Turn Clicks into Customers on Facebook

Lesson 6/8 - Use Video or Go Out of Business


Turn Clicks into Customers on Facebook


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Use Video or Go Out of Business

Use video or go out of business. Let's play a quick game here. In the past what I've done with this exercise, I usually have you guys stand up and do all this other stuff but I'm not gonna do all that right now. We'll just keep it simple. Let me ask you a question. Let's say your on your news feed and there was a message, an advertisement from one of those nasty marketing guys or those nasty sales guys, and the advertisement just simply showed a corporate stock photo that you could find on Google images or Photoly or wherever else. Doesn't Apple have one? Apple photo something, whatever. One of those corny pictures or you met a marketer who showed you a video. Just watch the video. (choir singing) ♪ Have you ever run a Facebook ad? ♪ ♪ Lost money and got really smad? ♪ ♪ That's a combo sad and mad. ♪ ♪ Listen close and I'll fix your ads. ♪ ♪ Billyfixmyads.com ♪ ♪ Billyfixmyads.com ♪ ♪ Billy fix ♪ ♪ Billy fix ♪ ♪ Fix my ads ♪ ♪ Ads.com ♪ ♪ Billy fix ♪ ♪ Billy fix ♪ ♪ Fix my ads ♪ ♪ Ads.

com ♪ ♪ Billy fix ♪ ♪ Billy fix ♪ ♪ Fix my ads ♪ ♪ Fix my ads.com ♪ ♪ Billy fix ♪ ♪ Billy fix ♪ ♪ Fix my ads ♪ ♪ Fix my ads.com ♪ Y'all like that? (laughter) We do some weird stuff in the office. When I brought that one up to my team-. (laughter) It was actually pretty funny. Really quick, I wanna point something out about videos and this is actually strategic that all of you can use when it comes to creating content. Trends. I want you guys to pay attention to trends. In other words, what's the world, what's your audience, what's that person you're looking for already following? What are they watching? What are they talking about? The wolf of paid advertising that was like a trend 'cause people have seen that thing. This was from, anybody know this movie? This whole theme? If you all didn't see the movie, oh my god! The Greatest Showman. It was fire too. Anyone in the audience, some of you probably got that. It was a musical so no one was going out to see it but it was about entrepreneurship. Side note, go see the movie. It'll make you cry. Not that I cry 'cause I don't do that in the movies. (laughter) Everybody else in the theater, they were choked up. It was crazy. With that movie, it came out I said, let's jump on the trend so that way when people see the movie they'll get an appreciation for it. That's kind of how it all happened. All of you can leverage trends in one format or the other and it just helps you. It's just like when an artist releases a song and then you see other artists do covers right away 'cause they want that organic search. It's the same tactic just doing it in a video format. Which advertise would you guys choose? Marketer? Better say B. But watch this. Actually this is a good point. Yeah number two. Some of you wouldn't though. Some of you at home, trolls, are especially like, "I hate that guy, he's annoying." That's the point because the truth is, someone taught me a long time ago they said, Billy what's more important than the number of customers that you have is the quality of your customers. Do we all agree with that? Because they will dictate your happiness. Those relationships with them. The reason why 'cause a lot of us are fearful to kind of put our personalities in our videos 'cause we're afraid of rejection and not being accepted. The truth is that will happen but once you can really repel those people away, you start to attract the people who you just love. You start to get along, you start to meet these people in your business who you share the same stupid sense of humor with. All of a sudden you really start to enjoy what you do. I don't know if that's a Facebook lesson or just a life one but I think it's a decent one. Somebody write it down, okay? (laughter) Number one rule of video ads, music creates emotion and emotion creates action. Music creates emotion and emotion creates action. Action equals buying your stuff. Music is such a big part of this game it's crazy. Let me continue on. What you say doesn't matter as much as how your videos make your customers feel. My two favorite resources for cheap music that all of you can use, 100% of you can use right now, and it's $9 a song is this. Number one is audiojungle.net. You're at home, go ahead and snap a pic or write it down or just buy this course and have the recording so you don't have to do any of that. Buy this course. My name is Billy Jean and I'm selling you a course right now. That's option one. Number two is artlist.io. I'm pretty sure the price was, I might be off on this, but one let's you just find a song and buy it for $6, $7 or something really cheap but then you don't have to worry about getting your ads pulled down 'cause you're actually allowed to use the music. The second one, I think you pay annually or something like that, and they give you access to their entire library. Hot songs. Some of the songs just like man this is good. I just wanna buy it to listen to. Two resources that every single one of you could start using right now. The reason why I love them though is 'cause you can search for music based on emotion. You can literally type in mad, sad, angry and it gives you a list of songs. What I like to do is I like to sort by most purchased because then you know people already like those songs. Now it's taking the marketed research out of you. You don't have to take your own opinion into it. We'll just buy the most popular ones. That make sense? (sad music plays) Let's go through this real fast. You guys hear that? Can they hear that at home right now? Pretty sad, huh? I can just start talking about when I was 13. I was probably 11. I had a crush on this girl named Kelly Tooey. It was rough. We had our first school dance at seventh grade age and you know, I had my curls back then and had my school uniform on and I approached her. Yo Kelly. I didn't say that. I said hey Kelly, do you want to go to the dance with me and carpool and stuff? And she's like no. That was it. (laughter) Sad, right? Let me ask you guys some questions about the sad music. How does it make you feel when you hear sad music? What are some adjectives to describe sadness? What are they? Go ahead. Depressed. We got them up here. We got sad, we got depressed, we got hopeless, we got lonely. Think about this though. When you're creating your ads in your videos, the music is gonna dictate and mirror and project onto your customers. Do you want them to feel sad? Maybe you do. I'll get there in a second. Let's try another one. (aggressive music) What's up? For those of you that are watching right now and you're just mooching onto the free stuff, well I'm mad dammit! I need you to buy my course! I need you to click the button on the side right now! Mad. I'm angry and I'm mad because they're not buying the course. Music wise, question for you guys. People are like oh my god, he's so aggressive. (class laughs) Click the button and we can be cool. It's not a big deal. Same question, feelings there? Mad, tense, vengeful, hateful. (upbeat music plays) What about this one though? Does this make you wanna jump out of a plane and rescue a dog from a tree or something or donate to people? You don't have any money. Take my last $100. Inspirational. This one's powerful because it feels good. You cannot not smile, you cannot not be happy. There's a strategy and there's a reason why I'm telling you guys about all of this and it's simple. Inspired, motivated, all that stuff. Cool. When you're asking for your customer's credit card via video, what feeling do you think will increase the chances of closing? When they feel depressed, lonely, and hopeless, tense and vengeful. Think about it, they're on your phone and you're talking to them. You're like, "Yeah that'll be $300." "Oh god." (class chuckles) "Not $300." Who wants to take a customer like that? Does that make anyone feel good on the process? Or when they're mad. "Just take my money dammit. I don't even care Billy. Whatever. Just here, take it." A passive-aggressive man. That's the worst one. Anyone in a relationship? You know what I'm talking about. (class laughs) Lastly is inspirational. Yes! Hey, I'm so glad we're finally taking action on this. We're gonna work together. Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I'm super excited to capture those moments. That's how you want them to feel. Once you start understanding music as a sales tool, you can get creative with the way that you work it. Let's talk about this model right here. In the beginning of your videos, I wanna encourage you to try and piss someone off or make them sad. See, the best way to grab someone's attention is to disagree with them. Show them something against their beliefs. If you would go to Facebook right now and target people who voted for Trump, even see the room. Oh my god. (class laughs) Some people were vocal and other people did this one. (class laughs) Literally, some of you really were about to decide if you would befriend somebody or not talk to them again. That's how you get someone's attention. That's how you get that click through rate. But it can be simple. It can be something as simple as advertising, and this is a true capability, advertising the people who are using an iPhone versus a Droid. That's a real beef. I don't mess with iPhones. It's like a real thing. How many of you have iPhones? Yeah I'm done. That was fun. (class laughs) You know what I mean? It's a real thing. You wanna find out who does your idle customer, what do they stand for, what do they believe in, and how can you say something to go against that? One of the first Facebook ads I ever ran in regards to getting agency work was, this is bad. You can't do this. Do not do this. Do not do this. This is a do not moment. This is not allowed. I took a picture of Mark Zuckerberg and I went to Paint and I put a red arrow on it and I put something along the lines of the ad of "Is this guy ripping off your money? Isn't Facebook such a scam?" Blah, blah, blah. Once they clicked, the headline of the page said, "Guess what, Facebook works, you don't." Then it's a three minute video of me yelling at them about how you're messing up on Facebook ads and doing it all wrong. Leveraging their pain, leveraging their anger. "Yes! Finally someone admitting it! Facebook, I hate you!" And they click. Now I have the opportunity to educate. See what I did there? Entertain, educate, now we can work together and execute and make money. That's our process. Anger is a great way, sad's a great way to get attention. Inspirational, you always want them to feel good during the close but there's an emotion that's in the middle that I'll address shortly that is the key to creating videos that sell. If you're wondering why am I spending so much time on video with advertising it's because while running my agency, 99% of the ads that we ran used video. Maybe more. It was almost never did we use image. Everybody who's watching today who's like, "I'm not good on camera." "I hate video." "My clients don't have it." Whatever. Guess what? You're gonna go out of business. No punch line. You're just done.

