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Cutting Leather

Lesson 2 from: Upcycling Leather into Accessories

Blair Stocker

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2. Cutting Leather

Lesson Info

Cutting Leather

I would love to just sort of demonstrate how I do this so to cut into leather it's pretty straightforward you need a good pair of fabric scissors and let's see what will cut into so why don't you just start cutting into the sleeve so I do this pretty much the same way that I would cut into a felted sweater or any kind of garment that I'm using I'm creating usable fabric from so what I would do is I would look at this and say ok do I like the scene do we want to keep this scene and then from there like this seems kind of un interesting but we might want to use it so then from there I would pick one seem to cut open on the cuff and then I would cut right at the seam of the yeah the arm hole scene and then just cut away from the lining I just kind of rip the lining out to now actually cut this pleather the same way yeah you're just creating like usable panels of fabric and then you're cutting away sometimes on jackets you have some really thick pockets like slanted pockets well two pocket...

s you can certainly use those like that would be a cool thing to incorporate in a book cover or something like that so those air businesses the decisions that you make at this stage it's like this skirt cut it open it's actually won pull peace I mean, you could just story this like this it's pleather with like a flannel inside kind of odd fabric I've never seen anything like that before you could cut the zipper out and then the other thing that's interesting so I would just cut straight through the lining and the yeah, I would just do it because another thing that is interesting with these cups that snap on this particular jacket you may find a use for those and I've also seen people cut the collars off and make collars toe wear said those were just the things that you think about when you're cutting these up blair that snap could make just a perfect leather snap bracelet I know right with just a clean cut yeah and then love for my up cycle jury class yeah could add probabilities are you know right? Well, so this so yeah so this is the idea so we have a sleeve and you just your deconstructing the jacket but you're saving any of the scenes that you I think you're cool and you want to save yeah it's always fun to see the inside of the jacket very awesome, thank you very much so that is what I do for any of these pieces and that goes for swayed that goes for leather pleather here's, a vinyl skirt or miss arias sweet skirt that I've been cutting into and as you can see, sometimes they don't even cut him apart. I just cut off what need if the lining really isn't attached very well, then that's, that's, fair game. I just start cutting into it.

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Erica Engdahl

Blair has a very clear voice and takes us through the projects in a very calm and clear way. The projects are inspiring and just the general idea of crafting with materials found at thrift stores really appeals to me so definitely recommend this lovely little class.

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