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Interviews: Wedding Planner, Bride and Groom

I'm here with megan of clutch events hello everyone flash events dot com this has been a phenomenal meghan is the wedding planner it's been a phenomenal event so far and I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about working with not just check on julia, but working with the photographer because that's what the audience is out there. So tell me about how you first connected with and what are the questions that they ask you? Are you ask them? How does it work? Well, what we do for photographer wise as a planner is once we have the basis of the timeline so vendor arrival ceremony start, I help with a couple break it down on what they want to accomplish for their wedding photos. So a couple photos there first look where they are going to be with family bridal party and then after I do a timeline, the first person I give it to is the photographer there, they'll be able to say this is way too long, this is way too short wave coordinate together, driving times that they're going anywhere on...

kind of like a call she alright family, you go now, you go just so everything runs smoothly is possible, so that's where I started with joe is just how much photos we had our timing of being at this venue and how did it go relative tio what you plan because you were actually met in person right joe you know I owe you okay okay I was kind of the email and that normal yeah, it really is usually it is photographer couple and then couple in myself so a lot of phone calls emails on joe's great it was really easy he's like whatever the couple wants to accomplish and we wait a little bit of buffer just for late hair and makeup right? Usually a culprit were traffic or monster rain and so I'm like today well, it was a perfect timing with family arrivals bridal party yeah, it worked out really smoothly what have been what air usually sort of some of the biggest challenges or what are some of the bonuses when photographers are working with you that what makes a great relationship between wedding planner and photographer having a sheet ready so I could be like a joe in five minutes I'm going to cut the cake get into your position being able to like know certain cues so there they don't miss a shot. So basically my job and timing things is to make sure that they're available so they're going to do speeches, her stances, any of the big things that they need to have in their wedding album that were communicating so joe's awesome and on top of it and having a second shooter that he has a rich very rad because richard shooting cocktail hour while he was they were doing that marriage license so it's a perfect world getting close shot there with the marriage life joe was with a couple of pressure, the main photographer will stick with the bride and groom, okay? And then he got some great shots of them changing into their clothes, so he's there and I was out here, you know? And so then it was rich was able to get candids do some table top shots that anything really fun? So what are some of them like again, the biggest challenges that you generally see working with photographers or what can we do differently on home was having a detail shot list okay imperative and being able to get certain spots in time today wasn't ideal because usually that whole ceremony area or the dinner reception area would be set up perfectly guests wouldn't have touched it, they would be right so they can get those details when they're like exactly how the writing room had visioned it. So that's kind of tricky in a situation like this, not being able to get it right when it was perfectly set up because now there's been two hundred people that I kind of walked through and it's, you know, it looks like a complete party, but that that's a challenge so we missed those is that what you're saying? I think there were some that were being able teo but not not ideal tell me a little bit about your interaction was part of this is where we're opening the door for people to get to know our wedding couple eventually tell us about your interactions with them probably the funniest couple on the planet I think I've told julia that sheesh to be a blogger or a writer a thousand times I see her email pop up and I like get ready to laugh because she is the sharpest way out there and them together cuties couple ever I think I've seen him crying more than I've ever cried because she'll say the cutest things and he's just like so excited marry her and she's so excited to be with them so it's just been like a witty banter of planning of being like djs you now do you mind now and then they'll be like this's the playlist we need so they're been like really great kind of co mingling their wedding whose responsibility for what while keeping everything in nine of the other person it's really fun so I absolutely agree and it's just it's so precious every time death cries every time every time you talk to him about crying and I if you guys missed the first look have you seen any bits of that? I'm like I need a replay because I got to see through like the window like all the bridal party was like pop up he was crying knowing that she was walking down the stairs it was there was like this like he's a hugger if you get to meet him, anybody he'll hug you. And so the hog was like it was like ten minutes later he did not want what has been other than the methods of the crying what is right, what have been some of the things you've seen today that have made the day unique? Oh gosh well tear jerker her mother is passed away and as a surprise they get a pair of earrings from her mother and put them on the okay and touches like that are so personal and just like bring it home and even her sister went and got a few photos of her mother that we could hang inside the room for guests to see and just like those unique and even their watering the tree. I've never done that before usually people do say under a candle or something like that and they're like we want to grow something together and I love it you know the joke about having a love fern from you know how to lose a guy in ten days was made and they loved it they thought it was like a whore so they each got pitchers of water that they thought represented themselves really anything that his was like a teapot short and stout and it was like a curvy purple vase it was perfect so they each watered it and made it a complete unique ceremony how do we find you online? My website is clutch of in stock. Well, I just want to say thank you on behalf of all creative live and the crew and eventually a because you have put so much work into this and it is paying off it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your work. Megan thinks you got it and I'm gonna hand it back over to death and julia are coming technically a yes. So we are going to dio another little interview with death in chile I just got the word this is the beauty of a live event here crate of live is that we're just going with the flower well, they were sure to be the first people to eat dinner which is also a perk u boats getting married here she comes yeah oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. I got a ring round surely and take the microphone everybody I actually, uh welcome to my wedding can I just give you a hug gas side oh my goodness, thank you all the work you loving today you are so welcome. It is our pleasure. This has been an incredible thank you on behalf of the internet for sharing this day with us. Julia, can we just can we just look at her outfit isn't physical unbelievable? This is amazing. Have you even tried this on before? Is this the first time you're wearing it? Not everything together. Bye. I did kind of do this rap thing. Yes, just basically like a few time table cloth around your waist. But really, putting it on is totally different than that. So so do you know, can you tell me about any of this? Well, we need to get tess over here for that. You know, all I know is that this is the uber traditional stuff that is warning cambodia when they get married. And in cambodia, the wedding ceremonies are actually really, really long, like they last for a couple days. Wow. And obviously, we have a couple days here, so we just wanted to honor his parents. They actually fled cambodia. So the fact that they were able to get here and bring my husband here, I know. So I just wanted to honor them by wearing their traditional wedding absolutely beautiful, the dances that we just heard, that horrible, they were adorable, and you're his dad just did not know that you were going tio come out like this is that correct or am I making that up? You know actually I think he may have known but he didn't know he knew like I feel like we talked about it. Okay, but it wasn't registering what we were saying there are so many surprises coming in here the man himself I just learned a few dance moves did you buy something like this? I can do this and then the rain will stop fine. We'll stop right, everybody? Well, first of all, congratulations. Thank you on behalf of the creative life community, you guys, this has been the most spectacular day truly of my creative live history. What about you? This is amazing and, you know thank you to all the fans. Yeah, fans without them, we wouldn't be here, but no it's it's amazing, amazing event for everybody involved. I mean it's it's yes. Tell me about this outfit. Will you tell me that purple how? Ok, purple has been the theme of the wedding. How did purple come about? I've just I've always loved purple and it just worked out the way it did because she was like our wedding colors purple yeah, so I mean, it worked out just it's the color of royalty to so you today, thank you. Can we see the rings would ring is what is that hawaiian koa wood. And we got tests ring in hawaii, and he surprised me. I didn't know we were going to do a wedding band, so he surprised me with this scoring. He pull it out, I didn't even see it till he slipped the ring on the finger. He just whipped it out, and there it was. Wow. Okay, so if we have a little bit of time and I'm going to ask our producer, uh, great question, how don't meet each other. And also, I want the world to hear your proposal story because it is by far the most special and spectacular and heart melting story I've ever heard in my life. So, first of all, how did you meet and then proposal? I was a radio producer and he was a sound engineer at a radio station in seattle. And there you have it because that star way worked events together because of what I do and what she does so we became friends and there was a pink top pingpong table here because that's how we bonded yeah, but we had to move it because both they and everything so wait over just a tad why you don't want to get well, thank you. I appreciate that, but I mean the proposal I think she tells it better because okay, okay. Here I woke up to a gift and I opened it and I he's amazing race fanatic so I was given a red envelope and he sent me on a scavenger hunt and I ended up taking a cab with some cash to some mystery location which ended up being our water flight harbor right? And I would go out on the seaplane and went off to friday harbor. Thanks. Look at the audio guy making sure the internet can hear his beautiful bride he's like I want them to know how I proposed. It was pretty much it. Yeah, I got in an airplane and landed at a night island around here called friday harbor and I was given a rental car which I just got into and started driving to the locations he sent me to in each place I went I got a new red envelope so I went and got to take an amazing horseback ride through these old ancient trails. Then I got to go all smelling like a horse and everything to us where they gave me this aromatic shower that did not smell like a horse when gave me an amazing massage. And then by that time it was night and I drove to this cute cabin in the woods on the water, can it get any better? It does, yeah, and then I heard this blubbering from inside that no, I'm kidding. Blubbering didn't start until I opened the door and then text forgot. I don't know if you have anything planned to say, but it was blubber that came out because he was so excited that I lost it. I mean, I let probably about fifty candles around. I lit them about four times to see how long that would last. Okay, let that blue amount see, okay, that's, good timing, and then I had to go, bro, you know, my cannon ready to go forgot to push, record right and pump himself up was watching iron man trailers, superman trailers. I was just like, ready to go, but when she got there I was nothing yeah, I was super cute did you know it's happening by this point? Candles on the porch kind of tipped me off okay, I have to say though, and this might sound super cheesy but it's true death is such a sweet person as I was in the airplane I it was near christmas so I actually thought like maybe he was just giving us a really cool christmas weekend don't assume that anything's happening because you'll end up being like, oh, proposal never game and you're like waiting for it so well, what I think is truly adorable about this is that some of us knew what was happening yes, it turns out but the really cool thing is that test originally wanted to do this on your birthday weekend, which was like three months earlier and I was not gonna wait that long so I proposed it myself. Why did you why couldn't you wait just couldn't wait because I mean, I would see her every day and I just knew it was it was time you know, the fact that it worked out because it was supposed to the last day of yeah, the last day of the world right now so essentially got everything ready within three days just fooling everybody but when he told me he got the ring and he bought it and once he bought it he couldn't you could put it in a drawer and then he just had to do it. So tell me because the world out there wants to know why were you ok sharing this day? Why did you want to share this day with the creative my world? You know, it's like it's creative live to me has been a family to me and the fact that creative life touches people you know, creative creatively and the fact that I'm there and it touches me that way everybody here, their family it's just the fact that when this was gonna happen, I was, like, who's gonna work and who's gonna be here to ten. So I mean, it all worked out the way it is and it's amazing the rain and everything and the fact that the world got to watch, you know, it's experience what joe does and, you know, to capture something that live, you know, and can't work with environment the way it is really, you know, rain and I actually really interesting I'm not an avid photographer, necessarily, but I'm fascinated by how he's gonna turn like I bet he could take that dirty corner that covered in rain right now, like it's beautiful and I think that's so fascinating and if we get to share in that it just makes it a more happy day

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