Wedding Photography Weekend

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After the Wedding and Album Design


Wedding Photography Weekend

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After the Wedding and Album Design


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After the Wedding and Album Design

so now we have really done a good job taking care of them throughout the process they've had an amazing wedding day experience so again we don't want to kind of dropped off their radar we want to let them know that we are on it so we send them and you can schedule us to go up you can have a template that you just copy and paste and fill in some extra details so we send them on what to expect email for the most part has probably been a year since they've read their contract they don't know when their images are gonna be ready I don't know what they bought totally forget everything and we don't want them coming to us and being like hair my image is ready it because they didn't six hours or they don't like it kidding me uh and so what we want to do is we want to set that bar high remember under promise and over deliver so we want to remind them hey your images are gonna be ready for ninety days no later than ninety days and so these are the things that that we actually including the e mai...

l so sneak peek we do sneak peek on me make sure I include that in the email we put your sneak peek up on facebook or it's on our blogger check out your plus site we've no I did a sneak peak to your wedding images so we communicate that that to them just in case they haven't seen it and for those of you who are like super concerned about your watermark being taken off the imaginable and photos that are uploaded to facebook this could be a great time to classically class two very in a classy way say hey we've uploaded photos to facebook feel free to make them your profile photo because you want to know that it's find that they make that your profile almost a ton if you kept your watermark on and say we love it if you just keep our water mark on the image like okay often they're totally fine with that so we're reminded of mother sneak peek and then we also remind them hey just a reminder as our contracts state you're going teo get your images no later than ninety days and then we also tell them when your images are done we would love to bring you into our home for a previous session hard to see ah highlight of your wedding images but don't worry about that we'll cross that bridge when it comes to their so we're just setting those expectations in their mind of what teo expect and then we also remind them about their album design and how we do our packages is way have coverage that gets us ten hours and then a twenty page album credit so at this point we remind them just to remind you you have twenty page album credit we're gonna go ahead and design your album your story was some amazing they'll probably be thirty or forty pages to choose from and you can get as many and you get a pick which story you want told and so he told me that it will be like we'll be in touch min you know all that stuff a set so we're just reminding them of the things just expect and so they know yeah and sort of the behind the scenes of that on our side we're telling them here's what to expect that ninety day turn around and you want to do a previous session when your images are ready and we're gonna build you an album and that's gonna take time and all this stuff behind the scenes is we shoot the wedding on saturday we always take two days off but sunday afternoon or saturday night we get images up on facebook it's for some teasers and we put together a quick little blawg with one or two photos to go on the log on our block is integrated with facebook so people can have communication their way also do uh is so when we take sunday and monday off we do nothing and it's office hours we don't take phone calls nothing tuesday I go to work on the images so I download at it her download call at it picked the album images pick all the blog's shots for the big block that's going to go up export upload and that all happens that afternoon and it takes me three to five hours to do that so that's part of our in camera five our workflow workshop that we do teo I'm shooting in post production workshop but the clients thinking ninety days and I know I could do that in three to five hours so I'm going ninety days is a piece of cake they're gonna be landing on their honeymoon or on there second day of their honeymoon and their photos are gonna be done I'm going to build their album wednesday morning and it's gonna take me about thirty minutes and swap the building which we're going to talk about the second and by the time they because ultimately what we want to do is we want to push the expectation out and then we want a time when we're going to market their images when we're going to show them how we're gonna build it up and make them so excited that they want to buy more products that's ultimately what we're doing so question devalue your turn around time because they think oh they got it done so fast it must not be that hard to do do you know what I'm saying great putting that up right away a lot of times they think well wedding for because a lot of people don't know they think wedding photography is all about the time afterwards so do you find that that's the case they go oh they could do it that fast they're not really worth that much money and I think that's an awesome question you know there's a debate back and forth I remember you know kevin swan another photographer on