Wedding Photography Weekend

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Post Wedding Logistics


Wedding Photography Weekend

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Post Wedding Logistics


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Post Wedding Logistics

we're going to kind of finish the process of how way have create that experience for our client and then we'll take questions and then we'll you've closed so we're gonna dive right in and what just happened is we were talking about a wedding and shooting it and our album design process and our album proving process there kiss books and also through swat designer so now I kind of want to run you through what are our steps that we do after the wedding um with our clients so number one is we do a small teaser it is our top priority like we mentioned the next morning as soon as possible to do a teaser on the face book website and remember we mentioned that we friend the wedding party so at that night or that early that morning we were friending the whole party and then we're also tagging them in photos and what's so great about this this is one of our couples from two thousand ten if not later and they still have this is the bride and this next shot is the groom and they both still have th...

eir facebook profiles as the images from the images that we've loaded up and what's so great about this is this begins a viral talking especially we always make sure uploaded cool bride's maid shot in a cool groomsmen shot and we tag all the wedding party all the wedding party in those photos and it's something so great because everyone's facial profiles keep changing so the next thing up because of course we wanted to the previous session this is very very important topic doing the previous session is really important and we actually do all this up in a very specific order to maximize the excitement so that when they come in they want to purchase stuff so we do a teaser to tease to the big unveil which is gonna be at the preview session so you could do the teaser through facebook you could do it on your law you can now add these wedding images to the plus site that you created them on show it there's a lot of different ways just figure out which way you like the best so we set up the previous session we want them to come to the house and then see what way tell them a highlight of the wedding night images we're gonna show all seven hundred shots were going to show him for us the album that we design and kiss with swat we're gonna put it up on the screen and hopefully they want to buy that buy multiple copies of that by a few canvases and anything else that they haven't got yet so rundown of what we do is we send them an email saying that images are ready we'd love to have him over to our house to see a highlight of the wedding images and we are going to offer to you a one day sale of fifteen percent off it can be whatever you want and so we say if you want to take advantage of the sale let us know and we'll start looking at dates and please feel freedom right invite your parents along as well so we're setting the expectation up that you are coming to buy yeah and so they're coming knowing they're going to buy stuff and then we use that incentive sale this is the only time you can get zach and jodi on sale ever so using that pricing incentive to get people to purchase that night works very very well and I love this quote from dave ramsey he says sales is simply a beautiful relationship between the buyer and seller a lot of photographers here is talk about this they're like sales I'm not going to sell anything anyone remember people want to buy things from you they want to buy into your product they want to buy into your service and all we're doing is providing an opportunity we're not coming in and gone all right here's the options this is what I think you need to have and this is why you know they're like ok I have to buy it we're just going hey if you guys want to come buy some stuff we're gonna do a deal for you we're gonna show you the book if you want to buy stuff come and check it out if you want to get it we were shooting a wedding and the mom of the bride came up to me she saw the wedding slide show and she was like oh my word those images they're beautiful do you guys do wedding albums and I was like uh yeah we do and she's like oh also I want to buy one and guess how many books she bought way never gave her the opportunity by we never followed up with her and what we're simply doing is we're just giving our clients and their parents and their family is an opportunity to buy that simple on the flip side of that first time I ever did a previous session we rented a small studio space just to meet clients and for previous sessions that had enough room for a few couches in a flat screen tv to show the photos cost us four hundred bucks a month to get it and we met our first clients up there for a previous session like two weeks after the wedding they came up and we show them just at that time we weren't even doing album spreads we just shoot him like a hundred photos and they bought three albums in the canvas that night and we made I think thirty eight hundred dollars and we were going to be doing this this is awesome and has every client spent that much no some spend nine hundred but some have spent six or seven or eight thousand dollars at a previous session so providing an opportunity gives people a chance to buy so always given opportunity by if you can and then remember you can't sell what you don't show and you will sell whatever you do show so we show a big album we show big canvases the smallest campus and our studio or in our houses twenty by thirty showing eleven by fourteen you probably sell it showa twenty my thirtieth probably sell it showa twenty by thirty twenty four by thirty six and thirty by forty and then a seventy two inch you'll sell those two in the middle most the time and we almost always sell thirty forty so and that's that eight nine hundred dollars purchased from a client and we're making hundreds and six hundred dollars on that sale you right then and there but that's exactly the kind of stuff that we want so this is our process we send them an e mail like I mentioned hey your image is