Bonus Video: Establishing Trust and Relationships with Clients


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Bonus Video: Establishing Trust and Relationships with Clients

I am sean flynn again. I'm here the creative life studio in seattle, and I'm here with spencer. One of my clients of his wedding was what about a month and a half ago, a month and a half ago. And I want to talk about establishing trust in a relationship with your clients and, in turn, getting the kind of photographs you need from that relationship. One way that I am able to differentiate establishing trust with clients is whether somebody is artistically inclined or not with spencer. In his case, he's, a filmmaker and he's artistic. And he has a discerning eye. So after is talking to him a little bit, I was able to establish, you know, he's, creative, and he wants my half photographically I knew would be a good fit on dh. Spencer requested that we could do a portrait session beforehand, and I agreed to that, knowing that that would be a good way for us to get to know each other a little bit for him to have some confidence and me is a photographer. By seeing a finished product before th...

e wedding on dh, I felt that would be a great idea, because that way, when we got to the wedding, there would be some trust, and he would be able, tio not worry so much about how the wedding photographer how the wedding photographs they're gonna be during the wedding and he could relax and enjoy the wedding and not think about it so I'm going to talk to spencer a little bit about the process and what it was like for him to work with me spencer how was that for you? Yeah it was really fluid all went really well whenever you first met like you said it's on the engagement photo shoot I gave sean just a kind of big idea of where I want to shoot in the town and sean way met right in from the area where we started shooting so sean had done the work with scouting beforehand he knew where he want to shoot a new environment wanted and automatically I just felt really secure in his hands that he was putting in the time and effort to create a professional shoot for us you know it was sort of on the fly and through that process is very organic really natural and really got comfortable with sean and really trusted his work. So one of the things that I dio as a photographer and what I'm building my portfolios is I put in this sort of images and the types of weddings that I want to attract for a future business and I leave out the kind of images that I don't want to shoot again so in doing so I was able excuse me, I was able to attract some creative young professionals, and I wanted some interesting photography, and I don't know it was that you're experiencing experience going through my web site. Yeah, absolutely serious. I open up your website from your header in your style in the logo's use and then also the different albums that you featured, and I also like that you didn't only feature wedding photos, but you also showed some international work. He did some shots that you did in the city and, uh, automatically I knew that I liked your style the most developed photographers that research before him, and then whenever I emailed you, have I automatic personal response from you believe we talked on the phone beforehand, we texted was just and also on the shoe x experience. The same thing is a very professional shoot, but also the personal factor is what really made me feel confident and taking care of whenever I was on set and then also dealing with you in the future and then up to our wedding. But it sounds a little bit selfish, but I try to make all of my shoots, even if they're for couples or for wedding clients, personal work work that I'm super excited about, so when I am my very best and the most excited about what I'm doing is when I'm working with clients like spencer like I'm pumped up to get home or to the office to the studio to get the images on the computer and start to look at them and in this scenario working with spencer and his now wife kailyn, that was one of the situation so what I would say is that it's an ultimate collaboration because without them and there are direction on the wedding day and their trust and them allowing me to come in and be a part of the wedding I wouldn't have been able to get the kind of intimate images that I got and one of the photos that I absolutely love from the wedding is that ending frame of the prayer of everybody kind of loving up on you and sending you away remember million my wife when we got back home that night way couldn't wait to get on the computer to look at a bigger because we're looking at it in the back of the camera like, oh my gosh and she's like, oh my gosh caitlin's going to die when she seasons like they're gonna love these photographs like that is the best feeling in the world like when you leave and you know, like you're going to be giving this client something that like you guys made together like we made it together I could be so amazing with my camera and so incredible at all the technical aspects. But without you as a client, I can't make those images, so thank you. So, sean, I really appreciate that whenever I get product all the photos, you don't have your watermark on it or anything like that. And I really feel like I want to tell people that you took my photos. And, you know, I want to put the link to your block and everything, because I'm really proud of the work that you did. And I want other people to know about it. And I just feel like I'm really served by you, by the way, that you give us all the digital copies and that also that they're so accessible to us to utilize in any way that we see. Thank you so much. Yeah, that's, absolutely my pleasure. And I'm sean plan again. I was speaking with spencer, one of my clients on gaining trust and collaborating with your clients.

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Stunning wedding photos are the result of more than just technical skill behind the lens. It’s all about knowing — and connecting with — your client. Pop Photo Wedding Photographer of the Year Sean Flannigan will show you that the heart of every moving, gorgeous photo is a strong photographer-client connection. Sean will teach you how, just by being yourself and listening to your creative vision, you can build quality relationships that result in powerful, timeless images.