Understanding Color Space for Print and Web


Understanding Color Space for Print and Web


Class Description

Your ideas can be amazing, your lighting stellar, and your photoshop skills amazing - but if your color isn't correctly calibrated for print and web, the world will never receive the full impact of your vision. Join Jared Platt as he walks you through his techniques for using color spaces, profiles and calibration. Learn to apply them to the work of capturing, editing, printing and presenting your work.  



I found this class to be really informative and helpful, especially since I offer in-house printing as well as sell digitals for both print and web purposes. He breaks it all down really well for someone just getting to know color space and calibration. I re-watch this video every few months when I feel like something is off with my prints and want to reassess any changes I may have made with software updates and troubleshoot for consistancy. Thanks for the great class!