this big block form we're talking about that uh speed versus quality and all this you know this kind of conversations I think clients I think people in general live in an immediacy you know uh uh world seven hundred here's an example seven hundred fifty million photos and new year's eve of two thousand ten and eleven were uploaded to facebook three quarters of a billion images over that weekend just what the photos were of new year's weekend so people take pictures they put him on instagram they've run an action and they wanted to look awesome they want to share it now they want to see it now and the gratification comes from that speed from getting it when they want it not waiting and I know other people would disagree and think somehow that because I laboriously labored over painstakingly adjusting my images because I honestly don't know how to shoot that well that that somehow makes the images better when in reality I would say ninety nine percent of time that actually makes the image of worse from a true quality perspective and our clients know we'll tell them when they come in they're like oh my gosh I love that background in that shot and there's a lot of times ago you guys can photoshopped this or that right were going actually we do everything in camera we shoot everything we don't do photo shop and they're like oh cool because all they hear is they don't know what photo shop really means and what that does what we tell them no we don't use photo shop so we turned the images around fast every single client has just been blown away and excited they're like oh my gosh my pictures or not I can't wait to see him I can't I think they're more excited about that their images were done then like wait a second you know supposed because we showed him that night at the wedding and people go man you guys did this so fast and these air beautiful and sometimes I have pictures up that could be better and they're like this is amazing and it's not like we're emailing them that tuesday saying hair images they're done you know they get the email when we because we know they're getting back from their honeymoon on saturday then maybe we'll e mail them saturday or monday or something so I think having a week turnaround doesn't devalue it whatsoever and some people may disagree with that but I could I mean the numbers speak for themselves and when you're making any time somebody asked that question it tells you uh I think that devalos asked how much and I'll probably be quiet really regarding the photo preview what happens if your clients in a different state how do you handle that question for the ok for the previous session then let's um we actually okay so we'll get into a process of what we do for in state for our clients how we bring them back for out of state claims it's a lot harder to sell to them and what we actually have created is a plus sight of course on show it which we can direct them to kind of outlining the products that we have available for them tio purchase and we can show them you know a slide show on it that way but of course it's not the same bringing them into our studio which we will touch how I do that just a general rule if you shoot destination weddings it's good it's probably better to be a package photographer honestly to start because all a cart like jodi and I is very dependent on selling on the tail end in person um so if you're doing destination weddings it's a lot harder to sell when you're not in person and I've talked to a lot of photographers we've been why a few times and more chops out there when they do these to our destination weddings where there they live there but everyone else comes into the destination and then they leave a week later and how they're going to sell anything to them how they can even build a relationship with those people so I said well why don't you do a previous session for him two days later and you send it on the floor in the wedding set it up beforehand they're expecting it two days later you come over with an entire thirty page spread album digitally designed for them to look at and have an option to buy and they were like I've never thought of that how amazing would that be you're on your honeymoon just got shot it's two days later you're hanging out with photographers and looking at a thirty page book and you just got you know three or four grand in cash from everyone that came here whether you're going I mean I want this you know they're gonna buy you know because people buy based on that speed and immediacy factor big time so that's what you know but it's hard to sell out of state very hard okay one more question maybe you're going to get to this but vera had best do they do you have any tips for choosing which photos you're giving the clients that you khun do it fast so for this person it seems to take forever so essentially calling those telling those images what a year so what the process for calling for calling or for the album I think it was for calling any tips for choosing what photos they're giving the clients yet I think the best tip would be um show less instead of more even if you have a lot of great pictures they don't need to see him removed their redundancy move the road I don't need fifty shots of them like yeah jodi and I try to prove between five and seven hundred we try to never shoot more than three thousand images unless it's like in a very elaborate wedding and there's a lot of guests then we'll shoot more on dh I can call as an example like pick through third I've picked a thirty two hundred images in forty five minutes and that's picking the album shots the