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Gift Exchange

How long before we see him way need exchange gifts can't wait why is it only pictures? I kind of like it here and I want it well july so get me julyan he's checking your security there's an exchange of gifts okay, so yeah so he and his room actually being hers they're going to open it they're gonna open gifts right? Yeah yeah no, I get that and we're going what's the bottling I don't know I didn't even do anything. Well, I wasn't saying that because maybe take it if she's willing because I don't I'll heart is most important for her so if she starts to get testy then she doesn't have to do it. So do you want me to get yeah that's for him with a box yeah, so I'm confused lucy loses this one out there what did you see that? Did you see that all right, yeah, you find it that was good. So s so lucy's going to take it to him? I think that's the way to go but why don't we say mommy's instructor I don't know mommy made whose mommy okay, I don't get it, I got it you're like totally okay, so um ...

lucy, I don't think is gonna walk with the box by herself, right? So but maybe when you get her to test yeah let her give it to you right that that would be if it's doable so you're there let me lecture touches in there been nice let's do it again sometime and I really wanted a way to keep this door here actually we're going to be oh here's you teo he's a butterball let's go wherever you want to go do it so go ahead don't like yeah right joe you'll be five minutes until that because he's setting up I got you I'm there five minutes don't crazy radio that's about right so where you going where you going yeah I'm just gonna fall it's exactly what I was going for yeah there's voice memos you can search for your thinking right here they are they were gifts they were gifts hey and for you what you are yeah I know hee hee hee thank you. You know what do you think about because I have a lace talkto where over the dress should I not work from the first look that's what you want you need to be in all your glory including the bouquet just wow him and knocked him off that porch way could spray this with the rest of that staff guard get it before for the groom may be okay yeah also it's lucy look lucy just great yeah, all of the layers under here just to make sure this is for no she's way cool thanks santy that's so pretty heated to him we're gonna put it in here you put in it wait she's like back up she's not pulling your weight what about that way? You know I don't know good you want we'll start from the last minute so the frontiers with post don't move whatever you do hold your hands they're for one second bingo my hair is there not a coal miner front early yes you call mama there were no there was one way need to figure that out ofthe careful none of this you fell on the carpet now put it back wait okay so it's on the front porch right? So so first in exchange gifts which we haven't done yet right? So lucy's gonna bring his gift I don't know one of the guys going bring hers and then we're going to set tessa up downstairs on the front he already is okay so rich riches there so all we have to do is exchange gifts right now okay, I get it. I have a special picture you go on and now you are going away to do your gifts. What do you think? You know what it is? I don't uh like joining before the way here so let's go this is why you will never be well yeah, you see, I think you have what so here's my question when you open the gift do you just want to stand and do this or do you can you sit in a dress way should test that out you know we should yeah so we should probably try and put you right here in the corner so if if you sit here I'll let you just sit on the edge of this right and then open the gift right here awesome awesome possum nice issue is this it's not your no it's an awesome yeah because you don't want to look you can fluffer dress and you're okay with bare feet right? Because they're cute as heck yeah I love him I absolutely love it I love the bare feet right now they're nice they're not like they're not ask a guy they're not pouring out your good just stay there just like that for a second made me just like that don't move whatever you do nice and me got you dude check it out check it out cause I do have to have you see some of this stuff so that you get like so yeah that's what you are all right who has the gift? Okay me and mom I don't wear hillary come on. Wait right he's really cool actually wait do you want while you get only buys a tulip in there? Oh, you get your face and maybe e you're just is there no call weren't you yeah, I know but it also being narrow can you write or was it looks like you're struggling for because the stars did come with extra fabric I think that the only thing that was in there now this unless you have this is reception so you don't have ability no way I can make it work no this is not whale this is extra fabric whatever my dresses on no I mean really like when you were what we could do it let's call the place we could jimmy forget and you fold and penn far way just went on that trip first it's already on the other way no it's uh just another room okay and that bythe box well or no because she called the bail so I get my money back we're we're above we're in the black blacking out right ok well I'm sure it's nothing more than a memory just there yeah I'm not like it's not the world you weren't sure you liked my hundred dollars back for now you should give me my mail actually that's fine if you think it'll look it I'll do it julia you're going to get at least the way you like okay I think that way let me duck out do you need help watch home alone I guess you're like two o'clock thanks july like that kid yeah you carry that there is a word that I like which is funny because that shows me how like sorry wait let me see that one more time I just want to pick picket the oh that's what he's feeling wait what I think you know now what about this in my ear box box box box wait have you been drinking e you don't know so it's bouncing off wait, you're there are you yeah no kidding right don't hold me up now you can read it you wear the helmets stands for I will always be there to protect you kick stand in front of you like for a writer I e way a bike wait a moment hey, so should we do something with a gift for him now to have the idea I know it's here still oh yeah let's see if this works he's not up here waiting stares I don't care where we do it my way can you come up sidestep this'll be you by yourself and you know we're just gonna we're gonna go back upstairs because we're gonna make it easy for you don't pretend you don't see that come on in here test e I actually feel like cinderella because these shoes no thank you actually you know, I think I e think about it yeah, there should be just like a top but there's three at the bottom here would believe all right we're doing, we're doing it also gonna make a little spot oh thank you yeah I honestly don't think anybody's going to be like staring at the veil no hopefully it is not the focal point of the day you're crazy one more one more if you hadn't given the boys my hanky okay oh thank you lucy yeah that was awesome that was awesome all right now let's go see your bride huh crying in the room that was great together really cool come on there it is okay let's close that door really quick close the door okay great let's position you and I think it's going to be this the two of you I don't know if we want a ton of guys out there he cried wait there's a lot of pride an old compass that was my grandpa's and I got my grandma's last reigning braked on it and then so everyone gets married that is awesome that sounds good for you uh gave come on it can't know keep looking down for second toe hold on right there that's beautiful honey now without moving too much your head I want turn it my way turn it my way and I want to see your eyes you just lucy liu what's going on on the floor you done with that dress yeah I know I know I done yeah bobby pins way like that downstairs we could look yeah well we're about there and you have your okay yeah yeah she always thank you are you off now? You have a great afternoon. Thank you for what? Your finger? Yeah could you do that? Rich knows where he needs to be. All right, she's going to go right where you are and I need that shot. Okay? All right, kate duck out like you. Yeah, you like it? Good for you. You should keep that right there for a second love just like that and in the mirror I want your eyes at me that's where I want you right there. Right there. Right there, right there. Lower the bouquet just to hear that's it that's it that's it now look at the bouquet for a second, baby. Yeah, like that. Like that. Like that. Like that. Like that? Just like that. Back up a little. Your whole body? Yeah, right there. Now look down at the bouquet. Yes, that's what I want just like that don't move. Hold out for one second. I can go home again. I could go home again. I'm done. I'm done waiting. Ready? Ready? Ready? Okay. See, we're already I need my jacket, please. Girls, courts there are ten accords everywhere. Wait e like, okay, I'm gonna go down before you're I'll meet you at the bottom I'm going down, I'm going all right

Class Description

Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist