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History of Abundance

Lesson 14 from: Unstoppable: Inner Power For Entrepreneurs

Daniel DiPiazza

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14. History of Abundance

Lesson Info

History of Abundance

If you look at the way that the earth creates all of its resources, if you look at the number of flowers in a field, or if you look at the number of cherry blossoms on a tree, just take one look at our planet and look at how abundant it is. If you look at the peaks and valleys of mountains and how numerous they are. If you look at, you know, the massive amounts of wildlife, even though we're killing so many of them, they're still here. If you look at the massive amounts of life on this planet, if you look at the fish in the ocean, if you look at the birds in the sky, if you think about the amount of single drops of water in the ocean, if you look at the number of pieces of sand in the desert, I mean there are billions and trillions and trillions of resources that the earth creates. And money, although it isn't a natural resource, is an abundant resource that we've created and it integrated into our natural ecosystem, as part of human culture. And just like these natural resources that ...

exist abundantly and presently, money is the same. And if you think about it, we're literally creating it at all times. There are financial systems, people, companies and organizations that are at all times creating and distributing money. And, if you take it back to a perspective of physics, we think about the law of conservation of mass, mass can never be created or destroyed. Therefore, if you have tons of money out there, even if it's moving around from account to account, the money never goes away. So the idea is how do I create more of that money and how do I bring more of that money to me. Because the money's not going anywhere, it's gonna keep circling around, sometimes it will get changed from dollars to pounds, sometimes it will go to one company and back to the next. A lot of times it's being sent and received from the same big companies and we have to try to take off a small little piece of that. But as entrepreneurs, it's our job to figure out how to create these systems that generates the money and brings it to us, rather than just being reliant on companies to either break it off to us or for us to get lucky. You know, we're not looking to win a lottery here, we're looking to create our own lottery by figuring out what it means to us to build wealth around something we care about, which is a business, which is entrepreneurship. Create your own lottery. And you know, the same thing with humans every day. We're being born every day. Humans are being created every day, and humans are the ones that create money, at the end of the day. So doesn't it follow that money would be an unlimited resource? If humans create money and humans are essentially unlimited, we're basically unlimited. We won't stopping making each other, you know, then it follows that money will be unlimited. And so it's the same thing with money. If you think about all the abundance of the world, if you think about the water in the ocean, the grains of sand in the desert, if you think about the trees in the forest and the petals of flowers and all the abundance that the earth has to offer, you realize that the difference between being aware of the world's abundance and having a hefty piece of it for yourself, is one of the main lessons of your evolution through this lifetime. Now, what does that mean? That means that not necessarily that you are entitled to make or have a lot of money. That's not what it means. What it means is that the capability and the potential for you to have money is equal to anybody else in the world, especially if you're watching online right now. If you have an Internet connection and you have access to unlimited information, information we could call also now a man-made natural resource, it's unlimited. There's an unlimited amount of information out there, data. If you have access to this data and this information, then your potential to have money, to create money, to build money and to keep money is just as high, the potential is just as solid, as anybody else in the world. And so now it's your job to figure out how to step into your power and to create that for yourself and to have that for yourself. But again, it's not just enough that you recognize that money is abundant, it's truly realizing, it's truly realizing, that that abundance applies to you. So it's very easy to say, oh, well of course money is abundant and I know that I can have as much of it as I want. And those are like lines that you say to yourself as affirmations, but you get to a point where you have to truly believe that it's possible for you to have those same results. And once you cross that mental and emotional barrier, that's when you're gonna be able to start seeing the changes. And they're not gonna be all at once. You're not gonna say, ah, I finally truly believe and the next day you hit the lottery. I mean, it doesn't really happen like that. But it's a gradual sense of unfoldment into the realization that it's possible for you, and over time, in addition to you putting in the work, that realization creates the result.

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Robert Collier

Daniel isn't afraid to go the places that others are afraid to explore. That's only a part of what makes him unique. Combine that with his wisdom, his experience as a successful entrepreneur, his natural leadership ability, his search for Truth, and you have a powerful combination. Whenever Daniel speaks, people listen. And for good reason. Listen to this class if you want to explore the deeper realities of Power to see what's on "the other side" with this amazing instructor, Daniel DiPiazza.

Michael D

Wow, such a powerful mindset course! Daniel goes deep into many lessons about how the mind operates and why we operate in certain ways. His transformation from when he first started in internet marketing to stepping into who he is was golden. I truly feel unstoppable now after watching this, and I am excited for his new book that is coming out. Thank you Daniel for hours of gems you shared with us!

Tom Bilyeu

I've known Daniel for a couple of years now and I am very impressed with his insights on what it takes build a successful business. So few people truly understand the nature of the inner battle that you must fight and win if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Many of the things Daniel teaches in this class track to what I had to learn in order to build what became the billion dollar unicorn start up, Quest Nutrition. If only Daniel had created this class 15 years ago. I could have saved myself a lot of pain. ;-)

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