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Family Portraits

I thought you already were like are you guys so let's do family photos how many you make it all right s oh can you bring umbrella so let's let's get you guys I was gonna actually you know what let's do what we were doing you get us in that spot is actually really great and then we'll have the family over here in this general vicinity and as close up to this fence as you can and then um yeah let's see let's make sure we have father of the friday is the uncle of the bride great and then we'll have um grandma come in well that's good and then we'll have you guys kind of down this way yep yep come on over here you got it. She is eager see what I'm gonna do it here we go then so you guys are perfect this looks really nice get a little bit closer to each other that's good. Alright, great. So we're going back up a little this looks great, you guys, this is perfect. So ten tenths um just turn your shoulders to me a little bit more yeah that's good that's good that's great. No, this will do rig...

ht let me get my settings right because that's kind of part of the whole deal uh yeah looking good all right, flower repair we'll get late don't work too hard right? Here we go you guys looking very nice everyone looking right here let's get perfect perfect let me check everything like you guys are looking very nice everyone's looking at my camera right? I caught you looking at here somewhere rain will be there later doing you guys look very nice. All right? Is there any breakdown of this that you'd like to do? Maybe we move it down to a smaller groups? Yeah. Okay. Wait um okay and whoever's not whoever is not in the shot come on over here and just hang out because I might use you in a moment for another photo, right? Thanks, guys. So the three of you ladies that's the idea all right, that's great, but don't worry. You don't have to do that. Season one she's she's helping out over there. Here we go. One, two, three you guys look great. Hold on one more than yes. Let me get one vertical version and we'll be in good shape. Let me see. Let me see. Let me see. Very good. Yeah. That's an hour getting like a lion at tio girl that's what I'm talking about really? Yeah, what was that? What happened? All right, so we got that that was great, I missed it do you want to do one with your grandmother? Just the two of you come on let's get her over here and then we'll add te thin to that shot afterwards hang on you're going to go now right now okay and then switch out that's perfect that's a very good you two that's it let me check let me check and then we'll do this way that's that lady is very nice. All right, let's add death into this mix ten u boats can stay right there. Templates hav e on the end let's put the grandmother in the middle yeah don't get between them here we go one and two and three that's great one more time let me check right now we're gonna do one my way for second, okay, so if you move forward grandma what I would like you to do is put your arms through both contrast. Yeah, hook, hook your arms in yeah, I get it. Yeah, I know I'm getting that already. God, I love that. Okay, I'm good. Yeah, all right. So next? Um yeah do we want to do anything with anybody else that's standing over here, right what's the cabling twenty so let's find a nice spot for you guys, let me see you know what? How about for this one let's put the bridegroom together and then you two together no yellows have you guys scoot bridegroom over back to your corner get back to your corner my favorite part about family formals like yellow people get back to your corner I'm kind of screwed up a little bit that's good. Very nice. Perfect. Excellent. No, through those hard core here we go, guys right here. That's very nice a couple more this way and we'll be in good shape. I'm actually you know what? Tough. Can you help her hold the bouquet that and then you lower it a little bit if you put your both your hands on that and you can lower it a little bit that's fine. Right there. Right there. Right there. Okay, here we go. One, two and three. All right. Um I'm trying to think maybe we should do yes, yeah, yeah, grandma, with or without bride just with your family. Come on. Oh, come on over. So let's have it. Yeah, well, let me see what it looks like from down their home was like, yeah, I'm good. I'm just yeah, do you think I got my mom to write a rib all right, and then can you guys come closer just a little bit that works very nice, alright, one correction sorry I have to do this show is helping out here I'm sorry if you put your arms behind others you look like you're amputated doing it like direct in front of the window so bring the arms of the boars going to center yeah that's it that's it now the thing is the thing is if you are like you like him sort of maybe you know he's like a relative I know right? So you like him right? Put your arm through his arm that's what I'm talking about just like that and then once you just curl your arm up a little yes very good very good. Let me see that you guys are good now all right, well, uh that happened way any time all right all right we got that shot I think maybe we do one with everybody like the next family bring in unless you want to do any others with you guys we're good on this all right? So then let's bring in tests family with you guys and then we'll see how many we can fit well, you could get them yeah that's great alone she's alright yep coming outside guys we'll find a spot for every money welcome welcome. You are very welcome, sir it's very nice out here, okay, yeah, message for mom because it I was more correct yeah oh, yes so good. Yes you do okay everybody you wanna keep going keep going keep going I'm meeting way yeah so we do have everybody this is everyone's all the family members are accounted for great so let's set you guys up for a family formal I think bride and groom are going to stay here and actually you know what we're going to bridegroom centered and we'll have one side of the family maybe test side of the family on this side so test side of the family come on over here that's right everybody else on the side and then you know father mother next to uncle grandmother next to bride it will be in good shape right and then let's see if we can fit everybody which I think we can think you're all right what's very good so let's have yeah and then and then actually grandmother should be next to you yeah, very good you can scoot your feet under her dress to get really nice and close that's great okay good way almost got everybody we might have to shift a little bit this way don't fall off the end of the bench as you almost did earlier you could just stay let's just have you stand that's very good all right yeah actually sir won't you go to the end that's great because we actually have enough room for everybody yeah, yeah yeah let's have her next to grandmother thank you very much you guys know how this works that's it that's it yeah you guys look great here we go with a swan's ducky's there guesses flocks of pieces this this really does look fantastic you guys there's a great shot all right, here we go everyone you know looking to me one and two and three let me see check in this to make sure we're like good wait here we go again right here right here everybody let me check that this is it a couple more really quick here we go you guys look fantastic okay um while we have everyone here maybe we should break down to like closer family members like your parents and then the grandmother and the sister does that makes sense and we'll just do a smaller grouping so if you aren't in that just going over here um I think you guys are probably done I think you guys are finished because we're going to do test family after this but we want you to yes, we're with my mom and dad are here it just grandma that's perfect let's just do grandma and then his parents and we'll be in good shape yeah weii do this exact also with my sure sure okay, so we'll we'll keep can you get me an uncle again really quick because they're not done I thought they were all right here we go yo you guys look great yeah I think if we had the aunt uncle to this that'll fill it out a little this is really nice can I have you guys joined we'll just do it in this one shot come on in we're gonna we're gonna add to you yeah that's it that's it perfect okay here we go way that's great this is great very nice let me check everything make sure that what we're doing okay one more really quick one and a two all right I like it great all right so then let's do tests side of the family yeah but you can stay so family the groom come on in and let's have the bright when you guys were do you think I'm thinking you probably put you guys back in the corner on this side and then we'll have the family over here e that works that's that's great cause then your family will be next to you this way yeah okay okay so parents right next to him and maybe switch the two of you does that make sense yeah I think so that's very good all right then what side to get in there come on in him on the end and then you're going to be in this water dude yeah come on in let's have you in front of the father come on that's right ok ok scratch a living that way yes that's perfect right there alright guys really right here, please. Very nice that you wanna help her holder flowers again. There you go. Everyone looking right here. Right down here. Let me check. You know what I love that's great. Dude was yard is gonna hate me stepping in that money is going to be ruined. What's up there's somebody inappropriate things I could say right now. All right, here we go again. Just a couple more picking on me, isn't it? No, no, I know I'm being inappropriate, right? Great. You guys do we want teo let's dio just just the parents and the two of you? Just everyone else. I think you're good. I'm on this that's way missing me way. Haven't done this with your family. Which one are we doing? Like my grandma, my girl? That yeah. Yes. Way to go through. So I know your sister is in seattle. Yes, we did. They don't like the weather. Wait five minutes now, but your mom and dad are here. So let's, get you guys together. Really? Click here we go. One and two and three that's. Right. A couple more right here. Very nice. One more this way. And we're in good shape. Okay, perfect, perfect, okay.

Class Description

Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist