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The First Look

We have been doing the bride's getting ready we've been doing the, uh all the prep with the groom and we're going to be doing the first look here any minute as we wear just waiting for the bride and groom they're the bride to come down the stairs. We have the groom out on the porch. This's it's been great so far I hope you've been enjoying it. It's been crazy here and it's been a wonderful, wonderful morning. So we'll say we've got is obviously a little bit more complicated than your usual. What did you do with all of this stuff for creative live here but it's and now here she comes o ee o you don't e way e way okay, but I don't need the white one right now, but you duck it. So so check this out. What? Here's, what I'm gonna do is waiting for you, right? I'm gonna be on the other side photographing his face right before he turns around sees you but what I need you to do now is to come around this corner and peek at it till I see yeah, so he's gonna be in the foreground, I'll tell you w...

hen and I just want you to reach around and take a look so I could focus on your face yet you don't see shirley and help pick out okay and he is now turning around till I tell him so no worries when I ask you to turn around turn to your left to see her okay but not yet okay hang on julia hold on the eyes eyes that I love her okay ready for a second okay all right she leah look don't move yet don't move stop right there. Okay rich you got this point okay shelia I want you right here. Just face him are you ready? My friend rich you're in turn around and look at your bright to be by buddy walk to him you stay there wait right here right here right here right here wait wait yeah, I wear nice oh yeah oh yeah I just I think I just pack your mike they're gonna hang me in the night before thank you stay in there the whole time they saw all of it you wear that was amazing that was from the heart and it was so beautiful that was awesome. I think he's he's over it he's done he's done he's fine uh you know what? No, you're not no, you know, I know it was good it was a good shot I almost went with it with you but no way could put them down yeah, I'm thinking at the backyard where you have to be happy you know what I could use is that white umbrella I would love to see if I could use that white umbrella I know a lot of crap let me see what I've got going here for a second you know what I'm gonna take this back rich I'm gonna do this I'm gonna move these benches out for now we can always move it back yes you don't want him in the shots that stationery so check it up here's what I want you to do you ready for this? I want you to do this right here like this I'm gonna bounce my flash into that bad boy let me do it on this side for me yeah so just watch your flashes going right okay let me see you guys for one second I just want to see you hold on ready here we go I'm gonna flash fill this bad boy for a second how much do I like that? I love that do it this way it's got a bounce right into them I like it nice nice that's nice soft light yeah just make sure it goes directly into them right? Okay, just bring it down some yeah, right there. I just want a total okay you guys looking at me for a second and coming close he love each other that's what I want right there that's it that's it that's it rich have added liquid that's great and if yu scoops that's great that's great right there wait check this out a couple more a couple warning to and then if you guys want to just kind of hang out together go and talk to each other for a bit wait get one more of the two you together right there that's it lying underneath you okay stay right there for a second guys just like that right do me a favor look at each other for a second that's it right there hold that don't move don't move don't move don't move all right you actually can kiss each other if you want. All right, get a room get a room all right and if it was one or anything we'll have to turn to me that's good and you can go it is close to the walls you're comfortable again with that lovely dress of yours yeah yeah yeah that's it that's the pose what are you gonna do about that? Go ahead goto missing pilots obviously one of you guys right here that's great. Oh yeah these are her parents your parents they go towards each other alright e q that way with a right and there go the mirrors yeah use you okay, so I'm gonna do something a little different I just want something that's not as for that's it just like this okay so check this out I want you to unbutton jacket I want you to put your hands in your pocket just like that that's it so what I know he's so cool it's ridiculous so I want you dahl I want you in that nook right here in that corner and it's kind of like yeah you know what and prop one arm up on the side of this thing like with attitude and drop that bouquet all the way down that's what I'm talking about what you can't get it out yeah, but it's all good we got all of that you're ready? Okay, let me see what? Yeah not no, not really do me a favor test cross your legs yeah, I like that. I like that song yeah and I just want you kind of like relax, right? Just like that there you go. Let me see you for a second right here. Yeah that's what I'm talking about right there that's it I like it. I was standing back there and I almost think you guys should put that stuff in here. That means nobody turns around he'll be like, oh my god, people that out it was just like, oh my god, it looks so real so they're not gonna let you go that's nice but I have a question you're about to get married how long you been waiting for this new year and we've been talking about it and you know family is gonna happen here yeah and when they was argue about it and just kind of like I knew I didn't want to say anything because she was in the room right conversation yeah so every time she thought I was kind of backing away from that yeah, but the whole time I was right there yeah, well I broke my leg and I think that when he declared me I realized how with what I have and my family my family was like my family loved him yeah when I was in the hospital and he was panicking that I might not be okay they were like you like him yeah sobbing when she went in for surgery you're a record I was back I held it for at least twenty eight hours until she couldn't get the surgery after she broke her leg thirty four hours later so then I was like a person means business yeah and then I started being with you but I was like I'm gonna propose myself but put a ring on my finger tie string to it or put put a spring on my finger right in there and wake up honey what have you done walk out to the couch be like yes, I really feel like I actually thought she was gonna propose one night teo we're at a holiday party or something way left to go to the space you know it was raining and I was like let's go take a walk under the space needle it's so pretty and they were like all the reflections yeah, like she could wait we should yeah, what what is your problem? Show we're under this amazing looks pretty not ready like tongue he's like no, we should go what's wrong. I wanted to I wanted you to do teo so now fast forward to today how you feeling after his first look? I mean, now they're so much better. I'm really excited. Um I don't know what's gonna be like at that altar I'm just super excited bawling, crying and stuff but I was so excited like when he gave me this ring all I could do is jump out and scream like yes, when I was out of question or something and biggie was like that or something, you know complicated like that I was lying moment wait, yes, confused. I'm just super excited. I feel like there has been enough no fabulous stuff going on in my world that play I have something like the best now you can kiss right at you it's gonna be wonderful and here comes a little like way like that

Class Description

Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist