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Urban Landscape Post-Processing Techniques

Lesson 7 of 8

How to Master Sky Replacements

Serge Ramelli

Urban Landscape Post-Processing Techniques

Serge Ramelli

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7. How to Master Sky Replacements


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How to Master Sky Replacements

sky replacement. So this is, um this is a long exposure photo that aided in central bait. Central Bay is a beautiful town in the south of France. And so, you see, like, and this one I did was like a good old nd filter. So you can It's not the same dick you can see. Like, there's a lot of ghosts there, you know? And it was like a motorbike passing by and I don't know. I really like the photo except the sky. This guy really bothered me and, you know, I travel all the way to Central Bay. This is was my first time, the only there once in 46 years. And that night I get no son said no clouds whatsoever. If only there was a software that could help me on that there might be so I'm gonna put the shadows. And on this one, I'm going to be do a little bit different work floor, um, on the highlights. I am not going to do that. I'm actually gonna go the other way. I want this kind to be as wide as possible and want to put it to be a little too bright because I'm going to do a special technique late...

r on in photo shop. So in this one, I'm just gonna do a basic black and white. But I wanted to be a little too bright on purpose, and you will listen. Why? Maybe a bit of contrast. And I'm going to do what I called a double developments. I do something very basic in Camero. You know, I could do the noise reduction. I know it's 100 guys. Oh, so I can go, you know, 90 and 10. And the masking, usually around 50 and 60. You know, that type of thing and I'm not gonna put up is an object I wanted as a restaurants file so unclean that I'm okay. I didn't do the white balance because I kind of like how it was. That's what daylight is gonna give me a little. I think I want to go for really warm look on this one. Yeah, I'm gonna go for shade and add a bit of magenta. That's special bonus. I always do at Magenta. Okay. Now it says open image, not open object, because it's gonna be a rice to rise image. And, um Now I want to show you something really cool. I want to change this guy here, and I want to use the new feature from Adobe, which I think is amazing. That holy changed my life. It's the library module. Um, if you want to come on the library module, the way it works is you can create assets that you can drive and drop in your library, and that would be there forever in all the adobe creative cloud. And so let me show you from the start, Uh, I'm gonna go here, and I'm going to create a new library that I'm gonna call Creative Life. Why? I have no idea. Kohli creating. See here says dragon drub assets. OK, well, I've got nothing to drink about. Bad if I go back to bridge. I got this beautiful sky that I shot in Florida that I'm gonna open up with. Um, photo shop. I don't think it's gonna be in world. Should open directly to photo shop. Oh, it's not another. Oh, yes, that's good. Good. It's good. Is good? Never. No, no, no. It it opened a different instant. A photo shop. I'm sorry about that. That's what happens on live shows. You always have something really fancy happening. So because I got several version of photo shop here, which one do I want? I want this one. The default one. Yeah. So let me just close this one here, Okay? So here I am. So I got a sky. And here's your move, Tool. I take this guy and drag and drop it in my library and what it does it lows it up on the creative cloud up in this client in the clouds with everybody else. Apparently, everybody is in cloud today, and it's gonna be there forever, which is really cool. So now I can close this. I don't need that file. And I got my library module. And as you can see, if you go here, I got a whole series of clubs. In fact, at the end of this presentation of shoe, But if you go to my website photo search dot com slash c l for creative life gives the link at the end. You can I'm giving you a whole bunch of free sky for free. And if you want my entire collection, you can get it like a 90% off. It's almost a steal because I do collection sky so really high resolution that you can drag and drop in your own projects. You can find this at the end of the class photo search outcomes last year. All right, so here I am. And, um, let's go back to the one we just created. Let's use this one so I can just drag and drop it in my composition. And it's gonna be There is a smart object and I'm finished, Not beautiful. What I want is, uh, on this one, I think I want the son to be the exercise I'm going to right click, and I'm gonna sleep. Horizontal is gonna put it here. Okay, Something like this and I'm gonna click Enter. And remember, I made this water a little too bright. Now there's a reason for this is there's a beautiful blending mode. We haven't talked about blame. Most coal multiply. What multiplies going to do is to take anything which is why to make it transparent and apart from this little issue that we have here, you know, the blending is perfect ups. Sorry. Let me zoom in to show you you see, it's perfectly even. The antenna