Wedding Photography Weekend

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Shoot: Bride Getting Ready


Wedding Photography Weekend

Lesson 10 of 49

Shoot: Bride Getting Ready


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Shoot: Bride Getting Ready

all right so we have lauren are amazing model and we also have lindsay than makeup artists so what we're doing is we're going teo kind of set up a situation for when we are walking in a room and shooting a bride getting ready so if the make of the shoes first shoot her yeah we could do it every you want you wanna start with the shoes I think we should start with the shoes kind of school our order if that's cool and then we'll switch toe the bride getting her make up touched up and kind of show you how we photograph that yeah yeah do we have shoes way photographed me a shoe model for a sweet sweet okay cool so you want to start off with that one yes all right so we have these awesome shoes so again what we're looking for us we're looking for great window light and what do you know we have some really nicely pouring through here so what we're going to school and you want to talk through what you're thinking maybe yes and let me get the macro out so he's grabbing one hundred millimeter ma...

cro and what's great about that is you can get in really tight on your subjects whatever you're shooting in this case choose you get in really tight on that and so we're gonna put that on and we'll show you so obviously any time we walk in any situation the most important thing is being cool you know like when we're walking it like you saw the braking I was like yeah I walked over miles dude I want I want that suit like I want to be you right now that's how good you look you know we're just making them feel like they are the most important thing happening in the room I did that on purpose to you see you work sees even swelling and now he knows he's like dang it we have our groom over there in the corner over there on the corner so it's very very important to just be casual and cool I think especially beginning today and we tell our clients there'll be a time when we may need to rush a little more okay that's great do this all right time lets you know there's a time to be rushed but definitely not the first part of the day so we want to come in be cool be casual take a cz much time as we can or make it feel like we're running the day real slow and smooth so we walk in like this and we'd say hi to the bride how's it going we're so excited you look amazing your dress is beautiful my gosh you're awesome and then hey while you're getting your makeup on or getting started with that can we grab your shoes and dress and take some photos so in this case he's already wearing a dress so we're not going hanging up on the wall right now that would be totally inappropriate so instead what we're going to do is take a quick photograph of her shoes and just show you how we would use this window light and use this fill light so what we're gonna have to have a the crew was actually turned these two lights off really fast cause they're really bad fill lights for us at the moment they look good on me but they don't look so good on our shoes that's cool you guys gonna freak out if he turned those off great yeah both of them if that would that would be awesome and then at the camp one of the camera guys can actually fill this you can actually see like if I start moving this chair closer and closer to the window you can start seeing even with my eye the highlights very bright on this side very dark on this side but the further I move that away from the window all the sun the shadows start opening up more and more and more and we have more less shadow unless highlight on the other side member in really close that light gets dark quickly moving away for further and it's much softer fall off and I'm actually have jody grabbed this little white pillow we happen to have one sitting over here do you want to use the reflector to show the pillow that's what so she can also use this for this pillow if you guys could come a tad bit closer maybe but we can use this as a nice little fill light and add some dimension to this side of this can you see that so see how simple you could see how simple that is just I'm putting that in there that's a start trace late and this is a pillow nothing special about it yeah so awesome so I think that looks great adding that little bit extra phil so all I'm gonna do pop up my expo disc that is secret a note from my wife probably s I'm gonna pull out my expo disc stick it over the front of my lands anybody remember what my shutter suits should be I've got a hundred mil lens on it's the slowest that should be it should be one one hundred so one over phone at the lowest lowest one one hundred so you wanting a higher least one one hundred so I'm not one to hundred right now just to be safe we're also in a very dark area so we probably need to be fairly wide open but remember if we're in really close with a macro lens the closer you get to something more out of focus everything else around it gets and I want a little bit of depth in the shoes I don't want it to be you know one little spot focus everything completely blown out or out of focus I'm actually going to have four believe it or not we're gonna go to f or and this is also the cool thing about this new l lenses it's an image stabilizer limbs so instead of that one over focal length we can now cut that by four stops so instead of one one hundredth of a second I can go down one fifteenth of a second and get the same steadiness of a shop with this lens so now the most next most critical thing is when I'm getting the exposure I have to make sure that the expo disc is at the same distance to the window as these shoes are otherwise because I noticed the exposure here in the exposure here are very different super dark super bright so we have to make sure that when I get that exposure of this light is that the same distance I'm gonna put it right here now I'm looking through on this camera you have to look at the back of the camera see the the light meter or the camera meter so right now it says I'm two thirds over exposed at eight hundred f or two hundredth of a second so I'm gonna slow my shutter speed down we're sorry speeded up to get it to zero and now I'm at zero at two fiftieth of a second so eight hundred four now I just take a picture so he has a perfect exposure so now because he has that exposure he can grab the shot to give it that eighteen percent grey that the camera needs snap a quick photo and as you can see I've got that down the middle exposure none of the camera can see that or not also awesome awesome and now on this camera I can actually set that white balance by pressing a couple of buttons here and remember every cameras different so it's going to be a different process for you so now I have that color sets of this color should come out perfectly and I've got this beautiful angle jody's gonna add that little fill light on this side I'm gonna come around to this side line up my little shot here and income a scootch closer than you like the word scope so now we're gonna focus in on our little shoes here which led gorgeous taken image candidate visit coming up on the screen should be bingo and now you've got this beautiful shot and notice even at four that backgrounds way out of focus you see that but it looks absolutely fantastic the only thing I'm noticing as jody's leg is in my shot so we're gonna we're gonna move her leg out of the way and take another one and actually I'm gonna slide these forward a little bit because they're kind of low profile shoes see if I can get a little more see the top of them just a little bit more perfect all right so I'm gonna snap it on one here super cool I love the click of this camera sound so like intense awesome perfect remember you're seeing the j pegs so these air once we kind of add a little bit of the contrast and color bump him a little bit he's going to look absolutely fantastic and that's exactly how it shoot the shoes every time we're shooting details I know that jodi's gonna put together an album so I want to get a horizontal on a vertical of everything so I would shoot vertical horizontal and then I'd be done how many shots do you need of shoes not that many so we take five six seven eight shots make sure they're in focus and I zoom in really quick and go yet these air super clearly and focus we're done you want to take a shot without the pillow and let's see the difference that she'll pull the pillow I will take a quick shower without it so you can sort of see the difference of a still life and I have us takes a second toe register there we go super cool all right so we're gonna bring our rock star bride and give her shoes back here so now you can see that shot and if downstairs they scroll between them you can really see the difference of that little pill of still life but I don't do that yes who beautiful I loved with the fill light much better all right so lauren happy sit here let's bring lindsay lindsay do you want a chair so we're gonna shoot fifty year what you want I usually stand so far all right so so essentially we're doing the exact same thing that we did with the shoes except I'm not gonna be adding a building I don't want to be all up in um my bride space and have it be a big production I just want to capture what's going on so often times sometimes when I arrived the bride hasn't gotten her her makeup shot yet so I know this is where I want to set her so I'll even go here and do everything that I need to do even before she gets here so I'm putting my explode disk pointing towards the light and I'm actually one third brighter then what I want to be so right now I'm at s o four hundred I met to eight to eight and then to one to fiftieth of a second and this lens is a twenty four to seventy millimeter so or to prevent camera shake I don't want to go any below seventy millimeters so many just my shutter speed so I get my meter right down the line and it's looking at set to fifty she looks awesome rayburn I know just sitting there all right so I've gone ahead and I've taken oh and you could see that right so so here I'm looking at my history graham and I can see I've got my line right up in the middle so I know my exposure is great so I'm just gonna go on my menu I'm gonna apply the custom might balance so now the white mounds should be I'm raising mover of tab close that window I think all right so now we're moving our closer so what do I need to do because I'm moving her closer what's going to change that's good right there yep so now I'm just going to double check this I'm gonna go where faces and I'm a little bit brighter some actually gonna slow down my shutter speed right down the line is one four hundredth of a second now someone apply that in camera because some white balance so I'm going to take a shot in see what this looks like a quick shot of her time and let you do your magic so and then if you guys could just watch standing in our luck in the light right there I'm sorry all right so you can see it's super dark so I spend my shutter speed up and I'm looking at my history ram and it's still really dark because we're so close to the window we have a brightness we have a highly area and our shadow areas so all we're doing is we're just weaken this now and I actually might move her back to where we were that's awesome right there if she turns on the light looks great so now I'm looking at my history ram and I love it and you can see it come up so you can see now how you look at your eyes look amazing you look so good so now like I have my exposure of where I want it so now that we're all set we're just going to start shooting so we'll have lindsay or makeup artists come in yeah it's great if you're like this way but you turned your face back into the light a little bit and have her come around yeah and so as I'm shooting I'm trying to be careful of what I'm putting in the frame because we kind of have the leg of the piano we have that purple couch so I'm just trying to be aware of what we're seeing so often I just kind of want a crop in really close after what I love to do and lindsay what you were doing was perfect so hold that when you're ready to do your make up stuff and I love putting the makeup artist so check out that oh isa beautiful lauren look down with your eyes yes okay so right there you can see and I love I love putting the make up artists in the frame little bit because it adds just that extra layer and you can see right in camera how that image looks wait for it wait for it and see how you have that depth now and then the next shot that you'll see as I had loren look down with her eyes and then it just and it looks really cool and so now I wanted to look down even more and so what I'll tell the right sometimes when I told them to look down that kind of looked on halfway soul say look down at your nose so that you can really see their eyelashes so champ a little bit and so let's say lauren was kind of an awkward ride and I'd be like all right nice face nice space you know and then she starts laughing and we'll be like lord you're getting married and chin up a little bit love it and looked towards the window a little bit yes long and then what I'll do to is like okay I've gotten those really tight shots so now what I want to do is I just kind of want a show like silhouette really cool what's going on here it's actually really cool because we've got the cameraman and here too so you can see the shot coming up here no of the story of what's going on and on like lauren I love her hair is like the coolest hair ever so then it's just like once you know you have the shot that's gorgeous when you could just like shoot around you can see exposure wise to let me just interject because exposure wise especially you back little bride like that and you want to hop in and