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Sales Phone Call


Wedding Photography Weekend

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Sales Phone Call


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Sales Phone Call

when we're doing the phone call this is huge like jodie mentioned if we can get on the phone and create some sort of tone create a reason for them to fall in love with us and trust us we want to do that on the phone so this is our five step process and for two thousand eleven this year that we've been shooting judy and I decided to have some friends in california last year two thousand ten we were with our friends jeff in air and younger and her amazing photographers out in california in san diego and they live san diego's huge so some clients are three hours away and just setting up a meeting is like driving across country for them so they know they're like we don't really meet anybody in person we just do everything over the phone and I was like why don't we do that you know we've booked we book a lot of out of state wedding's over the phone why don't I just take that process and apply even then state clients and if we can book him on the phone let's just do that and save us a three ...

hour meeting and then when we hang out we'll just have dinner you know would not be way better so we devise sort of this system through a lot of different marketing tools that we have put together we decide what's the best way that we can supercharge client having fall over this on the phone and then close the deal right then and there so step number one most important thing you could ever do when you get on a phone call this smile because when you get on if you guys were watching me right now and I go hey welcome to creative lives zach and jodi gray we're super stoked to be here like I was trying to be as excited as I could about smiling super psyched to be here like it's just not happening and oftentimes any talk without a smile your tone goes down right it's an easy smile your tone less up and they can hear the energy and excitement and that's so important when on the phone so what I'm about to get on the phone of the bride I kind of kick if our office manager there kicked him out of the room kicked jodi other room or I say jody don't talk to me talking on the phone books and focused you know guys can only think about one thing at a time and I literally sometimes I'll stand up and I'd get myself in the phone call mon I'm not like I love getting on the phone and chanting twenty minutes I'm not stoked about it but I make myself do it cause it's important to business so I get up and I'm like the phone's ringing and I'm like this I'm like hey this is act with great photography and we got your email on my gosh you're so excited about your wedding I love to hear more about it and I literally had broads on the other end of the line go well hey you're excited you know and they may be having the worst day ever they're overwhelmed with details who knows or you never know what's going on their life and I wantto bring it up a notch of course I don't want to stay at that level because they would have a heart attack by the station but that's how it starts and they always go how's it going on like gosh like they're not going to forget you if you if you start with that remember it's all about a great experience all about a good experience so right there from the get go this is critical as soon as you get on the phone with someone especially someone I've never met one of two things is gonna happen as soon as you say hello pleasantries or exchange they say thank you for calling me one of two things will happen right there there's that law right there and it's like everybody's breathing in deep and if you let her talk she's gonna take over the conversation or him whoever you're talking to you have to control a conversation in a sale you have to you have to be in charge you have to leave the client to a destination that you're taking them too because the problem is is they're not gonna go they don't know what to ask and so they're just gonna fall to their default which is s o how much do you cost and that's the last thing you want to talk about at that point exactly because she doesn't know what to say she goes oh thanks for calling me um how much for your albums like uh expensive or whatever they are you don't talk about pricing wants about them right so someone smile step number two established a personal connection this is huge on the way that we establish a personal connection is by using what we call the dale carnegie approach dale carnegie wrote a book if you have not read it you need to read it about ten times and then go take his classes the guy's not around anymore he wrote this book in nineteen thirty seven and this is on our website we have a list of readings going away all their but it's howto in front from the photographer's website you can go check it out there and we have a little blurb about it but dale carnegie says this you can make more friends in two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you and we talked about this a little bit on friday when dale is ultimately saying here is that people are interested in themselves and they're interested in having their deepest needs met to feel loved and feel important and if you can make them feel that even in a you know in a in a small way even in a phone call you're going to win them over really really fast and dale carnegie did this in the thirties doing multi million dollar deals with people just by talking about the other person so established that personal connection uh sorry so what we dio by establishing the personal connection is I have a list of four questions in front of me that are very them focused usually I start with tell me your story and that's a cool question because people go what's my story what should I tell them what should I tell this person that's most important to me and when they start talking this is