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Unstoppable: Inner Power For Entrepreneurs

Lesson 6 of 18

Mental and Emotional Power


Unstoppable: Inner Power For Entrepreneurs

Lesson 6 of 18

Mental and Emotional Power


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Mental and Emotional Power

Just to give this some context, we're layering here. We're layering. We're layering every level upon itself and physical powers obviously the base. It is your source, it's what's gonna make everything else easier to fall into, but mental and emotional power is the next piece of the puzzle here. I think this guy is like, I typed this in, and I think these are like neurons, or whatever he's doing here. Basically the power of the mind is one of humanities greatest stories. We're constantly obsessing about the power of our mind, about what we can do, and there is, you know, I was thinking about this, the brain is the only organ that named itself. Think about that. That's definitely a high thought, but the brain did name itself, and it named all the other organs. That's very powerful, isn't it? Its powerful if you can actually create a system that creates itself, it's very powerful. So lets dig into that, let's dit into what that means. This is a great quote by Tracy Goss, and I absolutely ...

love her. She said, Power is determined by the speed with which you can declare something possible and move that into possibility to reality. Who can relate to that? The idea that you can declare something as possible and move that possibility to reality represents the quantum of power that you have. And there is another great one too by James Allan, I love this. Mind is the master power that molds and makes, and man is mind, and evermore he takes the tool of thought, and, shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills. He thinks in secret, and it comes to past. Environment is but a looking-glass. Does anyone wanna give a crack at kinda what that means to you? Anybody? What does this mean? What does it mean to say, he thinks in secret and comes to past, environment is but a looking glass, shaping the mind? I think it sounds like even if we haven't verbally spoken something whatever we think, we essentially are, it essentially will come to be our reality. So, there is no line between what we are living in our mind and what will live physically. Even if we never verbalize it. Absolutely, that's absolutely what I think that means. How many of us can experience having thought something and having felt a certain way, and then seen that created in the real world? It's kinda scary to think about, and so its easier to say that it doesn't work like that, it's easier to say that's now how it works, but if you really look at the way that your behavior has functioned over the course of your life and the way that you've approached situations, you'll often find that the way you're thinking and feeling, greatly, greatly affects the results you have in the physical world. So, this isn't something to just brush off. And what is the mind? So the mind, capital M, is the sum total of all your conscious thoughts and emotions, inside the context of your subconscious. So what this means is that you go throughout our lives and we have these different experiences, and those experiences create memories and emotions and those become the context for our mind, wrapped all up in the box of our subconscious. Meaning that, we have these thoughts and emotions, and we interpret them through the lands of our subconscious. So that's why you can have people who see the same event, who experience something that's seemingly identical, but all have different perceptions of it, because their subconscious and the things that they've gone through in their own history affect the way that they perceive and process things. Our thoughts and emotions make up the sum of the things that are inside of our mental toolbox. If you look at the mind, and you really think about the mind, and as you develop the power of the mind, you begin to understand how your thoughts, come and go, how your cause and effects cycles eventually effect your actions, how there's these invisible webs of ideas that light up like neurons, you begin to realize how susceptible you are to false perceptions as you become more strong mentally. Can anyone relate to the idea of having once believed something and then getting new information and proving yourself wrong? Yeah, I mean this is how we learn new things, right? As you become more powerful within your mind, you'll start to see where you were wrong before, you'll start to see, you'll start to notice your own addictions, your own affliction to as you become more powerful. Most of humanity is walking through life mostly unconscious of why they are doing things and what relates to the cause and effect of their life. And so as you become more powerful, and as you step into this power, you're going to then have the responsibility of understanding what your own addictions, afflictions, and tendencies are. And that responsibility abuse you with the power because if you understand the stuff, and you recognize it, you can change it. Essentially, as you become more powerful within your mind, you can uncover the true nature of your own unique consciousness. And we all have our own individual consciousness in addition to being part of a more collective consciousness. If you think about the mind, and you develop the ability to perform what's called a metacognitive task, you really start to expand your horizons. And a metacognitive function is basically thinking about what you're thinking about. And this is something that takes skill, it takes time but as you do that, you can start to distance what you're thinking, from who you are, and what your emotions are. You begin to self regulate more easily. Anyone in here meditate? Yeah, all of you guys mediate, that's awesome. And we'll talk more about this in a later lecture. But, the idea behind meditation is separating your mind and your emotions from your personality in many ways. And I notice that as I started to mediate more, one of the weird sensations that I had, was I would, let's say I was getting riled up, you know, so this happened to me a few months ago, I was rushing somewhere and I was looking for one of the lenses to my camera, and I had this weird thing where I loose a possession of mine it really bothers me, I'm always looking for it, I'm like where's the thing, where's the thing, I was looking for it. I've started to get internally agitated, and a little bit angry, not really at a specific person, just angry at the situation. And I had this thought then, I thought oh, Daniel is getting angry right now, it was this thought were I stepped back from the thought of being angry and had a metacognitive thought of the fact that I was angry. And so I was able to then remove myself from being in the first person, and look at it as a third person, and once I did that I immediately calmed down because I said, Daniel shouldn't be angry, this is stupid Daniel's angry. Sounds kinda crazy saying it out loud, but that's the reality of stepping away from your emotions and stepping a little bit away from your personality and being able to noncompetitively understand why it is you're thinking what you're thinking and what's going on underneath that mask. As you develop the power of your mind, you'll develop another layer to your mind where you can start to understand why you're having the thoughts you're having and as that takes place, and as you become more practiced in that habit, it becomes easier to walk through life with a sense of calm, with a sense of security, because you're not constantly being pulled by your thoughts and emotions, but you can direct them almost like a conductor. And that makes it much easier to operate powerfully. You can also still feel emotions. It doesn't mean that you don't feel emotions. It means that you're not committed to living inside of them. So it means that as you experience pain, or sadness or anger or even joy, or exuberance, you don't have to commit to being that emotion, you can feel that and observe that without being taken by it. And that will allow you to step forward and create things that you want without constantly being pushed and pulled, feeling that you have no control. I like to use the idea of, you know what I'm calling, unfogging the glass around life. An interesting thing about the power of mind, is that everyone has immediate access to this power. Everyone has the ability to, at an instant, become more clear, sharper and more capable within their mind. Often our ability to become clear is dulled by this fog because we're not able to understand why we're thinking what we're thinking. We're not able to really see through this haze and a lot of the haze is built up around things that we have previously thought about with competing emotions, with things that are bothering us, and it causes this filter over the way that we act and the way that we think. But as you develop power of mind, the fog starts to lift and you become more powerful, and aware and more cognizant of what happens, well what happens is, the noise and the chatter from the outside dims. You become just more clear and happy because there's less noise up there. Then what happens is you, the way that you live, and I've said this a couple of times in this presentation, and ill say it again, cuz it's really important, the way that you live and the way that you feel about yourself come into alignment, right. The way that you're presenting yourself in the world and the way that you think about yourself become one in the same, and that alignment creates a powerful resonance that resonance creates energy in your life, and as you become more aligned with who you are, that resonate energy exudes outwards, it's much easier to attract to you the things that you want because the ideas that you're putting out there are in complete alignment with who you are. It creates almost this sense of freedom because many times we're struggling, trying to see through false perceptions of who we are, and it takes energy to lie to ourselves. The more you lie to yourself, the more energy you spend on maintaining that lie, and in some levels you don't even know you're lying to yourself and as you shed that lie, and you free up the energy it was taking to maintain that lie, you have more energy available to create a better life. Does that make sense? Yeah? It's actually kinda hard to think about sometimes. It's hard to think about the ares where you're being inconsistent with yourself. It's almost like if you're in a pool and you have some beach balls, you have one beach ball and you submerge it below the water. You're like good I can hold it forever, and your friend tells you another and you can hold it and put it down forever, now if your friend tells you a third beach ball, now you have three, and you're trying to keep them underwater, and these are these negative things, these inconsistencies, these emotions, these things you're fighting with and your whole life. Imagine you have 30 beach balls, and your whole life you're trying to hold them underwater and keep them submerged, and it takes energy to maintain that rhythm. And so as you let these things go, as you're able to become more clear and more in alignment with who you are, it creates this energy in you which basically frees up all this power. And when you're free of all these constraints that are really artificial anyway, you have complete autonomy to create the life that you want and it starts up here.

Class Description

For many, entrepreneurship is more than just a career choice, it’s a quest for freedom, independence, and empowerment. But the road to freedom is often fraught with major obstacles. In order to face those challenges and conquer them, entrepreneurs need to operate from a place of total security and strength.

Successful entrepreneur, blogger, and founder of Rich20Something Daniel DiPiazza will teach you how to harness your internal power and develop a deep knowledge that whatever life throws your way, you’ll thrive.

Designed as a roadmap to gain that inner fortitude, this class will help entrepreneurs of the new generation choose the right path for their business and their life. You’ll learn to find your voice, avoid emotional pitfalls, and leverage your power to achieve previously unimaginable heights.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the emotional traps that keep you stuck in a loop of negative thoughts and prevent you from getting what you want.
  • Understand how to break free of societal systems of control: money, religion, politics, and media.
  • Avoid emotional manipulations that sap your power: duty, honor, shame, guilt, and fear.
  • Use your energy and mindset to deal with difficult entrepreneurial hurdles.
  • Achieve radical transparency in life and business.
  • Cultivate the internal strength that will allow you to choose the correct path.
  • Accomplish your business and life goals without resistance, pain, or fear.


Robert Collier

Daniel isn't afraid to go the places that others are afraid to explore. That's only a part of what makes him unique. Combine that with his wisdom, his experience as a successful entrepreneur, his natural leadership ability, his search for Truth, and you have a powerful combination. Whenever Daniel speaks, people listen. And for good reason. Listen to this class if you want to explore the deeper realities of Power to see what's on "the other side" with this amazing instructor, Daniel DiPiazza.

Michael D

Wow, such a powerful mindset course! Daniel goes deep into many lessons about how the mind operates and why we operate in certain ways. His transformation from when he first started in internet marketing to stepping into who he is was golden. I truly feel unstoppable now after watching this, and I am excited for his new book that is coming out. Thank you Daniel for hours of gems you shared with us!

Tom Bilyeu

I've known Daniel for a couple of years now and I am very impressed with his insights on what it takes build a successful business. So few people truly understand the nature of the inner battle that you must fight and win if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Many of the things Daniel teaches in this class track to what I had to learn in order to build what became the billion dollar unicorn start up, Quest Nutrition. If only Daniel had created this class 15 years ago. I could have saved myself a lot of pain. ;-)