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Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Lesson 12 of 31

Review and Assess: Internet Viewers' First 100 Days


Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

Lesson 12 of 31

Review and Assess: Internet Viewers' First 100 Days


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Review and Assess: Internet Viewers' First 100 Days

All right, we're gonna go through a couple examples of people that sent in their maps for the homework. This is doug trot. Okay, doug, I'm sorry. I think he might be in the chat room. It took a little bit longer for us if you're not in the chat room in your walk and go ahead and dive and we could do without you but I wanna have you have the opportunity if you're in here, del gue runs a company called out of the box custom framing. Okay, it's based in columbus, ohio, here in the united states and this is his home page. What out of the box custom framing does is they present themselves as the first and only mobile framing service in ohio. Okay, have you ever heard of a mobile framing service? I got to say I like this. This is really cool. What doug does is he comes to your house look, severe artwork talks with you about what it should be framed as leaves comes back with the frame installs it and you're good to go. What you don't realize is some of the people in the audience are going tha...

t's great, this is awesome! I would love this by the way, as an art collector, I would kill tohave this service in my community because let's, be honest if you have art and a lot of you d'oh it's probably on the floor leaning up against the wall waiting to be framed and you're like sunday when I have an hour free I'm gonna go to michael's and get it framed and I'll hopefully have a coupon because michael's is always having a discount and so his hobby lobby it's awesome right? And you're thinking yemeni do this and what's happened years have gone by that your artwork is on the floor true confessions sorry honey my wife knows that we have a room in our house full of are we love collecting art we moved to a new house recently when I say recently I mean july and husband hasn't hung the artwork yet something I need to do so I'm saying publicly to the whole internet that's something I need to do but this is a great yes this is something we should be doing here's some examples of his work all custom built frames you choose the different woods he's got some stuff here about sustainable wood that he uses your bamboo all this stuff you khun targeted in. So here is his map okay? And I want to zoom in here on the top so we first set the stage for our persona a budding art collector that one's art framed for home decoration purposes twenty five to thirty five year old typically female okay, those one suggestion I would make for todd give it a name budding art collector get get a pop culture reference think of somebody who has heart okay think of somebody that's going to be a good fit so that you can really relate to that person you know pardon me, we haven't idea charlotte from sex and the city perfect perfect example so this is chez charlotte twenty five to thirty year old typically female loves decorating loves are those of either watch sex and the city you're like oh yeah she does oh my god she has such style I love her outfit she's amazing, right? Guess what it works if you give the persona a pop culture or pop culture reference name that you know you'll connect to it right away here's what his map looks like on day one activation we come to the house get fifty percent of the money stated goal is they want a new framed art piece for home to core unstated goal is next favorite piece you could try me in and let us know what that one is. I'm not exactly sure what we mean by that, okay then we go to the affirmation stage so they're into nine affirmation stage, which is two or three days later we update them that the materials have been order you do a satisfaction survey now what's interesting about this and this is not me being critical off the way that todd is approaching this but a satisfaction survey it's too early we've gone on a first date and you're asking me, how can I get a survey response on how that first day it wass the reason I bring up dating and relationships is because if you would never do it on a date, stop doing it in your business you would never after a first date, send someone in e mailed me like you just click on this link you'll go to a ten questions survey that if you fill out all the things on the survey, you get a twenty percent discount on our next dinner out of the box says by next year peace humans they have the art but it's not on their wall they're looking forward to seeing it up on the wall and loving it thank you appreciate that clarification so that's their unstated goal right is that that what other unstated goals might they have? They might want this stuff off their floor they might want to be able to vacuum they might want to be able to invite people over and entertain them in their house they might want to buy more art because they really love are, but they've made a promise to themselves that they're not buying any more art until the art they own this home dive deep into some of these on stated goals this is a great first start on the homework dive deeper okay we then get to mission the materials are in and production has begun and we've got a nine we get to acclamation we deliver and we hang the frame we get the rest of the fifty percent of the money and then assimilation which actually and I appreciate the homework and this was awesome awesome first stab we'd actually the follow up on the overall satisfaction survey is a little bit further down the line in terms of the phases that person's going through your business has a very short time frame right and so we might have these days might be on ly a single day I know where it day sixteen but you might be to the point of advocacy by day sixteen if you have a real quick turn project that sherry's goal is to be done to be done with the website by day fifteen so we're an advocacy on day sixteen right? So we're a little off on how we're mapping it but that's ok we're doing well and then we come down here we have an overall satisfaction survey and then we have kind of question marks well what happens next? Well in my experience anyone that has one piece of art that they're willing to have custom framed has another piece of art that they're willing to have custom framed and they're even on the website on out of the box there, some special offers and some special package offers because it really interesting that if you're an artist and you want to frame your own work for display, he gives you a big discount, which I think is a great way to kind of get the word out in the market. One piece of advice there's. No examples of that on your website. I'd get some of those out there because that's, how you get more artists in and guess what artists have collectors and they can go to their collectors and say, oh, by the way, this guy does amazing framing work, okay, so this is a map. We're just doing current maps, right? We're not necessarily judging what we could do differently or how we should do it better. I threw out a couple of things just for color, but we'll talk more about that in an upcoming face. Our next one is laura lewis, right, from devon in the uk. Thank you so much for watching and I know you watched the delayed broadcast and submitted this morning so laura hope you guys are watching she actually told me that her team came into the office in the uk at six thirty in the morning to finish their map with the hope that it would make it into the presentation so job well done way to come in early everybody have an extra scone for me and wait to be there early I'm just teasing and john is just like oh my god seriously coleman what are you doing look at him shaking his head he's like bad scott excuse