already would love to have you over and then once we have set up a time we send them a reminder e mail just like two days out so we're reminding them about address and directions are also reminding them hey now this is a time to buy so we tell them you know just a reminder we accept checks estimates up cards let us know if your parents are coming and then the other thing that we put in the email is you know be ready to have some coffee zack will make you is some amazing desserts and some brownies and cookies and stuff like that so it's kind of fun and they're snacking and we're having fun and then there's a sort of the mentality we have through that process is remember it's just like when we first met with them but now we already shot their wedding and they know us well so we want to go in and relieve the story we don't want to go hey thanks for coming to the sale you know it's more hey thanks for coming so good to see you let's talk about the wedding it was so amazing and speed is key with this I'm telling you and we had this conversation earlier about delivering stuff too quickly if you wait three weeks four weeks after you shot somebody's wedding they may have had their honeymoon oops baby you know they may be pregnant by this point they may have bought their first car first house they're moving on and moving on with their life and now they're into a new stage you want to capitalize on the emotional impact of this day so really the story and so that's why we do it quickly try to do within a week after they get back from their honeymoon so we're just like talking and laughing about the funny moments that happened and asking about their honeymoon remember just making that personal connection so really the story we show them the swat album slideshow on our apple tv we also sometimes having on the ipad so they could sort of flit through my hand which is really cool and this is where the first dance song comes into play we have their first dance on down from the questioner and so instead of playing there slide slide show to a song that they really have no emotional connection to we're playing their first dance song and the more you can add more layers so they're seeing something and now they're even hearing something the emotional ties get even though they're all sitting around the couch we purposely put dimmer switches and sweet and dim the lights we press play the music's going and mom starts tearing up and now she's looking at that book that she hasn't got a parent album and going I have to have one of these I have to have one I'll pay anything to get this and we're like well it's only twelve hundred bucks for next one she's like soul and we'll sell a lot of these and it's fifteen percent off that night it's a numerator so then after the slide show we walked through the items I mean it cannot get any more simpler albums disc of images campuses but they still have questions and this is the first time they've ever word on this so we make sure tow walk through all of those items and aside knowabout side note about the campus is what we tell our clients is you don't need to know the image that you want tonight for your canvas you just need to know what size so you want to get them purchasing that night and then we follow later with way to pick the images because we don't want to be sitting there five hours as they figure out what image they want if you're a portrait photographer you probably do you want to pick the images because that's the best way to maximize portrait nearly showing for the end but for what it was we want to get them purchase and then send them simple follow up instructions for how to pick the actual image so then of course at that point sorry at that point we want to leave the room very important get up excuse yourself hey we're gonna grab some more coffee you guys could talk amongst yourselves let them know that's why you're leaving walk out of the room and then they go how you want to spend on this what you want to spend on that and they were kind of doing this internal talk okay well and we've had plans go well if you give me an extra thousand dollars right now that I can kick in five hundred I'll pay you back later okay we talked about like bugging the room you know some way so when we walk back out we've given them just a sheet of paper it's got their name on it that's a really nice you know heavy card stock paper with the wedding date the one day sale on ly today and then it lists off the items they already have purchased and then the extra items they can buy with a check box slash the price that it used to be and now the fifteen percent off price and they don't even have to figure out the percentage so they could just go check check check handed toss and we do the math for them so we walked back in the room literally a lot of times and there we go thank you thank you thank you thank you and we take all of these little cards back which our money and we go this is great how would you like to pay and then go I'd like to pay by cash or card yeah and then we take their cars were running right there and everybody's happy and they go yeah and then they only and so right on the form right on the form I factor in their sales tax so I put that in there so they see the sales tax and then I also have a little area where they put their mailing address because we have the bride and groom's mailing adjust but maybe not moms or dads or grandma's so so right there we have those as a point of reference when we're finally ordering that product we have it right there so then we have firm their decisions to like oh my word you're gonna love having that thirty by forty inch campus on your wall such a great choice and then they feel even more confident and what they've purchased and it's something we'll have a really long time also very important to set expectations of how long that's gonna take we say albums or two months from the date that they're finalized it takes a week to get him we tell them two months and then when they come in after ten days they flip out there oh my gosh the books air here you know so we always tell them once the front wants the brining we've picked through and picked all the images then it's gonna be two months from the border yeah and this and this goes back to like you take their money you want them to feel good that you're still taking care of them and you haven't just walked off so that's why you know the next day we're sending them copies of the items that they ordered and they can see what they paid and our ordering instructions as well so then we have the small tease of the previous session and then at this point we go ahead and do the full wedding log and we don't release all of the images online and we tell our clients it's gonna be a couple of more days before they're ready they don't know what that means ok because we'll say yeah because the first female that we say hey your images are uploading we'd love to have a previous session you know we tell them they're uploading to your online gallery right now and won't be available for a week or so so that's why they're like oh yeah I'll do the previous session and my images will be ready a few days later so then we want to do the full wedding block because now they've come over the house they've gotten super exciting they bought a bunch of stuff and now we want to go ahead and put up images for all their friends to see but we don't want to send them you know everybody uses different online galleries there's a bunch of companies out there pick pick and pick taj all these companies but honestly we want to send them to something that one people can have conversations around two looks beautiful and three is our branding very important so we can either send them to the past gallery or the plus site and prove them all in there we're also putting him on the blogger is great so we do like thirty forty images a lot of the same ones that are in the book and we tell the story and then we tell the bride and groom go here this is where all the pictures that you can send all your friends to see them this is where they are because they're going to share that with their friends and family we don't want them directing to their gallery where the first image they seen the gallery is the florist like walking into the church or like a shot in the church like we want the most emotional images and the story of the day to be seen by all their friends and family that's why we don't release the full the full gallery it so that's why we put it all on the block at that point because then we'll have tons of people commenting and going oh my gosh your wedding was beautiful and look at these pictures and it's integrated to facebook are commenting so people are talking back and forth and facebook and then we can talk to them right through the blowing and facebook and we get to generate conversations and more excitement and buzz and of course if we have them if we've put a all the album images inside our plus sight in the past gallery then they can share those with all their friends and share him all over facebook and it's awesome yep so then I'm like two a days later it's not long at all then we release her online gallery and then they can go in it can pick their images for the things they've ordered ordered well send them an email starting to work through the album design process of how they can swap out images that they want and we highly recommend you design the book don't let them ever design the book because that's like a huge disservice I think because if you've ever tried that you know you send it to the client and it's six months later and I haven't done one thing because there's too many options so you build the book and go this is what we say most of our clients swap a few photos okay so we show in the book they feel find a few photos that they want swap they swap him and then he ordered the book that's what happens to most of our clients because we just tell them that's how it's done if you tell them well it's a laborious process and you get to look at six hundred images and if I take you six months to look at him and then I'll redesign the entire book after I designed for you three times you know and you're probably gonna do that okay so then what we also want to do is we want to do more surprises so again we want under promise and over deliver we've promised them that they're going to get an album with promising that they're going to get their campuses that they ordered and then that's all we do then where we over delivered at this point so we actually got this idea from kevin swan with kiss books and what he does and this is why we mentioned that we we don't even we never show a client this little kiss because what we do is when we place an order for their album we may order a couple for like a planner and a cake artist but we also order two additional for a couple and so we put together this little box and we drop this in the mail with them with a little note so they've gotten their album already and now it's a week or two later and these this little box shows up and inside comes out these two little books that are copies of their books and they've never seen or even knew this was available and they're like wait we haven't a note and they're saying and you guys are amazing thank you here's a little one of throwing your purse and they're like that's what they're going to do with it they're going to throw their person run around and show to every single person in it now and ultimately what we want is for them to feel even at the end of the entire process oh my gosh look at this extra thing they did in this cost us twenty two bucks to make one of these or fifty bucks you know and it's well worth the and remember we want to give them something to talk about and you want to give him a tool to make it easy for them to talk about us you know or do you not care whether it's on they're not because they're going to go until people anyway right it's not something I would stress about but for some of our albums we have made the last page arlo logo if we air specifically making a book for us planner's something and then you got a logo on the back in the front or the back or what I want to do yeah that's definitely great because then people go are gonna want to know who it came from and want to see the web address they can write in and they recognize that brand too when they see it here and then they see it on brand recognition is very important

Class Description

Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.