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Bride and Groom Getting Ready

No you know me thank you wait wait tina hi what a pretty girl you so pretty high punking high okay what is it like uh wow wow wow yeah it's all right you know and what's that guy without long camera thing anyway wait till I got what you need the underworld I think yeah e oh yeah with all the guys I like it lucy hey what's your name what was that? I like it yeah hey, daniel that's what I want e wait a minute wait no one told me there'd be cameras that's right that's exactly what she's saying I'm serious thiss wasn't yeah eighteen years yeah, I was forty five when I started I was working on my phd in psychology on before that I was a record company vp yeah that's right it's an answering machine downstairs in the ofthis yeah, right. I should dress any way it is in the walk in closet. Okay, yeah, I'm thinking either here actually up there anybody in there and that gives you already gave the ones to writhe misses test rooms. Okay, okay, wait hearings were people just had some they're in fer...

tile area tosses you a compass? That was my grandma's okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah that's my grandma was like my grandpa has made her something and she just threw everything away there were just some pens left in her drawer and then she goes there was also this confidence in the drawer and I was like I have been searching for one of those reminds that's awesome so was amazing that's awesome that's awesome really taking a long way you know hey k shoes does she have shoes uh you should know there's a lot all right so check it out you ready for this if you sneak that over here this way and put this right next to it I just want this off center for a second can you do rich you lucien you shoot it okay thank you here you here because I got it on like a chair out there but there were something like can you get can you give me his done okay bring one of them thank you but I did that so so let me bring me other would bring the other one that's okay wait now I know that what's going to be hard about that is that that doesn't switch right but you can probably use hook it let's see yeah is there another hanging I you know he's your friend first yeah wait take the ring and if you can do that I'm gonna do this well what I think it's enough said right there when we get close to you with this ball that fan thank anybody you know honey you gotta let go wait put some side I'm only slightly awkward no no no no no I don't know anything about the other agency or no I'm saying it wass probably kids he was funny how's it doing yeah you got it you get it isn't hard to get it stamped something uh guys let me see in this second love that's what I want right there came down with the ring what I'm putting the lenses on the floor cake okay? She can have hers and he can have his I have hope what's that that's yours and then I'm going to give this back to tak perfect. Okay, we'll be back so is that good? I love it okay, yeah, I'm on it no do you find it do whatever you need to do so this was just like wait so I just never thought this was dumped on the side isn't feeling well and you think it's funny or it's just on my way I was just wait okay look what do you think? Okay, this is it and then I'm done me see what I'm looking at how about we go like that? I don't know that I want that I'm liking that so it's really nice it's very simple straightforward right? You got a little purple in the little post on it would lighten up I can probably do that in here while I'm at it but it's a matter of fact when we do it that way so let's see is what everybody wants me to see and do I lock it? Yep yeah okay see what I did? I did it in camera so instead of doing post production I do it in camera by finding the scenes and then locking my meter I'm in p mode I should call this whole thing in program and then shooting this in program instead of going to manual and forgetting what I'm doing so that versace that that's p mode and that is me adjusting it in the camera perfect cool right, yeah I'd love to see that and then I can take it out yeah, I got it I got it I got it pass it to me. Wait hang on, hang on, hang on I got I got something that I wanted. Teo, can you duck cake for second man because you're reflected in the mirror that I'm are the photograph now you're good you're good now just out of reach okay, this will be a nice got it. You know what I'm like? Actually I even like it further. Yeah reflections in the glass everywhere you find you find you don't you don't ever have to apologize you know it's all good now there's not again just we're at least creative where at least creative that's great do you want to something like fix up your cufflinks or something for me I'll just get a couple of quick is very authentic these shots when I ask you did you hold out a little further towards me you know just adjust your feel that's it so the funny thing is and they were closed these are for inches long and uh well you know I'll just uh you know photoshopped them shorter extremely well lucy look up there one more time they look loose up there she's like here for you no okay now that's the back of the dress okay I'm on it me uh kind of blow that out a little how about right there okay that's pretty cool down yeah okay hey, that was cute like little bubbles or something you guys ready decent in there okay just keep doing your thing never mind you yeah oh yeah e yeah e yeah e yeah e yeah looking back I'm wondering maybe no I feel like you think it's fine e general can you believe it she looks