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If you’re talking about social media marketing, you’ve got to talk about Facebook. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook remains the biggest and most popular social site around.

Companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to take advantage of the Facebook platform to promote their business and drive sales need to do more than just establish a presence and accumulate followers. They’ve got to create content that breaks through the noise, attracts attention and compels people to act.

Billy Gene, one of the top online marketing influencers, educators and practitioners in the world, will help you create a video script that turns strangers into customers on Facebook without spending a single penny.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Attract customers organically.
  • Create entertaining content that compels people to click.
  • Gather the tools you need to film your own video.
  • Write a successful video script, including webinars, sales letters and demonstrations.
  • Evoke emotion and anticipation among your viewers.


Joshua Proto

Billy lights up the room with his energy and deep expertise. A true practitioner, Billy shares from his past successes and teaches how to capture someone's attention on Facebook (use Video!) and turn it into a customer! I'm super grateful for how hands on Billy is in his course and I learned a lot from his "hot seats" with the audience.

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Are you kidding me!! I had no idea learning could be so much fun! Billy Gene is an instructor like no other. If you want to learn a sh*#ton of information about getting noticed through all the noise on social media, but are afraid you will be bored out of your mind - FEAR NOT! I cannot recommend this class enough. I am so glad I own it because there is so much information here that watching it just once is not enough. I have been doing it ALL WRONG and am so excited to get started on the right path! By the end of the class you will be so pumped you will think you are the "Wolf of Paid Advertising".

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