Video and Motion Graphics in Photoshop


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Hello, internet and welcome to video and motion graphics in photo shop with mr colin smith like to welcome you here to creative live my name is jim kentucky and I'll be your host today for today's class. We're going to do a few minutes of pre show, so please make sure that you can hear us and see it's properly and if you have any issues, please pop into our chat rooms and just let us know and without further ado, I would like to introduce the star of the show today. Mr colin smith. Morning, sir. Good morning, jim. How you doing today? I am very well, you know, I've been a longtime photo shop user, really for practically since beta, so I'm super psyched for video and photo shop because this is I have not even touched it yet. Yeah, a lot of people haven't it's it's pretty knew a lot of it. So it's gonna be a little fact? Fantastic. Ok, well, I'd like to welcome you guys out there on the internet to our class today. So please pop in the chat rooms and let us know what your name is and whe...

re you're watching from. And we also have an in studio audience today and that's christina so christina, could you introduce yourself and tell us where we can find you online, sheriff good morning, my name is christina ripley. You can find me on b hansa www dot be hands, dot net slash c roupoli. Cool. Well, welcome back again, your star student. Okay, so out there on the internet, people are popping out. We have, we have david from nebraska. We have paul in florida joining us. Today we have good morning yama who's, a first time student, and hey, camera, guys back, who always says howdy from dallas, texas. So how do you howdy to you, camera guy, it's. Great. Having our regulars in the chat room today for this, for this terrific class.

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Learn how to edit your DSLR movies all within the program you know and love: Photoshop. Not only will you be blown away with the power of Photoshop's video tools, you will be amazed at how easy it really is, anyone can edit! Then fasten your seat belts as Colin unleashes motion graphics and 3D animations that will satisfy your creative hunger. You'll be inspired, educated and grinning from ear to ear by the end of this day of creativity and never before seen techniques within Photoshop. These are projects that everyone can use right away to promote their business.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0


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