concerned with wade what you my keeper way e to do this I put the lenses on the you know yeah I'm gonna leave it there or not or not we can look at it yeah shoes goes with that I might be busy I think it's busy wayne obviously just edit this with vera wayne yeah, wait just covered just like this and then put her put her shoes the little ones something like that this morning I was like all right this is great I'm sure they feel like I got a great course I was still in my bed looks pretty teo cute so you know what if you take the little shoes so I can yeah and let me shoot the front of that one just in case she decides she wants something different let me see your higher um I don't know if I want theo you know maybe property for second up against the shore yeah yeah yeah there you go okay is this for present room yes it is I'm not sure I shot my eye wait I don't know what is beautiful ok what was in the group spot I don't want to open it I don't want you know what when he opens it rich will get it so and I already shot her opening the box so I'm fine so that's taken care of to garter is in the shoe all of this is done this was for rachel I don't know what that meant just leave that there yep yep yep and maybe that's a shot for me with that dress right now too what the shoes they're about that why don't you want more in front um no I like him on the side actually yeah yeah yeah yeah so let me see about this scene selection about right they're coming back up bingo ok, nico way back let me nothing in your way you know no I know I know and I think that's good I mean you know while tapping on the shoulder if I'm in your shot just let me know you know and me out wait I kind of like this ladies all in bright in the middle I just want to see your faces rap like in love wrap yourself around that girl that's what? I'm talk yes that's what I want yes yes she is thank you so much so yeah you know he's a calm nervous well, you can tell he's really calm but thiss stuff brewing underneath I love I love it I love it it's great. Okay, we're on ur room before yeah, let me know when you do that man. So all right. Any other details way yes. Before I wake, I sprayed a can of for in that guard because she said it will pick up everything like a broom by the way, the first look for the two of you we figured out as far space is going to be on the front porch. Awesome. I love that that that spot it's nice, you know, because the house inside really theirs because with the rain without the rain I was bummed that we wouldn't be using the court for you you're even doing the bridal portrait soul there I mean talking about bridal party everything's going to be on that porch right? Because it's healing this beautiful where the houses of the backdrop kind of thing it's very southern looking too so the pickets fence in front of reports and went on the rain that way well I appreciate it that's just talk to me and ladies eyes an f y I I shoot you don't have to duck out of my shots ever because if you're in my shot I take a second shot so if you are in the way I just take a second one after you moved on right so I don't want to have to think about me and number two you don't have to pose so if you see the camera pointing at you you don't have to like wait and strike a pose you don't have to do that because I want to see who you are in that moment okay that's what I want that's the most important thing okay cool you know but she's so you punking yeah you sleepy monkey puss perfect way need to spray the grass I think that look you guys spray the dress she said you have to spray every single layer and she said you can go around the whole dress okay so I think you have to flammable number one hold six to ten inches from item and three lightly wearing clothing outside of vermin you have fourteen millimeter can you guys hang on one second I have a shot thank you I feel like this is a cruel joke on black breaking my way are you spray from the outside or the inside me okay your spray together it's okay we're gonna go section by section way cool they need to make this stuff center yeah I'm just saying it's not fun it's not like that no okay wait is this couch is so flush you and your only six inches off the ground be good or just twisting turning around there because I like the light okay awesome hey okay yeah I know it's tricky it's tricky it's tricky to get right okay can you pull the curtain a little bit thanks yeah perfect thank you thank you thank you wait lucy listening lucy covering I love that little tip toe yeah she's like I'm a two year wait wait with livia bingo I got it think about that who can you breathe no theo no no it's good it's all good love wearing right now we're on your hey sneaking on her will you chilean yeah that's what I want wait you look so pretty you want again wait wait wait just like no way coming ready ready wait I don't listen hi that's fun I e o teo but you you're just adorable okay wait get change so he's gonna pick your spot on dh wherever you want it done so all change in their problem for me in there it's bigger if it's bigger and then we'll come out here for like the lacing up and stuff but all of this let's bring the dress and everybody in there is trying to do it oh you push that no okay I'll let you know carrie oh wait my run of course I remember you okay okay so don't come around this is to stop years that's not right in the face right almost drowned wait oh hold on hold on I'm making around that's good that's good that's good that's the spot your turn to and that's why it's very natural you in the world I dig I think this is how you get treated like royalty that have another one for you one for you you ready let's get you over here on well haven't put the mooning around over there you're up against the wall that attack the skin back a little that's it that's it okay okay go for it e e e o actually let me let me bring him right back I'll do one quick torture to you right here okay so I'm gonna have you screw up here it's going to really quick portrait yeah it looks really good you looked right at me that's awesome right there let me check let me check you're looking good I went out that way maybe a little bit you can see to me a little bit maybe like right out here that's good. Maybe adjust your aboot in here a little bit or something. This was all about otherwise we'll wait a bit to don't touch it depends on what way you lose. You lose. Okay, when you miss out a little sick, do you want us to just get the dress on? What? You're running the show? Well, no, I mean, do you want to be in? They're doing it too, or do you want? Oh, wait until you are goingto tio oh, we're not going in there. Are we doing in a room? We're getting it on in the way. I just might. This is really pretty in front of the tub. You're facing that way and then we're not stepped in the room. It's a true yeah, yeah. Ok, so let's, just lose the away from the tub. Okay, wait, do before you do any of this stuff and I'll wait till you come out here to do it. We'll move this stuff out and then what's this stuff I just want you out here on and then the dress being put on she's going to do it over there we'll hang on and I need that shot too way are just gonna do a little interview now with rich to tell us about what has been going on and if you're just joining us again everybody welcome to create a live job using and rich are photographing shelia and tests wedding here in the beautiful sunshine you know about how the sun china is working out well I already went outside for a half second and that was about as long as I could go because the rain was free chile but hey you know you got to do what you gotta do is get some pictures then out of the groomsmen rather out on the balcony and so how would you rate in terms of zero to ten this amount of rain in terms of level of weather for a wedding? I mean this is I mean like zero is a beautiful sunny day I mean, honestly this rain isn't it kind of comparable to a really, really hot day where you're sweating a lot yes just that can also affect you your performance or you know how how much enters you have afterwards but it's not too bad I'd say it's like a seven I mean really if it was thunder starting crazy wind was shot in that before long island so I think one of the biggest questions people probably have right now is we were outside earlier how do you protect your gear in rafe? Um uh well, I don't see any bags or anything actually I pretty much trust my cameras, you know, the higher end pro cameras typically you're sealed up really? Well, I don't stay in the rain for you know, an hour or for twenty minutes but it can take it probably for a good five, six, seven minutes without any problem again don't get in a pond or anything, but yeah, it's not it's, not that big a concern when I come back in and make sure that it drives out it's all right. Okay. All right. So let's, talk about let's talk about what you were doing while joe was up there photographing julia and her bridal party, right? Well, joe's with the bride, I'm with the groom. So seth and I and his groomsmen were just up in a little crowded room and you know, whatever kind of antics are going on usually it's funny stuff that happens with the groom and groomsmen and I just like to encourage that kind of behavior because you know, it just keeps everything light. It makes for funny photos and they'll like that later because it's typically gear that way towards with the groom's a little bit more humor and so what? What was going on? What was the joke what's happening? Well, let's see, they were drinking out of dick dixie cups I'm not sure if there was actually coffee in the dixie cups. Oh, are you know? Yeah, maybe something else. I'm not entirely sure it was funny we had a few shots of them, you know, with the pinkies up drinking out of a very classy take this example of the humor encouraging the behavior get a few part portrait of somebody with a dixie. Okay, so how many groomsmen do we have think there's seven or their six with the group? Because they're six bridesmaids. Ok, so they probably usually yeah, we got six. We've got a confirmation over here. All right, awesome. So what exactly, then is joe doing there? Oh, gosh. Um, well, he's, the first thing we usually do, he'll usually shoot the dress because, you know, we want to make sure that that's out of the way at the time like a nice big picture of the dress in front of a window. I'm not sure exactly what he did in there, but that I bet you can guess I can guess. Yeah, it's. While that need to use the dress and photographs that brings a nice detail, the rings and then it's also just moments between people as well with them, I mean it's not going to be the same necessarily silly behavior. Sometimes it is but yeah portion to the bride getting makeup done close ups, that kind of thing and and if there's any boudoir stuff going on, I don't know again I don't I'm just, you know, that's true happen it's true, we'll find out yeah, yes ok, so we talked about earlier that you have been working with job using for six years and that was okay. So that is probably a dream job for many of the folks out there that have been watching is to work with somebody like joe top three