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Animating Photos for 3D

So one of things I'm going to talk about motion, this is a really crude thing I spent like two seconds doing this, I just painted some things to represent rocks and some trees in the foreground and the background, so we've got three different levels here of motion. What I want to talk about is parallax, so if we want to, you know, when you're driving along in the car and then you have the objects that are close that you appear to move faster than the objects behind you that's, how you can get realistic animation, someone you animating or moving things inside of photos up that look at the quality of this because it's awful all ideas, I just grabbed it the shape and I just do some trees with shape, then just did some lumps to represent mountains, so very simple, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to scroll these open and I want to animate the positions off these different objects, so first of all, we're going to start with the trees, so I'm going to start with the trees here, and when ...

I get to the end of this clip, I'm going to move these front trees, so I'm just going to do that and make sure get the wiki teamed up and I'm just gonna move these trees across so when leaving these a lot and I just duplicated these a couple of times to get a few extra treats so if we go here we see trees moving so the next set of trees I want to move now I'm gonna move these lists because I want to create a feeling of depth so I'm going to take the middle trees here and I'm going to move these across that not as much you know moving to say about their and then I'm going to go all the way down to the mountains here I'm not going to touch the ground is kind of fixed and it was just another way was cheating I'm just going to go here and I was actually just gonna repaint these because it took like two minutes to make them but just cause of time which is but to stick with what we've got here um said this is not the ability my full out citic abilities here this is just what was settling for because this is kind of sketching it out all right? So what doesn't move that a little bit? So now if we had the plague bar and we plant notice that we've got the motion happening it creates a depth of field you know? We could look this right now if I choose the loop play back, you can see what it's doing is it's just kind of simulating you know you're driving down a car and I'm done reading a car and the objects closer to you moving faster than the objects behind you and so the further away something is the less it appears to move so that is that's not his parallax and parallax works a certain different ways and there's some things you can do inside of photos up to create a parallax effect let me show you here he is a video that I did with parallax and I'm just going to go view here and I'm going to choose thie looping option here and if you look at this this is a time not times is just new york and so if you look notice how the difference here between the foreground and notice here how it's changing or look up here's house changing versus the background of this part of the building there see the other buildings starting to appear so if you look at it closely, you can see the parallax there which is showing the depth now the thing about that is, you know, you see the watertown how it changes against the background that's the parallax ok, so this is just a photograph it's not even video. All it is is a photograph and I'll show you what I did to make this photograph work in parallax what I did is I basically took it and notice you can pop it into three d space, so what I did is I just actually used three d to just create plates so what I did is they took a photograph and doubleclick I'm going to go into the photograph years we're going to the scene of the photo and if we move this units because parallax going on now if we go into here we pop up on our layers let's see where we are here? Um environments and we've got a little missus here and are different layers catching up with me there we go. All right, several attendees on enough look at this. So what I did is I actually just keyed out these different portions and let's go back this way ten that went on isis let's go into the materials here there we go and so we turned you know, you can see there that I just kept these out in different areas so there's actually several different areas in here that I'm not necessarily showing but that's that's basically what I did I just created a backdrop and and I just cut these out into different areas I cut out took the whole scene then I cut out the that part there and then you know different pieces until I had certain plights and if you look at the top here you can see let me change it from the top u if we pop it down here, see what I did with these different layers that I built as I actually pulled these different layers and if I pull them, you can see it move moving in the photograph they're all kind of grieving together, but I can also separate these with our materials and there's a scene you can see the scene here and we've got different layers and different parts that we can select and move and see how that one parts moving out independently than the rest of that. If I switch back to here, maybe I can you can see it to, um so it's hard to select these this is great. So I'm moving out of the way you can see there see that so that's all I did, I just cut these into little pieces and then I just started moving different pieces around independently and in all I needed to do was to simply separate them on the top and I cut them into place and I put one plate here and I put the next one in front of it. This one's only go to the other one I worked with the head for have one here one here one here and one here and in by separating them from the top view when you zoom in and it automatically creates their parallax effect um I don't know if that showed it very well, but let me show you really super quick how you could do this on a photograph is a really great effect if you want to get a real three d kind of a feel, some just gonna click open here and here's a picture of myself. Ah, here in seattle, smashing a wall that is that's a major country skills a white, you know, obviously you probably figured out that that wall was already like that, so what I want to do is I want to create a parallax effects of what I'm doing is taking a still photograph, and I want to be able to animate and looked like it's more three dimensional, so the way to do it is I'm just going cut this out, so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to grab the quick select eleni and what is a great time now to grab my walk on tablet, so I'm going to go in here, I'm going to grab the quicks like toll and not just with the tablet over here and one of the options in the quick select as we could go into here, you have an option for penn pressure. So penn pressure means if I hard press harder, it's going to select a bigger area five person gentle it's going to grab just a very, very thin area, somebody doing this, what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go around here and I'm just gonna make a ref selection, and I'm using very light selection here now, um, I'm not going to try and get this perfect. I just wanted you to get the gist of the what I'm doing so amusing option key here just to get back over those areas to remove them, and I've got kind of a selection, their option key and so I get a ref selection there could get a little bit more over the edges, and now I'm touching very, very, very gently on my tablet to make a very light selection so that's pretty close, I could probably do a little bit more around the hands here. All right, so what we're gonna do we gonna grab her fine edge and we're fine. Age is gonna let me look at this and see how good this election is. It's not bad, not bad, but every once we look at against white it's probably look horrible I mean, guys, black model, okay, you know what from rock n roll that's pretty good I'm just going to clean it up there that's a little uh do it at the option key sometimes this creek chelation toe clean up till works sometimes it doesn't that's good enough um so what we're going to do is we're going out put this to a new layer of a new layer mask and I'm just gonna click ok? And so what it's done is I've extracted this from the background now any problem with that is noticed that that layer is there I've still got myself in the layer underneath so I need to get rid of that right? I need to clean it up a little bit so what? I'm going to do it I'm just gonna mind come on plate made a selection there I'm gonna grab my bottom layer and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to grow the size of the selections I'm going to get you select and I'm going to choose modify and I'm going expand this by ten pixels that intern so now we've got the biggest selection there now getting use a magic toll which we're gonna choose phil, which is shift delete or shift back space on windows and I'm gonna choose content and we'll fill in clique of take and look at that hickman de and moments got all right so it's not perfect but just why it's good enough for what we want to do because now I can show you we've got that and it's it's looking great so I get us like these guys and I'm going to choose three d and I'm going to choose new mish post cart and from thirty layer um yeah, I switched to the three d work space right now and so good to portions here, so I'll get myself there and I've got the building and these are both converted to three d objects right now they might not look like it, but trust me they are the thing is they're in two separate scenes. What we want to do is combine them so I'm going to select them both hitting the shift key dislike them, but and now I want to merge them into one three d object the way to do that is to hit command e it would be controlling on windows and we're merging, but it doesn't merge them into one dog you know, to you know, like sometimes when you merge two lays it just becomes one layer because he's a three d layers they become one three d layer so this to three d objects now within that one three d c and you notice he has the background layer and there's a full grandma and this is how it's supposed to work when I should the building, by the way and what I'm going to do is I'm going to make sure you get the top few on here, so get the top I'm going to flip these back so right now I'm looking at both of these cnn this little bounding buck shows what selected as the entire scene if I click then it shows the background layer and if I click here the background layer there is myself so if I pull this forward notice how you get a separation see that see it disappears this because it went behind it and so I get a little bit of separation there now so the more separation I have, the more this parallax effect is going to have so if I zoom in here and I get back, we can see there's the shot right now and there I am there and is that three d object? I can move it over a little bit because I want to do that and get it up a little bit so we're lining it up so the fist is between the fist, the fist of fury. So I'm going to choose the scene and now I'm going to slightly rotate this just so we can get a little peek behind the scenes and look it's a parallel actors in and it's cool so if I want to get here and I want to start with this and it's moving over there grab myself, line it up again and it's not that I'm in love with myself I just this is the only photo I had to use for this on and you got the model release I do have the model release, so now we've got this it just looks like a regular photograph if I zoom in a little bit probably look a little sharper here we go sometimes you don't get it quite of the right sharpness and look the right magnification doesn't know good sixty six is we're using multiples of twenty five twelve point five could be a better view we're going to click on a time line I'm going to create the video timeline and, um, we're going to scroll this background down and just for the sake of let's not miss, I'm going to grab every single one of these prophets, I think a kid because I'm not going to run into that problem my head before with the jets and I'm gonna pull this over just a few seconds and at this point here what I want to do is I want tio change one of the attributes and they attribute I want to do is, um inside me little three d space here we get back here not under there that one and I want to make sure that is selected, which is wonderful, it is and you know what? I want to do my tire scene. So let me make sure hang on that I have background selected. Yes, the whole thing is selected. Good. I just wanted to make sure that I selected everything and we've got the right stuff key, which we do, we could have background seems so I want to move the scene the entire scene and not the individual layers right now. So that's, why I chose seen so using the move tool will open up the three d options and now I get the scaling toll or the moving toward so let's, try the scale and see what happens if we try to zoom in on that. And yes, photoshopped loves me. It worked, isn't funny. Just works now. Um, well, I guess it was after the crash the crash probably cleared whatever was wrong with it. And at this point here I can hit the space bar and, um, starts in code and you can see, you know, there's there's a parallax effect going on, not noticing it too much right now because it's encoding noticed that it's going really slow it's going at nine frames per second of people consuming appointee of that screen, but it's red right now and notices appearing greens that's not playing in real time yet what it's doing is it's loading up? Everybody talked about the ram preview at the beginning of the day where is turning green once that solid green? I'm going about to play that back in real time, so it's almost there and we're at we'll run being there that's close enough for rock and roll I mean a couple of frames, but if I go full screen here and then I hit the space bar and we play like this is the paradox and see how the object is changing in relation to the background so you know you can you can do a lot of different things you can rotate another is another movement just to rotate the frame or whatever and it's just looks really cool with buildings and different things like that just to add a little bit more, you've probably seen that effect, you know, when they do that a lot on the history channel when you see the old photographs and then I take the photographs that kind of cut him apart like this and it kind of gives that effect. Um so I think I managed to deliver on what I said I was gonna deliver, but you know, I got one last really quick super quick right now I just want to close with and you gotta love this I just cut out the screen knew beforehand and now what I want to do is I'm going, tio, create this turn into a timeline. Now, I'm going to import something in here, I'm gonna choose file place, and, um, we're going to go to the desktop and something else that we made a really wrote today remember made this video, we've got the mp for that, we export it, I'm going to choose place, and I'm going to place this inside the scene. Now what I'm going to do, though, is that, you know, right? Click, and I'm going to use to store and with the distort toll, what I'm going to do is I'm going to make this kind of fifty eight boundaries of their little tv set here, and we're just getting in here, and one lost one here, and we'll make that line up had entered the one thing I haven't done yet is clip it. So now it's going to clip inside that shaped, and now I'm gonna hit the play button. Of course, you know, standard the length of the clip on the bottom there, they would play the entire video clip says, just make sure that cooking group so you can get video, you're right, you're right, that was the pro that was the only way that

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Learn how to edit your DSLR movies all within the program you know and love: Photoshop. Not only will you be blown away with the power of Photoshop's video tools, you will be amazed at how easy it really is, anyone can edit! Then fasten your seat belts as Colin unleashes motion graphics and 3D animations that will satisfy your creative hunger. You'll be inspired, educated and grinning from ear to ear by the end of this day of creativity and never before seen techniques within Photoshop. These are projects that everyone can use right away to promote their business.

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