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Masks and Compositing 3D

Okay, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how to keep green screen inside of photoshopped right now so here is from my studio in california we've got a green screen there and we've let the green screen I'm not even going to get into all the ins and outs of writing a green screen with basically we got green we got lights, two lights on the bag, the lights on a subject here and I want to cut him out and it's a video now there were but that doesn't mean that's what I told you what not to do so we're not even which is going to get to that point where started to zoom in and stop there we get a trim in because I don't want to be king something that zooming and here he is in tim's talking blah blah blah blah and I mean I could even turn the sound off you want here we just don't know it doesn't matter so it s o n e much this tim and he is I have a muted it doesn't matter. The point is the audio is there and so he is tim against green screen so what we want to do is you want to kee...

p him out from the green screens we can put a different background behind him now here is where we're gonna go there's a wonderful plug in but before we do remember when I told you about filters are just about to play a filter what am I doing wrong? You need to do it you need to make it into a smart object otherwise it works on only that one frame she's good thing surprise you get apprised if you know what you're gonna get I'm going to give you that copy of my book at the end of today and yet there's a prize and then you can have the other one so well thank you sir like attending my best chino isn't a general I'm not very good at that so I won't like raw three that's always terrible when I try to make an accident with my accent yes I think that's really bad okay, so you're right we get it compared this to smarter gypsy right click compared to slide object and what that means is apply this to the whole video clip not just a one frame so I'd love it see that's the thing about video you noticed whenever you oppose it you always get this terrible for every time I've ever seen a pause in a good frame every time you know never so anyway I'm moving just a second probably worse they would you see now is stark um it's it's wrong that's a video you just never look good on a single pride but somehow you put it together in the works anyway, I'm just so filters a good friend of mine jim attorney from a company digital anarchy been around a long time jim actually used to work for kai krause back in the day away, but you know, when you that the guy's powertel yeah, yeah, that was where he got his start, and now he runs this company digital entity, and they make these wonderful plug ins for photo shop and also for for the video parks so the one we're using his primary prime man is a key in program designed for photo shop, and he designed this before video, and it just happens to work in video. So it's it's really awesome because of smart objects, we're going to click on prime meant and, you know, what is all these crazy sittings in here that we could be using? What I'm going to do right now is it's already picked up the green I'm just going to go into the mosque here and I'm just going to choose the mets sittings, and all I want to do is make sure I just got a good clean man here, so I'm just gonna achieve stuff in the matter a little bit notice how I'm getting a nice, good, solid white solid black, okay there's way more options in this told by the way I can go and I can create backgrounds backdrop sy contest I can do all these things it can do some amazing things like even semi transparent objects you can remember kind of create transparency on glass on smoke for all that kind of stuff but I'm just going to go over the default settings soften a little bit and now I'm just gonna play ok? So I'm just going for like, way basic sittings, ok guess what happened came out as a mask. You know what? Your men is a mask because I was viewing in her mosque. Is that a problem? No, because we got smart objects beautiful thing about smart objects is we doubleclick we can get back into the plug in view the competent and click ok, so you can always go back and re edit it. That's one of the other people beautiful things about smart objects is that when it was stark and here we got to get that so there's ten he's cut out beautifully and what I want to do is I'm going to create a backdrop for him, so I'm going to create a new layer here. Um, I'm gonna drag it outside about video group because we're I don't want to put it after we want to put it underneath it dragged that here, pull it out, and now what I'm going to do them just going places an image on this, I'm going to choose fireplace. I told you we would be doing pedal to the metal and I'm going to sit that I created here. This is a city I made in miami and, uh, it's a virtual sit, and so it kind of made this and rendered it out, but little tv screens and stuff is kind of fun to play with, and this is a particular angle that I decided to do this. I'm going to drag this out to the entire length of tim cooper's clip, and what I need to do is take a video group here and put it above the city and barra so now I could play the video here and this time like, hey, what's happening, dude, you can see it's kind of starting a little bit there because it's trying to render this and you will get a lot of raids going in there, but the thing is, you know, that's, just the playback is just trying to load it into ran and in at the end of the day, not a big deal, because this will spit this out beautifully in via. When I heard this video, I've got this beautiful key green screen video right here side. Photoshopped? I mean, who knew? Um the other thing I want to do here is one of balance out the colors a little bit because it seems just a little bit off, so I'm gonna go and hear me to grab a few saturation adjustment later and I anyone that to happen to tim notice that that option is turned on, but that option turned on his clipping is affecting just that layer underneath and not the entire object, and I'm just going to increase the saturation to sort of just doing a little bit. How do we get better skin tones and you know what that was? My father was bad lighting at the time. Sometimes when you're lighting green screen you go summers a light years turning on the bag that you don't necessarily get enough light on your subject, which is what we got there. So the other thing to do here is I'm going to show you another amazing thing because this is a smart object already, says another filter that is now in a photo shops sisi under a blur galleries we have this these different ones will get a field lor it's now a nondestructive and notice what this does is blurring it here because I want to create a realistic kind of a different field and I'm gonna pop the second thing because the field is depth of field and I'm just gonna turn this blurring down here, so what I'm doing is I'm creating a different field there see that and if I want to decrease the amount of blur there, I'm just going to get it's about there, and that looks a lot more realistic, so when it clicked, okay, and tim is in the house so we gotta sit now that looks like it's got some distance and of course I will play on the video. So that's, the digital digital anarchy prime meant is the name of the software and for the shop cafe dot com forward slash creative I've there's a discount on their that jim's keeping us for the next week. I think it's thirty percent off all his pledge it's fantastic! And I think you have that as well on the page. So that's green screen let me show you another thing because I did promise this is using another one of these plug ins. I'm not like the officer. I'm not a huge on plug ins, but this certain plug ins that just do things that you cannot do that's. Why I like the way our time mapping pledges and these plug ins extend photoshopped like for me, I don't use plug ins that can do what I can already doing photo shop, I use plug ins that enabled me to extend photo, shop and do things I couldn't normally do, and, you know, they're just huge, hugely useful utilities and time savers. Um, so anyway, that's going on here, and we're going into video, and the other thing we're gonna do is we're going to go backto footage folder, and we could be full raise a loris that's, two full rays, just because we're we're rolling that way. Um, you grab another shot here, I've got under models. There we go, I'm going to shot here. I did of lena, you've seen photographs of her that I was working on, and you have seen a bunch of those in the hd, our stuff, and so I got here do a little video for me, and so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to trim it down a little bit and she's doing the kind of video thing now, that's been, like, kind of cool, you know, if I was teo, you know, get the music which I've got meted because it's nor is a muted should be muted because it's, pandora and I don't want to be playing music that I don't have the rights, tio dio now, when you're shooting, it always had music going right? That's, that's the role, especially if you're trying to get people to move and you got video, you want to lupita, and it just puts people in the mood of the fact I didn't shut with it was now the model, and we did seven changes of clothes and we went to seven different areas, and we shut the thing in about three and a half hours, and so what I did is I had the music lined up and I had music from each era and hasn't played the areas just got her in the mood and, you know, good models and actress she's more than just a model and, you know, and it's not, you know, looking good as is great, but it's not the most important thing for a model, the most important thing for models to actually be able to model, to be able to act a bill, to pull off the poses and stuff very quickly and it's not waste time talking about because that's, not my class, I'm teaching video for so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to do a photo filters notice it's a little warm. So I'm gonna choose the photo filter here, and I'm just going to go down to a cooling filter and look at that, but on looking good was trying to from one that one looks good or that one perfectly, that white balance solved right there on foot, a shop just using adjustment later, okay, so we fixed that problem. So the other thing is, how about making the skin look soft, you know, would be nice because I don't know if I mentioned it, but you know, when h d came along, the soap opera industry had a heart attack, um, because all of a sudden you could see people with all their floors, and we talked about that earlier on, so one of the products here, I'm just going to zoom in a little bit that jim created digital anarchy is cold beauty box and, uh, don't forget two things one I can't apply it's an adjustment lion eats apply to the video and number two let's convert this to smart object, so we are in the smart object right now, and so we're going to get on the filter, and we're going to use beauty box beauty boxes used on television and is used in movies all the time. People use this, you've seen it every day and you don't even realize it there's a whole bunch of presets here you can see some of the presets weaken scroll through and he had all kinds of different looks very realistic, you know, superstar, you know, two surrealistic and this is you're basically doing retouching right here for your video and so we've got different options here with the screen smoothing and stuff like that, we can play around with these and, you know, we can really just get this looking good, we smooth that just amount we watched a skin detail take it too far, she looks really bad get it just right and it looks good we can play around the contrast and there's a lot of options here doesn't masking and I'm asking is trying to select the skin tones in the areas you want to do. We've got a whole slew of different options here, but I'm not going to spend a lot of time on them because because I want to move on and do other things, but I just wanted to show you we click ok and we're applying the beauty books and look at that we get this nice glamour look right there in that video just in a couple of clicks and of course, you know, it's choking because I'm using the full resolution video this would be a good time because we're using a smart object and all that kind of stuff probably be a good time to be replacing the footage with a proxy while we're working on it. But then again, you know, thinking about this, I probably wouldn't use a proxy on this particular one because I want to get the farmers and get the skin, but, you know, burn some felt that she could do that, so, yeah, I take back what I was saying about that on the other thing, too, if you feel like, well, this is, like, way too much that's quite a kid it's, the other beautiful thing about using smart objects, we've got a smart filter so it's a non destructive smart filter, we could double clicker back in a beauty bugs well, we can take the capacity here and we could just blend it so he has before and just take a little bit, you know, fifty percent we don't have to apply the filter full force and we can get this beautiful glamour look, they're just like going in there include stamping every single frame which I would not do that's way too much work, so anyway, so that's, another option now, which is kind of very cool, and I find that, you know, like a very essential these are essential filters if you really working with video here. So this enables you to do things and photos show that, you know, for yourself itself couldn't do it's pretty cool. So and so this one here is a composite, so this is the kind of thing if you're a photographer and you think you don't want to use three d, you can use three d, so this here is essentially it looks like a world war two scene. The building is alcatraz, it's just a photograph that I shot at alcatraz island took a three d plane, actually built the spitfire inside in maya and was able to bring it into photo shop is an o b j, which is just a format you can import of b j and in what it does is it keeps all the textures and everything like that, and I played a grace caliphate to it and a little bit of grain and stuff like that just to make it look a little more old time. So when you bring in three d, you don't have to have it look modern, you can kind of go period piece and do that kind of stuff with it. If you can't create three d models, you can get three d models, there's a ton of places online. And in fact, if you get her the photo shop and you give three didn't go all the way down, get more content that will lead you to more content, you can get a google three d warehouse, which is where I got these jets, why she got one of the jets from google three d warehouse absolutely free and I just this is one of my photographs from chicago I kind of did some, you know, tweaking to it to make it look a little bit mohr kind of cinematic, and I took one of the jets and created some camouflage print, ostentatious and photoshopped bang that on there defecated a couple of times, repositioned them out of the blur and what I would get that says composition this here was modeled this untimely and photo shop just wanted to see if I could do it because photos show doesn't really is not of three do you modeling talk it's more for, you know, getting the textures and applying it and moving it with photos and and you'll see some of the things, but I decided to see how far he could push the tools in there, and so that was created one hundred percent inside of photo shop only using the three d tools, so the ruler, for example, I created multiple texture layers I created transparency layer, which the transparency test in which created the transparency then I use diffuse to get the numbers from the rulers and I use the bump map so you can actually see that those on the numbers on the rule is slightly invented and I used a bump channel for that and then the rest of us just like pop's revolving parts and stuff to make the rest of it I know I'm going away fast this year I created in minor these wasps I made the watches and maya created an hdr photograph composited them together inside of photo shop and in the little the little light there you know lighting up the eyes on the gas masks and giving the magic wings or electric wings because the whole premise of these wasps are that they're sting is about to be replaced with toxic gas which is why they were guess masks their killer wasps and they go around and they basically do chemical warfare so you know that's that's a story but you gotta have a story behind it you know it's like coming book kind of thing so anyway now this was all done in three d and I used photo shop for creating a gobo the go go there see the texture there that I created well looks like tree is it is actually just painted him photoshopping and stirring up in front of the three d lightened it bad and it creates that effect um this here I think I mentioned this and I was very lucky adobe used this any key note when they launched pushups six and this has actually been the home page for push up dot com I told me put around here in speeches for almost two years so very thankful for adobe for that thank you once again I think I mentioned this yesterday shut the model I said we talked about this yesterday system hdr photography in there for the moon but the three d I created the tail there inside of maya and the imported in textured it and positioned it over the model and composited inside of herself so I'm compositing photographs with three d so that's another workplace that you know for targeting his duty this I was just fooling around on a plane was flying home and was borden is like what happens if I do this? So did psc for photo shop cafe through textures on their kind of did this big, massive explosion instead it sort of some three d objects in the bottom kind of pouring out and I don't know just, you know, the kind of things you did it on a plane you know when you're bored this one here is three this is the tweeting model that I made a mile off the spitfire now I wanted to show this because this is actually using panoramic hdr and um photography and three d so I created the plane in three d, the top there is a rooftop building, which I probably can't say what the roof building is here, so it wasn't supposed to be on, and I created a panoramic hdr. And if you look at the krome inside the nose cone and inside the wheels and think chrome there, I actually created a three hundred sixty degrees spherical panorama hdr and mapped it onto the crumbs. So the current is actually reflecting the environment where it is. So I was actually able to accurately reproduce that survivors, too, uh, make that move the ground inside of would move and reflect like it was really good. So it's kind of think this is something is just a work in progress, a sunken plane. I've got a lot more work to do in this, but you know, this is three d and using photoshopped, I've still got probably about another three hours of photo shop work to do to really make this look realistic.

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