Wedding Photography Weekend

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Wedding Photography Weekend

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Final Q&A

so let's take it up with the questions and do this thing well let's start on the audience thiss audience is an audience okay so what do the preview sessions there seeing the album you designed them but they haven't seen the rest of them yet so they place their order but if they want to make changes wait on that yeah and that's a great question what we're trying to sell is not even extra pages in the album at that point because they don't know what they want and they have to have time to sort of sit on a bigger book if they're going to get a bigger book more than the twenty page album credit we included what we're focusing on his parent albums because those are gonna be the same price no matter how big the main book gets just for simplicity's sake so ten my tennis one thousand twelve twelve twelve hundred if they want a parent copies and then selling the disk and canvases and then what we do is through swat we deliver the book and say it's forty pages and they they paid for twenty you k...

now front then they can sit on those extra twenty pages and decide do I want this one day I want that one day I want to buy some extra then we put a thirty day uh sail on there like you get twenty percent off if you make a final decision on any extra pages within thirty days so essentially this is what I tell them we're sitting in studio their wedding out has just gone down and we're bringing out the sheets to start talking about pricing you say uh so you know you get a twenty page album credit automatically and you guys will get to go in once your wedding images are released swap out photos and pick which pages you want a part of your story don't worry about that now once you're online galleries released in a few days then we'll tackle that and send you all information you need to know so then they don't have to stress out about right at that meeting of purchasing extra paid five more pages and I don't know which ones I want and I don't know if I want to swap a photo in a minutes don't know that much for another question yeah your dvd to give clients you put it in hye ri such an old photo sir yes when we do over images your client's five disc of images whether that's delivered through pass or whether that's delivered on a disk or through the sandisk memory vault it is the higher is images all hi rosa do you give them somebody had asked uh something that gives them the rights to use those yeah great questions people included on the dvd which is smart we put a little piece of paper inside the you know like our black leather box that's and we tell them when we give it to hey if you go to get this printed somewhere if they see that it's professional they may ask you for a printing release so here's one in there included and here's a couple of things that we put on that printing release because I think the biggest reason photographers are afraid to sell their disk of images is because one they don't think that they think they'll lose out on making any money but to be honest when have you ever made a like the cellar just for twelve hundred dollars when have we ever made a twelve hundred dollars print order we have but it's rare it's not common so we'd rather have that twelve hundred dollars instead of hold on to the images and only make maybe one hundred or two hundred bucks in print so there's that um and then the second the other thing that photographers are worried about a shoot we're going to take my prints and they're gonna go to wal mart well think about it your client is investing in you to get amazing images they're not going to intentionally goto a crappy printing place so what we do right under printing release is we educate them means they remember the quality of your print is going to affect the quality of the printing place is going to affect the quality of your photo and we give we list places that we recommend online and not like high end photo labs we do list it but we also list realistic printing places on there so we educate them where to get the prince print on the funny thing is is that if you go teo you know the high end place in nashville to get your prints done they have the same machine that's at wal mart walmart has a half a million dollar printing machine believe it or not it doesn't get any better it's the operator that's the difference casco we found is from costco in nashville where we live oh my gosh jeremy cowart gets his principal made it so do we and they look amazing I mean nobody would ever go that prince sucks it's like show me the difference and especially a client and then we're going to see the difference costco doesn't want to make a deficient about an album until she sees all of the images I don't know how I would troubleshoot that like well you know me you know how do you handle that situation we let them see all the way we tell them you don't have to finalize your book until all the images and released online you can go through put together a few favorite extras that may want to swap out so they get to see the online gallery along with the album and sort of compare and see your portrait photographer and say you want to offer a book to your clients but they don't know if they're gonna buy it or not or whatever what's so great is with swat you khun swat even hasn't album auto design so you put the photos click a button and auto designs of bringing you could make a couple swats swaps so if you if they don't automatically get a book and you're afraid of like shoot I don't want to waste my time putting together this book that they may not even by with swat designer that it makes it so simple that within like five minutes you can have a portrait book easily thrown together and then if they don't buy it then it's a few minutes off your time what happens if the client doesn't want an album credit in the beginning try toe like you get that now you know try to siri themselves money in the beginning if that's the case they're probably not our client for the most part um if they're saying well can you change what you do and they really don't get what we do they don't understand the importance of the book