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Unstoppable: Inner Power For Entrepreneurs

Lesson 12 of 18

Mastering Money and Becoming Financially Powerful


Unstoppable: Inner Power For Entrepreneurs

Lesson 12 of 18

Mastering Money and Becoming Financially Powerful


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Mastering Money and Becoming Financially Powerful

When I was first getting involved in just, you know, learning about self development when I was in middle school and high school, the first, my first foray into that was the dating space actually and it was just like, just learning about, well mostly I think it's called pick up like how to pick up girls? You know, think I'm like 14 to 15, I'm reading this stuff and I'm reading through all the different like strategies and a lot of them in the beginning have to do with becoming more confident and dealing with your own personal development and I thought to myself, like, can I get through this and just get to the pick up lines where are the pick up lines? I was looking for the pick up lines. And I feel like, that's what most people feel like with money. I feel like let me get through the dealing with yourself and becoming a better person. When do we start talking about money? When does the money thing happen? So you're welcome, here's the money thing. We're gonna take a slightly different...

approach with this. This angle on money that maybe you've become familiar with in the past. And we're gonna talk about what it means to step into financial power. And what that actually looks like. Entrepreneurship is for outcasts. It is our job to become financially powerful because again, as we talk about entrepreneurship, our job is to be the creator. We are creating from the invisible space. We're creating things that weren't there before. We're creating things that were ideas in our heads and we're making them into physical reality. If you really stop and think about that, it is an awesome power to be able to create something that wasn't there and make it a real thing in the real world. And raise your hand if you've felt this feeling of having something that goes from your head to complete reality and how does that feel? Does it feel strange? Does it feel? I mean show of hands, raise your hands, how have you felt when you've seen something from your head come into reality? Any feedback? What has it felt like? It's like an out of body experience. (laughing) Yeah it is, what do you mean by that? To have thought something, it's kind of like now, you'll get this. It's kind of like how Facebook ads read your thoughts, right? You were thinking about like, oh I'm gonna go to San Francisco for the day and all of a sudden flights and hotels show up on Facebook. Even though you didn't communicate it to Facebook or your phone. It's kind of like that when you think something and all of a sudden you manifest it and it comes to fruition. You can't believe, it's difficult to connect the two dots from point A to point B. Totally true. Can you guys relate to that? Yeah, it's really freaky but entrepreneurship is a vehicle for that level of creation. Just like any other creative endeavor, whether it's your painting or your drawing or your singing, or your dancing. Entrepreneurship is a creative field. So, a lot of people feel like there is this dichotomy between being a creative or an artist and being an entrepreneur. But they're one and the same. You being an entrepreneur is creating art with your vision, bringing something into the real world and monetizing it. And that monetization is mostly just a reflection of the value you're able to communicate and also your skill with being able to create that value. As entrepreneurs, it's our job to master money. And a lot of people assume that money equates to power. I put this post up on my IG a few days ago. And my stories. Basically the question I was asking was do you believe money is power? I got a lot of feedback that people were saying yes of course money is power. It's so obvious that money is power. And, I don't necessarily agree. Here's what I mean. A lot of you in this room will need a lot of money to accomplish your goals. You'll need loads of the stuff to create your vision. And I'm not really talking about personal wealth necessarily though like yes, it's nice to have cars and houses and money in the bank. But it's more like it takes money as an engine of creation to build companies and to employ people and to create sytems. It's a tool. And you're just going to need a lot of it to create the vision that you have in your head. Money in of itself though is power but it's only power to an extent. The reality of money is that it's its own form of power. So what I mean by that is you can't use money to buy other forms of power. You can't use money to buy physical power. You can't become more physically in shape just by getting more money. You can pay a trainer to help you but you still have to generate the will to go. You can't use money to become more creative necessarily. You might be able to hire someone to teach you to do something but that won't create the creative power within you. You can't use money to create more psychological or emotional balance. I think we kind of all know this. We know a lot of people who have a lot of money that either know personally or see in the media that hasn't created that balance emotionally and psychologically just with that money. And of course, you can't really create that spiritual power that, really power connected to the source, just through making money. And so money in of itself is its own power. And money can be used to reinforce itself but it can't be used to create power that isn't related to it. And a lot of people don't understand this so they look, they search endlessly for getting more and more money. But just like saw on the UHP, the universal human paradigm, you can look for that dot the whole time. There will always be dots that are unconnected. Because money in of itself is just one form of power. And it's our job as people stepping in to power to realize that there are many levels of power, layers of power as we've been discussing. We have to address all of them independently. Now, luckily, they kind of all work together and as you make more money, it will become easier to hire people to help you. To maybe take more free time off to do things that we will have to then dive into your other areas of power. But you can't necessarily buy that power. That's why it's so impressive when you see somebody, you know, master an instrument. Or when you someone in great physical shape. Or you see someone do an incredible feat of bravery. 'Cause you can't buy that. You can't trade that, it's not transactional. And that's why it's so impressive and so important to create these things within ourself that are outside of money. Even though money in of itself is it's own type of power. Just remember that although you can create some stability in your life, you can't create a deep sense of personal security just by having a deep bank account. It helps and it's certainly better to have money in a bad situation than not. It's always very helpful. But it can't create that deep, inner security and the deep positivity that comes from developing yourself and your power in all other areas of your life.

Class Description

For many, entrepreneurship is more than just a career choice, it’s a quest for freedom, independence, and empowerment. But the road to freedom is often fraught with major obstacles. In order to face those challenges and conquer them, entrepreneurs need to operate from a place of total security and strength.

Successful entrepreneur, blogger, and founder of Rich20Something Daniel DiPiazza will teach you how to harness your internal power and develop a deep knowledge that whatever life throws your way, you’ll thrive.

Designed as a roadmap to gain that inner fortitude, this class will help entrepreneurs of the new generation choose the right path for their business and their life. You’ll learn to find your voice, avoid emotional pitfalls, and leverage your power to achieve previously unimaginable heights.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the emotional traps that keep you stuck in a loop of negative thoughts and prevent you from getting what you want.
  • Understand how to break free of societal systems of control: money, religion, politics, and media.
  • Avoid emotional manipulations that sap your power: duty, honor, shame, guilt, and fear.
  • Use your energy and mindset to deal with difficult entrepreneurial hurdles.
  • Achieve radical transparency in life and business.
  • Cultivate the internal strength that will allow you to choose the correct path.
  • Accomplish your business and life goals without resistance, pain, or fear.


Robert Collier

Daniel isn't afraid to go the places that others are afraid to explore. That's only a part of what makes him unique. Combine that with his wisdom, his experience as a successful entrepreneur, his natural leadership ability, his search for Truth, and you have a powerful combination. Whenever Daniel speaks, people listen. And for good reason. Listen to this class if you want to explore the deeper realities of Power to see what's on "the other side" with this amazing instructor, Daniel DiPiazza.

Michael D

Wow, such a powerful mindset course! Daniel goes deep into many lessons about how the mind operates and why we operate in certain ways. His transformation from when he first started in internet marketing to stepping into who he is was golden. I truly feel unstoppable now after watching this, and I am excited for his new book that is coming out. Thank you Daniel for hours of gems you shared with us!

Tom Bilyeu

I've known Daniel for a couple of years now and I am very impressed with his insights on what it takes build a successful business. So few people truly understand the nature of the inner battle that you must fight and win if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Many of the things Daniel teaches in this class track to what I had to learn in order to build what became the billion dollar unicorn start up, Quest Nutrition. If only Daniel had created this class 15 years ago. I could have saved myself a lot of pain. ;-)