me scott it's even worse he didn't even pronounce it right so floating line media okay, what they do is they create videos then this step by step process one of the things I love about their website is yeah just so you know laura from flowing lime is watching right now someone's glad to have you on board and excited says you wish you hadn't used that picture okay so what's interesting about that picture let me make a very quick aside on that if you don't like the picture that is your facebook profile where you're linked in profile change it because that's what I will use when I'm assessing your business I thought it was a beautiful picture I thought so too I think she looks great I think she looks fantastic all right, some to think about one thing I love about her website is she tells you on the website how much it's gonna cost this is rare in the world of videography, right? The typical video company is like, well, let's our art in our craft we have to meet with you and consult and then we'll tell you a price lara's like no, this is what it's going to cost. Oh, by the way, it comes with a workbook. Consultation time! Nine hours were calling out what the expectation is email support? Yes, marketing templates. Yes, video coaching it's an option that would add ninety pounds workshops is an option that would add one hundred and forty four points. Really clear pricing. Some people don't want to put this on their website because they say, oh, well, what if somebody looks at this and they're like that's too expensive? Yes, that's the goal don't call me don't e mail me if I'm out of your price range, stay the hell out of my universe. People ask me they're like charlie, how much is a website? Our logo cost minimum twenty five thousand dollars twenty five thousand dollars yes, and if that takes your breath away, we're not a good fit. I'm okay with that. All right, so here's, her homework, we pull in and her target market is mighty mouse on micro business in the health care industry, a woman with ambition and motivated quality is very important to her. As is going the extra mile, she wants a video for her website. Okay, yeah, exactly make it like I'm part of your persona. Awesome what's interesting is I'd love to dive a little morning toe what mighty mouse means, right? That could be the perfect name. If this person is kind of a little more introverted or a little more, tamir is trying to get pumped up who kind of switches between one phase the other or maybe this person is hey, I'm out there and I am woman hear me roar! Okay, either way, we just want to be clear on that here's the whole map. We have approval of the storyboard quotation and receded fifty percent deposit in eight point five. Then we moved to setting the date for filming at a seven. The one I want to talk about here is we drop down to basically a zero. When we have on set working with us on step ten and the reason we do that I love laura's answers we dive in it says they've enjoyed uh, the experience, but they're beginning tto worry about filming and how it'll come together. They're insecure and anxious and worried about the impact of their business and worried about being in front of the camera. Okay, this is a great answer, right? Because now we're getting to the emotion. Now we understand why we go from seven to zero. The big reason is the unstated goal now, without being too personal, are on that. Hopefully, this is ok. What happened when we showed her picture? What did she say in the chat room? I don't like any pictures of the main, yeah, yeah, so are you attracting more use? I don't know something to think about, right? What if we stepped in and we said, no, you're beautiful, you're amazing. This is gonna be great, and that was our energy that we were giving off in the interaction with the client. And they felt it and we made him look beautiful and we said by the way is part of our thing we didn't put it on the website we have a makeup artist that comes in for all of our shoot she's a professional makeup artist. Oh, and she's done all the movie stars make up and you tell her who they've done and you say she's going to get you looking the best you've ever looked in your entire life owned by the way, after the video, we're actually going to use the video camera to shoot a couple of stills that we're going to give you for your website it's free because you look more fabulous today than you've ever looked in your entire life. Now you've got my attention alright what's interesting about her once I oh sorry we're right here when we get to the end of advocacy, right? Laura says this is where we struggle feedback is they love working with us and love the finished product, but they are done at one film and don't refer we've delivered this amazing experience we've ended on a nine, but we're done with one and they don't refer I'd like you to go backto lars home page this is her home page on her website on the bottom box says, we promise that at the end of our process you won't need us anymore remember when we talked about what we subconsciously or consciously telling our customers now my gut instinct is that laura does this to say hey unlike a lot of the other creative cos you may have heard of her dealt with where the project never ends and it's a nightmare and you feel miserable no no no we promise that is one and done, but then we're surprised that they don't do other films with us and we're surprised they don't refer us business because we're telling him after this is over forget about us some to think about questions, john I did it with how much this supplies but can we go back to the to her home page there? Yes, yeah, I don't think it's easy to climb a ladder and there's a baby climbing a ladder and I associate that with high risk absolutely great feedback it's cute it's a baby and my gut instinct is like, oh isn't it sweet to see the baby anyone that's a parents looking at that going oh my gosh, what if the letter falls? This is a video company that doesn't have a video on their home page I'm not being critical of you, laura, I love that you submitted the homework and the hope is that this feedback is really valuable and helps your business but I would love to come here and see some awesome videos and what I'd really love to do is not see as much finished videos save those for the portfolio. You have case studies on the website, I didn't pull it up here, but there are case studies where you can watch videos let's go back to what the big issue is when we fall here in the emotions, in the uncertainty I'd have in the home page of video, of behind the scenes at our last photo shoot with a woman coming in and kind of being maybe a little disheveled and a little insecure, and maybe even an interview with her of like, I'm really anxious about this, I don't know, I've never been on camera before. I hate every picture that's ever been taken of me. I don't like the way I sound and then show her in the chair, getting your make up done show her out, you know, with the producer kind of helping hold their hand, show the filming, go ahead and maybe show some flubs some missed lines so that it's okay and then show her the end of the shoot, relieved that it's over excited as to how it went and to pull one of our emotion words from yesterday, feeling triumphant, let it be a three minute video and just be like, you know what? We're good because that's going to attract the right kind of person, it's going pre frame their emotions, it's going to set their expectations. Rusk okay, so floating lime says, first of all, it's great feedback it's making me really think about how I word things and how my website is structure. The latter was supposed to represent one step in front of the other step by step easy. The trouble is that we're also a marketing company, so the front page is more about our step by step marketing process love the idea of a behind the scenes video and feeling triumphant cool love it so here's, the