blog's shots and all the finals for the client at the same time so that can be done if you really work on picking the best not picking everything just cause it's good but picking the best and then you know focusing on the story focusing on how what is this telling a story or not just pick those shots and be done and don't go back once you pick the if you look at a series of images ago that's the best one don't look at the rest ever again ever unless they call you and go do you have a picture of me going like this and like this sure a look and this actually leads us into how we do our albums and how we pick images for our albums in I was gonna be a really great prophet and that could be a great thing to offer your clients a lot of planes do want albums the problem is that sometimes it spends photographer so much time on the back end that sometimes you'd rather not even offering album and just be content with them just buying the disk of images so our kinds more than more of them than less of them by the disk of images but they do also by an album and we use wat which is swat designer dot com to designer albums this has been put out by kiss books the album company that we use and it's free and it's the stands with a simple wedding album tool and in the name of the game is in the name simple it's all about creating an album that is very simple and easy and also not just creating it creating it proofing it getting it approved and getting it made are all in one program what's the average yeah the swan guys you know pulled a bunch of their people their users and trying to figure out how much time are people spending building these books and if you think about it so you have ah seven hundred dollar profit building to an album a lot of attire were spending between fifty and fifty two hours building and that's emailing proofing building it tweaking it adjusting it getting it made and all this stuff holy cow that's in it over a week's worth of work for an average of seven maybe two twelve hundred dollars of profit on the book you're not making somebody do the math and put it in the chat room tell me with the math is on that for our remember your hourly wage fifty hours hourly wage is much more important than your year they wait because it doesn't matter if you work a thousand hours a week to get a one hundred thousand dollars a year you're broke I trust me um so anyway they took this entire process and squeeze it down into about two hours using this tool they're fronting the bill right now to make this tool available you know there's going to be different options to get more stuff with it coming up which is worth over it so like we'll be building a custom designed that you can have access to if you buy into a higher level but swat in and of itself it's free you can absolutely uphold your images designed an album there's you can pick your templates you just drop images in and what was the first album that you built that could never use swap before remember use it before I only did all the al on designs for another program this really fancy client that had a very expensive wedding so I said let's build a crazy book so I built one hundred forty six page album to volume book and it took me less than two hours and I never used the program and I never built an album in my life so imagine building an average book twenty to thirteen how fast you can do it and it's all about simplicity you can't turn an image two degrees this way we're really gonna miss you afraid that the stuff that's honestly gonna look goofy in ten years anyway it's simple it's timeless it's classic it's beautiful open up that album right there would you close my dear so we can show you a couple of spreads this is kind of what you could do in swat and I'll show you a couple of the pages I mean just beautiful absolutely gorgeous kind of stuff that you could do a swat and is very very very simple and of course you could be more complicated or put eighty images on one page if you want to but why do that you know this is this is going to stand the test of time simple white background you can adjust the backgrounds all that stuff but it's very very fast and efficient and the other big headache with album design is actually getting the claim to proof it oh my gosh it's a disaster so along with swat is a way that you can email your client a slide show link and see right there they can leave comments this is a client side so this is probably this is one of the spread so on there that could be like oh please swap out the shoe shot with the hearing shot you and they can reference the number from your gallery that you have and so then you and then they can approve it and then you get an email and you can go right into swat and you can see there the picture of that spread and the album change that you want and it's so simple you go back into slot you just drop in the image and then you're done and I used to do this and photoshopping it was a nightmare and so and that's the only thing out of you on the other really powerful thing about this tool as well as the selling capabilities is now share a bowl you can share this on facebook I believe right yes you can share it on facebook design so you and you have two versions of the slideshow you have one for their friends to see that doesn't have any of the commenting or any of the price so they can just share it and their friends can go I love it eventually they're going to build really cool things into it I'm thinking like um oh a family member wants to buy a spread here here's one hundred dollars voucher cool stuff like that's coming um but then the other cool thing is you notice that there right it says album cost so we do a twenty page ob on credit but say we build thirty pages for them well they can go in and see well in this case it says fifty six pages at one hundred dollars a page it's a five fifty six hundred dollar album they have a two thousand dollar credit so the balance is thirty six hundred dollars so they can see right then and there so if they disapprove of a page it goes away it adjust the cost and then you can also put in there and discount well if you buy it in thirty days you could get fifteen percent off and then they can see that price and you can adjust all these things on your own set the album price yeah and that's when it's great incentives for them to buy because sometimes you know we think our record for getting an album to a client has been a year and a half past their wedding and it's because we've been waiting records delivering it to them because we have been waiting for them to get back with us because it's such a hassle and buy having them do this and being able to give them and since it hey you approve this with within thirty days I'm gonna give you ten percent off any additional pages it's huge think we have some questions just uh swa avail are compatible with miller's or w h c c yeah great question swat is free and its designs on lena square format because that's what kiss books are square obviously they would love it if you use kiss because kiss is the best and you press a button it sends the album a kiss and gets printed and drop shipped your client in a week later you can also download the full rest spreads currently so if you design the whole book and they approve it you can use the entire system and you want to send it to a white house in a square format you can hit download they'll send you the spreads and you could do that but my opinion too is like why mother if they've built if these guys are smart enough to take a fifty our system building two hours wait you start using their books and think about it like your time is so valuable with our other album company that we use to use yes fine books but we had a book that we needed to order two different sizes for so I had her office manager go in and placed the order to kiss into this other album company lra lame name and it took thirty two minutes for them to place that order with the other album company it took four minutes and twenty eight seconds with kiss it is so simple and that time is valuable to us that saves me a half of my time where zac and I could be going on a date night or whatever we want to do or I can pay someone and I no longer have to pay them for a half hour of their work and paying them for four minutes of their work so that is what we love about kissing for us the timeto export download re uploading another company like it's not even worth it in we love your book so and I think that's a great topic that kind of chat about to really fast is figuring out the value of your time I think a lot of people lack in that area special lot of a small business owners I know jodi and I did for a long time we never used to think about it I always thought about the dollar how much money did we make it the end of the year bait the big number how much of my paying taxes on that's all I care about is it more than last year but the reality is is how much of my making per hour because you know we do this all the time and I know kevin swan has done this a lot with a lot of photographers going you make one hundred thousand dollars here but work ninety hours a week to get it versus fifty thousand dollars here and work ten hours a week to get that who's more successful the guy that can hang out with his family he has everything he needs it's making it a little bit above average income and his kids he goes to his kid's soccer games or they workaholic who makes twice as much but also probably buys twice as much of junkie doesn't need and is never available to anyone that he loves who is more successful the guy making fifties way more successful right so we want to be sort of thinking that way and going when you sit down and I highly recommend it's taken average wedding which with your average profit not the loss but the profits and figure out how much you're paying taxes on and then divide that by how many hours you put into every second of that wedding I'm talking emailing calling the client's shooting the wedding ended and calling and the list goes on and on and on and on and on don't forget toe take out your taxes and insurance and you know all the stuff that you spent on your business for business expenses and all those things and figure out what that dollar prices and usually one of two things will happen you'll go holy crap I don't make any money and I should work at mcdonald's and do this as a hobby because I might make more money and have health insurance or you'll realize your time is actually a lot more valuable than you thought and you were doing you know you're downloading to send to a white house custom called and they're great nothing wrong with that but I'm just saying you're taking an extra hour and a half the download to send it to another company because you like the finish of this book and that our have cost you nine ninety five dollars of your time when you could have pressed a button sent it to kiss and the prices are exactly the same or whatever and now you can take that ninety five dollars worth your time and go do something more valuable with it like build your being business go meet somebody go on a date with your spouse hang out with your child you know and let them throw up on your another like really something to think about a fun little nugget is like we did a tuesday tips and tricks block post about why groupon ing yourself could be the one of the worst things for your business and the point that I was trying to make in there is the you know we did some math on one of the photographer ads that we saw there and the people that bought into that they were making like seven thousand dollars but we thought about the fifty percent fee that they have to pay to group on and their time and all the expenses and everything that they were giving away in that group on session on devaluing themselves give and then it ended up being like a dollar an hour or something ridiculous and that is not worth it I would I don't want seven thousand dollars in order and work seven thousand hours or whatever it turned out to be like it was ridiculous so the question question question hear lindquist well first of all it sounds like we're crashing the kiss site ah but uh people would like to know if you could just describe exactly what your favorite book is yes from the kiss sight that your thing and is it press printed or is it okay great question way offer to our clients that they get their twenty page on credit is a full size which is twelve by twelve from kiss leather uh leather covered twenty page album that's what's kind of base album and then we build a bigger book and they can operate if they want yet so what has offered is you have a twelve by twelve ten by ten and eight by eight and then they had the little kisses and then you can get a linen book which is this and it's kind of just like a hardcover book and then you can get leather those are the two options and then you have just brain seven to color choices so always just get block yes so the the linen book is thinner and not a hefty as the album the leather album that's this exact same book exact same is like this thick pretty substantial pretty like it should be expecting us so it's the leather is what we sell as wedding albums if we're going to do like an engagement look to our clients we will do the linen and it's great because they all come and you know they're cute little cases and we'll talk about this coming up but we actually don't ever show these to our clients we use these for marketing later so we'll talk about that size twelve by twelve bigger the better it's always about big and we don't even know your clients we don't even offer the eight by billy we just have the twelve by twelve in the tibetan keep way off from and this is actually really smart do we offer them price per page because it's simple it's like oh the r's or one hundred dollars per page which is on a very expensive end and it's just like a book sometimes we say spreads where clients and confederate on page one two so there's two pages and this would be two hundred dollars for that spread so one hundred dollars a page hundred dollars page and the reason we do that is because the math is simple they don't have to think they go I want ten spreads well one hundred dollars spread most people condemn times by ten so it's a thousand bucks very very simple um well in that all parent books we sell for a flat rate ten by ten is a thousand twelve twelve twelve hundred no matter how big the main book gets because again it's simple that's coming from kevin's one that's how he sells him and kevin swan who owns kiss place is actually pretty interesting kevin swanson owns kiss books he has between fifteen and twenty of his own winning clients a year in the last five years he's sold over one hundred thousand dollars in just albums to his clients so he knows about album sales and he owns kiss as well so he understands simplicity sells make it easy for them to buy no by but if you show up with like all these life textures and colors hanging on your belt you can get in this color in that color and leather imprinted and gators and you know klaus and all the stuff there like esso money choice I don't want to do and that was ten percent more than that one yeah and the boarding process for use in nightmare because you're trying to figure out the pricing of everything and it's just like not keep it simple yeah yeah I use asuka book which I love by the way I love love love but they're really thick do just kiss make them think like that or is it like that if it a little bit thinner because I can't I didn't actually feel it but it looks a little do you want lenin book has got me thinking substantial when victor yeah the limit the limit book has a thinner divider between the pages so it's a little bit more flexible but it's so dirty it's not like a year but you know it's very sturdy and then the leather book has a bit thicker I don't know the millimeter you can check the website it's a little bit thicker and more heavy duty substantial feeling so you could definitely play with it feel it feel it in your unit you know thirty percent off and they're beautiful I mean they're they're top quality books and there lay flat they're gorgeous okay all right so we will meet on we're taking a break in like one minute so so maybe let's take a couple more questions and then another question or two and then we're gonna take a little break I can't go back just a little bit there's quite a few people asking a dr regarding all the images that you shoot yu said yu shoot over three thousand and then you call that down how many images do you actually give your client and you ever allow them to see the rest of them great question so we shoot between twenty five hundred and thirty five hundred usually around twenty nine hundred three thousand it's kind of normal and then we try to proof between five and seven hundred and the reasoning for that is to just show them less options show them the best of the best and I've proved as an example I proved seventeen hundred images to a client once that's insane nobody needs to look at that many pictures five to seven hundred is more than enough seven hundred for bigger weddings five hundred for you know shorter winnings on the fact of the matter is yeah there's a lot of great more images we can show them but they're all they're all redundant you know it's like we shot you know a bride and groom under a tree and the light was beautiful we took fifty photos well maybe seven of those or blinkers are awkward faces so we still have forty three photos that are amazing they don't need to see all the forty three pick the best seven or the best five and you're actually doing you're in a better service by doing you like to use yeah he's like for everything are images don't go anywhere except in a white room and in tow swamp that's and then in uh you know facebook and pass and that kind of stuff on the web site s o we do them all in light room and was simply p for pick and we pick all of the favors and then I won star the log in the album shots and that's it don't do any other kind of weird organization or anything very simple process and a couple more questions on that do you keep all three thousand images or do you believe that people just because hard drive space is cheap you know I've got gigs and digs and digs and digs of weddings you know sitting there but we tell our clients we keep them for two years max so after two years you're gonna have to be responsible because I can't keep them forever my hard drive may go bad or the company that I had him online with may go out of business so we guarantee that will keep him for two years but then that's the end and you know we have had the rare occasion where I think to rise in our whole experience of shooting where they have said hey do you have a photo of uncle bob at this table and then we'll go back and pull images but out of one hundred fifty weddings or government we've shot like to a handful of clients it said do you have it what happened actually one time at a wedding we shot photographed a wedding I proved everything and the bride a week later came back and said hey remember grandma that was at the wedding check she died do you have any more pictures of her and I said I gave you everything and she was like okay but she and I think actually went back and pulled one one or two extra shots that weren't the best image but it was another picture of grandma so sometimes there'd be a rare instance like that they should hopefully trust you enough that you're going to deliver what they need to see no never show them and any other stuff there's no reason for it and I wouldn't have a way to do it I'd have to edit a mall or a tournament that we should all wrong so determined j pegs and that's not good and is that number in your contract no the number of images we've barely proof it's not that's a proof or that year that you give it's not getting your concern about that you could put it in there that I average five to seven hundred image images climb but then if you say that you deliver four hundred ninety nine right the problem with that is it sets the expectation and so they're expecting that to be met yeah if they ask for more which they never have if anything they're glad they have less because they know what the best is but if you want to put in the contract you can if you're concerned about it and do you give the digital files to the clients or is that part of your selling point afterwards group crushed client wants it they can have it they may have to pay for it which they do have to pay for it but where we don't we're not like oh my gosh the client can't have the digital files if they want it we'll sell it to them and we sell it for twelve hundred yeah so from the sales perspective that's actually a great question because way may talk about this more later depending on questions but um when you're building packages or you're offering anything you never want to have something that somebody has to have inside the base price you know for us we can we're up selling a book or sell it we're show show we're telling them the book is important gotta have a book that's why it's in that base b we're building a bigger album and they're buying more in their spending thousands more hopefully on the book or buying multiple copies of the book and spending five thousand dollars on albums at the end of the day um but you never want to have something like a disc and who can say every one of my clients wants a disc yes yes everybody's thing yes everybody at home's going yes almost everybody wants the disk of images off everybody wants it then you'd never wanna have it in a base price because there's no incentive to buy anything annuals once they get what they want so we always have it as an option and guess what about ninety eight percent of our clients in the last five years have bought the disc and we still sell albums and we still sold canvases and he still sell prints when we sell over twelve hundred dollars just about every wedding people spend at least twelve hundred dollars on images from us minimum and then they still lying of course canvases and albums as well so sell the disk and if you want to give it away cool but I'd rather make the twelve hundred bucks

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Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

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