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Adding Music in Photoshop

Without music, it's just missing this spice and it's just something about music just really adds emotion, and one of the things you know good example is if you've watched horror movie turn the sound off it's not even scary. In fact, you start laughing at it like thank you need start noticing how bad to make up is and you know how bad the customers are, especially with the rial low budget. I'm not actually really hard, fine. I'm a scifi fan myself. So, um and that's, when you get really cheesy looking custom, especially like doctor who had loved dr who and I just love you can't miss it, the zippers and the outfits that so low fire just makes it even better is, is this all about the story? You know? And that's, the thing of filmmaking is it's about the story. The most important thing I talked to rodney childers from mentioned early iran who did twenty four, you know, the shameless he did charlie's, angels, dallas. I mean, he shot at least the pilot tells me, you know, this guys just we j...

ust got a lifetime achievement award, wonderful guy, a very humble guy on guy asked him I said, you know, out of everything you've learned about video in filmmaking because he started in documentaries and stuff, and I mean, a guy from new zealand to make it big in hollywood. I mean, is difficult. I mean, you know, peter jackson made a big, big museum, which is even more difficult brought hollywood to new zealand been anyway, you know, running says all about the story it's about the story is, is basically there's a few things that people want to know, who are the characters what's gonna happen to them? What's the story, what's it about and that's, you know, if you're going to see movies that millions of dollars on special effects and, you know, they've got the most beautiful cinema photography, you know, the most amazing actors, and if the story sucks, people like while that was a really bad movie, because you want this story, and at the same time, you know, a good example is, doctor, who I look a doctor who and is terrible, I mean, it's terrible, but it's great at the same time, and the story is just so fantastic, you know? And you're just watching you get the doctor and it's very low budget and, you know, and he's, very animated, and, you know, all right, I'll stop taking out on talk to who, now, but the point being it's the story the story trumps everything same of shane and talk to shane herbert and he said exactly the same thing it's about the story and you talk to any successful filmmaker they'll tell you the story is the most important thing, so part of the story is music, so we're gonna add music now if I click here and I choose that audio, what do you think will happen? It's gonna have another audio track stand up to close but no cigar remember when we went up here and I'm going to give you a clue we chose at media what happened when we added media did it exactly so if I go here and I choose add audio that's gonna add it we don't have an audio group here because there's nothing visual happening, someone showing the latest panel but what I'll do is I'll just put another clip in the end so if you want to put more clips on there you just choose add audio and you can clean keep adding the clips. If you want to add another layer, you have to choose new audio track and we clicked there now we get another audio track and now we can bring you new audio and layer that on top once again you won't see it in the timeline I mean in the latest panel because there's nothing to see there's only two here so we're going to choose here we're going to add audio and I am going to go down one layer here and I'm gonna go to music and I'm gonna grab some music here and this music comes courtesy of triple script music and I'm sure you've all heard of triple scoop music dot com they've bean on here many times and I'm just getting the reason I just trimmed that there is because I wanted to trim out the the beginning is you know what music? Sometimes it takes a little bit to get going you know the music stars it's just gently and it's kind of building its way up, so I just kind of clicked and dragged there just to get right into the meat of the music. Um and the other thing is the track here is probably going to be about three minutes because you know, a shorter um yeah, little over surround three minute mark that's typical for radio music and I'm just going to take that and click it from it down to there. So now I've got my music track is the same length as my video trick notice that snapped and I didn't have to zoom in trying to find glass and nudge things around it just snaps it doesn't really, really nice job of that, so I'm going to right click and I know this music is going to be way louder than everything else because it is and I'm going to choose fifty percent, so we're gonna drop the volume down by fifty percent it's still gonna be louder than the ambient noise? It might still be a little loud, but we'll see I'm gonna faded in over two seconds. I'm going to fight it out over two seconds what's that going to do that's going to save the music? Just get back and you know it just ending is goingto buildup criss angel and and it's nice! I could just fade in and fade out because other programs have done this with before I have to go in and I have to actually open it up and keep frames to the music and in drag it down and create a little ramp manually here. I just did it in a couple of clicks, so let's see what we've got right now if we just go here and we hit the space bar and we're going to play what you can see how just adding that little bit of audio there just didn't just give it a whole different feel just suddenly just bought it together and it made it feel more complete. So that's one of the wonderful things about the audio we commute the entire audio by clicking that little button up here and we contend it on and off and we could see it now if I was you know, going to spend more time on this you would notice at one point that music really kicked into a different gear did you notice that? Let me see where about right there, right? So if I was going to be really clever, what I would do is I would move this around where that coincided with the basketball guy hitting the basket for more drama and right now a word about the lemon second mark let's see where the basketball guy hits the basket right in here so I wouldn't be nice like this is right on the transition so I can remember but here's a little trick that are a little kind of work around kind of thing that I do is if we're going to hear and one of the things we want to do is open up the comment comments track and you're not seeing it right now so we're going to show and we choose comments track and what it does is it opens a comments track now this is for adding video comments. What I do is because there's no audio indicators and we don't have a lot of the track mark is like we haven't premieres some of the other programs I'm cheating so what I do I simulated comment I say you know what? Let's add a comment here and just leave it blank and adds a marker so right now you know, I've already marked it because fortunately is right on our thing here, but I know a lot of clips you don't so when I'm editing stuff and I see a key piece of action or I'm playing usually I'll be honest, it goes the other way and kind of doing back to front here a little bit and usually what I'll do is when I cut a lot of audio together, you know, interviews and things going on the general workflow because it's not really talking, you will just do a rough cut, you assemble your pieces together and has called a ref assembly right now, you know, I've got a more polished transitions, all that stuff in there, but general, this symbol, the sequence of events and then you cut the audio, you cut the video so that what do you make sense? So you're listening to what you're listening to the interviews and stuff and then you cut it there and that's your rough cut see the assembly than your rough cut? Then you bring in your music and m where the different beats and things are happening in your music, you move your cuts and stuff around so that they coincide with the music and in that way as things happen was the music that reinforces what's happening with the action so we can see we've got that kind of happening here what I'm going to do is I'm going to attempt I don't know how this is gonna work but I'm going to attempt to drag this around I might have to shorten my time line a little bit uh the music somewhat I'm going to say I'm just going to shorten the music and just so I can move this around and that kind of let's go here very close so I just drag it here unfortunately at this point let me zoom in a little bit so we can see what's going on because of the nature of you know the limitations and photos show we have to guess a little bit but we know this is about where we want it to happen someone's playing perfect so if we go back no I think you kind of understand what I'm doing here right what I'm trying to do is I'm trying a line where that music changes the way the actions changing now what what much what happens when I do this I'm just going to get into the full screen mode and hit this I need to remind first and let's go to the beginning here we go and hit the key twice on theo how the audio kind of match the action a little bit better and it just reinforced what was going on and it just gives him more of a polished look, I know this was very oversimplified way of doing it, but you know, basically all you're doing is when you're editing video is you're just doing little pieces like this over and over again to build the largest sequence. So are the shoe squeaks still in there? They are this year's trees there still any company here than you might I need to, you know, balance it around a little bit thank screen it up it's a good point we could go in here and we could turn the volume up even higher. We could go above one hundred ongoing plan simply can hear the shoe squeaks ways you could hear the shoe screens going in there so you can you can mix it all together on get it exactly how you want it so that's just working on a really, really basic video clip right there, let me just show you adjustment layers if I'm going to go to my adjustment layer and I'm going to turn this into black and white, I'm gonna just choose black and white and look at this an adjustment layer will pop on the top here and this whole video now attending audio officer you can hear me talking is black and white that's how easy it is to create a black and white video not just that though this really works like a really adjustment layer is not just a cheat adjustment later if I click and drag I can adjust these tones then the lying turns on the video just like I would in a photograph so the adjustment layers work on video exactly the same way as they work on a photograph so you have the full control of these adjustment layers not just that it gets even better. The other thing is we can actually fadi so let's take it to here look what happens when the adjustment layer runs out bomb it goes back to cover so the adjustment layer affects every single layer underneath it just like it would on a photograph if we only wanted to let me just drag it all the way across here and we go here what if we wanted to keep the top layer of the ocean in color and we only want to take the layers and then if we could just click it and drag it and into this group to get to the top of that group there and notice that we've got color on the top now and the black away is affecting only the layers underneath so just like just one layer it gets better than this if you want to know I pick just one video clip only and you don't want affect anything else, then we're going to do is, I think, what a clipping mask, maybe a clipping group before a clipping group. What it does is it takes a shape and in it fits that object within the shape. With adjustment, lee is what it does. Is it a thanks instead of rippling down to everything? If you hold down the option key, you see this little arrow, click and apply it now this is on ly affecting this specific layer underneath, which is the boca, so everything else is color and just that broken now is black and white because I clipped it adjustment to that layer so you can affect a video clip or you can do it by the entire movie or anti sequence, so I'm just gonna option play here, too. I'm do it. The other thing is, when you're in the adjustment leg, you'll see there's a little option. Here we can click on their little option, and it does exactly the same thing is the option click so you drag it to the very top here and affect everything another thing we can do with it. If I shorten the duration tio here and in this adjustment later runs out, I want to make it smoothly happened created, transition fade, just grab a fate transition um, maybe shorten it a little bit on me, lengthened the clip and shorten the duration like that. And now if you watch it, you will see that this will fade from black and white two color over time so you can do that with all the adjustment layers. So, you know, right now we just happen to be using a black and white adjustment layer. You know, we could do a color correction. We can be using photo filters and stuff to do color correction in here. You know, if we want to pop a photo filter on the top, warm everything up, you know, that will affect the entire clip we could call it down here. He's a cooling filter. You know, we could do a custom color if we wanted to go green, you know, kind of matrix kind of thing, you know, ten density all the way up. And now the matrix has you kneel and notice that that also fake the black and white because it's underneath the black and white, if I take the black and white over the tub, change the order notice that the green is not showing because everything underneath that black and white is going to stay black white until it fades, you know, fight down and in this will allow the green adjustment layer and all the videos underneath the trickle down instead of facts, and now look at this it's, kind of like cinematic with their green, isn't it? So one of the things about cinematic is when you watch movies that have certain colors indicate certain types of movies, right? So when you see, like, a lot of action and scifi and stuff like that, you'll see a kind of a green or blue kind of a tone horror movies always got that cold blue, you know, we've got the stuff, you know, we're in the desert or were in the, you know, the beach and you steal warm kind of a tone in there, so they always grade film when you see what you see in the movies, two things happen in the grading mostly is they compress the shadows. You really pumped those blacks up. You see a lot of blacks there on double d, saturate them slightly, and then they will also add some kind of a skeleton, and you'll see that very, very often in the cinematic, if you want a cinematic look that's, how you do it, the other thing to you, if you want to go arms that it's anything that quentin tarantino so anyway, this so that is the, you know, just basics here of you know started to play around so you can see women starting to stack these adjustment layers you know, it really gets a lot of fun and get really exciting what you could do with with the video here, so I'm even getting excited also I am teo, so I'm going to start off with what's with mario gonzalez from texas who asked, how would you and can you add still images to the video? Yes, you absolutely candids still images and you just drop them in just like we are here with the with the video in fact, I could bring one and if you like germ and what we're gonna be doing is we're actually gonna create a slide show later on, but notice when I create a new layer, it gives it a duration here and I could just choose file and I'm just gonna place I should've spending the mouse ran right to the end of the mouse pad there and let's see if I've got a still image in here on the footage look at that I happen to have a still image right there there's a j pig and I'm going to choose place and we'll notice it just placed right there onto that layer that I created and it's there is a smart object meaning that I can scale this books and I want it during the whole window out if I click and drag hold down the shift key I can expand that uh it's expanded to there and make it fit grabbed the bottom here and we can scale it had answered to apply and so now we've got that there and notice that this will just plan here in its duration well last whatever the duration is here we can change the duration of our still image there and we can do that we can also move them around which will do later on when we do some slices one thing to know women during this notice the video later show is blue and the graphics leia shows is purple big difference when you right click on the video layer we kid video control noticed this and audio when we right click on here we get something different motion presets just give you a little teaser emotion preset let's just to impanel zoom and you know we're going to cover this later but just why that and notice he didn't see any audio options there because there's no sound there isn't a sound and there's no video options because there's no movement so what we've done there is we've created movement now you know little kid burns effect see that so you know when we get into the slide shows later we'll do that but see even absolutely combine video and photographs getting fantastic and do you ever use any other party software to do you're working in your audio like audition yes, yes, I always use other other you know, w audition is good cause I'm creative plow subscribers so I get this part of the clouds all play for the audition but I also use logic some also musician and I compose music and so I have logic pro and every machine set up over a small studio at home and good keyboards and guitars and drums and all kinds of stuff, so I like to play around with that for fun also, if you want to create your own music, you know if you want really good quality music obviously, you know, get some stock music like triples group, but otherwise you get other things you know, like acid loops and other programs like that you can create your own music as well they're easily without having or even apple garage band you know you don't have to have music skill grows band somehow made it possible to make something that sounds like music without a plan to love right it's like this is so much fun to play around with this is like photoshopped I mean you have become a video editor in photo shop and create professional looking video variously yes fantastic so blue moon asks does photoshopped video have a two gig limit like a psd? And how big do these files get that's, that's a great question. The files don't get that big, because nothing is embedded in here. All the video clip is eyes referenced, so you're not really going to go above that, but if you do you, I'm gonna guess I'm going to try something right now, because I've never he announced that question. I mean, see if I can say that is a psb on dh, see if it works, and if it doesn't, nothing lost, but let's, let's, find out I'd love to explore, um, you know what this is telling me right now, I'm not even seeing that option, so ok, because I'm not seeing the option, I'm guessing it's not going to let me save psb, but you're not going to go above two gigs because, you know, I'm betting that much.

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