thought most business owners and again, laura, I so appreciate you doing the homework and sending this in cause it a perfect example that aligns with so many businesses out there, so many businesses have multiple product offerings, and the challenge they have our multiple service offerings is what we put on our home page like this is we do we do so many things for so many people, and we're fabulous narrow the field what's the thing you do that you are best at in the world, and if you're like joey, mostly stuff I do, I'm not even sure that I'm best at in my town. Get tau one thing that you are at the very least best at in your town if not best at in your state where your country or the world and then focus on that if I were laurel, what I might do is okay, we have a videography business and we have a marketing business let people choose their own box because we only have a limited amount of information that we're willing to store in our brains I'm going to put you into a box okay randy the box I put you into is smart phone accessories bob the box I've put you into is services a software that deals with contacts tree it's consulting on influence now you guys may do a lot of other things and you have other software and other products guess what it's to much noise I'm going for one the box I want you to put me in his first hundred days that's a box I want to be in so he's going to speak he's going to train he's my go to guy for creating amazing experiences in the first hundred days now I mentioned that I also do logos I'm not doing many logos anymore because guess what? It's too much confusion focusing focusing in the same way we want you to focus in on your customer focus in on yourself so for this website what I might do for laura is have two pictures one picture of video and one picture of marketing and say we do both, which is most important to you today which rabbit hole do you want to go down? Which pill do you want to take and then let them choose when they click on it and it may be the same website basically behind the button but you'll know and if you actually dive deeper we're going talk all day tomorrow about tracking stuff if you look at your analytics, then you could know how the people who come to our web site they're all looking for video then what I do is I'd scrap the whole marketing thing maybe still continue to offer that service, but don't it all sell it sell the thing that people want? Okay, quick questions I know we're coming up on the end of our time yes, tree one thing I think I'm finally getting some clarity around with the first hundred days is when we look at the map, it feels like we have to you know, we have to fill in each of these columns and sometimes with the transaction of purchase of the product that could be as short as a few hours of somebody's ordering online and that's the transaction side of maybe some of the columns, but then the hundred days concept is the relationship beyond that I think I'm finally sort of wrapping my head around that versus trying to stretch out what this process is over one hundred days adding more to the relationship side of it I absolutely love that and you're right and we're going to talk when we get to the future mapping this is going to be a lot easier because in the future mapping were going to say what is the ark we want to take them through a hundred days is also kind of a convenient way to think of it because you can do anything for one hundred days it's not a big ask all right that's what we're striving for russ quick comment from siegel says I love the idea of showing what you're best at we should be we show what we think the audience may want so our website is getting a bit cluttered yeah and it's that hope of like me like me oh I can do this for you and I could do this for you and I could do this for you and I could do this for you on what the client here's what your audience hears is what want want want want want want want want noise there's a great book and we talked about it yesterday barry schwartz book paradox of choice if you give people too many choices you know what choice they will make none they will choose the status quo that is your biggest competitors if you remember nothing else from this course, remember that the status quo of doing nothing is the biggest competition you have and that by jumping in with a first hundred days relationship plan, you can navigate people out of the status quo into an experience unlike any they have ever had before. We're going to wrap up this segment in one minute overview, ok? We talked about all the different ways that you could map your business. Cherie was kind enough to come in and we walked through and we could see the roller coaster that marky mark actually rode in this business. If you do the homework, you'll be able to see the roller coaster that your customers air on. We talked about out of the box and things that they could do with their business about connecting mohr with customers and actually building in this later stage of referrals and how we're doing things if we had time, we could dive deeper into other things we're doing, and we needed to also look att being clear on what the unstated goal is, okay, because lots of times that's where the juice is that's what we're missing, we talked about floating line media and some of the interesting things they're doing and how aspects of their marketing and aspects of their branding are contributing to the problem of not getting more referrals and not getting more business from their existing customer base. We also talked about ways that when we know that we're going to dive on the emotional state because of the unstated goal of our customer, that we can see that and anticipate and build in new steps and ideas, which is how we're going to spend our first session after lunch today looking at our future map, or we're going to get creative of how we can keep him off. The roller coaster what's going to happen in our next segment is we're going to talk about identifying preferences and maximizing the channel mix. How do you figure out what it is that your customers really want to hear and make sure you're telling them at that time they want to hear it? Okay, how do we combine those two things in the break? If you could do me a favor, go to first hundred days dot com why you're they're going to see this little video of my son lachlan telling you about some bonus offers you get number one ah free first hundred days resource catalog if you just enter your email in and hit submit you decide to participate in purchasing the course. You send your receipt to that email and your entered into a drawing for a private consultation I saw on twitter last night, some people are saying, is there a contest going on associate id with this course? Yes, for me, at least I don't know if creative lives doing a contest that's my contest, my contest is you send the receipt, we're going to give you into a drawing for a first hundred days consultation and finally take the survey, the last button here. I want to say something about this because a lot of people started the survey but didn't finish the survey that's okay for now, because as I told you, the survey will be much easier to do after the end of the three day course, and after you've done the work sheets, if you haven't answered all the questions in the survey, the twenty five questions in the survey I will not be able to give you a personalized consultation report that assesses your first hundred days because I won't have enough information. So even if you're like, well, joey, I'm not really good at that part that you're asking about advocacy, and I don't get referrals. I just put I score a zero, I don't do anything in this phase, and then I'll be able to give you some advice and some suggestions, okay, if you just leave it blank or rather skip question on the button in the survey, just think of that as skip getting an e mail from me in the future, okay?

