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Physical Power

Lesson 3 from: Unstoppable: Inner Power For Entrepreneurs

Daniel DiPiazza

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3. Physical Power

Lesson Info

Physical Power

So, there are four layers of power that I want to go over with you today. Essentially, you're not necessarily gonna develop all these layers simultaneously. But they are things that are gonna require your attention and over your lifetime as you develop these things, to the best of your ability and to the extent of your own ability, they'll help you greatly increase your ability to get things done, to become who you really want to be, to create the circumstances you want for in your life, to help people around you. They're very important, they're fundamental. The first layer is physical power. We'll talk about all these more in depth as we go through them, physical power. There's also mental and emotional power. There is monetary and financial power. And, of course, there is the power of the unknown. Ooh, that's the last one. You don't know 'til the end. Physical power, let's talk about mastering the body and developing this physical power. There is a paradox of physical power that I th...

ink a lot of us don't really realize. And it's simply that, well, we don't really recognize the fact that we're living in a body most of the time. Has anyone been to a body exhibit before? Anyone been to this? Yeah? Well, this is nuts. I mean, this has been all over the world now for 10, 15 years and it's essentially an exhibit where they strip down tons of different corpses and show you all the insides. And have them in all these crazy positions, they got them like playing tennis, they got one sitting on the toilet, they got one split down the middle, they got one just like dancing, so you can see what their muscles look like in motion. Some of them, they'll like take out their stomach linings so you can see the spine. Other times they'll put the intestines and they'll have the guy holding his own intestines. It's crazy. It's kind of actually traumatizing, now that I think about it. Seeing it as a kid in middle school, I'm like, should I have seen that, but I guess I should've. Ya know, it's good. But the crazy thing about this exhibit is that, as you're looking at it, you're not looking at it thinking, oh wow, that's me, I have all that stuff too. You're like, these bodies are weird. But, that's you. And so we have this disconnect of being able to see other people have bodies and being able to see the anatomy of things, read about books, understand that there is a physical body and yet, we don't really compare ourselves to those in a way, where we feel like we're one with that. When I saw this exhibit as a kid, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that what I was looking at, was also inside of me. It's almost as if we were given a car, when we were, I guess, zero years old and we're given no owners manual and for the first 30 years of our lives a lot of us are driving this car, smashing into things, breaking it, not maintaining it, not putting any oil in it. And then by the time we get to 25, 30, 35, sometimes even 40, we think, oh crap. I have to actually start maintaining this thing. And by then, we're actually going back and we're trying to get back to baseline because we haven't even tried to maintain our physical body. We don't treat it as an object of great resource and great value that it is. And a lot of times we're playing catch up later into our lives. It's something to start thinking about now. How are you really treating your body? How are you respecting the body? How are you considering it? Are you even in touch with it? It's something that's really important and as you develop your physical power, it's part of that process. Most people are content to live a mediocre physical existence through the dull lens of underdeveloped senses and assume that their limited perception represents the totality of the physical experience available to them. You eat things without recognizing that you're getting allergic to them. You are sitting in postures all day and even though it's hurting your back, you don't put together two and two and realize, maybe I shouldn't stand like that or sit like that any more. We're consciously and unconsciously going through things with our body and we're not appreciating the fact that there's another level to live. Think about it like this. Sometimes you can be so disconnected from your physical sensations that you can walk around all day having a migraine, and not put together two and two that maybe I'm dehydrated. Or you'll go to the bathroom and you'll pee and it's bright yellow and you'll be like, that's weird, and you'll just walk away. You got to drink some water. You'll have to do things to change the output. A lot of us kind of just allow ourself to roll through lives feeling symptoms, seeing things or think, oh, that's weird. I've had indigestion for four weeks. Maybe that's something, and not actually attending to it. How many of us have a physical ailments or weird ticks in our body that we just let go unattended for a month at a time? Yeah? We kinda just let it occur. We said, oh, it'll work itself out. And maybe it will, but shouldn't you know what's going on? It's something to think about. A lot of the reason why this happens is because we start with deep programing. So, as children, we basically start off doing the things and treating our bodies in the same way that our parents do. This isn't a knock on our parents, this is just kind of the reality of life. We start off by eating the things our family eats. Going to the activities that our family goes to. Behaving in the way that our family behaves. And so it creates this ingrained subconscious behavior system, where we don't remain aware enough about what we are doing to make any changes until we're already so deep in the hole that now we have to take corrective action. And so, really, you know, it can be a weird fight back to even the middle as you get older. It's the same thing with T.V. If you think about the thousands and thousands of hours that kids absorb and that even as adults we absorb through television. You look at the commercials, I was looking at, I was watching, it was like a, I can't even believe they still have Froot Loops commercials on anymore. But I was watching a commercial, it was Froot Loops, and I was thinking to myself, you know, this isn't even really food. It's more like food stuffs. Because, there's nothing actually in Froot Loops. They just take whatever is edible that you can physically process in your body and then they put sugar on it and then they pack it into a form. It's not actually food, but we're taught to believe that these things are the things that we should be eating. We're taught to believe that these are the ways you should behave. And it becomes something that's ingrained and so it's a hard, it's a really hard line to cross. So basically, what this comes down to is we don't start with much bodily awareness. You eat things without recognizing allergic reactions that you have. We go through our lives, kind of like banging up the car. It's almost like as kids, we're constantly scraping our knee, not realizing and walking on it and we treat our adult lives like that as well. We don't start with much nutritional awareness as well. A lot of our habits are locked in by the time we get to a point where we can even recognize that they're habits. And