fifty dollars. But you pay at once, and you can make any changes you want when you pay that fee, as long as you make them all at the same time. So if you're gonna have, like, more than one changes should just kind of, you know, try to try to understand what you're doing. So I every routed. Probably everyone in my tickets, you know? And it was it was just fine for me to do that. And it was it was worth it because I got to thanks so much well it was worth it because you actually made the decision to go versus e like I don't know what I'm going to want to do in which I often do we do with a couple of questions about about around the world and now we're tight on time but do you know if around the world trips and appear to be in repeat destinations to repeat destinations are around the world tickets no longer required to keep going west or keep going east but to allow a change of direction and that was something that I didn't understand before I got excellent question but now you do understand so you have to continue going in the general direction you have to go you know from europe either towards north america or towards asia on dh so if if you are beginning in europe for example and then you fly to hong kong, bangkok, singapore for example you can't you can't then go back to europe you have to continue going towards north america or toward the pacific but within a region you can go you can circle around so you don't have to worry about like being in asia and saying like thiss trip is a little bit east or west whatever when you're in asia you're traveling in asia when you're in europe you're in europe just when you leave yes it is based on your experience how long you recommend stand in each destination they really get a sense of the culture there. Oh yeah, great question I guess it depends on the country and culture and what your goals are, what you're trying to experience are you are you just traveling through? Are you trying to participate in something like, you know, people are trying to have any, like an immersive experience? Are you like meeting people from an organization or company or a group? So I don't know I would say like a minimum of a few days and maybe you know, a few weeks or longer depending on what you what you want to do, I really think that's a very personal thing anything to add is there a limit on how long you can stay in each destination? No nice, you can stay as long as you want, so maybe if it's okay with you guys, can we adjust a little bit? How would you weigh our thinking? Because we do have our guests? Yes, we're on their honeymoon on on a hold there I do before that and where we will be ready to go in one second. We did want to clarify one thing about whether you are we'll go for it way had a couple questions about round the world tickets a few people had red log post from years ago from you, that's stated that it wasn't such a good idea to put to use points around the world it's better to purchase but they want to know if that's still the case have things change that is good that is good it can be a little complicated I want to make sure you give a simple yet accurate answer generally speaking, I think around the world products are better to be purchased because then they are fully flexible as we discussed in an air mileage earning um most of my round the world tickets especially the crazy I can remember things have been purchased now having said that, you know, we talked to this guy steve cam earlier he has the whole story of building his own around the world like this using american airlines points on dh it is possible so it's possible but it definitely takes more work but and you and suggest do you have one over the other that you suggest to dio to purchase between the two different products, the star alliance or whatever you know tio purchaser to use your points I think they're kind of wanting to know if you still feel the same way you do. I still feel the same way great in general but everybody situation is different because how many miles do you know how many miles are taking to get around the world to get on using miles it depends on the program. It's like two hundred thousand two hundred and three, three hundred thousand. Depending on the us, it can be like a four hundred thousand first class. So you think, like maybe I could create like a monster itinerary like amazing first class. But then availability becomes an issue because you have to find availability for each segment on again if you want to change it that's. Difficult. So there are some some challenges. It's definitely doable. One thing I wanted to mention and they will will do. The call with, um, folks in germany is that the star alliance product is mileage based. So you get the thirty four thousand miles that's what you did. You have to figure out all your segments. The one world product is segment based and you get sixteen segments and the product is based on the number of continents. So, it's, you even purchased the ticket for three continents? Four continents were five continents. That's how? That's. How the prices factored in. But then once you have a number of continents, then you have sixteen segments and they can segment can be, you know, san francisco to l a or san francisco toa london, san francisco, hong kong either all of those air, just one segment. So unimportant thing with a round the world tickets especially the distance based ones is then to kind of maximize your segments because you don't waste too many segments sound like you're short little trip you want to like really, you know put those two get used yeah, you could say a lot more about around the ticket tio come back maybe in the final session depending on how we get because I'm just conscious of the time absolute way have to focus on the good just josh tell us about definite josh justin josh hey what's up guys hey hey we're great sorry to keep you awake so long how's it going over there it's good. Yeah, we've been watching all day that this is such a great thing you guys are doing also, but we're thrilled to have you with us. We got a great studio audience they're watching you now and then all kinds of people from all over the world where you guys calling from now s o we're in berlin at the moment twentieth country ever trip? Well yeah and how I wanted this trip again? Uh well, it depends on what way went to san francisco for a few months in january and february so that could kind of be the beginning but we got married march first and then left march okay and this is your twentieth country since march yeah and when when I heard from you recently just like I've known just for years he's a friend and she wrote and said we're on our year long honeymoon that's essentially using travel hacking to get around right yeah cool so can you tell us a little bit about like how this how this came to be did you always plan on having a year long honeymoon? Well, we've always talked about doing around the world trip and it kind of just worked out that it was our honeymoon as well so it's fun you know to go around for a year thanks honey you'd be surprised the perks that they give you great yeah basically everyone all over the internet is not going to be saying they're on a one year honeymoon so okay so tell us a little bit about like how you planned the trip how did you decide where you're gonna go and how you're going to make it happen? Well that was actually kind of hard because we were hoping to sort of chase summer warmer weather and we realized your long trip that's a little bit difficult because you know you can start in the summer in the southern hemisphere and then you get to southeast asia maybe rainy season and and you get to europe and it's getting cold so that was kind of what we were looking at and then from there we were trying to decide we wanted to do around the world ticket like you guys were just talking about and we decided instead that we wanted teo just do individual tickets. We kind of wanted a little bit more flexibility so then we started looking at kind of a long haul flights and how it could use their points for those wei have a basic idea of the places that we wanted to go. But we knew that when as we met people that we wanted a lot of flexibility and so we we have this rough itinerary and then it was one or two places ahead was really all we were looking at the time weii did do a lot to make it happen other than just the planning part yeah, so one of the biggest things I think for us is we had a very small wedding so you know, people can spend a lot of money on weddings and we decided instead we wanted to say about, you know, for a ten month slash year long honeymoon of course on then so we started saving up money and we also started saving up a lot of our points and using like the chase sapphire car. These in the chasing when I got to use a lot was the spg I was consulting out in san francisco and one of the things that, you know, we were based out of brooklyn and you know when they were saying okay you're coming out for this long here's where we want to put you I asked oh hey do you have any flexibility friend they told me my you know basically my budget and I was able to use spg and pay for the lodging with that with the spg card so kind that double dipping you guys were talking about you and really built up stand this quickly and in a lot of points that's great so when it came time to leave for the honeymoon then where did you go for what you said you went to san francisco but what was the first international part of it and how did you how did you decide to do that so it was actually one of my friends birthdays and new zealand so that was gonna be a first and so we used a united to go from l a to offline with a stop in beijing for that one so it was basically kind of looking at united and seeing what which flights we could get and we ended up getting to business class flights with united miles from our chase after cards so that was that was fun just start off that way yeah basing auckland then what over to australia for about a month on up to south east asia we did thailand vietnam singapore a swell a cz japan which was such an awesome place yeah no way did a lot of just budget airlines and we really focused on using our miles for the long haul flight. So from japan teo assemble to assemble we use another long haul flights so we got business class on that one as well and that one was on turkish I think united again. So japan istanbul united points for that and then eventually ended up in germany but you went to other places, I think before yeah. So then we went teo israel to visit your friend and then up to scandinavia and kind of down through the british isles and just left paris and amsterdam and brussels behind before we got here. Yeah, we're keeping a block so we have a map of this it's okay that you were gonna promote your book tell me the name of your body in it's jay to journey to journey's dot com will definitely find out one of our in studio audience members has a question for you. Well, first I love what you are doing this tormented I think that's awesome but I want to know how did you all find the best things to do in the different destinations? That is a really good question because we're not always the best that way some end up going somewhere is like what should we do here? But the other thing about traveling for so long is it you get to relax a bit more you know so it's not always like go go go you know you can have a bit more time tio see what you wanted you yeah so some of the things that we've really kind of done is like just that slow the pace down we want to do like that least one cool thing a day on dh that's been uh either through personal recommendations of a lot of the really great people we've met on the road or using trip advisor a lot of times he's kind of peer to peer type networks can can really help out read it as well each country seems to have their own sub read it and you can always ask questions of hay what's something kind of off the beaten tourist path and people are more than you know happy to help out that's awesome very helpful many other quick questions from the studio and I wanna let you guys get to sleep so I know it's super late over there appreciate that we were just talking about hotel here I'm wondering expections interesting in some places longer than others what to your mix of hotels versus apartments are how were you sleeping uh that's actually a good question because we have used one of our spv spg points we're like special anniversary but we've used airbnb a lot we've used home away there's a new kind of airbnb knockoff house trip yeah, that one's kind of cool because they allow you teo have loyalty nights so ten nights then you get a night free one of the other ones that kind of does that chris you mentioned it before hotels dot com way use that extensively in asia especially where you were getting twelve dollars per night hotels and there they have a rep or you can get to gold very quickly just by the number of nights so it costs next to nothing in order to get status there and that's giving us a lot of email only sale offers and those kind of things every night's a swell cool awesome story I love it so much any final like advice for anybody who like it was like watching this and wants to do what you've done when you've given them a lot already but I know there's a lot of like young couples and also like singles and families who love the idea of extended travel using travel hacking under stuff like what do you what do you say when people are like how can I do this? Well I think you know one is teo give yourself some time to plan in case you need to move your points we kind of ran into an issue with that with our first flight with united miles because it actually takes quite a while to transfer spg to united so that's one thing the sapphire car I think has come up numerous times instantaneous. I think the biggest thing for us was to stop talking about it. We knew what the gold was and just a saturday, we were really fortunate that we had a wedding coming up, and so it kind of made it a natural, all right? You know, let's book that ticket let's leave the country, but having that goal was really important to helping us kind of pushed through the rest of the planning, getting all those points in order and, you know, like, like I said, maybe making sure that we're doing your research beyond just some of the travel guides talkto other travellers and don't be afraid to go the places that are on shoulder season that's saved us so much money because he, you know, it's still it's, still really nice out, but all the tourists have kind of gone off. So when you see something's rainy season, you go and do a little bit exploratory research to determine if it's pure monsoon or if it's just a afternoon shower. Yeah, that's also, and you guys are awesome. I really, really appreciate you coming on and talking to everybody. It's j two journeys dot com and is also j two journeys on twitter, I believe, yeah okay, cool I know what people appreciate this I appreciate you staying up late so it shot out to justin josh front of applause thank you guys thank you so much again awesome cool cool so we had this idea because you know people always asked like how do you like what you pack when you travel and I don't think you know I don't think either of us it's super strategic in this case because you know stephanie has been on the east coast for a wedding and she's going to china and probable on dh I'm doing other stuff so but nevertheless we thought we'd say like here's what we take on a normal trip right so I think a lot of people ask chris but then they say oh you're not a woman so how does this work but as you can see our packing style is a little bit different I'm a little more colorful monochromatic here eh so what should we do it this is like this big so for me in my case I should also say what you see here this is everything that I take with me on a two week trip if I go around the world this is what I take it I usually take mostly the same kind of things with me some of the specific clothes will be different but you know I got a scarf I got my jacket sunglasses in there passport there and not our backs first, maybe yes got my coat as well and the same with me I always take I had changed my computer bag out sometimes depending on how much stephanie to stick into it and sometimes depending on where I'm going, based on what kind of shoulder bag that I need. I also do a lot of photography and carry a large camera. And so if I'm carrying my camera, you well usually carry the larger bag, but this is my standard carry on bag. It doesn't matter from going for two weeks or two days. This is what I take. We'll start with the laptop bag this's the tom been empire builder bag, which I have had for several years now. I love it so much, tom. Been on dh family are good friends of mine. They have a factory in seattle. They actually generously donated another bag. Give away that we did. And I just I just love this bag. I've got my mac book air here. I've got my charger. I've got this little thing that I keep you know my genghis khan passport holder everybody has one of those right? You know, some some passport photos if I need them my yellow fever card, which you knew for certain travel certain countries in africa um some various other travel stuff right now there's thirty credit cards I don't usually take all the credit cards with me when I travel I usually just taking like five or so various amenities and things that's pretty much it on that ipads a copy of this amazing book called a hundred dollar start up I like to read it tio go to bed every night I don't have a math book airhead giant mac book which fits in here of all my work papers I actually carry my camera in this carryon bag I don't carry my camera in a well padded case I probably should however I've learned that if I carried it in a patent case I don't use it and I would rather use my camera and get a new one every once in a while then not have any pictures and so depending on where I'm going I'll take different lenses if I'm going somewhere that I'm not going toe do a whole lot of architecture photographer anything usual just travel with my fifty lens because the smallest and the lightest and I always just store it in one of these waterproof see to summit bag very packs very concisely and also you don't look like you're a tourist with the giant camera back hanging on your neck so that I've got my sunglasses I've got my this is my america wallet but I also do have a well that I travel with. That I keep all my international travel stuff in so it's a larger wallet and if it's my passport I also keep sim cards I have a little collection of sim cards for using my phone in different countries I keep them in a tiny little plastic bag with the little pin thing that you use for your iphone I keep them there I keep extra currencies for airports that I know I'm transiting through a lot I keep all of my lounge passes, lounge cards and if I'm living somewhere and I'm travelling frequently through a place I'll usually keep a wallet for a specific country if I have a lot of cars are a lot of currency or anything specific for that because it makes it really easy to pack I don't always take the same things but I take the things I know I'm going to need in that country carry on by all right uh this is my one and only you know carry on suitcase lv bag does fit in the overhead bin it's from briggs and riley I've used a number of things over the past year I don't have a relationship with breeze and really I just like this bag so I'm happy with it and let's see I got my luggage tag on my executive platinum luggage tag there and then I'm pretty much taking the same things with me like more or less wherever I go in the world bathroom bag, the thing that takes up the most amount of space is always my running shoes and always, always take the running shoes because I want to be able to exercise, and I have this habit whenever I check in, and I always impact the bag first, like I haven't done and set up, and I always take the running shoes, and I put them by the door of the hotel or the hospital, or wherever I am and that's so that I actually will use them, or at least if I don't use them all feel bad about it, so I got them out of the bag. I should do something about it. So this is by far the biggest amount of space on dh. Then various clothes have a bathing suits. I have a couple of things that layer bigon layering have genes. Some people say you should never take james when you travel like I don't know you take wear my jeans, I always wear my jeans and my largest shoes, not my running, some awesome world domination summit socks we got you good, you get some of those have some of those there's, a couple of snacks for great granola bars and things I always try to take some tea with me, I I'm a big fan of like um peach detox t I take some of the coffee I like it's not really basic like it's nothing exciting it's just it's just it's simple I have qantas pajamas that's uh usually like where on airplanes if I'm going on a flight for like eight hours you know, I've got some pajamas that I've received by coming from a previous flight so wear those you know pretty basic right? Like it's not that complicated I really just focus on like a few things that I can reuse that space for the high points socks underwear shop my job better from cathay pacific first class see what you get when you fly first class unpack my suitcase wearing my cafe dramas you actually get pants as well that I will not put this on for you I have a rule with my packing that it doesn't matter what you're right mike sorry it doesn't matter what I pass as long as I use everything I take so I packed some strange stuff um I always pack flipflops because I always wear them it doesn't matter if it's a cold place I will find a wearing them somewhere I actually have a couple strange things that I packed I'll show you at the end I always pack my unmentionables which I will not mention always go in this section of my bag and my toiletries always go in this section of my bag I usually wear my jeans when I travel, but it's great and then I'll take some things that I can wear with jeans as formal informal um I'm always cold, I've got a coat I always travel with the scarf usually I'll take very plain clothes and one or two really brightly colored scarves and scarves are fabulous because if you have these big ones, you can use them like us two wrongs, you can wear them as a skirt or in a pool you can have a picnic in a park, you can do amazing things with the strong and you can also wrap it around your head and cover your face there's an annoying person sitting next to on a plane? Um, I'm also a runner, I've got my running clothes, I always take one set of running clothes and if I'm honest for a while, you should just wash them in the hotel. I actually am a part owner in a hammock company, a travel hand, the company and so I always take a travel hammock with me and I have travelled with a hammock for years the last probably ten years of my life and that's here I've got my elektronik pieces here a couple long sleeve shirt and I just actually went to a wedding by a fancy shoes and fancy dress at the moment, but mostly everything is things that I can mix and match so I can look fancy. Look, not fancy and all. Good.

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