and how important it is to have that you know in their hands but at the same time we have worked a few clients uh perfect claims her replies for us and you've got to make these decisions you know you know personal case by case basis uh we worked on a few photographers that they know what we do they know why they're hiring us because they want the images and we realize we're not going to get residual sales from them and they really just want the disc and we've been willing to swap out the album credit for the disk and we know we're getting paid very well for our time to do shit bird for fifty five hundred dollars is killer you know I mean we're making a ninety nine point nine percent profit once we even when we factor in our time which is not a lot because our process is very streamlined um so at the same time yes case by case but it's pretty rare you know most people wait don't allow to do that for the most part so just so folks uh understand can you uh ju is asking this you you uh can you guys ask I'm sorry you explain your package again yes and the way that we price ourselves just as a side note is not how I would recommend pricing yourself and that's kind of weird to say like wait a minute shouldn't you be doing the smartest placing of all time we priced ourselves in a way on purpose so that we really limit our wedding's so that one we can spend a lot of time with our clients to we get paid up front a lot which is what we want which is not the best way to book a truckload of weddings which is a better way to run your business and three so we can spend time focusing on industry stuff that we're passionate about we're very passionate about photographers in the industry and if we were shooting thirty thirty five weddings a year we wouldn't be able to do we wouldn't be here right now so to explain that we started fifty five hundred and that includes coverage both of us to lead photographers that's ten hours a coverage in a twenty page album credit and we have purposely priced ourselves the high end of the nashville market because we don't want to be shooting thirty weddings a year if that was our full time gig than what we'd do is we'd actually lower our price point to make it a little bit more attainable for people to get in and then we can sell to them on the back and then make what we want and weddings are a full time gig that is what we do full time so what she's saying is if we wanted teo be booking wedding after wedding and have our names spreading everywhere the best way to do that is not to try to become the high end photographer that's actually the backwards way of doing it because life joni center there julie woods enjoy of marketing said the average client spend three to four times that they initially believe they'll spend and so take that into your business and go well how much do I charge to start say it's two thousand dollars well you're a six or eight thousand dollar wedding photographer even if you're only making two thousand dollars a wedding right now you could be making six to eight thousand if you're doing some of these tools we talked about it and learn how to sell um so a three thousand dollar photographer oh my good goodness now you're getting up there like this is getting into the high end jodi and I for a long time we're charging just over three thousand between three and thirty eight hundred and we were doing those thirty three weddings were looking and we were booking like crazy our name was all over the place every planner in town was like zach and jodi this I condone any that were working like crazy and we were selling aton on the tail end so we were making a lot of money our name was going everywhere and for us that wasn't what we want because we were too busy but if that's what you want it's smarter to be a little more expensive than average but not so expensive that it's unattainable and learn how to build your packages and how to sell and how upset so all that all that to say to is this kind of idea that you hear in the industry and well I started ten thousand dollars I started twenty thousand dollars and you know this is big time and this is how I do it that's just not realistic there's not any photographers out there with the exception of a very small select view that live in malibu or live in orange county whatever I guarantee if you were twenty thousand our photographer came to nashville you wouldn't book one winning I guarantee it and there's no photographer nashville maybe one time that's ever done something like that you gotta look at your market and you've got to be a bit more expensive than the average and then you can really capitalize on speed and momentum you've gotta have your name out because remember your price point reflects your quality as well so that's why we're not saying hey started five hundred and then upsell the eight grand you know this you have to there has to be like a sweet spot in that journal for me I don't market myself necessarily of the wedding photographer I want to start doing more weddings would you suggest jumping into doing second shooting or I have one wedding booked this summer I already sent a gift to them thanks to my marketing thing that I listened to so um should I just try my best then and practice all the things that I just learned from you guys or what would you suggest where would I invest my time if it were you definitely have to have the portfolio you know I think that's important you have to have enough experience in a portfolio teo really go I'm gonna be a wedding photographer and plough on that hard um and then you have to have some sort of action you have to have some relationships with people in the industry a brighter too that you've done some work for some planners and some of the photographers that respect to you that I see your work and like what you're doing and want to refer you and then you can really delve in full time and really focus on it that would be more of my focus for sure maybe do a few second shooting it gigs but more than that where people are showing up in making yourself a part of the community of the wedding industry in general from photography to vendors and all that time that will help with your name and then for experience you know you don't want to be practicing on your first paying clients you wanna have your first client and you feel pretty confident when you're going into that wedding so whether it's like connecting with other photographers to be the second shooter there's a lot of lower and brides who have like an uncle bob shooting their wedding and that you know we did a couple of those on the advertised on craigslist were like hey we're looking to get in the wedding industry we'd love to come along to your photographer it's if it's okay and so were we will build our portfolio were ableto shoot and even some of those weddings we even started acting as the photographer because it was literally just like an uncle bob was like I think coming so those could be a great experience um since already started my book in wages for this year so how do you transition tio you know do you how do you price up herself I mean how do you transition do you have any tips for cheerful my case already booked for yeah we're doing it will be years something like that so increasing your pricing how do you do that that's a question awesome question and the answer might seem beyond simple but supply and demand dictates price bottom line I mean that's how economics work if a lot of people are in demand for you if a lot of people are saying I want you I want you that means the price go up if the price goes up and nobody wants you anymore it's too expensive and you you've out price your value you've proven that there's not enough value when jonah and I were uh started booking like crazy in january of two thousand eight for that season and by february we had like twenty three twenty four weddings book something like that we were in high demand way were having it was easy for us to book so we realised price needs to go up and we went from charging twenty seven hundred with packages we'd raise our prices to three thousand and took the package is in way then we had the same package was starting at forty five hundred then we raised our prices to four thousand and we kept going and going and going until all summer demand went down and then we worked harder toe showcase why we were worth that value and then demand started going back up but I think practically of how do I raise my praising every little bit if some bride can bright okay so bride tends to hang out with people that are within ten percent of their income so she can afford it two thousand dollars for frank and more than likely a four hundred dollars more so I would just gradually and continually keep raising appraising and people keep booking you you know you're doing something good and when you keep providing that experience I think you'll find that you can't turn people away because so many people are wanting teo and remember the goal isn't uh go from two thousand to ten thousand and because when you do there's this many people in the market that can actually start at that price point period in the world you know you're talking to or three percent of people that are paying a photographer and they probably again with the malibu you know what I mean where it's like it's cool to have a ten thousand dollar photographer but you're trying to raise your prices too a bit above average so that you can really people can still get in and book you and you can also get your name out there a lot you don't want to make it difficult so difficult for somebody to book you that it's like oh my gosh you're fighting to book a wedding you know jody and I write on that cusp right now we're at fifty five hundred nashville the average hunting a tiger there still like twenty five hundred so like that's a huge increase and we work our little booties off to get the weddings want to book the wedding that we should have a lot of people are wondering where you get your canvases printed awesome question um we is a two companies way kind of go with um so we use pixel campus and we'll see you simply campus both awesome both amazing and actually we were and the checking out the white house custom color boosts we're actually going to be checking out our next round of canvases from them they have a lot of options that you can pick from for you and so we'll find the option that works best for us and our client and there's something about white house I don't know what it is they're huge you know they're really smart their stuff is price great and they just provide a really awesome stuff you know and they really care about the photography community a lot from what we've seen we met with the guy that owns the white house and he was just stellar like he really sold me on white house and we've used them on at all and they have some beautiful kansas is too so we're definitely checking them out I know sarah pettys a huge endorser of white house she loves him and you know she's the bomb dot com's if you don't like sarah petty uh speaking of in addition to our other than this course of course jolene is asking what resources do you recommend to learn how to sell and up cell so I know that's really a challenge for people who are just starting the whole the whole upsell thing well really really what it is is understanding how to build your pricing I mean that it sells itself and we were talking about this room this conversation earlier but you know chris about packages and um you know when you're when you're selling anything you just want to make it obvious as to what the purse I'm supposed to buy just when they look at your pricing up selling sounds like booze that's scary and it sounds like I'm going you think you're getting this and then I'm gonna try to sell you on this and sneaking in there somehow that's that's not what we're talking about we're talking about is simply building a structure of pricing that makes sense for people want for them tow want to purchase more stuff from you so if you're building packages as an example you don't want to have everything in the kitchen sink in the base package because there's again no incentive to go up you do what jared bahman says which is you can't have the must haves something a client has to have in the first package it should be in the middle package and that middle package shouldn't be more than thirty five to forty five percent at the most mohr expensive because otherwise again there's no one sentiment jump easy you want to make the jump to make sense starbucks sells seventy three percent of all of their coffee and a grand a size why because they want you to buy big around a size people come on it's a marketing technique the tall is not enough the panties too big and there's only about a twenty percent increase from the tall to the grand a it just makes sense let's buy that one so it's called pricing to the middle everybody buys it because it makes sense and then sometimes people have a giant packages sitting on top to dwarf the other packages that's called the anchor effect you put a price in the mind of a client ten thousand dollars or five thousand dollars and they think they're worth that there's no basis for that but they feel like you're worth it and then when they see a three thousand dollar package you it seems like a great deal so that's another way of pricing yourself to sort of make everything look like this is what you should be buying it if you want to learn more about sales and great photographers who we really admire julia woods she is phenomenal with portrait sales has more importance than you do at weddings and she doesn't hundred twenty one year uh okay and jason eytan he's a photographer based out of michigan he went to like hard work for business and he is running a kick in business and middle of nowhere michigan with senior porter it was about seventy five portrait sessions in your average is thirty six fifteen report says jared brahmin is a great photographer visa he has another crazy marketing mine he helps photographers with their pricing and then the last person who had recommended sarah petty is actually going to do p p p I and I believe for the first time ever she she makes a lot of profit in her portrait sales and she is going to be speaking at the bp p I and sharing her process of how she makes oodles of money yeah so definitely that that's definitely this system there's the two styles there's the packages and then there's the all the carts that we're still doing all the cards style and all the card is usually dependent on sales afterwards and up selling and having more products to offer packages is usually a done deal I got my package and it's over you know what I mean so when you do build that package make sure that there's there's incentive to go up and make sense to go up to the next package keep the must haves out of the base package that's the most important thing you could do they can even still be sloppily built you know when we first started they weren't perfectly put together but we didn't have the must haves in that base package and we had a lot of people buying those middle packages keep buying it because it made sense to buy that little package anymore questions more questions uh yes uh let's see uh team meyer is wondering what is your advice on someone that is getting started on wedding photography and doesn't have a portfolio together to shoot anything and everything you can for free we had a girl in our sunday school class we took out and shot her bridal photo she got dressed backup she is already married um and we put some ads up on craig's to say hey we just love to come out and shoot you're reading for a little bit so build that portfolio bill that experience sorry when you're doing it for free like that you need to make sure that you're communicating to that person especially if you are their main photographer and you're doing it for free you're saying look I would love to shoot your wedding this is just for me to get experience and don't tell your friends this is a deal between you and me you know something like that so they don't tell their friends like yeah I got her for cheap I got it for frere for five hundred bucks you know because you don't want her spreading that you don't want to be known as the deal and there's a big difference between selling based on um actual experience and then sort of that perceived experience so doing style shoots and getting some friends out to get their dresses back on is great for learning how to take a portrait but it's not wedding photography and wedding photography is way harder way more difficult to shoot an actual wedding so second shooting is great you know get out and learn watching talented photographer and watch what they do and how they interact and how they do all those things that they do and that's going to give you a ton of great experience and then shoot shoot shoot shoot as much as you can morning khun sheet the better and then build your portfolio as quick as you can and as soon as you feel confident that could be after shooting three weddings but that could be aftershave fifteen it just depends on you for us it didn't take quite as many but for some people it could be ten ten or fifteen winnings once you feel confident then go out and start selling your service and when you and this is actually something I'm really second save thirty seconds there's something I'm really passionate about is when you go out you decide I've got my portfolio together I got melissa love to do my brand identity my brands put together my websites they're my business cards I'm pricing myself right down the middle and I'm not afraid to compete with anybody go out with confidence because you don't by a franchise like starbucks open the doors and people come in on day one and you go hey we're brand new in this industry so worked only charging a dollar for coffee no they walk in and they get the starbucks experience right you pay five bucks for dave ramsey calls it five bucks you go in any pay five bucks so why don't we do the same thing you got the experience you got the training you've got the portfolio you've got the identity together now go be a photographer don't be timid anymore don't be afraid to go I can't charge that you know we started charging for thousand dollars in one year starting and the same thing goes like when you're meeting planners you don't come to those meetings and introduce yourself like hi I'm jody I'm getting into this industry because there's so many of those two and so their last tomin is shrinking we're leaving soon so it's like hey I'm jen l and I do weddings in this area tell me about yourself

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Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.