what's causing this on a global scale, this causes now, not just individual, but culturally trends of sickness, trends of mismanaged health, just based through misinformation. We spend a large amount of our adult lives being programmed by these things and now we can see that 40% of Americans and there's 100 million Americans are obese. This isn't about aesthetics, this isn't about how you should look. This is more about what happens when an entire culture doesn't create a meaningful context around food and around the way that we treat our bodies, so that now a large portion of those people have a serious physical illness. Because, we know that obesity really isn't about the obesity as much as it is the things that obesity causes. Diabetes, heart disease, and all these different ailments that create big problems in our lives. And then, as a culture it now becomes normalized and when we normalize things like this, it changes our programming. So it all starts from the ability to see that these things are programs and back out of them. As you can really start to think about this, you realize that the physical body, the reason we are starting with this first and thinking about this as a cornerstone of power is because it's very hard to create mental power, emotional power, become more powerful financially, become more powerful with your spirit and with your purpose if you don't at least have the physical body taken care of. The physical body is the core of this, it starts with this. In fact, when I get stressed or I feel like I have something that I need to accomplish in my life and I don't feel organized and my energy doesn't feel organized, I always start with the physical body again. I say, what am I eating? How am I training? I come back to the physical body, because the physical body is something that you can learn to connect to and feel and you can organize yourself just physically and it helps you organize the rest of your life and if we are never taught to do this, it becomes very hard and very chaotic to create the changes that we want if we don't have ourselves physically mastered. It's part of power. Now, what if I told you that there is a level of physical mastery that you can achieve in which your energy is so high that you don't get diseases, you don't get sick, you heal injuries to the power of your own intention, and you can heal others just by being near them? A lot of people wouldn't believe this, they would believe that this was kind of like woo woo. They would think that this wasn't real. They would say that if it's not a pill it doesn't work. And I can tell you that, unfortunately, through laziness, through mis-education, through just lack of interest in their own body, most people fail to take control of the physical vehicle. And what ends up happening is the physical vehicle takes control of them. I can think about this in my own life, my grandmother, it was this weird, watching it and stepping back from what happened with her was a weird situation because I saw her reach a point where 10 years ago she had a fall, an injury, and she slowly let that injury take over her life. She had, her leg was broken, and then one hip was hurt. and the other hip was hurt, and slowly she broke down from walking to a cane, to a walker, to a wheelchair. And it was almost like at every stage, she had an opportunity to correct, to take corrective action. And of course, as she got deeper and deeper, corrective action became bigger that she would've needed to take, but she just didn't take it and part of that was through fear and miseducation, some of it was laziness, and her physical body ended up controlling her and so you end up being trapped in your physical body and if you continue for too long without mastering your physical body, it will take dominance over you, and it will take much more energy to master the body once it's dominating you, then it will if you create that control now, if you create that power now, because then you can generate the energy to create the big change without having to fight past all the things that you've already done to put yourself in the other direction. And the crazy thing is that we develop coping mechanisms to justify why we let our physical power slip away. So if we're not feeling confident in ourselves, we might over eat or not train ourselves, because we over eat and don't train ourselves, then we feel worse about ourselves, which affects our confidences and the cycle continues on and on and on as we justify why we don't take physical control. But at the end of the day, the reality is, you're the only one who has control of your physical form, of your physical vehicle and you have to take control of it, otherwise, it will take control of you. And most people really know so little about the bodies that they're in, that when they do experience pain. When they do experience some sort of discomfort they take it as a signal for trauma and it becomes something that becomes painful to them rather than as a signal to create change or growth. So, for instance, if you are feeling the pain in your stomach or you're feeling something in your chest, or your leg gets hurt or something is going on, you'll immediately go and you'll check Web M.D. You guys do that? What's wrong with me? And it's always cancer. (audience laughing) It's always cancer, it's never not cancer. And when you experience this pain, or you experience something very real, like you break your leg or you even go through something very deep like cancer. In real life, I've had friends who've gone through this. It becomes this psychological trauma, that impacts you in a way where it brings you down. And, of course, as we become more in line with our bodies as we become more aware and in touch with our physical form. We can recognize pain and other indicators of discomfort or potential disease as information, that information becomes a catalyst to act, rather than a catalyst to shrink away and be fearful. So, it's really getting comfortable with your body to the point where you understand how your body works. And you understand that you, not doctors or drugs, are the ones who are solving the problems of your body. This even goes to show that when you do take drugs, and I'm not bashing western medicine. It's great, I love it. There's great things about it. It's very helpful. But you have to realize that when you take a medicine or a drug, even though that medicine or drug is changing the chemistry in your body. It's upregulating some genes, it's changing some things in your homeostasis. It's your body that's solving the problem, it's taking directions from the drug, the genes are changing and your body is reorganizing itself to create that new positive state of homeostasis. So you have to respect your body and really understand that you are the one creating the health internally. And once you realize that, you can step into a new area of confidence in your life where you say, I heal my own injuries. I heal my own sickness. I am the healer of my body. And once you come from that perspective, the pains that you feel become less traumatic and more pieces of information you can use to solve problems. And as you eliminate these problems through your awareness and as you become more aware and as you take that information in stride, you step in to this gradual knowing of yourself and you become more powerful and it becomes easier for you to become confident in other areas of your life.

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