Wedding Photography Weekend

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Family Portraits


Wedding Photography Weekend

Lesson 6 of 49

Family Portraits


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Family Portraits

now we're going to move on to family portrait pretty basic but it's still got a lot of questions about it so we want to show a couple yes the dreaded family photos dented jody and I don't want to build our business off of portrait's of families so we don't show any of these on our website but we do them at every wedding we live in the south we have to shoot family portrait so or we will be in big trouble so we just want to show really quick if you family portrait set us a natural light tomorrow will show if you with strobes eso what we're looking for when we're wanting to do family photos is again we're just looking for that great light because we don't want hot spots on their faces we don't want anything funky we're just looking for a really nice light so this happened happened kind of it was almost right before the golden hour you can see the light on the back of the trees you can see highlights and you can see shadows but they were in open shade so they were in shape but you could s...

till look up and see the sky and they had a beautiful light reflecting on them around capturing these we actually joanie builds these into our questionnaire so that we don't get one a ton of family photos we don't need to shoot and two we limited down we end up usually spending ten or fifteen minutes on family photos really about how we do that on day three and sometimes they were capturing some really nice ones of say the bride and her dad or the bride and her mother in natural light joanie we'll grab a few from the side while I'm grabbing them from the front and then these air great too you know still a great opportunity to great get a great candid image even during a session like this where the dad wanted photo he knew all these girls they're all in college and he had spent a lot of time with a lot of them that came up they did this on their own we're being very cute see and we get this great candidate inside no to something that I do at the end of everything family photos like when I'm done shooting the bride's part of family I come up and I say all right this is where all the shots that you gave me for your excited family is there anything else that you want and often they have one or two and we want to make sure they get those because it's really important to them they make that makes them feel like they're being taken care of for so that's where that shot came from there like oh yeah I'd love my dad with all the girls and they all came up and had fun and that's that and then they can't say that you missed a shot because we had it on our list we asked and we are good to go we always want to get a shot of the entire bridal party we don't focus on the whole bridal party a ce faras like going out and shooting a thirty minute session with the entire bridal party because it's tough to wrangle that many people but we will get at least a couple of good shots of all of them and also if the bride and groom specifically asked for a lot of photos the bridal party then we'll put the emphasis like this particular client did so we ran around town shooting with the whole bridal party again

Class Description

Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.