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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: From Shoot Through Photo Editing: Wedding Portrait Retouch in Lightroom and Photoshop

Pye Jirsa

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I'm Kenna Klosterman, your host for Wedding Portrait Retouch and Lightroom and Photoshop with Pye Jirsa. Pye Jirsa, take it away. Thanks Kenna. So welcome everyone to the class. I'm super stoked. This marks our second kind of short form class with Creative Live. So we have this and another class we did for Photo Week and now we have also four complete classes in the Creative Live library. So we're super stoked, be sure to check them out. This class is gonna be all about from shoot through edit. And so what we're gonna do is basically kind of simulate a little bit of a bride and groom prep in the morning with a little bit of couples photos. And we're gonna give you guys tips and techniques that are gonna guide you through, well basically the shoot all the way through to post production. And certain things we do during the shoot to help us with a better, to have a better post production work flow basically. So, I have structured this class, because it's a three hour class as apposed to...

being two days, I've structured this in the format of tips. Okay so we have over 20 tips, I have actually like 25, and then a ton of mini tips. They're really like tips and techniques alright? They're gonna be everything. But, what I want you guys to do, is I want you to come away from this class with tips and techniques that you can put into practice right away. And here's my thing. Best case scenario, well you guys are gonna walk away, this class is gonna be worth the entire price of Photoshop week. Worst case scenario, well it's still worth the 29 bucks 'cause you're gonna have awesome tips to go home with. At least one. If I give you 25, you should have at least one that you take home. But no, it's gonna be really cool and let's get started. By the way I love questions, I love all that kind of stuff. Be sure to ask. Kenna's gonna be filtering stuff to me throughout. We are gonna go at a little bit of a quick pace because we have a lot of stuff to get through. I wanna make this class jam packed with information. So ask and if we can get to it we for sure will.

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Ratings and Reviews

Pamela Richardson

I would absolutely recommend this class. I watched this class by chance on the rebroadcast, since I am not a wedding photographer. However, I learned so much that I was amazed. I do take many many photographs of friends, family, and at events, although my professional speciality is landscape. I will be able to improve my photographs of people substantially thanks to Pye's course, because I learned so much about how to pose subjects, how to work with a variety of backgrounds, lighting, and then the photo editing. I can apply the photo editing to all of my photographs, not just portraits. I really liked Pye's comprehensive explanations of each step that he was demonstrating, for both the portrait session and the photo editing. I really appreciated Pye's clear demonstrations of how images of people can be improved, and am eager to apply his examples to my own work. I appreciated Pye's absolutely outstanding presentation skills, as he had slide show already prepared, with the list of tips and associated mini tips for every step of the process. I learned so much about equipment (such as lighting and flashes), additional software, printing and publishing services, and more. Pye's presentation pace allowed me to make notes and absorb what he was saying. My friends and family will also appreciate my increased skills at retouching photos of them!!!


loved this class! lots of good info and it was great to see a small version of his normal shooting process. He presents it in a very fun and entertaining way making it not just educational but also enjoyable to watch!


A+ Fantastic course. Quick work flow is a real weakness of mine. Pye did a terrific job. I must admit, sometimes I fail to appreciate the top caliber of talent CreativeLive gets. There are a log of great Instagram photographers that don't make money. CreativeLive gets top tiered working photographers, which is key. I know I'll need to re-watch so I can implement what Pye taught.

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