important to them so you need to be genuinely interested like dale said so if they say well I went to college at such and such a college I go oh what did you major in well since you asked I will tell you I'm a speech communication degree in your life oh my gosh that's really cool my wife is a speech communication majors well she's like no way then they start building a trust value with you and when people talk about whether from or who they are what college they went to whatever this is the biggest thing happening in their life and when you care about that you make them feel important and therefore you become important to them it's a very very powerful tool so I say where you from uh tell me more about your fiance and all they're doing they start telling their story which leads to their engagement which is the biggest thing happening in their life and I don't want to talk about the flowers and the linens I want to talk about how do they feel about it what are they care about the most those kind of questions so that's step number two or some number three is engaged with the details so once they've talked for a little while about themselves about what they care about their story I say well tell me about the wedding I don't say tell me about the dress tell me about your shoes and say tell me about the wedding tell me what is the most important thing happening on your wedding day and sure sometimes talk about the venue her dress maybe the photography you never know it's whatever's important to them we don't want because they go to bed after vendor and all vendors are probably more than likely pelting them with questions about their wedding especially about their product and we don't want to force them to talk about anything that they don't want to that's what we want to kind of throw them a curve ball on first ask them about themselves to so automatically they know that something's different that we actually care more than just about them as a paying customer we care about them as people and then we were like are you in zac's like tell us about your wedding that frees them up to talk about whatever is important tell them yes so they start talking and they and this is really a key to it bride is talking and she's from your local area and she says anything that you can connect to like we have a venue in nashville called belle meade plantation and the lady that book's weddings for bell mean her name's linda pittman so if a bride says when we're getting married a bell meet which is staple nashville I go oh my gosh is that linda pittman over there awesome and she goes yes she is you know linda I know linda you know linda you shot weddings with linda therefore the trust just goes way up remember it's all about that trust can we build this relationship of trust so if you can connect or go oh I've been to that venue it's amazing great choice affirm their decisions they love that they go oh yeah that is a great place for me again but yeah I'm so excited about myself so then the next step we call three b which is tell me what you're looking for when it comes to your wedding photography was at this point it's not our wedding photography it they haven't signed a contract with us I don't want to say let me tell you what we do we're awesome and I'm there like I don't care what they want and the reason we ask this question is because we want to gauge where qualifying them again we're going can we fulfill their needs are they looking for a standard traditional portrait photographer and we shoot fashion stuff or are they not looking for anything photo journalistic and we're a photojournalist we don't talk to them during the whole wedding and so that question is a great question to ask and we had a client daniel in station daniel said this is what I'm looking for it sounds like you guys do that and we're looking for an engagement session that's very meaningful test with our letterman jackets we've known each other for ten years since high school went back together it's great story so I'm listening and going is there things he's talking about that I can fulfill that are important or I can use you know to sweeten the deal and can I do what he's asking me to do so then once we get through that now you've established that personal connection even smiling you've been engaging you've let them talk and talk and talk sometimes ten minutes they say this goes on our fifteen sometimes and once you've done that enough hopefully at this point you've built up enough credit ability for them to say okay I'll listen to you for three minutes give me your spiel right try to sell me and so that's step number four share about us so what jody I don't do is go oh my gosh we were on creative live you've probably heard of it actually probably never have brought you don't care and man you should have seen this lighting shot we know how to do in this amazing soft box we have endorsed by this comes off the boca on eighty five that's amazing so amazing the bride's going if she's a photographer she might care about that and shooting photographers weddings a whole other story intended but most brides aren't photographers and they're just gone of course yeah you got good quality equipment or their their default if you let them ask is they're going to go uh what do you wear to a wedding because they're not dot com told me to ask you that you know all these just ridiculous questions so instead we share stories find the most emotional engaging story that you've ever had in any event you've ever shot and tell that story to your client every time so this is what johnny and I do we say jody and I got married six years ago and our wedding photography was not what we wanted to be we wanted the moments captured and we felt like that didn't happen so we became wedding photographers we decided we're going to tell stories that are going to last for a long time and we always tell our brides you invented the website in the fourth image down in the gallery is this image it's a picture of christine dancing with her father and there's tears coming down his cheek and the entire day her dad is very put together he's not the kind of dad that cries in front of his daughters all the time he walked her down the aisle he gave her away he's very stoic put together then the father daughter dance started and this is sort of the culmination of the end of the night I think at this moment he realized everything I've done everything I've tried to instill in my daughter I'm doing now I'm giving her away to this guy and he spun around for this one second my amazing wife captured this amazing image of this tears coming down his cheek and you could even see by the look on his face he's trying to hold it back he could have easily wipe that tear away and she never knew my dad cares about me and this much wow then and then I tell our class this is what we do we tell these kind of stories that are gonna last forever and the great thing about that is a soon as you tell that now it's a good time to talk about money how much did zach and jodi charge to do that because if they're not sold after that they're never going to be sold and the most powerful thing you can do is bring someone's wedding toe life just like that right and right over the phone and I've had brides go that's what I want more than anything I want my dad to love me that much how much do you cost I gotta fix the value of what you do is now raising up and up and up and up and you cost thirty five hundred and their budget was three thousand you just added five hundred dollars of value to them because how much is that worth to capture that tell me that story it's worth anything that people are willing to pay for it so then at this point we're going to do the close this is the final step right we're going to say well go ahead and so I'm gonna say like like how many times have you found yourself on the phone with a client are in the meeting with the client and they have asked all the questions that they could possibly ask and you have answered all the questions that you have possibly answered and then there's just a little and you're like okay well let me know and you have no idea what you're thinking you get off the phone or you walk out of the meeting you're like I don't even know thinkinof for me I don't even know like do they even like me and you have no idea and so we have realized that having a close is very important right so here's how we close on the phone and again every client's different some clients you may tell them all that stuff that made me go on ly gosh that sounds amazing but I have I have to do this I have to go talk to someone else you know but what we do for the clothes as we want to get a very definitive question out there so we can find out exactly what they're thinking in this process so this is something that we got from jessica clare this is the way that she closes it's a very very powerful statement best line ever best line ever she says so I tell them you know um we're fifty percent down thirty percent due to leave for the wedding we charge fifty five hundred to start and it comes with a twenty page album credit does this sound like what you're looking for that's the question and then don't talk and sales they say the next person to speak after the close that's the clothes loses so if you say does this sound like what you're looking for and you hear nothing because what they're doing is they're thinking is this what I want and then if you go well if you're not sure let me know call me back oh my gosh that sounded so in secure like you don't even know if you're worth because you know when you put the price out there that's always like the one you're going do they think I'm crazy for how much this costs or you know whatever so we said is this what you're looking for the great thing about this question there's only three answers yes no maybe if they say yes we go awesome we're so excited we're going to send you a contract it's going to be two in ten minute visually you can sign it and next time we see each other we're gonna hang out and have a blast your wedding is gonna be so awesome and they're like going hey and then maybe go in I hope I don't make this decision too fast and we're gonna make sure they don't ever feel like they made a wrong decision but yes this is what they want that's what they called you that's what they filled out your contact for him that's there's so much personality on the website they love you already you shot their friend's wedding like they want you book them right but if they say no or maybe then jodi and I follow up with the question basically well I'm not sure we say well groups on the screen sorry it's not on the screen which is totally cool but we say this and write this down this is an action item we say one is your hesitation wow like you're asking them what's the problem right so they say I'm not sure um we go what's your hesitation may go well you said it was fifty percent do and then fifty percent to export a wedding and they're like but that's more than we can put down but I can only do you know maybe four payments or something so sorry who in here mine's getting paid four times nobody right there life I'll take four payments we can make an exception and they might not know that you will even take four payments but just by asking them what is your hesitation they would be like sixty percent down I really want you but we don't have that right now no problem what we'll do for you is it will let you pay four times not a problem so you need to be a problem solver you need to figure out what my will am I willing to bend in an area in order to book this wedding and what jodi and I never do is this if they go well you said it was fifty five hundred and I have a five hundred dollar budget can you come down to five hundred dollars we'll know let me refer you to someone else like this person who's been waiting for forty eight hours to be perfect or whatever so you don't want to ever cut price