is just blended perfectly, because anything, which is why it became transparent Now we have an issue is that you can see some of the clouds. Maybe on the structure of the building. We can see a line here. So what can we do about that? That's coming up Next, I'm gonna put this back into normal mode. I'm going to drag and drop this to duplicate its Not got two times the layer of my sky I'm gonna press command t or you can go here to edit free transform, which is the most used tool in photo shop. I'm going to right click, and I'm gonna go do a flip vertical This time I'm gonna hold the shift key on, and I'm going to drag this of the lower smart object, So Okay, come on, Come on, come on, shift. And I'm gonna make it right there and press enter. So it's gonna mirror the sky so that we have, like, a perfect mirror. I'm going to set them those and I'm gonna right click I'm gonna rast arise the layer. So now this to sky or Sorry, I'm not gonna rice, rice, I immense merge layer, which is gonna rise to write them into sometimes. So it's gonna create one layer with the sky. I'm gonna put it back into the beautiful multiply mode and now we don't have, you know now that the clouds are kind of everywhere but it gives a nice dodge and mood feeling kind of cool, but it's a little too much, you see, like I can see the texture of the sky here. And so I have a little trick. I take the lasso tool l philosophy, which is here and make sure that my feathering of my last little says the lasso tool is a tool to make a quick selection. I make sure that it's 20 Peschel, so it's it's very feathered. And, um, I'm gonna make a selection here off everything but escaped like a really rough selection. Okay? And I'm gonna go here to filter getter goes in better, and I'm gonna goes, and better a lot this photo. So, like around usually around 100. Look at the preview before you can see the clouds here a little bit after, it just blurs this. So I'm gonna press OK I'm gonna undo this, and I'm gonna show I'm gonna put this back into the most. You can see what it did you see, blurred all of the sexually. Except where the sky is. And the result of that is, um, now we don't see the texture. And now we just get a mood. The mood of this guy has been applied everywhere before, after before, after and again. That was one of my most night for last year. So now that I did that not I did this guy, I always like to a little bit of double of developments. So one thing if you think it's too strong, they look at where you have the freedom minimizing tissue to create a mask. White mask to take a little brush. Okay. Make sure your brush is because it's a white mass. So everything is revealed. White reveals by conceals. Um, so black as my for one color. A big brush. Make sure right. Click the harnesses at 0% or you can go up and down. So that's 100% harness. 0%. And you want a very light brush, or, like, 20% or something and and I can just, you know, really, and I'm doing the dodging at the same time. You see, it's I'm basically raising that texture, and it's kind of like dodging in Libya at the same time, making it brighter in some parts and usually we like to do is come in out shifty, that amazing, simple shortcut that it'll be made for us and in good filter and Camero And, you know, I can decide if I want to do some local adjustment like make. This may be a bit darker, this little bit darker with no blue, but use the brush tool. You know how with the minus going a little fast here because I have a lot to cover still, So I'm going to raise that a little bit so that great and only effects the top. And, you know, I can go here and say, Oh, I love this. I want to put more attention on that. So a little bit of dodging on this seeing here. Ah, duplicates maybe a smaller one here, and it's good to do a double of the woman once you put in Sky because it's gonna help blend this guy making really I was really there, you know? And it's just a small change. But that little clots in that little thing just for me makes the whole photo and, uh, well, okay. And there were, So that's before the camera. Just after it's a little bit more drama. I love drama.

Class Description

Capture amazing photos of cities when traveling and know how to make them pop in your post-processing. Join Serge Ramelli as he walks through the best camera settings for the best skyline and urban shots. Know the best time to take a photo walk of a city. Once in Adobe Lightroom® and Adobe Photoshop®, Serge will go over how to blend different images shot at different times to get the best possible exposure for your photograph. He'll also walk through how to make adjustments or add a sky when the weather isn't working the way you want!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, Adobe Lightroom CC 2015



I loved this class. It was simple and easy solutions to processing beautiful images. I came away with so many ideas on how to improve my photo editing skills. Thank you.

Pleshette Fambrough

Excellent class. Simple to follow, great examples and real techniques to help me take my photography to the next level. Thank you!

Beatriz Stollnitz

Good class for anyone looking for tips and tricks to improve their landscapes and urban photos. This is not an advanced class, but it helps if you have some experience with Lightroom or Bridge.