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Vlog Like a Boss

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How to Build Confidence On-Camera

Amy Schmittauer Landino

Vlog Like a Boss

Amy Schmittauer Landino

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4. How to Build Confidence On-Camera

Lesson Info

How to Build Confidence On-Camera

Let's talk about that talent thing that we talked about earlier and building that. Because I'm sure you're curious. If you're like whoo great my personality as it is is okay, awesome, how do we do this talent thing that you're talking about, right? Well first you have to come to grips with something very very important. Your first video is always going to suck. (audience laughing) Always. And probably a few more after that. (audience laughing) And a few more after that. And actually I don't like to watch any of my own content really at all. I go back for relevancy, to kind of see like are things, should they be updated or something like that, but most the time the message even if the features change, the message is still good and the same, and I'm terrible. (laughing) I'm like ah I was so bad back then. That was like six months ago. (laughing) You're always gonna feel like you suck a little bit. Certainly when you're not used to watching yourself back or hearing your own voice. I don't...

know if anyone remembers this. I had a boombox as a kid and you'd put a blank tape in and you'd play radio producer. I'm old, so there's that that you could probably do that now on an app. But it was so weird hearing your own voice back for the first time, just think about that moment when that happened. It's a very similar experience with video. It is. Because now you're seeing yourself in HD like never before. It's incredible and you're hearing your voice, and you're seeing a lot of things that you never knew you had a complex about but now you do. There's a lot to that, but you've gotta get past it and you have to practice. Because even though you might feel like this, like ah look at this huge camera and this microphone's bigger than my head and ah this is so much to deal with at this moment but. If you act and feel that way, that's how you're going to come off on the other side of that vlog. And that's not what we're going for right? We definitely don't want anyone watching it back and saying wow you seem very inexperienced at this. (audience laughing) It's the last thing that we want. We want everybody to just think we've been doing this forever and we're great. But the only way to get to that is to actually make them feel that way. You have to set yourself up for success for them to feel like they're not watching a video, they're sitting down with you for coffee or tea. Because that's the reflection of a great vlog, a great video. That has a lot to do with knowing who you're talking to, big time, so let's get into that because we have to stop looking at this lens like it's a lens. That's not relatable. When we look at it like it's a human, that's different. That changes the game. It's not this crazy camera looking at me anymore. It's Charlotte. And I know Charlotte because Charlotte's got problems and I know how to fix 'em (audience laughing) and let me tell you all the ways right. I know her so well. I know her so well. Let me tell you about Charlotte. She's a millennial American socialite, both online and off, and she is determined for fulfillment and never satisfied with the status quo. She works very very hard, very hard, but she also enjoys attending events, meeting new people, watching Netflix series on a low-key weekend, and working out only because it kinda sounds good when you say you worked out. She also considers career milestones and learning something on her own and spending time with family the most important moments of her life. That is Charlotte. I know her, she's my girl. I talk to her all the time, just so happens to be on video. But that's who I look at when I look at the lens. Every message is for Charlotte. So every vlog must be for Charlotte. So I want to ask you who are you vlogging for? We've grazed over this a little bit, but now let's get deeper. Who is that viewer persona that you are doing this for? How old is she? What is she passionate about? What's her work commute like? Does she drive, does she ride a subway? Is she from a certain geographical area? What is her skill set? And what does she do in her spare time? So start thinking about these things, maybe write down a couple of ideas if you have them. And I want you to listen and watch to a couple of these videos here. Because I want you to see the difference between talking to someone and not talking to someone. Would you want to see that? Yes. Great. So I'll let you guess this one. (audience laughing) Hi, welcome to my channel. My name is Amy and my website is And today I would like to talk to you about task management. Hmm. (audience laughing) That was so fun. (audience laughing) Can you guess which one that was? (audience laughing) What did that feel like when you were watching it? Any just like thoughts? Uptight. Uptight. Scripted. Scripted. Was I reading a prompter (laughing) that's a good question. Yeah yeah. (laughing) Unsure. So that's just like oh the camera's looking at me and I gotta say something. Don't forget to smile, right? Or I could talk to somebody. Do you know what I always hear, I always hear that people don't have time. It's fascinating, nobody seems to have any time for anything, but they're still saying they want to do something and that's important to them. But then when we start to break down the barriers of getting started, the excuse always arises, and it's like oh, if only I had time for that. Interesting. Do you have time for the things you want to do? Are they important to you? Have you figured out what you wanna do it for so you'll actually make the time? Welcome back to my channel. Today I wanna talk about task management and actually getting things done when you say you want to do them. Was that better? Yeah. (applauding) Oh good. Was it, I'll post it if you think it's that good. (audience laughing) Great. How did it feel? Some reactions. Authentic. Authentic. Really inviting. Inviting. Personal. Personal. Conversational. Conversational. Relaxed. Relaxed. Emotional. Emotional. Did it feel like I was talking to you? Yeah. Did the first one feel like I was talking to you? No. Is your name Charlotte? (audience laughing) Doesn't have to be, right? But I want you to say that. When you've seen a video created, I want you to say oh she made that for me. Like I just caught up with my girl Amy, we had some coffee and she was telling me about task management. That's not the same as I watched this video that took forever to get through about task management, right? The first one was only about 10 seconds long. The second one was probably 40. But you would've felt like the first one was longer, right? Because it's not personal, because it wasn't made for you. That's the difference. Does that help you kinda wrap you mind around looking at the lens like it's a person? Yeah, okay good. All right so based on those first ideas you were putting down, how old is she, what does she think about, what's her commute like, or he, where does he live, I want you to come up with a name. Just for fun, you don't have to stick with it. Come up with a name and especially at home please share this online, but all of your write down a name. Who are you vlogging for? Gut instinct name's prolly gonna stick just so you know. But knowing that is so so important because it's gonna go big time into this next piece. Knowing your strategy statement, knowing your why, knowing who it's for. Now it's just about showing up to the conversation, now it's just about having it, now it's just about talking about it. That's a big big step. But now we have to take that message that Charlotte or whoever your person is. Does anybody have any names? Shout one out. Emily. Emily. (audience responding) Jane. Mike. Mike. We've got some online. Fred, Lacey, are coming in from online. (laughing) Wonderful, I love the name Lacey, that's a fun one. That's so big because now you're like oh gosh Emily, Lacey, they're waiting for me right now. They're waiting for me. They need the answer to this thing. Now we have to put it in the context of the network we're on, how they like their information there, so we can tell a story around it.

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Have you always wanted to get started with vlogging and don’t know how?

Are you vlogging right now and need some pro-tips to take your video blog to the next level?

The difficulty is that vlogging is not as simple as a status update. Amy Schmittauer is here to teach you how to start video blogging like a boss.

Amy Schmittauer is the Boss at Vlog Boss Studios. As a new media triple threat — successful YouTuber, keynote speaker, and bestselling author— she coaches people to go after what they want in life and leverage online video to make it happen.

Creator of the popular YouTube series Savvy Sexy Social, her channel boasts a global community and millions of views.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to use vlogging as a way to build trust and make authentic connections with your audience
  • Ways to reshape your relationship to the camera instead of treating it as a mechanical device
  • Content marketing-based videos to drive traffic
  • Tips to create audio and visual content with a personal connection
  • Editing techniques that will build your own unique style
  • How to build an audience by leveraging analytics and research

Vlogging is the best way to launch a personal brand and get people to trust you! This class will teach you how to do it the right way so your audience feels as if you made it just for them.

Here are some reviews about Amy and her work:

"Mastering the art of the "jab" through vlogging means learning from Amy Schmittauer. I don't consume a lot of video, but Amy knows how to crush it to get attention. She got mine. Take notes."
Gary Vaynerchuk, 4-Time NYT Best-Selling Author & CEO of Vaynermedia

"I'm so happy to call Amy an internet friend, and now you can too! :) Amy is charming, witty, smart, and fun while she drops all the vlog knowledge you need in one place. She's the best #VlogBoss ever!"
Justine "iJustine" Ezarik, YouTuber & NYT Best-Selling Author


Lynne Magnavite

I loooooved this class! Gosh, it was the power of email - I happened to see your email about the class as I was scrolling and thought, hey, I will give it a try. Wow. Amy knows her stuff!! I enjoyed watching her process in real time. I stayed all the way through - glued to my screen! Terrific information, great questions and awesome real time feedback from the folks watching it online. Awesome experience! I cannot wait to try out some of Amy's tips and I just subscribed to her YouTube Channel! Thank you!!

Christine Dilullo

I'm so glad I made the time to come up to San Francisco and see Amy and Vlog Like A Boss in person. She was incredibly well prepared and generous with her knowledge and information. With all the tips that I've learned today, the mystery of video has been reduced to a doable level. I have pages of notes that I cannot wait to implement and her new book to reference! The staff and people of Creative Live make this one of the most enjoyable days. They are all super friendly and helpful. Thank you Amy for the class! Wishing even more success in the future! Christine Dilullo

Shea Hecht

CreativeLive users, I attended this course live and have to say it was very engaging. The relatability factor was extremely high, the points that were made were relevant and very doable. Great presentation, specifically the storyline outline, the gear info, using social media to drive people to you, the analytics part, and the conversation about how to get over your fear of the camera. I was humbled by Amy's personality and excited by her passion for her field. Her accompanied by her team at "AfterMarq" did a wonderful job. What a privilege to have been fortunate to attend. Shout out to the friendly 'n professional staff @creativelive for their Amazing hosting and making everyone's needs catered to (literally); what great food!