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Lesson 1 from: Visual Storytelling: Why We Shoot

Ron Haviv, Ed Kashi

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1. Introduction

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This is visual storytelling why we shoot with ron haviv and ed cash she and we are honored to have them here today ron haviv is an any emmy nominated award winning photojournalist and he is also the co founder of the photo agency seven and the photographers of seven document conflict and raising awareness about human rights all around the globe and like I said it's a true honor to have both of them here kashi is also a member of seven hey has been recognized for his complex imagery of the human condition and his assignments as well as his personal projects have generated over seven books so please help me welcome to the creative life stage for the very first time ron haviv and ed cash e over to you guys thank you kenna thank you so much and it's an honor for ron and I to be here on dh in this first section we're going to talk about how we do our work we're going to talk about how we find a project how we do the research and develop it how we do the field work the execution probably the...

most important part and then funding and finally how do we disseminate disseminate our work? Ron what's our goal here we'll really hope they're goingto understand the power of visual journalism like what it can do like well you're going to impact one person's life for millions of people I could understand how visual imagery can be an agent of change and so we find this like an incredibly inspiring way to spend our time and we hope that you're going to understand the reasons behind why we do what we do and how you know how we can hopefully all make the world a little bit of a better place, certainly through by the use of visual imagery, so I just wanted to talk a little bit about the man standing to my left ed cash she you know, it's really it's an honor for me to be now a partner or a business partner with ed, but just also just to know him as a photographer to know his work. I mean, it has been remarkable in the breath of his work, from his documentation of aging to his work with the kurds to syrian refugees to immigrant immigrant, the immigrant community in america and many other things is really somebody who is incredibly passionate about what he does and you guys are going to see that today he really wants us to care about the people that we're seeing, the issues that he's talking about and he really wants to of course, to be an agent of change, one of the things that not a lot of people know about cashing it's one of the things that I think takes my respect of his work to another level even higher than just sort of how great uses a photo journalist is that it is a very rare person in that he, when necessary will turn the camera on himself and his family to talk about stories that are important so he will photograph the world outside of his immediate life but he will also photograph his life inside and that is something very rare very few of us including myself would ever say like, oh, let me document my family the way that it is done and so it's really you know, I think his work which you'll see is quite remarkable and he's a very important example of the power visual imagery well, thank you run let me tell you something about ron ron haviv is, um is fearless and incredibly intelligent. I learned stuff from him all the time and he's very committed the work that he has done, whether it's covering the white house for newsweek or or you know political campaigns or and the tremendous he work work he did in the nineteen nineties during the balkans war. Some of that I remember some of his pictures when I saw them and I didn't know him and and it it was like he brought us back to the concentration camps of world war two those images of his from shrub anita in bosnia and and pictures like that actually changed how governments dealt with that situation, and to me that reflects the power and the purpose of why it's so important to do this work? Um, I mean, ron's ron's pictures have had an impact on on laws, on government action and, of course, very profoundly on our profession. Well, in honor to be here with you. Thanks. So we're both honored, so that's, exciting.

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I've watched a number of courses on creativelive, presented by some of the most talented professionals in the photography industry, covering a variety of disciplines, but this class above all others touched my creative nerve like none have before and perhaps ever will. This is a true masterclass in the power of visual storytelling. Ed and Ron's career, passion, and dedication to their craft, explained in rich and raw detail, is inspiration enough to consider changing your entire photography approach, let alone viewing their stellar bodies of published work in their various forms. I learned as much about the value of my own storytelling instincts and reasons for picking up a camera as I did theirs. Whether you're planning long-term personal projects or simply looking for inspiration in your methods and approaches, do yourself the favor of a lifetime and watch this class. You won't regret it.


I was deeply impacted by this class! I was moved to my core by their dedication to not just telling a story visually, but to giving a VOICE to those who aren't able to have a voice otherwise. A huge thank you to Ron and Haviv for sharing a little of their lives, their obvious passion, their talent, and their wisdom!!! I would also highly recommend this course to anyone interested in photojournalism or anyone who really wants to tell a story with any photo they take and share with others. I am looking forward to other classes by Ron and Haviv and the XII team!

a Creativelive Student

A fantastic "inside" look at the reality of what's going on in the world, and a reminder of our responsibility to be thoughtful about how we behave when traveling the world and how we capture and share what we see. I've traveled to and/or lived in 44 countries and take a lot of photos - I learned a lot from this program and recommend it to anyone considering a career in photo journalism, as well as those who will be capturing the world's events - and most importantly, human beings. Thanks to both of you gentleman for sharing your experience and for enabling us with the knowledge you shared. Stephanie Hackney (

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