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Are you ready to design an unstoppable customer experience plan for your business? Join CreativeLive instructor Joey Coleman to learn how to strategically turn a new customer into a lifelong fan.

The first 100 days of your relationship with a customer are pivotal, and Joey will teach you how to maximize that time. You’ll learn customer service best practices that consistently exceed customer expectations. You’ll also learn how to track the lifecycles of your customers so that you can market to them more specifically. Joey will also outline how to apply these strategies not only to your new customers, but to your existing customer base as well.

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or you’re a long-time business owner tired of one-time customers, this course will give you the tools you need to transform customers into powerful advocates for your brand.


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If you're looking for speakers discussing marketing and sales, I'd suggest taking a time out and watching this lesson. While you can pour time and cash into marketing and sales, if your not keeping your customers happy, then what has it all been for? If you really want to take your marketing and sales to the next level, start with the client experience. Happy customers who become fans will provide better marketing than you could every write for yourself (plus other people will believe it, because it isn't you talking about how great you are, it's someone else talking about how great you are!) And those fans generate referrals by the boatload. And all you have to do is be great at what you do, and make sure your clients' or customers' expectations are managed well, and then exceeded. Joey will teach you how to do this. As a side note, we've made this course part of our onboarding process, so every new hire watches this complete lesson within the first two weeks of their tenure with us, it's that much a core part of our philosophy. Godspeed!


I watched a replay of this course in November, 2017. It's incredible it's still such a current and updated course, even though the lessons were shot in 2013. Very deep content, told in a very light, fun and assertive way. Wonderful examples that inspire action and hands-on tips that you can apply immediately for every kind of businesses. Best in-studio audience ever.

Tanya McGill Freeman

Wow...just WOW! What a fantastic course. Joey over-delivers, practicing exactly what he preaches in this truly insightful workshop. I honestly can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this course for. Such a small investment for such tremendous value. Get this course NOW! You'll be so glad you did.

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