because that just demonstrated you're not valuable you're not worth what you're asking is you can never slashed prices we can't do a deal in front of a client because now you know the deal maker so we want to instead of slashing prices if they have a problem even with price we want to see if we can add enough value so what they want toe outweigh the cost because people make purchasing decisions if the values here cost us here they buy if the values here in the cause is here they will not buy so if the value is high enough they will buy so if you can add enough value it will work so as an example jody and I we're on the phone at this amazing client daniel and stasia and daniel was the groom he's also photographer oh my god scary he's a photographer and uh very excited about having shooting his wedding so during that three b question where he said what are you looking for with your wedding photography he said that all the engagement session in this and you guys sound really cool we got to be and we did the clothes I said daniel does this sound like what you're looking for daniel goes yes I mean it was literally was so enthusiastic I was like sweet and he goes but but what crap you know and he goes it was either her parents or his parents I forget are paying they're out of town for ten days I'll be back and if you ever been in the used car sales business with most of us probably haven't but if you have in their sales meetings they call people that are going to be back be back which means they're never coming back if somebody really somebody gets off the phone with you or comes to a meeting and then leaves the statistical chance of them booking nationwide not for everybody is eighty percent less so we know I've got a twenty percent chance if they get off the phone if I don't figure this out right now so we want to pull out all the stops at this point we're gonna add any piece of value we can so when jodie and ideas we have what's called a variable we have something in our back pocket that we can pull out that adds value to them and adds value to us doesn't take away value cutting prices takes away value we want to add value doesn't cost more and doesn't cost anything mohr and is a marketing tool it should be a marketing tool for you so jody and I use the engagement session we don't include that our packages to start it's an extra seven hundred dollars to get engagement session but we also know it's a powerful tool they love it because they get casual pictures we love it because we get to put those pictures online and market eight months before the wedding right so this is a win win and against us the chance to interact with um with a camera before their wedding day there's everything about this is a win so danny was on the phone he said this ten days thing and I went ten days he could be dead in ten days who knows what's gonna happen and it's not that it's that like they could get out and just get influenced by some other thing and so while they're excited about us we want to take advantage of that right size of daniel's you talked about the engagement session happens to be the variable perfect and I said if you can turn ten days into forty eight hours or less we would love a gift you not give never give for free gift to you as a as a wedding present from us to you in a one hour engage in session are normal engagement sessions or two to three hours this will be a one hour sort of get to know you shoot hey miss like do that would rock my world and he knew I was trying to add value to him which put a fire under his butt and guess what happened he went did whatever he had to do got off the phone with me and ten days turned into a less than twenty four hours you call me back the next afternoon zack got approval from the parents are right in iraq he booked our coverage and paid for the engagement session and about the disk from the engagement session spend another thousand dollars after that because he realised zach and jodi are out for me they're going to make my day rock they're going to take care of me and the story just kept going on you know they bought albums afterwards and all this stuff and we had just amazing time and I hang out with the guy we go to lunch and we have a blast and everybody wins and we would have done that whether he painted or not we're going we were going to go out of our way for this guy so that's the sales process on the phone yeah and we do that for claims who are a good fit for us if we're talking on the phone calling there like yeah so I need like these family photos and we really don't like moments and I don't want to buy anything afterwards don't try to sell manure crab you know then we don't want to put our efforts in the book in that client we would rather refer them to another photographer who we know is a better fit for them because you don't want to shoot weddings that we're not a good fit for so I think right there before we get into the next step to anyone and we want to take a few questions are eyes one question somewhere very sorry everybody no thank you thank you thank you thank you uh relationships are obviously really important teo and a couple questions this is kind of going to be a two part question because I think they go together but our ex tiff is wondering how do you separate your personal relationships with your clients with the business relationships I'm bonded to my clients by the time the wedding is over and it's terribly difficult to mesh that with the business side on then the second question kind of goes hand in hand and it's from map q how do you handle a situation in which the client feels too much of a relationship with you and constantly expects extra services for free I think that's a awesome question and I think you know going back to daniel and station we just talked about this a great example because daniel and I are not friends texted me the other day I was like what are we going oh maniacs which is this chicken place we love hanging out you know talking