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Exporting a Video from Photoshop

We're going to talk about exporting how do we get this whole thing out of here? So we've got video and exporting it is actually quite easy, there's two different options we could get down, see this little arrow we can click on that arrow, and that will essentially give us the same thing as we get here to choose. File export, rent a video so over these options will get us to the same place when we play cares and open up a dialogue books and within this wearing the video dialogue books, we get some options, so we're gonna do the desktop here and I'm just going to choose the location, and this is where we going to go? We're going to export it to the desktop now you could obviously get whatever you want. We could create a sub photo we could call it p s then see that we get my camel case and then we'll just create a sub folder on a desktop. So if you're exploiting a whole bunch of stuff, it's not going to go all over the place, this is especially important. Like most of the time, some photo...

doesn't matter, but if you choose thiss option here image sequence, you really want to be using your support, so image sequence. The answer. The president wanted to take this into flash. This is how you would get it into flesh. You would exported as you could. You could export is an image sequences. One option. Um the other time people use image sequences used a lot of motion graphics. If you're gonna bring this into aftereffects, are you going to do compositing? And you wanted to have frame by frame control. You can do this. And what an image sequence does is it creates, takes each frame and it creates an image of where it is at that state. So we got twenty four frames per second, it's going to create twenty four individual images for each second of footage. This is great, too. If you want to pull a still out and you want to work with it says a lot of different reasons to use an image sequence so you can create it there. And when you click that you get the options, what kind of image sequence what I want, and if you want to keep poor quality, we got into a tiff. Um, and you know the other option, you know, you could use a png or you could use a j peg, and then you can just kind of sit your options here. The rest of these are pretty self explanatory. So so that's one option and we can use the document frame right where you could change the frame right and you get more or less images so that's one way of working with it and while I've got an image sequence up there is probably worth mentioning one thing this is kind of like a really secret squirrel kind of a work around that we haven't even gotten to yet but library light room cannot do some image adjustments and in light room we can do something really cool looks and stuffing use presets and stuff whatever the problem of light room is it can only export ah lossy format meaning a j peg so if you want to take that footage and re edited and premier aftereffects or even in photo shop um you're really working with second generation and if you've ever experiment you get ajay peggy keep saving into j pig it keeps the period even seen the movie multiplicity with um kitten you know and then you get the guy that saving is time because it's just being too many different generations you know that's what will happen with the j pegs it just a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of degenerates so the work around for that is if you actually take your video exported here as an image sequence as a tiff take that fold up opening in live room take one image adjusted to your heart's content, and you don't have the limitations that you have inside of the video because, you know, editing video, you're editing an image, which means that you have access to every single adjustment tolling, like room make that adjustment selectable batch process that apply it to all the different images inside of lie room exposed them out, and then you can just bring them into here is for yourself is an image sequence, and now you have loss lossless image editing inside of leg room so it's just an absolute work around. I mean, you obviously wouldn't find and any user manual that if you absolutely essentially want to do that that's that's one way to do it. So anyway, outside of the image sequences, go backto video back to the world where we're all nice and comfortable right now, so we've got options here. We've got d p x, which, you know, you don't worry about it. It's like a high in format for broadcast. Uh, h two six four, which we've been talking about all day or a dog to six for same format is your iphone and everything else the most popular delivery format that there is most of the time you're going to be choosing this option but before we do I'm going to go down gonna mention one more quick time if you want to get something out and you're gonna work on it more on another program or you're creating motion graphics on day one of the things we're going to do today hopefully we'll have time to get to it is working with three d doing three d animation and photo shop which we can also add on top of discipline wanted or we could just create a three d animation with transparency you want to export that out and use it somewhere else will even bring it back into photo shop because honest, if you're working with a bunch of three d you don't want to have to be rendering refrain every time crazy three d animation exported out its with transparency and then just dump it back in and his footage and then at that point we can work and finish up much more efficiently. So this is how you get transparency quicktime animation kodak and animation critic is the only product that we have here that will support transparency nothing else anything else your