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Lesson 1 from: Up to Speed with Lightroom Classic

Ben Willmore

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1. Introduction

Get an overview of the latest features and changes in Lightroom Classic.

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Hi, I'm Ben Willmore and welcome to Up to Speed with Lightroom Classic. This is where I'm gonna share with you all the changes I can think of that Adobe has made in the recent past with Lightroom Classic to make sure you can get the most out of the program. So before we really get started, lemme just give you an overview of the big features just so you have an idea of what we're about to cover, and then we'll dive in and show you demos of each one of the big features, and we'll finish off by showing you all the little bitty things that you would probably miss if you didn't have somebody showing you exactly what they've changed in Lightroom Classic. For big features, well, here's what we got. There are a lot of new masking options that end up allowing you to isolate and adjust areas using masks that are generated by artificial intelligence. And so we'll dive into that and I find it makes it so there's a lot fewer images that I need to open into Photoshop because of that. We now also hav...

e adaptive presets. Adaptive presets are ones that can automatically isolate areas like the subject of your photograph, the sky in your photo. It could isolate hair, skin, eyeballs, those kinds of things and apply adjustments to them without you having to interact with the image at all. All you do is click on the preset and it does all the work for you. I'll show you how to both make those and find the ones that are existing in Lightroom Classic. We now have a new adjustment when you mask an area and you're applying adjustments and that is we now have the option of curves. Curves is the most powerful adjustment that we usually have in Photoshop but it's something that I would rarely use in Lightroom because it used to force me to apply it to the entirety of the image. But now we can do it to isolated areas and that's gonna give you a lot more adjustment power. We also have a new artificial intelligence-based denoising algorithm. That means we're gonna be able to take images that were shot at night with longer exposures, or at high ISO settings, or when your camera was really warm 'cause that's when you get a lot of noise in your image, we're now gonna be able to eliminate a lot of that noise while retaining a lot more detail than we could in the past. Also, now we can remove complex information using retouching tools that in the past would be much more difficult. That would usually be things that we would have to end up going to Photoshop to fix, but the new Content-Aware Remove tool gives us another option. Then of course, we're gonna tour the small changes that can make a big difference because there are dozens and dozens of changes that they make in all the different menus and icons in Lightroom, and without somebody to tour you around and show you what they've done, you're probably gonna be missing the majority of them. So that's what we get to look forward to. So if you want to get started, let's just go to the next video and get going.

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a Creativelive Student

Excellent coverage of all the updates in Lightroom. Ben Wilmore is an amazing instructor.


What a great class, thank you Ben!!

Eric Baim

Concise, clear, and invaluable. Great information not just on the new features but when and how to use them, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Student Work