shop talk about talking talking about life and there's always this delicate balance I think between a relationship with a client and a business relationship with anyone in a friendship you know dave ramsey always says never take a loan from anyone in your family especially your parents because when you go to have thanksgiving dinner it tastes different when you're sitting with your slave or when you're sitting with your master because you owed them and there sitting there going you owe me two thousand dollars right that's a baby that could destroy relationships and families right having that sort of thing going on but dave ramsey also says this in his book entree leadership which is amazing book I highly recommend picking up saul about leading a team and leading your business and dave ramsey says this sales and the marketing you know process is a beautiful relationship between a buyer and seller they have a need you have a service that fills that need and if you run a business with integrity you do things not because you can try to get a sale but because you care about your tim sanders says you actually have compassion and love people that's why you do what you do and you are willing to go above and beyond because people shouldn't expect more that's not a friendship friendship should be giving that doesn't sound like a healthy relationship to me that sounds like a client who thinks they're your friend or trying to use that to their advantage that that's not a true friendship in life and maybe that's been done on our side by mistake by being like yeah so this is what you get but I'm gonna give you lots more and then you tell them that then they expect that daniela stay sha are great example because they came they didn't have the most ridiculously extravagant wedding among all time they spent a truckload of money on jody and I and at the end of the day I got the most amazing compliment cause I felt like we ran our business with integrity with uh with trust and with doing what we really said we were going to do which is what integrity means and I delivered him a lot of times when you just like drop ship the albums to him and then get over there calls I got the albums but he lived he works a mile from my house and he said hey let's meet up maniacs the chicken place and bring me the books I said sure I'd love to do that so I brought him these books delivered it and usually to me after you've spent say ten thousand dollars on photography you might get your books and go should we have really done that but daniel was so cool we stood in the parking lot of maniacs I gave his books and he goes you know what I am so happy that I spent the money we spent so happy that we spend it on you and I was like wow like this can be done if you run your business with true integrity pay your taxes give your clients what they deserve all those kind of things you know on and it can be done but it is a delicate balance and have to be very careful and I think any time that you can separate them business aspect from the friend aspect is great so for example like using a program to send payment reminders and invoices or maybe you have an office manager even your intern if you really trust them like they're facilitating that part of the relationship thing hey just a reminder you know exact the payment of second jody gray is due two weeks out your bounce a little loss and then you can keep that separate and then also I think having confidence when you're speaking to them about stuff that can be awkward so you know you've become b f f with your client and not saying that we do become b f f with all of our clients we don't um but say you do have us really close working relationship and you feel awkward like bringing them in and like selling themself because you like as a friend I should just give it to them at cost right no uh so instead of being like so we have this amazing album um do you do you want it it's like six hundred bucks it's or whatever you sell for it's like so for your wedding we know you're right you know you want something to remember your day by this album we love it it's seven hundred dollars bubble little block and I think in my example I up marked another hundred dollars that that was unintentionally you so well but having that confidence and being like all right these are my services I know I'm worth it I know we have a more personal relationship on the side but this is business now and this is what I'm offering as opposed tio I know you're my friend I should probably get us you had a discount because I get a cheaper rate and I think by instilling that confidence I think that a hole as well and just a side note we typically for the most part don't she went for people that were friends with we really don't because we don't want that somehow mess up the relationship so for the most part we have rarely if ever done a wedding for somebody that were already very connected to usually comes out of the business experience they had a great experience with our business now they like us so if that happens you know you've done your job well but I would say if your sister wants you to shoot her wedding I and you charge you're gonna charge her half I wouldn't do it because what if she doesn't pay you and they do end up taking advantage of you when like you start as friends not become friends but it's some the point is is that it's I'd rather have a great relation with my sister and how my sister only a thousand dollars one time my mom tried to hire us pay us half the cost was in a cost us for her friend who was getting remarried and like her fifties and I said mom you are not paying me two thousand dollars of half of this toe show up and do anything I said you're my mo I should pay you two thousand bucks you know like there's no way I'm taking a dollar from my mom you know I took enough money from you until I was about twenty one

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Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.