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Interview with Shalia and Teurth Part II

I want to start you guys off with something so we want to thank picked taj big time because they manage to turn around these things so so quickly these air some images for you that I want you to have way want youto have dang it, joe it's so beautiful she's okay, uh, this is what it's about, right? Yeah, this is what it's about oh, way! We have a few things for you, it's. Unbelievable. It's beautiful. First of all, that that's a photograph of us how amazing that photograph is seriously, but not us. I can feel it, you know, I mean, as a photographer a cz the person witnessing it and not knowing you very well, I could feel the intensity of this and all I asked you to do it almost kiss and I made you reach for each other, which I hope that you do the rest of your lives together now, you know, she just reached for each other home. That picture makes me so happy. So, you know, just what you miserable right now you know what? I'm sorry I do. And of course I wanted to throw this one in oh, so ...

crazy look at that, you see right where the explosion was just right there, bro, you know the explosion is right by her yeah that's what I'm talking about and then of course the opposite ah, rich gabbed wanted to make sure you got one of those as well because I feel like I'm on oprah where she's like oh my god are you kidding? Yeah, yeah beautiful. So you have a start? You've got four already. So and any of the others that you wish and I'd like to add one more thing is, uh, thanks to graph ia's well, I'm gonna design a book for you and it's going to be whatever you pick it's going to be a graph e book going to pick one hundred fifty images and I'm gonna knock your socks off with one of these graphic books, okay? It's gonna be beautiful. I'm thinking it should be bigger than this. So you pick a nine and a half by thirteen is probably more like an eight by twelve, so we're gonna give you a bigger book and when it help you put together some images and we would like you to have that you're very welcome very welcome. Thanks. Yeah, really? Really. Wow, I am never speechless are yeah, I mean way hardly ever get to do this show the client, the bride and groom right after the wedding, we hardly ever get to see their reactions right away and I just love that we had what we do sometimes I make a print right and when it come to pick up the proofs they have one of those prints that you see here that they pick up and take that home they treasure it as they're going home anxiously wanting to see what's on the disks we give yeah so uh it's a wonderful thing that just you know when I usually tell them it's like when you take these home be home alone and have a glass of wine and look at these images together that's what I said and you guys have been looking at these this whole last couple days watching us retouching I cannot believe that we haven't had people on face well we haven't really been on facebook like shooting a screen shots going oh my gosh I tell you away from it I look maybe that is on there but this is just no I'm glad I'm glad we could do this for you above and beyond so what's next our honeymoon is next month wait for my own my personal vacation so I'm wondering if the internet has questions for us you know just wondering where the tissues so many comments you know they appreciate you know you guys opening your hearts and homes and your wedding to this experience to help them learn so many so many great comments you know thank you join rich beautiful beautiful work I love that pick tears are always good, you know? Well, wonderful, wonderful store curio so says we're promised to see the pictures of the right moment between the moments by joe he wanted to show what that means to nail the shot in the split second, and I think you've done it. Thank you, thank you yeah, I got one joan rich rock my socks, my men off their work and now I have cried five times still loving it were you in the chat room? I joe uh, one of the craziest things about this was joe does some pretty extraordinary stuff. I mean, we all know that, and when we did a walk through of the venue, I think I told toughest man he's going to think this is probably the cheapest menu he's ever worked at. I mean, every bride is, like, excited about her venue, and I thought maybe he'd walk on a go. This isn't likely on ryan's wedding wass and he came to the venue and he picked some random place I had not even noticed in the venue and he started talking about the amazing potential and the shots he could get here, and I realized he could care where he is or what he's taking a picture of he has equal passion for anything that he's looking at, and he sees justus much potential in some smet wall at laurel creek manor is he does as in leann rimes bathroom and I just I was like you know what? This guy is the real deal he doesn't care about any of that other stuff and I think that's why the pictures are so phenomenal because as a bride you don't feel this like oh this photographer isn't as impressed with my wedding as anybody else's that when we did that walk through I was so excited I was like these are going to turn out amazing I feel the same way about doing this for that reason is this is my passion and I just don't see with my eyes I see with my heart if that makes any sense thinks so and I often say when I teach to these classes is that the most important thing about what we do as photographers is who we are not so much the technical aspects while you need to know all those things this is important and more important than that even is the relationships right so to me this is a relationship that could last the rest of our lives right because I now will know you forever that's how I feel about it and I thank you again for letting us come in and be part of this it was all extraordinary we can't thank you guys enough I mean obviously we've got amazing images but getting tio have such a phenomenal experience you can't replace that and creative live we have to thank you guys too because I have a friend who lives in korea she her husband station over there she was able to log on and watch our wedding and it's just amazing to be able to share it with so many people it's unbelievable I mean where else could you do that? You can't come no problem just log on we'll be good it's pretty amazing it is it is so well again test and shelia thank you thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts congratulations for spending your normal honeymoon time here with us in the studio for going into work and you are absolutely definitely with I have a doubt like the new creative life sweetheart thank you both so much e I am to love every second thank you thank you thank you thank you absolutely awesome all right who that was awesome. Thank goodness we had enough tissues here way also yeah oftentimes I get asked what I get out of this and this is what I get out of it. For me the payoff is exactly home feeling now how I felt at the wedding um it nurtures me when I'm able to do this and gift someone memories like this and have them respond to it like that um and secondarily my gosh someone pays me money for this so first and foremost it's because I love it secondarily it's a business often times we lose track of that, you know, when we start because all of us every last one of us that air photographers are picking up cameron because we love it, you know, it's it's, our passion it's a way to express ourselves as artists as human beings to utilize this camera for one way or another. And then we try and think about how we can make a living at this and we start putting in the left side of the brain into the equation. How am I going to make a living off this so I can support myself doing what I love and then we get onto this track of business and the passion which was here starts the wayne off in the business and if it takes over because some of a struggle in the beginning so we're constantly fighting his battle of got to make money at this, you know, and eventually the passion drops the secondarily position where the primary position now is this is business it's a ninety five basically a paycheck at the end of the week and we forget why we started, you know, and I am mindful that I could slip into that too, and I have because when oh eight hit, all of us got hit by it every last one I don't care how high you are or how low you are on the food chain always got nailed by this thing and we were all trying to figure out how to stay above water in that moment that's all I could concentrate on and I thought less of it as my passion until I realized what I was doing and when I put on that other hat and you know what? I'm forgetting that this is what I love first and foremost and I reconnected because in that process of worrying about business I disconnected a little bit of who I am with my clients that I was pitching to and what my coordinators because I was thinking numbers and I wasn't talking the same way I used to which was from the heart this is who I am this is why I love to do this instead I jumped the gun a little faster than I used to or I let my studio to take that part for me and I wouldn't be part of it um big mistake because the reason I get booked it's because I'm in there and they are actually booking me that that that's my pitch it's this is who you're getting and if you take that out of the equation you're just like everybody else that's in it for the business right? So then they compare you to everyone else on dollars and cents so you can sell yourself as a commodity which is strictly based on price right? So where is the lowest package that's who's going to get booked you khun sell yourself one step above that and you could be a service and you can provide goods a slide show book uh or you can go to the ultimate you khun sell yourself as an experience and that's what I do I sell the experience of having me and rich they're at their wedding versus someone else and the way that I do that is by selling who I am showing in my heart and that is not necessarily about the money it's the last thing I discuss the first thing I discusses this connection and in the end I finish off with the connection as well that this is crucial to me and this is why I do what I do it's relationships and from here I might get a call when she gets pregnant and shoot the pregnancy photos often I do that I do the you know the baby pictures like family shoots that we do uh oh so we stay connected so it's not like at the end of this wedding done next they stay in my life's hopefully I staying there so you know, I still noting apartments yeah from a client whose wedding I shot whose son is thirteen and I'm shooting this thirteen and a bar mitzvah so I that's the that's, the power of selling your heart more than what you khun do with packages you know, start there and I really want to thank you guys for allow me one more time to be here to share with you my philosophy, my feelings and again chilean test for letting us in. I want to thank rich we're coming along and just like he's, my wing man and I wouldn't be this good without him. You have to understand that I would not be this good without him. And the reason is, is that he allows me this honor of shooting in my style because he takes care of the rest and he does it very well. It's unspoken what we do with one another, this dance. But I'm telling you, surround yourself with people that will shine and help you shine. Thanks a lot for letting us be here. I love what you just said, it is about your heart and does yours is beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist