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Wedding Cinematography


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this is from tim tom and tim tom had asked this earlier but how do you handle microphone ing the bride so there's tim tom says there's no information on the internet for this like who places the mike on her do you place the mike on her do you have your wife to it where you put the mike and I know you must have some white labs obviously to be able to tomorrow we're going to cover all io for ceremony suite and that's where we do mike the bride and I'm gonna explain mike and the bride tomorrow perfect okay we'll save tim so he's gonna have to join us tomorrow absolutely well there you go it's gonna be a great segment that's what that will look forward to that all right do we have any questions in the studio and into it yeah you mentioned before the first look happens that you would have the groom mike you said you're getting the groom in place and then you put a mike on him at that point you mentioned earlier that there were wired mike's wireless mikes on dh then the venue may have a micr...

o the deejay may have a mic for him later but do you put both mikes on him at that time just one we just use ah the olympus recorder that I showed earlier we just use that because it's small it's fast you can just put it on him take it off him we don't use the wireless and there's really nothing to tap into with a with a hard line connection to a sound border mixture so I would definitely use of course anything that's gonna happen fast even a quick speech like a surprise speech will have a lavon a a little olympus recorder ready on standby just in case somebody decides to stand up and you don't have time to maybe get proper audio that you would have been you know given better notice but yeah we used olympus recorders for ah first looks pretty much everything else they're just so handy they're very reliable they don't have any interference but like I tell you before for for ceremony you will find if you are using wireless mikes you will find if you don't have interference that the quality of the sound that you're getting from say like sennheiser wireless there is it's a lot richer than what you get off the recorder's yeah for the record is great you know they're right you're just being picky I would choose the sennheiser audio during a ceremony over say like a recorder if I had it but as the last resort I would take the I would take the recorder audio at any time you know because it's pretty good audio okay ray I got really got one from fashion tv this time during the first look we noticed there was a lot of emphasis on the bride and your opinion is what percentage of that focus should be the bride or do you sometimes mix it up between who's getting most screen time for the first lord the first lecture well let me tell you this it's all about the bride so the primary focus is the bride the bride is the beautiful one okay and this is her day and the bride is what's going to really captivate the audience you know the groom is just the groom you know so he's part of the wedding for sure a big part of the wedding we're going to show the groom but honestly in the end that's why we spend so much time with bride is because it really is all about the bride is the bride's day she's the one with the big white beautiful dress and so yeah the primary focus for sure is going to be on the bride second so that obviously is going to be the groom but if I have my choice you know between a brighter or a groom shot I would take the bride shot hands down because on dh most of the words spoken on a wedding day are about the bride you know that they'll introduce some stuff about the groom but mainly they're talking about how beautiful the bright is it was a person in this and her outer beauty and that's so if if given the choice between one or another I would always choose the bright stuff you know if I can have both obviously I have both but given the choice I'd definitely gravitate towards a bright stuff I'd like to know a little bit more about how you communicate with jessica during during the wedding day are you guys you guys talk to each other via your own mikes or do you do hand singles how does that work we don't really talk much at all yeah we got a system down you know so it's not it's ah we're at an advantage probably like a like like like donna on alex when when you're working together weekend week out and you're going home together in your view and stuff together there's just such a system that gets put in place toe where communication on the day of you know with walkies and things like that I just I don't feel as though we need it now there are certain times of the day like for the ceremony we do have certain hand signals that we use for certain things and they're not like official hand signals they're just kind of hand signals you know we've come up with just tow let each other know hey you know get a little bit of this solid here in the center we'll get into that for the ceremony coverage but during the early part of the day we don't really have any communication the only communication will have is like I told you before there's going to be like a gift exchange or something's going to change you're gonna run something from bright preps the groom perhaps where she is I kind of give her calling on just give her a heads up the only drawback sto have in you know like a like a walkie talkie system and things like that especially like for a ceremony things is ah it's generally quiet and you know that little mumbling that you're doing in the whispering you're probably being heard by somebody so we just kind of like I tell you we have a couple hand signals that we use and that's that's generally good enough is a couple of hand signals that we use and I'll get into that tomorrow and maybe sometimes you just come out with your own type of signals now I've been on shoots where they have had little microphone systems and these I was very it was very useful because there's a lot of times where I've needed something and I was hoping you know maybe jessica was going to turn and look at me you know where my assistant and they don't you know and I really need is something for that particular shot so there is a huge advantage to be able to communicate with your team during a shoot so I'm not I'm not knocking that at all I just tell you for me personally our team which is we've never gotten into it so there was a conversation going on in the chat room and wilson fellow as well as vivid images I believe we were talking about I heard recently a cinematographer wedding cinematographer I pulled all of the stills for an entire wedding album from the video that they shot like making photography kind of obsolete at that point so what do you think about the future of that of taking stills from video do you have any thoughts on that topic I will tell you this and I've said this before if you're if you're a photographer and you're worried about a videographer pulling frame grabs from his video and looking better than you you have some work to do because we can't replace a great guitar I could never in a million years replace a great photographer in fact I even had the mother bright asked me one time she said ray your stuff looks so great can we just pull stills from your video and make an album and I said absolutely not I said I cannot replace a great photographer no way no how and I don't even want to I don't want to put myself in that situation to where I'm thinking like oh my god not only do I have to cover the wedding with video I've also got to be responsible for the photography and I tell you once you get into a low light shooting situation with these cameras and try to pull frames from ah bad lighting situation it's not gonna be the same and the resolution is different you're not able tio you're not you're not gonna be able to print these images really big you know if you keep them small yeah you could probably some frame grabs you look better than some photography that's out there but for the most part you just you're not you're never going to be able to replace a great photographer much the same way that a photographer's never going to be able to replace a great videographer you know so I never I never get too concerned with that I never get never get concerned that you know my job's going to be over one day because now you know photographers are now shooting video and things like that just I just think that you're gonna have a hard time being great at both you know being a great cinematographer and a great photographer at the same time at the same wedding it's just it's too much to do it's too much responsibility and I don't think anybody should ever worry about that and if you are worried about that that just means that you have a lot more work to do with your own craft I think it's awesome just to hear you know your respect for photographers in industry and you know and and also ask for respect for yourself as a videographer in entry so I think that relationship is always a little bit interesting and people have a lot of questions about it so it's it's good to hear that you it's good to hear you say that yeah I think sometimes you know if you get into these events and you're you're concerned with you no photographers kind of you know messing up your thing trust me photographers was worried about videographers messing up there so you know it kind of works both ways and you know there's photographer that act out of line and there's videographers that act out of wife saw on both sides with both deal with the same types of situations trust me I've seen I've seen the photos you know I have photographer friends that send me you know I phone photos oh my god look what I got to deal with today and I look at it I was like I feel embarrassed because these video guys air really just messing up the entire shoot and vice versa you know we've all seen shoots where photographer show up act much the same just lack of consideration and things like that but if you work like a team I've always found that in the end you're going to come up with the best stuff and the person that's going to benefit the most out of that is the bride

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