Problems into Great Wedding Photos 2


Even the most "fine art" of wedding photographers has relatively little control over their shooting environment. Never can you say "OK, let's try this again tomorrow!" Bad light, poor locations, not nearly enough time, constant distractions… Ryan Brenizer has worked through these scenarios in hundreds of weddings and will take you through his favorite tips for reliably overcoming them with only the equipment that you can carry in a backpack.

From the steps of working with the client to hands-on demonstration of wedding-day shooting techniques to quick post-processing workflows, Ryan will give you some new tools to easily overcome nightmare scenarios.



  • <p>These two videos came from a single presentation and I can&#39;t see how CreativeLive, which I normally love, can justify selling separately. They didn&#39;t do that with two hour presentations in the 2014 Photo Week.</p> <p>I am a big fan of Ryan&#39;s work, but this second video didn&#39;t turn out so well in my opinion. I thought there would be a series of scenarios and solutions, but there are only a couple of scenarios and the approach seemed to constantly change, in a muddled way, as Ryan thought of ideas or responded to questions in the audience. It sort of came together at the end, but time ran out and left it feeling unfinished.</p> <p>The first video is almost entirely focused on Ryan&#39;s wedding photography philosophy, which is great, but which is freely available on YouTube and other places. To be fair, there were a couple of twists on the theme which I hadn&#39;t seen before. They ended with a short practical shoot, but the camera wasn&#39;t tethered for the most interesting part so you don&#39;t get to see how the solution actually turned out. They said they would show the images processed in the second part of the presentation (the second video), but they didn&#39;t.</p> <p>I feel that the price would still arguably be worth it if the two videos were sold together for the same price as they are individually, but I cannot recommend buying either or both of these videos separately and I wish I had kept my money this time. </p>
  • <p>I agree with ryaloo1 regarding these videos, their costs, and expectations from the titles vs the actual material. Ryan is an excellent photographer with a big heart for weddings. He has my utmost respect for his work. The return on investment for these TWO courses however, was not good. Much more could have been presented that would have truly matched the hopes in the title.</p>