First Dance, Toasts and Cake Cutting


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First Dance, Toasts and Cake Cutting

Wait for coming way tell me how you feel now thiss until I understand way worry role right off your chest size am I wait wait wait wear your scythe wait I love you nice tonight and shelly is uncle mike to come out and join them for the first dance as well rich you good wait when I stay all the way way always skips town but I love you for you know a way strange they tell me change but you home calls and soft way wait on and clothe way strange way change but you're way so teo wait run klaus wait steve o ground dio and waits a beautiful son everybody we have a couple of people who want to say a few words so first of all we're going to bring out ted's father tour your tour say something. Good evening, ladies. Gentlemen, first of all, thanks a lot I would like to say thank you very much to all of you everyone to take the time to come to celebrate you know this very beautiful important for a question for us with us. Thank you very much for the last time say for the last one also I thanks a l...

ot, teo radio station photographer in musician thank you remind for without you we wouldn't be here, right yeah, I know that we won't be here and you know what people well, forget what you did and people will forget what you said but people will never forget when you have them and thank you, lady gentleman I'm so happy tonight for my son and now I saw I would like to say congratulate to my son and his beautiful wife celia I wished them for the best for their life for a long, long time thank you way thankyou way now like to bring up the maid of honor hillary matron of honor hillary, where you at? Hillary? Come on out here. Hillary that's what? I was told hillary or danielle hilary or danielle way have any maids or matron's? I can't three pages. Okay, so I'm danielle I am trained in the way. So for some of you who don't know, that means I am the married one and pregnant one so you have to pass your drinks to the single eighties there over there. When I first met julia eleven years ago, I was young and experienced teenager looking for advice on life, and julia was no shy girl. She seemed to know her stuff and she took me under her wing. A cz we worked at one of the high school pool is lifeguards pretty much tried dating every bad boy on staff and julia warn meade bad news, bad news, right? I finally met a guy on I was not at the pool and I was so excited I told her I'm like I met him at the coffee stand he comes in and he pays with the twenty and he leaves his changes like a fifteen dollars tip on she was like run on I was like what like this is like such a good deal right and she's like absolutely not you should get out of there no way don't go on this date and I was like elevens manage what's the worst that could happen right? We just go tp ing so needless to say the creep that she was trying to keep me away from my husband so days later I came into work she's like up god you're alive and she's like we gotta break let's let's go to my house so we walk out outside and there was the beauty and the beast on if anyone knew shelly in high school she drove a gram torino it was beautiful brown okay, so she walked up to her car and she's like I'll drive and I'm like okay, so I'm trying to open the door and she's like it's unlocked I'm like way sure about that she's like I don't like my car open the door and I'm like yankee she's like pull hard so I opened the door it swings so wide I'm like this is like a hundred pounds of middle she's like yeah yeah so I just get in frantically I'm all nervous because I mean we didn't hang out outside of work so again the car trying to run my seatbelt and here comes a three week all string cheese in the seat on julia is like and I was like yikes and she's like finders keepers and I was like no, I'll pass way make it to her house we go inside and she's like ah yes oprah's on and I'm like, what are we fifty who watches oprah organized ghoul what she's like I love oprah and I'm like okay right whatever just like don't you watch her and I'm like uh huh after jerry springer right so anyways all my judgments from earlier melt away we we talk about oprah for five minutes and way get going we go home months months go by we switch jobs I start working at pro club she followed me there we worked every shift together co ta babies together and one day she walks in and she's like so my mom has cancer and I'm like okay and she just got the pool and start teaching and like ok ok that's that's one way to start the day and she just taught it with so much grace smiled the whole time like this has got this is a joke, right? No so months go by and the funeral happened sorry and she got up there and she is at the most beautiful speech no tears and I was like how did she get up there and just talk so gracefully with not a tear so brave so couple minutes a couple months later I get this phone call and she's crying hysterically and she doesn't cry like what's going on and she's like micah is dying please please come pick me up and I'm like okay obviously this is weird right? So I pick her up way go to the vet and they were like yeah, we need to put the cat down so they sheets shaved some hair off the pod they leave and give us some time alone and julia just looks down at the hair and I'm like whoa no no what are you thinking? I don't know what you're thinking right now just like how did you know? And I was like, I don't know what you're thinking to do with that air but we're leaving it like it's not coming with us and she's like okay, I was like, oh my gosh pull together what's going on here and I'm like she gets back to work by monday just smiles all our kids nothing you know nobody knows anything so I'm like she really just pulls it together maybe it's oprah my name ctu is onto something right? So I get this phone call and she's like you're not I'm going to believe what they sell like you see and I'm like no, I don't know what they say I guess the besides groceries and she's like half pies numb like a red flag red flag I'm like who gets excited about half eyes well at this point really was on a pastry diet way had a intervention really really life intervention we sat in a circle and she was like this is not happening I'm like yes it is way can t peace trees every day that's not allowed it really really did have it so anyways to tie back around so over once said my philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life but doing the best at the moment puts you at the best place for the next moment so then after the intervention she decide pastries weren't for her she did a total one eighty she graduated you die I've got an intern shit but northwest afternoon and then a rock and job at the bob rivers show where she met right? Okay you're wonder woman name I'm getting there I'm getting that right so her birthday comes around and she's like I'm gonna introduce you to this guy I met okay like alright alright so he comes walking up and I'm like, I I'm looking at him and I'm like faded jeans, tight sweater, purple hair, leather shoes I'm like he clearly blazer the other team he comes up to me and he's like I'm tapped and I'm like and you're wasted nearly right I leave thinking julia's lost it she's back to square one she doesn't know what she's looking for in life but not that wales later we go camping and death is there so he's made it a couple months on and the deal was all the girls were going to get up early and and clean after the camping trip because we made a mess and make breakfast for the guys and we're all like, where is shelia and here comes death and he's like so what can I help with and I'm like go get julia because that's the deal and he was like, oh no, I'm gonna let her sleep in so can I help clean? I'm like really like where's brad so yeah so yes needless to say it was it was a good second impression so sorry, sorry okay, so really quickly we're going to skip toe like last winter and I get this phone call and test like so did you hear what happened to shelia? I was like no and he's like well, she's in surgery and I'm like, who calls people and says that and he's like well, she broke both her legs I'm like excuse me what? Yeah, yeah, we're we're in canada and she broke her leg and I'm like oh my god she's going to live on like let's start with that next time right to bones one like so he was losing it and I was like pull together you're the only one in canada whether please pull it together I was like, you know what this guy really cares because he's taking work off he's going to do right home pick up another car like okay, okay he's he's gotta figure it out I'm sorry I'm trying to pull it through I'm almost done I swear. All right, I'm reading I'm really slow I'm so sorry you guys okay? So anyways he almost made me he did invite me teo tell me he was gonna actually a and I was like, oh, thank god because I was thinking, how are we going to keep this guy around like, are we going to convince him to say visually of this boy, right? No, I totally was all team team test after this, right and he's like okay, I got to meet for coffee. I'm a national leah and eight months and I'm like, oh, hell no not keeping a secret for a much like thiss gonna happen next because we're no in the long and either shelia so long story short we're here today and I'm tying it backto oprah because your obsession has now convinced me why you liked over so much she said the best adventure you can ever take is to live the life you have dreamed so taft and julia please dream big cheers wait what is it what is it all right and next way are goingto have nick the that man there he is nick hey we're talking a long time but I got something good to eat here I I really can't um few things there there's a there's a few things I'm only at liberty to say so we'll keep it short kind of simple little bit my name's nick castro I've ah known test for the last she's twenty years you had a lot of hair it was sexy too you know it's curly down on my shoulder and I was hot you liked it way actually met each other playing football believe it or not he was a wide receiver I wasn't running back way had about other people out there but we happen to see each other more a little more ii so way ended up being stuck with each other and having to stretch each other out because when you're stretching one of them big tall people and you're like this and their legs way up here and you're like right there crotches it didn't quite work out too well but me and him it was just perfect you know thanks a lot for that made me feel better lost hair over it, though. Um, actually got a couple of actually, I've got one more thing and it's kind of contemplating whether to talk about it, but I got a couple years after that let's just put it that way, cos at that I got introduced to a little bit of alcohol on dh I was the first person to do it, and, uh, he was an interesting person way had a couple of drinks with a bunch of buddies of ours, and, you know, we got him home, and then before I got home, I had this long, I don't know forty minute message of I think I'm dying. There's something going on here, something growing in my belly mention I don't know what teo, you gotta call me something happening, man, I just don't I don't know. So I say it, so I'm laughing and I saved it for, like, six months. It was on those old little tape recorders. You you know, you're popping the little table, I'm going to say, but I flipped it over, is it? This is nick, you know, leave a message after the beef, and then every time he called back over something people call in and they started this but I think I'm dying was going on so that was my message for a couple of times it was great you know but we found out then that he was pretty allergic so ever since then it was over there was there there was no more since then it's been you know little cranberry juice and the olives lots of olives he likes those nice big green fat ones but yeah he's he's been great I mean me and beth we've known each other for so long we just pick up where we left off all the time it's way won't see each other for maybe a year maybe six months something like that sometimes and we'll just call each other and it's like we just weii just saw each other yesterday it was perfect it was it's always been like that he's a great guy eventually a few times she's just she's beautiful I don't know how he hooked her things happen I guess every dog has his day yeah that makes sense that makes sense makes a lot of sense um all I can say is I would like to wish you guys lots of years of happiness and do what you can for each other and uh do your best be there for each other love each other and uh I think and um good luck to you both I love you guys e all right, so now we are going to have a couple words from the bride and groom and then we will be cutting the cake so I was taken away she's my wife, my wife I'm gonna keep this short because megan is actually telling me to keep it pretty short. I just want to say thank you to everybody involved everybody that's online. The other thing is I wantto just say thank you to the creative live crew that's been working eighteen hours I could say, you know, and they're family to me and it was really difficult to figure out if honestly, who would be working and who would have just attend and the fact that, like, ninety percent of everybody's here that just makes everything that much better. Um besides that I love you, you get the last word. Thank you guys, I just want to say that I knew it was going to rain like a week and a half ago and I was really angry and then today I was like, I don't care training at all because the people in the room and here totally overshadowed anything happening, like five feet behind them and and also like my dress a little wet and gray it matches but I really could care less that it's raining, which I would I was not expecting for myself and that's because all of you were here. And that means the world to us. And I just want to say thank you for coming really far. My family lives in an accord. Is so wow. So thank you for coming so far. And even though it's a wet it's so warm in this loving thank you guys so much and please stick around. We have a surprise for you a little later. Now eat some cake. I've got them standing right here and I'm shooting this way. Way. Okay. Rich? Yes, sure. I'm thinking should be a good idea. That is a good idea, right, my right way. Sort of. All right, so so yeah. That's the cake she's on this side. Both hands together. Right? Wait, wait flashes going off. Wait, it doesn't matter way you like it, that's. All right, I would have done it. And I figured a way. Like, all right, everybody, we now we are going to have dessert. Appear are open. We have drinks out on the dance floor. We have lots of fun to be had. Enjoy yourselves and we will have a wonderful as julia mentioned a wonderful surprise coming at about eight. Thirty, so stick around for that, but until then, have a good time.

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Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist