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Vlog Like a Boss

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The 3 Fears of Vlogging

Amy Schmittauer Landino

Vlog Like a Boss

Amy Schmittauer Landino

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3. The 3 Fears of Vlogging

Lesson Info

The 3 Fears of Vlogging

Does anybody at least can they think of one fear in their mind when it comes to vlogging in terms of why they haven't started? (audience laughing) Uh huh, or 10, right? I'm gonna go over three. And first let's talk about the fear of gear because that's the easy one right? Like I don't have the right camera. I can't possibly get started until I have the dream camera, lights, mic, something like this would be great. (audience laughing) As soon as we have that, be great, we'll start vlogging right away. Just a question. Does anyone remember 1969? I know I do. (audience laughing) In 1969, the United States put a man on the moon. Just sit in that for a second. (laughing) We put a man on the moon in 1969. Has anyone ever looked up what the Apollo guidance computer specs were (audience laughing) to put a man on the moon? Let's go over it shall we? (audience laughing) Processor speed of one megahertz, just one. They didn't need more than that. Memory's measured in words. Approximately four kBs...

in today's measurement. Display, save-segment numeric, because what does that mean? And it weighed 70 pounds and cost $150, in 1969. And didn't have a camera on it, it was a little busy putting a man on the moon. Let's go over those little computers you're carrying in your pocket called the iPhone or another smartphone device. This thing, do we really need to go over this? It's unnecessary how incredible this device actually is. And you're carrying it around all the time. You don't leave the house without it. You'll leave without your keys, but you won't leave without that phone. (audience laughing) So I mean if we're really gonna say no one's using smartphone, everyone's using smartphone. Everyone's using smartphone, okay? (audience laughing) Everyone. (audience laughing) So get over it. You're not putting a man on the moon. We're just talking about a camera. So let's talk about personality. Is anybody in here thinking god, I can't possibly do this? I'll never be as fun as Amy. (audience laughing) She's fabulous, it's never gonna happen. I can't possibly, I'm all buttoned up, no one's gonna like me. I don't have the right personality. Crossed your mind? I know. (audience laughing) Well let's just take a moment here and just like let that soak in. (audience laughing) Yes that's me. Yes I'm drowning in wool and khaki. (audience laughing) Yes my mom used to cut my bangs, and I love her still. I learned a lot of things from that. And no, I never had the personality. Video is just a conversation. So you've probably got quite a bit of experience having conversations if you're here today. Right, they just happen in different ways. And I'm telling you that video, it might be a little bit personality, but it will come. Because it's mostly talent that you need. And talent can be achieved. Because you've become talented in having conversations with the right people. And sometimes you have conversations with people that don't go over so well because you don't really mesh. But when you find the right people, that conversation is amazing. That comes from talent. That comes from practice. Until you practice, you're not gonna get there. Let's talk about the last fear, fear of ROI, return on investment. Is this really worth it? I'm gonna buy a smartphone if I don't have one, or I'm gonna buy a camera if I need one. Is it all gonna be worth it if I spend all this time and energy and learn and teach? Well I hope we've already come to that conclusion, but let's talk about impactive video today. YouTube, more than a billion daily active users. So people are showing up. If you think YouTube is dying, you are extremely wrong. The number of people watching daily is up 40% year over year. There are still humans that have not found it yet. So that's amazing. This is growing constantly. Instagram, 700 million monthly active users. 250 million via Stories and that's growing very quickly. Facebook, more than a billion daily active users. Has anyone ever seen a video on Facebook before? They're showing up heavy aren't they? There's a reason for that. Facebook knows what people like. So based on where you're gonna be you need to know your strategy statement. This is gonna start to tap into that why a little bit. And maybe the statement that you need to keep in mind as you are executing it doesn't necessarily have to be public. It can be just for you. Ideally it would be because that's gonna be the one person you've gotta corroborate this story with to show up every day. So I make video for, fill in the blank, to help them with, fill in the blank, so I can achieve, fill in the blank. I make video for who? We're gonna dive into who this audience is, but get an idea right now in your mind. I want you to fill out this statement on your paper there or type it up on your smartphone. I make video for. The fill in the blank is not allowed to be one thing, and that is everyone or anyone. (audience laughing) Let's call it two things. It is not anyone and everyone. There is one specific person, a type of person, a genre of people, just pick something right now. Who are those people that you make video for? What is it about them? You've got to start wrapping your mind around that if you wanna stop talking to a camera and start talking to people. To help them with what? Is it to be entertained? Is it to get information on a certain topic? What are those things that you're helping with? That should be here. So I can achieve what? Get real. Don't write down that you wanna feed the poor and like you're gonna save the whales. What do you want to actually achieve? What is that reason, that why? We talked about it before, but there's probably another one that's really at the core of what you're doing here. Is it going to better your business? How is it going to better your business? Is it an increase in leads? Is it an increase in traffic to the site? Is it an increase to your traffic of brick and mortar shop? What are those things? Is it because you wanna be super famous like a Kardashian? Just write it down. It doesn't matter what it is. You've gotta get real about it. Because until you wrap your mind around this, it's gonna be very hard to talk to that camera because you're just gonna feel like you have nothing to say to anyone about anything for any reason. So I want you to write that down, and don't spend a whole lotta time with it, but if you're comfortable, I would love it if you would share, especially at home. Write your strategy statement and share online. @Schmittastic, @CreativeLive, #VlogLikeaBoss. Share with us what that statement is if you're comfortable with it. If you're not, that's okay. Just allow yourself to take it in and look at it. Because it's very very important that you wrap your mind around that. And you'll notice that the fears come from a place of selfishness. It sucks right, I had to say it. I didn't wanna say it. I don't like telling people they're selfish, but usually the things that are holding us back have a lot to do with what's happening here and how do I look, how do I feel, am I gonna be boring or is my message right. Your message is vastly important. But who's receiving it is going to tell you what's going on over here. That's the thing. So as long as it's made for them, we can get past all these fears. Those are so great.

Class Description

Have you always wanted to get started with vlogging and don’t know how?

Are you vlogging right now and need some pro-tips to take your video blog to the next level?

The difficulty is that vlogging is not as simple as a status update. Amy Schmittauer is here to teach you how to start video blogging like a boss.

Amy Schmittauer is the Boss at Vlog Boss Studios. As a new media triple threat — successful YouTuber, keynote speaker, and bestselling author— she coaches people to go after what they want in life and leverage online video to make it happen.

Creator of the popular YouTube series Savvy Sexy Social, her channel boasts a global community and millions of views.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to use vlogging as a way to build trust and make authentic connections with your audience
  • Ways to reshape your relationship to the camera instead of treating it as a mechanical device
  • Content marketing-based videos to drive traffic
  • Tips to create audio and visual content with a personal connection
  • Editing techniques that will build your own unique style
  • How to build an audience by leveraging analytics and research

Vlogging is the best way to launch a personal brand and get people to trust you! This class will teach you how to do it the right way so your audience feels as if you made it just for them.

Here are some reviews about Amy and her work:

"Mastering the art of the "jab" through vlogging means learning from Amy Schmittauer. I don't consume a lot of video, but Amy knows how to crush it to get attention. She got mine. Take notes."
Gary Vaynerchuk, 4-Time NYT Best-Selling Author & CEO of Vaynermedia

"I'm so happy to call Amy an internet friend, and now you can too! :) Amy is charming, witty, smart, and fun while she drops all the vlog knowledge you need in one place. She's the best #VlogBoss ever!"
Justine "iJustine" Ezarik, YouTuber & NYT Best-Selling Author


Lynne Magnavite

I loooooved this class! Gosh, it was the power of email - I happened to see your email about the class as I was scrolling and thought, hey, I will give it a try. Wow. Amy knows her stuff!! I enjoyed watching her process in real time. I stayed all the way through - glued to my screen! Terrific information, great questions and awesome real time feedback from the folks watching it online. Awesome experience! I cannot wait to try out some of Amy's tips and I just subscribed to her YouTube Channel! Thank you!!

Christine Dilullo

I'm so glad I made the time to come up to San Francisco and see Amy and Vlog Like A Boss in person. She was incredibly well prepared and generous with her knowledge and information. With all the tips that I've learned today, the mystery of video has been reduced to a doable level. I have pages of notes that I cannot wait to implement and her new book to reference! The staff and people of Creative Live make this one of the most enjoyable days. They are all super friendly and helpful. Thank you Amy for the class! Wishing even more success in the future! Christine Dilullo

Shea Hecht

CreativeLive users, I attended this course live and have to say it was very engaging. The relatability factor was extremely high, the points that were made were relevant and very doable. Great presentation, specifically the storyline outline, the gear info, using social media to drive people to you, the analytics part, and the conversation about how to get over your fear of the camera. I was humbled by Amy's personality and excited by her passion for her field. Her accompanied by her team at "AfterMarq" did a wonderful job. What a privilege to have been fortunate to attend. Shout out to the friendly 'n professional staff @creativelive for their Amazing hosting and making everyone's needs catered to (literally); what great food!