Wedding Photography Weekend

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Client Meetings


Wedding Photography Weekend

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Client Meetings


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Client Meetings

all right so we had talked about the phone call and we talked about booking our client on the phone call right on the phone however sometimes we don't necessarily we can't necessarily book him on the phone because it's really important for mom to meet us or they really want to see the wedding albums it's something that really important to them so there's two things that we do one right there on the phone we set up the meeting and then if they're like well I don't know what my mom's available or my fancy whatever we say all right well how do you feel about me following up with you in two or three days if we haven't heard back from you so then you sand top of them instead of just kind of forgetting letting you go and then they just but the next guy because if it's not on the calendar way happy always say that so get it on the calendar if you want to go on a date with your spouse and you work together put it on the calendar or it's gonna be four weeks ago we have today because you hadn't ...

scheduled it schedule your meetings immediately and then the second thing that we do is we set that expectation for the meeting we used to have meetings we'd never make it very clear that hey you can actually sign in book right now and so they'd come in and then they leave you know same thing about being a b back so we set that expectation right up on the phone and we say we will have country can't wait to have you over it's gonna be super great you know zac's into making coffee whatever you know we kind of do a spiel and then we say make will have contracts ready to sign and make sure any decision makers come that's a nice way of saying hey if your dad's paying the check and make sure he's there yeah because there's nothing worse than a bride comes over but she doesn't have the decision making power to write the check you know to pay for this thing but she comes over and you excite her and she's having a blast and she's just ready to she sees the all the reasons why she should book you but dad's paying the bill and dad's worked his whole life to earn the money he's got and he paid two hundred fifty bucks for his leg talks from the bride goes home and she is yes she is excited but he didn't come to that experience so now she's trying to sell him second hand you're not getting to sell and he's gone how much again is this gonna cost this is that guy over there is half the price and now she's crying and she's like forget it let's just do something else and all the steam has come out but if dad comes to the meeting and we put up the picture of dad with a tear coming out his cheek and the dad goes I do love my daughter that much this is worth it you've gotta have those decision makers at your space or at starbucks or you go to their house whatever it's going wherever so these air our priorities when they come into our home and to preface this we booked many a great weddings at starbucks and at panera bread but now that we have a home that we can bring our clients into we want to do that so this is not the only way to book a client you couldn't even go to their place you want to sew our priority number one is the experience remember it's all about the experience and how they feel second it's about making a personal connection remember that dale carnegie quote we want to invest in them and then they'll actually be interested in what we have to say and then the third thing lastly it's about selling so so this is sort of the process uh so essentially the process is the same of what we do on the phone but because they're now coming into our home we have an opportunity to do things a little bit differently and to create even more value the first thing that they do that's when they come in our home we actually gain their trust trust just buy them walking in that front door so now we have a photo of you this is our dining room this is our front door they walk in and as soon as they walk in what do they see on the wall they see this big old campus um and this always becomes a talking point and what this does is this what this does is it shows them one revalue photography because they're like oh my gosh the photo of you so amazing and we're like yeah we're like we flew to the east coast these photographer shot us this photo is shot by just in america and so we say the's photographer shot us and we love them and what they're saying is that we value photography we're not just telling them yeah you should spend a lot of money on photography and get photos done we're showing that we do it ourselves notice this isn't this is not a suitable bride it's a photo of us the second thing that it showing them is when you get your photos taken like this you get a really big campus it this is what you do with it and and a bride when she comes in and sees that way had a designer kind of do our house that looks really kind of funky and cool I keep it super clean so it's a place people want to be at we make sure we brew uh coffee vanilla flavored coffees when they walk in our house smells great you ever walk into someone's house smells weird does it make you feel weird right so we want to make sure it's a pleasant experience when I walked in the door when they see that the bride goes I want us hanging out I want us hanging on the wall in the great thing about having this is a seventy two inch wide split panel canvas you know it's almost a width apart dining room table there great thing about having a canvas that big is when they ask how much is that one and we tell them like then they buy one smaller which is what we wanted to sell anyway the thirty by forty you know because this one is like eighteen hundred bucks and they're like oh my gosh that's ridiculous you know we're not spending eighteen hundred bucks and when they walk through her home on the first floor there is not one single print available anywhere to see because we're not interest in selling prints they can go online and buy them but we don't talk about prince we don't sell friends aren't we sell prints but we don't show prince and the reason is the time to sell a print the return on that is so small compared to the time to sell a canvas we get a much greater a term so what we do is they come in you take their coats we hang them up and then we don't walk into our living room which is the area where we where we do business we walk them into our kitchen area and zach creates a cop experience so this is our living room when we purposely don't bring them in here because we have a on ly you know not it's just three canvases hanging on the wall we don't want to overwhelm them with they don't know what to look at you know we have like forty eight campuses of every size and they're just like uh so instead we walk and you can kind of see peering through on camera right there is our kitchen area we purposely walk into the kitchen because we've noticed and even as we've owned our home for the last two years we've noticed that a lot of people hang in the kitchen and talk it's a great place for conversation cause there's food or there's drinks or whatever so johnny and I do as we tell them in an e mail um if your coffee drinker we'd love to have coffee with you if they read our blawg you know they know we love coffee and I have this ridiculous coffee machine that I jody thank goodness let me buy my fifth one we agreed together together I could get this thing but it's like it's like it's it's massive it's really cool and I've spent all this time like learning how to barry stone I've got my grinders and you know the porter fischer and I'm making coffee and steam in the milk and all this poor little lotta art so they come in and we go what would you guys like to drink and we have some of our starbucks mug sitting out from different locations from places we've been it's great talking point and I remember we brought a family over mom and a daughter and she still live in california she saw one from california oh I want the california want to sacramento one or whatever it was she grabbed that one and I said what do you want to drink and it was like they were at a a little coffee joint and they were like oh this is fun so then as I'm making the coffee and jodie is talking about them so tell me what you guys are excited about and tell me where you're from mom let's focus mom came mom's paying so what what is mom care about and we're engaging with mom and talking with mom and I met which making the copies and it's just this fun experience and pretty soon they're kind of going why did we come here again we're just having a ball and were in there laughing and engaging in it's a fun fun time and then we're like you guys want to go look at some albums and they're like yes that's a great idea so then at that point we finally walk into the living room we purposefully sit them in an area so that they look back and see this picture of the dad with the tears a canvas so we've talked about it on the phone and now it's hanging on the wall so the biggest thing that we've learned in those meetings is brides shut down when they have too many op oceans simplicity sells if you were bringing a bride into the room think about it they're planning a wedding and they have a good jillion million choices to make right what we want we want them to have to make one choice do I want zach and jodi or not our pricing is very simple and it fits all on one page you can see it right here super simple we have our wedding coverage thinks the loot whatever wedding coverage and then the only thing that we sell in additional of albums disc of images in campuses we keep it super simple and if you'll notice we don't even list how much the campuses are because at this point it's really hard for them to see the value of what that is um okay it's really hard for them to see the value out of this so we don't even show them the campus pricing until they come in for the previous session afterwards yeah so again you know very very important to have simple simple simple simple you know if you're pricing is on ninety eight pages let's try to get one you know and again we don't we purposely don't talk about any of this stuff in detail even at the meeting they can clearly see if they have questions will answer them but we don't want to talk about this at any other time except for in person because you probably met with clients and they've booked you and booked a certain package and then after the engagement session they call you go what did we get again like they don't remember what they bought for men and half the time and so we don't want them to be overwhelmed with the pricing we just keep it very simple we answer any questions that they have and we said the biggest race that you need to make right now is if you want a second jody

Class Description

Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.