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Using Color in Home Design

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Class Introduction

Tobi Fairley

Using Color in Home Design

Tobi Fairley

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

It is time to introduce you to toby fairly toby like we said earlier creative live has partnered with house beautiful we're so excited for our very first interior design course and toby is going to be coming back for two more courses in this series of course is a toby is known globally for her bold colors and the ability to take all kinds of color combinations and make them work. She teaches around the nation with her signature courses with the color a dizzy designed from a to z as well as the design mba, which I think is very fascinating and that's all about the business side you can find out more by following her on toby fairly dot com her blawg is highly followed and I believe by one hundred twelve people in one hundred twenty four different countries follow her block and that's toby fairly dot com slash blawg we are going to be looking at pinterest a lot throughout the next three days, so I highly encourage you to go follow toby on pinterest as well pinterest dot com slash toby fai...

rly so everybody please help me give a very warm, creative live welcome teo toby fairly are you doing that more glad you hug in california? We're huggers anarchists good makes me feel welcome yes well we hug here absolutely I don't know about everybody but me in particular when I'm feeling down a little while like energy let everybody just hop over for us that's right? How are you doing this morning? You are looking a beautifully euler for well, you know, I have people are disappointed when I don't world where color when I travel and I come out and all black, the first thing they say is oh my gosh, I'm so disappointed like I thought you'd have on orange or yellow or, you know, something green, so I brought the color out today well, awesome. Well, I want to just let you get started because we want to hear all about your story, okay as well as dive right in to color and I'll let you take it away. Thank you. Hi ladies it's so fun to have a live audience here. I mean, I'm excited to see all my friends out on the web, teo, but it's so great because as kenna was saying, my favorite way to teach in and interact is just conversational because, you know, I can I can talk for hours. Honestly, my family used to say I never showed up, I was laughing thinking about the fact that this is going to keep running like tonight my family will not all be surprised that I'm on like constant replay for twenty four hours for three days because, you know, I'm usually not at a loss for words but it's so much more fun to interact and have questions and really see if the way I'm communicating this, too, you make sense to you because what we're doing today is really bringing my version of how I do interiors and, you know, a million other designers could be watching this and saying, well, that's, not at all how I do that and it's not necessarily that there's one straight path from a dizzy, but the way I like to teach and to break down complex things like how to use color in your home is to give you a sort of a road map that I know has worked for me that's really tried and true and tested so that's what we're going to do over the next few days. Eso I'm so glad you're here. I'm so glad all my family. Hi, mom. Hi, honey. You know my husband? I told he's an attorney, but I tell him at least to tune in for five minutes to see what we're doing in tens of my friends, my friends at house beautiful, another design friends. I know we're joining us too, which is fun, so it'll be nice to have their questions. Throughout the course as well, so a little bit about setting the tone sort of for what we're going to do over these next three days because you think, oh my gosh, we're talking about a color that's one tiny little piece of interior design and how in the world world can you stretch out a conversation about color for three days but it's really a lot more complex than you think and most people think like cannon was saying, okay, make me a painkiller and then I'll figure out everything else later and for those of us who are pros at this and for those of us who were really prose that using color on brighter, stronger colors we know that's not at all the approach to really having a successful room, you can't just pick a paint color and then hope that you can go out and find a myriad of other things they're going to work perfectly with that s so it's much more a structured and specific process than that for me. So we're going to do all sorts of fun things from watching even a case study of how my color style has evolved from ten or fifteen years ago when I started in design through today and we're going to get some technical things but not too boring will go into color one o one and really, you know, color mixing and the old primary color model this morning and we're going to talk on day three even about the history of color and interior design and why colors have been used through the years so we have lots of fun things to talk about s o please feel free you and the audience with me teo asked questions as we go I want to make sure that it resonates with you I love that you have your notebooks I'm a student too and one that likes to take minutes and so and police wilfrid it you know to stop me if something is not, uh making sense to you or you just don't quite get it because color is really more complex than people think it seems simple it seems like one tiny thing, but as you'll see over the next few days to create interiors like the ones that are in house beautiful these layer than luscious and glamorous and gorgeous interiors there's so much more that goes into it from paint two fabrics and fabric content and is it shining? You're madder wool and I mean there's just so many things and we're going to cover many, many of those in the next few days, so I think that's going to be really fun um so maybe I'm known for giving hordes of content and my other classes we never let people leave wanting more, so maybe we'll jump right in this morning I'll tell you just a little bit about me, and then we'll go into really that color one o one we want to start with the basics. Um, I've been a ce faras me and and the way I've used color, I've been an interior design and oven an interior designer and have under my own business for about fifteen years, I I actually have a degree in interior design, although that's not necessary some of these sorts of things like the color basics, I did learn in school on and that's why I'm going to bring those to you because you don't have to go back and get an interior design education to be really successful with color in your home and most of my friends. I would say that air really accomplished designers that have been featured in the pages of house beautiful don't have designed degrees, but I do like the, uh, like the structure and the rules that you do learn in some of those courses in a formal education, and they'll give us that sort of foundation to really start building and understanding of color and how to make it work for us. So so have a design degree cannon was talking about the other courses I teach also in business, I also have an accounting degree now that's very boring and how in the world do you have both the right and left brain working together, but I do, and I have a master's in business, so I love, um, entrepreneurship and building businesses as much as I love building color palettes and rooms, and I really almost enjoyed them equally. So both sides of of my brain are at work many weeks in many days, but today and over the next few days, we're going to stick to that creative side, which is the fun part, the reason all of you were here to really get excited about color because it is so exciting, and I've been using it strong color, and you'll even see later as we go through a progression of kind of the toby case study. When I was younger, the colors were even stronger and brighter, but I've always used color in my work, and I've had people ask me many times, how did you get started using such strong color? What made you pick that? And my answer when I stop and think about it is always it never occurred to me not to use color, it just never occurred to me. I think I love them, they're so beautiful. You know how many of you who wish you know in another life might be an interior designer? You're drawn to beautiful things, and I've just always been drawn to color um I have a knack for seeing color for understanding color and what works together some people do some people naturally have that ability and we'll talk about that sometimes this over the next few days of seeing undertones and noticing if something's more of a green yellow or a blue I mean a yellow green or a bluish green we'll talk about all of that stuff but I happen to have a knack for that I think I really get it from my mom it's a talent and it's but it can be learners least some of the rules can be learned and we'll show you that over the next few days but naturally just drawn to color and have been using it for years and years so I'm going to teach you ah lot of the things that I've learned over those fifteen plus years maybe more like all forty something of my years uh that I've been loving color and hopefully you can walk away after this course with cem key takeaways and steps that are going to help you be confident and more than anything when I teach courses what people say is I get so much confidence from you toby because half the things you tell me maybe maybe half to twenty thirty, forty, fifty percent or more I'm already doing I just didn't know if they were right or not they were just kind of from my good and they were just intuitive but you gave me the validation to know that's exactly what the pros do. On the flip side, they people say, I also have confidence, because all the stuff that I didn't even know where to begin, you gave me a specific road map and something that I could put into practice and make that work. So that's. Exactly what we're going to do this week with you while you're here.

Class Description

Brought to you by House Beautiful Magazine, award-winning interior designer Tobi Fairley comes to CreativeLive for a special course.


Are you afraid of picking the wrong color for your living room? Selecting the right hues for your home can be a daunting experience. Tobi is internationally-renowned for her signature bold style and fresh approach to interior design.

Using examples from her extensive portfolio, Tobi will give you no-fail tips and techniques to help you turn your home into a space that reflects your unique style. You’ll learn about the psychology of color, how to pick the right color for the right room, and find out all about the latest trends. You’ll also learn how to pair colors and textures and help freshen any room in your home.

By the end of this class, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to embrace color in a big way.


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