transparency is gonna become just black or white it's just become a solid color then the other option here is you see we have the option to go to an after channel if you have it sit to none you know, going to get transparency should change it to straight which is unmanned id how many of you didn't I mean there's a lot of people probably work with web maybe in your boy for transparent gifts you remember the days of transparent gifts I mean he's so out they didn't know but they still exist you know but transparent gives you would create a matting around it so few exporter that kind of look a little dragging on the edges and if you're going to go to black or white background you would create a little matting where with anti alias which would smooth the edges making look beautiful that's what you get pre multiplied with black and white or you can select the color if you know what you're going on to exactly same options and aftereffects straight on med it is just going to cut that all unfortunately, you know the rendering here is much better than what you would get from animated gif so you're not going to get too many jackie's around the edge so if you want transparency this is the option of going to use for the rest of us if we're not doing image sequences we were done like let's say ok, we're completely done here I want to just deliver this on the web I want to put it on my iphone would put on my ipad I want it uploaded to youtube video facebook this is what you do you go to http for some unless you need to do the things I just talked about this is the option you always going to use h two six four and any more about this because it's going to start under doubling media and you're not even gonna goto which sequence unless you need it so these two you can pretty much ignore most the time then it gets super easy now if we want to go with that image size that we've got right now at that size and that frame right we want to deliver it exactly like that she's high medium or low quality the other option is we can go down here and we've got options here we got presets, android phones and tablets they put android first a problem because if russell's complaining in a sport android actually self critical I'm kidding but eso we've got iphones, ipads, ipods, apple tvs, blah, blah blah these aerial devices we can do hd video we can do ntsc powell if you're betting on to dvd which we're not going to cover any chance that you're not going to be bearing this on dvd so then we're going to go down and we get a government you know, youtube, google these different cities, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go down to just a small little youtube sitting here it's got the preset size I could change this if I wanted and so I have access if I want to go in here and choose custom and get into the nitty gritty of square pixels and on square pixels and all the kodak information is here if you want to get in there and get your hands dirty you can um but for the rest of us that's not let's just go over the pre set and in what is going to do is it's going to scale this video down so what size it needs and it's going to get it ready to work the other thing is if it's you know a different aspect ratio aspect appreciate you sixteen nine is wide screen three four you know whatever your sizes that's aspiration you don't have to worry about it it's going to deliver this to the size that's going to fit what we're going to and if my videos too wide or is too short just going to create some little bars in the top a little bars on the bottom to make it fit that side so it's not going to stretch the video we've all seen examples of stretched videos and it's it's not very pretty so having said that don't even worry about all the other stuff see he is a ll the other aspect ratios and stuff you don't even have to open a scary world here if you don't want to carla management's wonderful um now range this is another thing that's useful we can just dual frames which will exploit the whole thing up work area which is that see this little squeezy thing here if I greg dragged that and I pulled at it which is underneath there I'm not really showing it I could choose a work area just to test and we'll do that were carrier or I can just do a set number of frames now if I just wanted to test me and see what it looked like I would only render out just a couple of seconds I wouldn't do the whole thing just protest so you could choose the amount of frames and finally is another option of three d equality which is there we've got interactive vory traced and so basically this two options I use if I've got a three d animation in here and I just want to see what it looks like I'm going to use interactive and it's going to use hardware rendering well had where you know it's just gonna look cause not gonna have, you know, pull the beautiful reflections of you know I don't have some basic shadows and things like that so you can see how it's moving then when you're done you have retraced final that's the last thing you do at night before you get a bit and you let this rental all night um because you know when you see movies you know and they have random farms of thousands of computers that run for months rendering these movies in this of reason three d is very very render intensive so I was lucky enough to go to the pixar rendering farm it's about the size of a football field filled with macintoshes hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of positive it was it was perfectly they keep it tempts right so it was perfectly perfect temperature but one frame with like I think there was six or seven or eight hundred mac computers and one frame to render it was sometimes two or three days wow with that many computers so you can imagine if you were trying to render someone like that on your computer that would take you you could watch family means grow up so anyway yes quick questions hit wonder so you set it up to a preset for youtube and it changed the frame rate it looks like I conceive underneath your dialog box I think it was twenty four frames per second basically here it's thirty years that's going to mess up your video I have no choice because you tube delivers it thirty frames per second ok so if you know you're planning to go on youtube should you just go and design and thirty or is it you're changing the twenty four to thirty is that really going to mess up your video well, I mean, it depends who you're talking teo you know, there's a pull down and all the stuff you get really complicated when you're changing the frame rate for the purposes of what we're doing because the footage was shot at twenty four frames per second, which is in that kind of anything is because, you know, I want to send medical and then I wanna get it over on youtube it's like what? You might do it she did it that he doesn't matter um so the bottom line is if you're going to be delivering it like this, I would rather change I mean, I could change it to twenty four french was second here and make it render out of twenty four but would you rather be changing it yourself here? Would you rather have you to doing it so it's better to, you know, get it set up here because the better quality you get on your machine a better quality youtube's going because you took to get a process, your video and anything that's not according to what youtube ones is going to change and and if it doesn't look good, youtube doesn't care so you know, so that's why it's kind of nice to get it ready for that, but it was a great question and good good for noticing and thank you for asking christian so that's good. So at this point here, let me just go through it again because we told through every option and I don't want people to think it's that complicated to do this this is all you need to do when you choose render its already gonna be on adobe median cuts. Really getting meningitis export choose your location. Choose a preset and old friends is already there. So all you do is using a location and approves it. Presented any flicking render most of the time? No, I just wanted to show you, noel these other options that you have, you can duel these different things. And of course, you can go through and change those and specifically set of exactly and settings for yourself if you want to. And right now, it's exporting the bitterness is another reason why we were kind of reduced size. We're not working at ten. Eighty because if you work in ten adp it's gonna take a little bit longer for this to export and we done so let's, get a desktop and see what this looks like. The stop ps video and he would have got an mp for. So this is a church to six four bit eighty six port can be in and pick for min um does and pages of rapper goes around it I like once again I don't want to really get into the critics too much because that can really confused that's just don't worry about it just this way and uh that's a stuff so that work and at that point you could share on your devices now you can obviously go back and read and read render this and all different sizes so if you wanna put on your ipad or whatever you can do that you've got a lot of options there so that's essentially how you get the video out of there do we have any questions regarding that stuff are we yes we do sir. Pull these up so as faras thie assault exporting is concerned do you have like a preferred like you're totally preferred everyday export and that's number one and it specifically for going teo I dvd because could you then bring these in tow dvd and then create a dvd you could if you were going to do that and you would want to export it out if you want tio depends upon to create interactive dvd or you want to create a dvd rahm but if you want to create a dvd video then you would just exported out just using their settings you could actually I just exploded out as all of me john here export here and we've got our w media coda when we get quick time so quick time a good ally options in here you see, we don't have too many credits later on here but you can load other products and here was a document size that we go down here so some of the opposite you know you would choose is probably just using your presets and you could just use is ntsc options and allow I didn't need to build the dvd off the ntsc I haven't used I dvd in a long time some maybe it can take the animation critic may be no, I'm not sure I haven't done in a long time once again um and re compress it uh but typically saying, you know, if you're in the u s ntsc you should be able to just build out your video from there was another part of that question I think, um no, that was that was perfect, okay? And then people are asking about video as well, but I imagine in that in that drama just corruption if we go into here got our eighty six four options here and we can go down here we could just choose them, you know, pretty much the works and it's all there. Yes. Oh, you know, once again you know you can change the frame rates teo, you know he is your frame rate options here you can change your progress, you can actually if you want I can't until I sit on the way you want to but you could you could change the aspect ratio you can change the sizes you could change the frame sizes here you know so you got four controls you can manually do pretty much whatever you want okay I think we're going to roll okay cool all right I'm gonna talk about efficiency and I'm gonna give you a little trick because you know as I mentioned before you know this is running really nice because I'm using a reduced frame right? Let me close us down here and I'm going to show something by open something up let's see how it works with ah higher quality video and I'm just going to my video folder here pardon me? All right, so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to say start with the I'm going to just have a look here because I want to make sure I'm opening a right one here because these two different sizes I'm just going to go into bridge and have a look at these justice examine them real quick so in here we've got a couple of pieces of footage this one here is one point nine gigabytes this one here is two hundred ten megs so you can guess which one has being reduced in which one is full size so this one here is full size ten adp it's bean exported out as probably a quick time on compressed so when we were doing animation on compressed, you can see it really makes a huge size it za gigabyte so is one of the things you've gotto you know you'll get used to working in photo shop is massive file sizes, some just dragging that in there and noticed I was able to drag them in and created a document. So right now we've got a new document here and this is quite long is about three minute video, so I'm not going to play the whole video, but what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to the space bar and you can watch and see what happens here and it's actually hunting bed is playing this in real time and is able to keep up, which this is really good specs on this computer. I'm impressed on dh sometimes the computers will start to choke on on this kind of footage, especially if I start to do some things that started supply some filters and things like that things can really start to slow down um, talking about filters let me just show you here if I want to apply a filter to this and I choose filter um I don't know it's just grab something um let's just do an urn shop last just for fun, so if I decide I want to cheesy. And I want to sharpen this tea house. Like really sharpening this is what's gonna happen when I zoom in on this notice what happens? Say that frame is soft now that frame is sharp. Now that frame of soft did you see that figure? That frame see how the sharper. So what happened is that filter I'm gonna undo? It only applied to that one frame. So the trick around that is to right click and when I get on this right, like what I'm going to do is I'm going to convert to a smart object now that I have a smart object and I apply the filter and I choose gunshot mask bone the whole video no is gonna be sharpened. Now, let's, see how this is perfecting a affecting our performance? We have planes and noticing a little red in the bottom. Now see that red finals playing it a nine point four one frames per second. It can't keep up because it is to process or intensive. You consider green underneath there has rendered and if I play it again, we're going to get a little bit more each time. And as those green frames start to get loaded into ram. It's going to get more into real time so we can go back to the fourth until we finally get that we can play it back so that's good, I'm glad that we're so I'm just gonna go all the way back here to this footage and I'm gonna show you a little trip so when you're working with big footage um it could start to chuck so here is the trick. What you do is you create you take your footage and u n code a a lower version and I think they let it on here today. Lowered yes, they did. They put quick time in here. Good. So this is the older version or hope of quick time? What did they will find out so one of the things you can't use here is quick time and if you can use quicktime seven um this is not this quick time. Tame, but that's ok, if you can still find quick time. Seven it's such a useful video utility, you could use the dhobi media encoder if you have it, but otherwise you can actually use this. Teo, you can open a video file inside of quick time. I don't know if you can do in quick time ten and you let me just talk, talk it through because basically you would love it and he just choose export, you can export out of quick time and encoded into different formats. And so when you take a big piece of footage which we've done here and then we re encoded it into something smaller, this is what war into something that we called trans coating. So trance coating is when you take something that's going to choke your computer, and then you exported out to something else and this really came about, you know, final cut pro uses knows very well, you know, back until just recently final cut pro, they wouldn't support, you know, eighty six for it wouldn't support, you know, x camp setting its can so you would have to translate it into another format, such as the program's, whatever, then you could bring it in and you could edit it wouldn't support hd six for you. So what I'm doing is I'm doing a transco, but I'm taking him from a big file into a small file, and now what I'm going to do is what I what is known as a proxy workflow it's not something that is, you know, that widely done for herself, but this is a great way to get around dealing with big footage, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to choose on here, and I'm going to choose replace footage and now that footage could be cut I could have that cunt edited wherever I want and I think what I just did that when I just do a couple of cuts so I gotta hear I cut that by using this is it'll and then I got way up here and I want to cut that out uh let me just cut it out here's got past the wipe out we don't know what balance there, by the way that's it poor man's white balance sheet and we're just going to cut in here we're going to do that white balance drop it down and I'm going to remove this section so I'm just gonna clicking a bum and inside here really want to get this video clip so we're imagining we've done all this editing so um really kind of hard to do that editing in here because if we were playing and we would start stopping and we're adding it etcetera, etcetera so what we can do to select all of this and then we choose this option here we go one of the time of course and we choose replace footage so what the replace footage we pop this up we're gonna grab a small one being a click open it's gonna look a little smaller yeah that's ok, we're good with that we're expecting then replace footage go in here, we're groping and before and so now you know, we got a little extra space around there don't worry about that you just zoom in to the area that you're working with um and now you know, you could do some of your other edits just added on this video like you would you doing your cuts? You're cutting it, you're moving it around your you know, we we playing around that you're gonna be applying filters you could do whatever you want to use video and edited here where is gonna play back much smoother um still taking a little bit but it's not bad notice that that's all on ramp reviewed where is before any getting little bits because it was really hard for photo shopped and what now this plane back real time so when you done do, will you it it's moved things around, cut him if you're doing a lot of editing, this is and then when you're done editing it, you just go back here and he just once again selected clips, so what we're doing is what is known is working on a proxy a proxy is a low resolution version, which means we get better performance because we start stacking some of these layers of performance can really start lagging so we can go around him, we can choose replace footage again and and we just go back to our full resolution and then I'm going to go to this one here and I'm going to go back here and I'm gonna choose replace footage go back to full resolution and guess what's happening because this is working in a reference and it's not remembers it is not loading the video files into photo shop is merely referencing them all those edits all those changes we made now I'm gonna apply right back to the full resolution video so that means that we could load in a proxy to all that editing and then when we're ready to export it switch it back out again tough full res image well for his video and then way we're good to go so we would never have to sit there and try and play the full resolution video now we could export it out we get super high quality video now maybe that's you know a little bit of ah more vance kind of a technique that I'm showing here it's not sexy at all but you know when your computers that's choking you're really going to enjoy this this particular technique the other way around it too is because of links to the video you know has a very very good cash what you could do to is renamed the video to something else take the lower is and then name id to hear or even if you have a working off an external hard drive if you footage on it reconnect that footage is gonna want you to reconnect it, and you could just reconnected to the low wrist off of the same name and a video take that drive out, playing out the driving the four is and further steps going to say, hey, where's my files related to that one, and you don't have to replace footage you full it by just changing the founding and that way, you never have to rid of edit for resolution video. So that's, like one of those little tips that you will thank me for later brilliance that was brilliant. So you shrunk down the sides, correct? Can you do other modifications to it? So it actually fills the screen properly? That would help it run faster? Or do you do you recommend in your workflow actually just working on a smaller version? Well, I'm just working on a smaller version here because I'm literally I shrink the file size, the actual dimensions don't if you want, you couldn't cut it out with same dimensions and just use a lower quality version so I could explode it say, for example, I've got, you know, ah, full full resolution video clip, maybe I'm working on animation supplies, loading something up in animation, this would really be joking s o I could export it out as a real low res version, you know, highly compressed at the same dimensions and it's not going to change the sides in this case, I also change the size is an option because I really want to get the file size down because all I'm doing is just doing cuts here in the video so it didn't really matter that point on I was able to do is just suman and know that when I put it back it's gonna fit this size of the campus cool rain for a couple questions absolutely fantastic so kind and would like to know if photo shop is able to bring in video clips straight from a cannon five d mark three without prior trans coding we had a premiere classe earlier this week and there was a lot of discussion about trans coating yes, transporting is a big thing and, um no, we don't have to do it instead of a set of photos up. In fact, if I go here and I grow I got a little folder here. This is footage here these creative louris version and flores these here old, directly out of the five d mark three well, some of the marked too, but mostly on the mark three so let's grab these whales seals I'm gonna grab on and this is directly out of the camera open it let me need the audio is it's nothing to really hear you shouldn't be getting towards the end here because this is where it gets fun and these guys get start fighting with each other and uh yeah kind of pretty aggressive you know I want to walk down the beach between them so that's what is directly out of a five d mark three right there. Fantastic. Okay um a v designs media would like to know would it be difficult to do a full two hour movie in photoshopped? Um yeah and how might your how much your workflow change potentially it's good christian ok, so if I was going to make this a full two hour movie inside of photo shop that would be a little challenging but um not hard doesn't mean you just break it you're gonna break it into segments you gonna break it into scenes? You gonna break it in two shots so what I would probably do is I would edit each scene in a time and then what you can do is when you're done is take the entire hit it let me show you something I choose far and I'm gonna open recent let's do the little video that we just did the video photo shop so he is a segment that I wouldn't do I could select all of this and I could write like and I could convert it to smart object and then I could choose view and I said to my window, I'm gonna achieve the arrange and I'm just gonna tile these two horizontally and I'm going to grab the smart object and I'm gonna drag and drop it on top of this clip and see if it works which it did it came to the end was going to drag it after the very top there and go here and you can see I was actually able to combine these clips that one's one of top of the other or and your case is just putting one after the other one. So what I would do is I would work on these scenes individually and then just construct them all here just by dragging you know, this obviously that frank size you could look different, but there's a whole video in there to create them is a smart object, and then we can just pop them all together inside of photos up now the reason I want to do is a smart object, and each one is in case I need to do some minutes later doubleclick is going to open up another document and I can sit and I can work on this smart object document by itself without having all the other foot is barnyard down because once you start putting a lot of footage in there, it's gonna get super heavy so so that's how I want to just take a little piece at a time and combine it the other options if you have quick time pro symone which you have to pay for that twenty bucks or something you could just remember these out that's the other option two is take these and if you completely done with those scenes you don't get it render the mount as video render them all out and then either assemble them inside of photo shop or assemble them inside of quick time if they did put quick times seven times seven is there okay? It is they're so in quick time seven it's it's wonderful you can literally take quick time seven you can open a video clip you know I guess we would just choose file open why don't you open something that see we open a file here and I don't get to show you so if I took I don't know who that is all these movies I've got to get out of there because we might not have permission to use so I've got this this video here good you know this is bringing I don't want to be the one because they don't know what's on there I'll bring one you know, very self serving I've got one of myself who's that guy I don't know who that guy is um they go here, you can choose file open open file and I'm going to handle it and I love quicktime it's such a great utility so I'm going to open that up here and I'm just going to command a ok so we don't have the board version so we would buy it pay for the license and I'm just going to say not knows we come on hey selected all command seeded copy head has been the life since version I would go in here at the very end but I'll actually that might be in hit come on tv and paste it and of course we have to by the product so once you've got the licensing done just like twenty, thirty bucks you can actually cut and paste videos together wow and assemble them inside quick times I use quicktime is utility all the time andi actually quit times quick times seven no the quicktime ten they took a bunch of features away on dh turn into consumer product which was kind of the smoke signals for what they were about to do to final cut pro when they attended and teo I'm movie pro so you know the entire video industry was up in arms and very upset about apple's moves gotcha go back and find seven so I'll say that without crying eso quicktime seven can actually do a lot more than quick time ten okay so pep cac from u k wants to know if video comes made in photo shop can they be cute in the adovia adobe media encoder a musician subsection of adobe media encoded built into photos up some were exploding out of four shops were actually using a w media in total. Okay, sort of behind the scenes. Yeah, fantastic. And, uh both jim coleman and george from l a had some hardware related questions to computers and how much ram you would advise that kind of thing and computers you advise a little bit on that subject. Don't adage um, that when I first started doing computer graphics about twenty years ago when I was three years old, of course, you know it was, you know, you can never have too much right, and you were there still applies today, having said that, it is only in kings on this machine and this is doing really well on a kid's. My laptop has sixteen gigs, money, my macbook pro and I prefer sixteen, sixteen gigs works really well, because the more ram you have, the less you have the usual scratch disk and, you know, ramez much faster than the scratch disk. Of course, if you had a solid state drive is a really good thing um all my mac pros, you know, waiting for the new one, I'm really excited that they announced the new apple trash can, and I'm going to get one of those as soon as I can for excited about that. It's, a new mac pro, looks like a trash can and I so I have the old mac pros, you know, the middle towers, and I put a solid state drives in all of them. And, oh, my gosh, what a difference. It's really improve their performance.

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