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Stamping Leather

Lesson 8 from: Upcycling Leather into Accessories

Blair Stocker

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Lesson Info

8. Stamping Leather

Lesson Info

Stamping Leather

I love to add texture to these leather books and to other things and this is a really fun way to personalize it with somebody's name I would definitely recommend that if you're stamping that you use a slightly thicker leather this for instance, that we just used I that would be perfect for printing on with the photographs I don't know if I would stamp on that the printing method though will work on any thickness of leather, but for stan thing you want to have something that's thick enough that you can make an impression into it there was would it just go through the leather if it's too thin you know we'll try it wouldn't with the taking just see I don't know if it would make an impression I think that's what you want so now when I do make an impression and get these stamped on there, I do go in and color in and I'll show you how I do that but that adds just a little bit more definition to it. So let's let's do that so I use an old cutting board to hammer onto this is when my kids have ...

melted some crayons on and ah hammer and let me show you the leather leather of letters that I used so I think I got these I think I got him on ebay or something like that I don't always see them for sale in stores that I go into but you can find them online pretty easily and they're not that expensive and they're fun to play with on something besides leather I mean you could probably try them on softwood or things like that so if you're interested I encourage you to look for a set of these they call again what would you think? You just have them leather our letter stamping kid yeah and what they are it's just literally this metal stick with a letter on the end that you hammer into the leather so I'm gonna do I've got some scraps over here and I will show you how we do this where do they come in different funds for a justice they do come in different they do come in different fonts and so you can get fancier and I haven't found that much larger but I think you could probably find them larger attended like the smaller ones that they do come in different thought so that's pretty cool so the ones that I have they're all upper case I have a through z I haven't and sign and then I have one three zero for the numbers so but the way I do this is a very inexact science so if you want tio I was going to stamp out creative live not just too many letters so I think we'll dio I'll do hello so the first thing I do is tested on a piece of scrap leather because as you can see, I mean, I did these freehand I didn't really make a template of any kind you could certainly try with your heat erased a bullpen to do some sort of lining up, but I would just recommend practicing on a scrap piece, see what you've got going and then just take it from there, so to do this on my scrap piece, I'm just going toe tonto, so you're gonna put the letter down right side facing you, which in the case of an age does not matter, and the key to doing this is you just gonna hold it steady? You're just going to try it, see that? And then I find that two taps of the hammer tend to make a good impression. If you don't make a good impression with your two taps, you can't go back and fix it, so just tried on and there you have there's a little age there. Yeah, so you just do that one at a time and looks finish there's e so I'm just going to kind of eyeball this. It may not be exactly straight, it may not be exactly the same with the part as the l will be to the e, but it really doesn't matter so and one more wait go could you imagine posting create lie that would feel like you're doing construction in here so there's hello that worked out pretty well yeah so you just want you want the letters to be ledge a ble if one's a little deeper than the other it really doesn't matter but but I don't like to stop there I like to add a little bit poor so in my ideas sample I added silver gel pin our silver you could do a black sharpie marker but what you want to do this is just a regular old gel pin and what you're going to do is just go inside you want to try to just keep your marks in the in the impression area that you made, you're going to get it out just it's a little bit and that's ok because we're going to write that off I just think this adds a nice little touch you take just a cloth and wipe off the excess and then what is inside the impression will dry and so there you have the finished piece so super easy to add names to add I love you too any of this would be very easy and worth playing around with where do you generally then test a piece of leather that's the same leather before doing it on audio problem? Same leather do a test and then I would go for it? Yeah we can try you want to try one of these pieces that are smaller? I'm just curious do you guys mind if I try it and to see how it looks? I'll just do a b yeah, so it kind of worked on that sissy so it worked I mean, you could you could make that happen you might want to do three taps, but that might work are there any other materials that you can use those particular stamps on doesn't work on leather doesn't work on any other fabric let's try it on pleather because I'm curious I don't think I've tried it on pleather you definitely you know, it all depends on the body of the fabric if you've got a little bit of thickness to the fabric it's always going to work better? Yeah, it worked and this is not very thick. Yeah, so that worked you have to clean it up a little more it's not as visible. So but yeah s o I think he could use thes on driftwood. I think that would be really fun constrict would soft enough that you could have you could play with it and there's also is it balsa wood pieces that you can get at the craft store that you could try and then, um, you know, filling in you could probably experiment with the types of, uh if you had a really fine paper a she could fill in with paint or something like that did you the question you when you're stamping on your journal cover, you'd probably want to make sure that you would get all of paper out of the way correct? Yes you're just so many other yeah sir, you would open this like that so you'd have that yeah, good question so you just have that open um and everything else out of the way anybody else have any questions? Have you ever say when you fill up the paper like ripped it out and put more in are you definitely could you wouldn't I know yeah that's in the exact same you might want to neighbor stitch line over a little bit, but I just think a buildup sketchbook is like the coolest thing ever so I've never actually rip you out but you could yeah, just make sure your sticks line is just not directly on the old stitch line, so if you guys make any of these I would love to see actually, if you make anything from any of my up cycling classes on creative live, you can find me online at wide scrapped handmade and there I do have links to instagram, facebook and all of the different places that you can find me at but if you find me on instagram at blair s and paige. Anything that you like me to see with wise craft, handmade, all one word. I would love to see it. So please show me what you guys were working on. And thank you.

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Erica Engdahl

Blair has a very clear voice and takes us through the projects in a very calm and clear way. The projects are inspiring and just the general idea of crafting with materials found at thrift stores really appeals to me so definitely recommend this lovely little class.

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