things top three things that you have learned from joe over the past six years. I know that's going to be hard but let's just talk ok morning let's see number one is I'm also the studio re toucher, so I worked in a studio on joe's work, so I get to not only a system was originally when I was doing, but getting to look at his photos and re touches photos on dh kind of live in his work influenced my work. Wow, hands down is the most influence of god, right? Because we're sitting there working with that's, right? And then second best thing was, as I was saying, I used to assist him like carry bags and make sure he had the right lenses and so doing that being right next to joe the entire wedding was super informative as faras like starting anticipate what he's going to need like at first it was like he would have to yell at me to get the right lens, but then later I started going he's gonna need this line's next and that has influenced my work. Now I'll be like like, I don't know what's coming up next, we're gonna do some fortunes out here, so I want to switch this leads to the other one I have in my bag and long as I know that it's there and it's all right, now I know what the next step is coming and that's directly because I was working right next to joe and starting to anticipate his moves is a target, right? Right? So one more thing before we're going to hand it over to russia briefly, is everybody online? I know what you're saying. I know whether typing in the chat rooms is tell me about your gear so let's quickly talk about when you said this lens you're talking about what you got going on or I shoot nikon and joe shoots cannon, which we always make fun of each other because you know that giving you crap for it one way, but yeah, I mean let's see, I love to shoot I have a prime lens, I've been eighty five one point for ok eighty five one. I use it all the time if I take this office to put the eighty two, two hundred I have a long lens on but I just for shooting with a with a fixed lens. This makes me work a lot harder. And when you work hard, you work better is usually how I work, so I like them. I mean that's quotable. Yeah, it is right? But yes. So this is one of my is my favorite lens to use for almost anything candidates portrait's for sure, andi, any kind of low light stuff? Just fantastic. D eight hundred nikon, which is just a work horse. It's fantastic new camera. The files are way too big, but what you gonna do? Andan there's a d seven hundred slightly smaller files. I'll use this camera mostly during dancing, and I'll use it the whole time because it's also amazing. Okay, but the files are a bit smaller. So there's one typically used when there's like a lot of dancing and because you take so many pictures of people moving around a lot trying to get that one shot right wide angle seventeen to thirty five so far I haven't taken these lenses off except for when I shot the rings, which I use this lens this is my tilt shift lens, which is also it's a macro yeah, so I use this lens for a few shots with the rings and I can do portrait's with it but I'm being careful because it's a kind of artsy and you know it's hard to get everybody info it's a manual focus lunch but I really have to be like bracketing your focus and making sure that everyone's really close together if there's two people like the bride and groom but it can work out really cool I don't know you that reporters today but yeah and then I see you have a flash on here speed like this is a s p eight hundred it's old it's still working thank goodness I have a second one just in case right now it's on my camera later you'll see it off my camera and I'll have a tether that I'll put on and for for whatever this low like you know move forward a little bit yeah right about there you're awesome gag dammit that's pretty darn good I feel kind of like I should just you know what I wanted to do after this is done I want you to adjust them because I want to see a profound yeah no no no this is a photo op for me right now and it's kind of cool that so was that expression so I need you yeah because I love you but you gotta go now yeah and I got I got media line me I love you too but you gotta go you know he's good now because you know he's a good boy now know so check it out really quickly I need you to adjust that left one just like that and turn your face that way so I have a profile in the mirror that's what I want right there right there right there now I got many oh god video and don't have video okay that's really good and whoever standing behind you needs to come out so I see a face that would be lovely like look at you look at her yeah that's what I want right there that's what I want that's the shot that's the shot he hot money shot I'm done I can go home really wait all right rich you are already close whenever you're okay how're you doing wait you're in my shot red where did you go shopping in love your logo where did you get a bonus but she said be exercising sorry yeah let me see the finger without the finger for a second I want to see the camera the way you had it oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna cheat I'm speaking on your shot I like it look yeah now you got it gotcha you have no idea rich hi, my amazing second, yes, he's. Awesome way you can't move a finger for a second. I just get the screen. Yeah, I love you so easy. All right, so let me know when you want me to position him on long enough. That's. Yeah, let's, find out how long, yeah.

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Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist