Wedding Day Workflow


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Wedding Day Workflow

What’s more important than the perfect wedding day workflow? Nothing, according to award-winning photographer and creativeLIVE instructor Robert Evans.

During this segment, Robert will teach you how to plan and execute each step of the wedding day, explain time managing techniques and enable you to spend more time capturing heartfelt images impress your clients, but keep you from burning out on the big day.



  • Thank you Robert Evans - a lot of great information and wonderful tips for time management on that special day!! So glad I have this lesson!
  • One of my least favourite CL courses. I thought it was about time management and planning the photography on a wedding day, but its mostly just about why a first look session is better then taking photos after the ceremony. I'm shooting weddings in europe and the timeline is very different here. Also, the presentation is very cluttered and doesn't look very professional. I was expecting way more from a "celebrity wedding photographer.