Preparing Leather to Make a Tassel


Upcycling Leather into Accessories


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Preparing Leather to Make a Tassel

I'm really excited about this project because it's a no so project these air so easy and so fun and uh these air really just there's endless possibilities I'm going to show you some variations but these air leather tackles these air recycled leather tassels and I have made them into I've made them into something here there's different sorts of buckles and findings that you can get at the craft store to hang these on things I mean hanging off your purse and this one's really find this is a just a a necklace that I just added a tactful tio it's so it's just really cool it's really pretty you can certainly make these kids can make these four months of dad's into key chains there's really no wrong way to make these so I'm going to show you how to make these and what you need to make him which is not very much so you get your leather or pleather scraps and for this particular project I would go softer rather than thicker so the one thing I didn't mention is sometimes you get thicker leather...

from purses and tote bags and things like that at the thrift store so there is definitely a place for the thicker leather and we're going to talk about that but for this particular project the softer softer and drape ear the better so this is the back so I'm just going to use this is the perfect piece you're going to need fabric scissors you don't want to cut into leather with scissors that aren't sharp because you're just sort of gnawing into it and you don't want to cut yourself so sharp scissors are really good to have um I use a rotary cutter and you don't have to use a rotary cuttery concern lee's fabric scissors but I really like using these particular rotary cutters um it doesn't matter what size I happen to have one that I just used for leather and leather so we'll use that today but like I said, you could also use your fabric scissors in place of that so you need a clear ruler yes question what what is a rotary cutter so a rotary cutter is essentially thank you alison it's essentially a razor blade honest iq and these have a closure that this one this particular one has a closure that you manually opening close eye definitely recommend that you keep these closed when you're not using them because they are like razor blades and they cut really really well because of that reason, but they're also really, really dangerous. So this is helpful to have just remember to close it when you're not using him size I know you said you could use different sizes, but what size is that one? You know? I'm not really sure what size this is it's the smallest one but, yeah, you can use any size and honestly, the bigger sizes seemed to go dull, slower, so, yeah, any size would work, and like I said, the ruler I like to use thes clear quilters rulers just because it's, I'm just so used to using these and it's easy to see, see uh, the edges underneath, it doesn't matter what size you need one maybe that's like twelve inches long or so, but you could absolutely is any other kind of ruler and then the glue. I don't really have a preference for glue. The only thing I would say, it's it's really helpful if you have one that is a fast attack, meaning as you create these tassels, you want them to hold quickly. You don't want to sit there and hold it into place, and so if it has a fast track and if it drives clear, those are both really helpful things, and there are tons of glue options to choose from. I use a pen that actually, yeah, you could use just a pencil you just need to make one little mark or actually on this we need to make to marks, but I use a friction marking pin, and I've tested this extensively in the field of leather, and it does disappear if with the heat of an iron, so these are erase a bally confined them at office supply store, but you can also substitute a pencil or something just to make you just need some guide marks in this project, and then for in embellishing the top like these guys here. This is an entirely optional step, but I use pearl cotton thread to wrap around the top. U could use yarn. You could use an interesting ribbon that you have so there's, really all kinds of things you can use around the top here's another example of some ribbon that would be really cool to use. And then the one thing I didn't mention that you need is leather lacing and leather lacing again, you combined at the craft store. It looks like leather lacing, and you can also cut a a small strip of the leather that you're using if he didn't want to use thes. But essentially these air on lee used to make the loop that you hold that holds the tassel to whatever you're putting it on, too.

Class Description

New leather is durable, but costly on your pocketbook and the environment. In Upcycling Leather into Accessories, Blair Stocker will help you find second-hand sources for fine leather and teach you how to transform it into fresh, workable material.

As the author of Wise Craft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps, and Natural Objects Into Stuff You Love, Blair is full of helpful tips on upcycling old goods. In this class, she’ll teach you how to make gorgeous new leather goods from old ones. You’ll learn how to:

  • Pick the right tools for leather working
  • Prep, clean, and cut leather for re-use
  • Sew and glue leather pieces together

Projects will include; journal making, bookbinding, tassel making, stamping, and printing – all with leather.

Upcycling Leather into Accessories will make leathercraft an affordable and fun addition to your creative arsenal.