get this shot something like this very difficult to do to figure out where is the correct exposure if you're trying to do this other than the way that we did it like you pulled back and you go well what's the exposure should I expose here or there if you did it here and be washed out but now we have this beautiful definition and we're looking at raw images it anybody that uses light room and shoots raw realizes you look at the pictures the back you can have this beautiful sharpness in contrast you put in the light room and they go then they die somehow what happens we're shooting roswell and they're putting the rye images right up on the screen and you notice that kind of go what happens is raw flattens itself out and it assumes you're gonna add that contrast or sharpness back so these air completely flattened images and you can see how gorgeous they look like this this is absolutely fantastic robert and I set all my settings once so now I'm not having to change and guesswork so just for fun I'm going to switch this teo a v which is an automotive pull back to do the silhouette again and so now when we let the camera think on its own you'll see it's like bad like it looks awesome can looks pretty crappy that was way over silla and maybe that's what you liked but I'm not so excited about seeing you know this uh um tent in the background of the kid's playground I like too bright detail washing the windows kind of washed out sharp so something to be careful about this lens is because it was twenty four millimeter it can shoot really wide and the last thing that I want to do is make our bride's face look worked so I'm actually going toe take a shot way so you could do your makeup goodness and so twenty four and I'm shoot what it does is it kind of makes her face not as flattering as a little bit warped and we want the more natural more compressed you know I want a platter I rise so let's have me turn yeah that's great so then what what you could do is you can zoom in and then step back if you still want to get really tight so switch and do a shot of bride getting a dress made of awesome that's exactly what we want right there and so also as I'm shooting like the bride I'm looking for little details like you know she'll have a ring on so I'll shoot the ring on her hand oftentimes we've got a manicure pedicure so I'll shoot these little vignette details of what's going on and then also pulled back like I did awesome so what we're gonna do now we're actually gonna do a little mock the bride getting her dress on she's not gonna take it off put back now where is gonna have her stand up really quick if she doesn't mind thank you my dear we'll take this chair just slide it right back there judy could do that and a lot of times we'll totally stage this what I think would be amazing yeah our model is rock star she looks created anything so I think if we actually had her sort of silhouetted like this and kind of lighting just this sliver of her so standing kind of just like I am but I'm right about here and then turn your body back to me a little bit more perfect than kind of looking out the window and then we're gonna have our amazing makeup art is just kind of doing like a little fake you know squeeze back here you guys just if you don't mind so to make this a little bit more real like what I would do I'd be like lauren it's time to get your jobs were so excited all right when you get up in your dress I want you to stand right here and look at me so that's what I'll tell her and what I'll do is ninety percent of the time when I'm shooting the bride getting ready in her dress I'm in a chair and I'm shooting down on her a lot of those shots that we showed you I was totally shooting down so what I'm doing is I'm looking for her facial also miss so exactly what she's doing now you know like she's excited she's getting in her dress then she's looking at me and she's like e and then what I'll do is then I'll get white and you'll see everyone in the room which will be cool I'm trying to tell the story of what's going on in the shops you'll see tomorrow when we kind of go through and show you what we're getting so those air the shots that I'm trying to tell and then sometimes what she'll do it she'll turn into the dark and I'll be like look towards the light you know it looks awesome and so you're just educating them on what to do because they don't know they don't know it looks good so so lauren really quick if you don't mind stay just like you were wouldn't be the same thing but see how my arms were kind of doing this see if you can kind of do that with both arms but looking really hard over your right shoulder and turn your body back to me more more more more perfect and then go on doing up the dress awesome just like that I'm gonna move back I don't know how much more like you and they're looking right out the window just kind of a song yeah that's perfect my dear absolutely amazing beautiful you know what I'm doing I'm watching my bling keys she's moved around just a little bit so I'm making sure that we don't have anything blown out and then if our camera guy can move just a little bit that way perfect I'm just gonna grab another detail from this perspective the looking away down with your eyes my dear oh my gosh that's perfect and drop your right shoulder just a little bit yeah perfect just like that joanie scoot back to cisco maybe so normally when our bride is getting ready we're we're letting it happen a little rock my world but I still want them look awesome so we will instruct them as well so often times like when there when she gets in her dress like I said I'll stand up here and I would get closed and I'll get fired to show the scene but then is there like um whether it be a course setback or buttons I'll be like oh awesome all right I'm gonna have you turn your back into the light so then we get to see the details and I have nicely is they're turning so don't be afraid to like but in and be like hey yeah go ahead and turn into the white house make sure this is working correctly here so then we can go ahead and turn this way just a little bit in here yeah other way perfect just out back just in between the two perfect right there possum fantastic always important capture those close details on I know joanie already did it but we'll just have it for the screen we'll have her look right up here at me turn back this way actually looking right down that way perfect and so then what zach is doing right now fool once I have the bride dress she looks awesome she's ready to go I'll even get her to put her earrings that I am just like you more like looking way down for me you see how zach is affirming her though he's like aw fantastic looks great actually took a couple of shots where my exposure was just whacked so I said oh my gosh those are amazing and I'm just a touch but looking way down perfect so as I was saying you know I'll have her right in the situation she's dressed she looks great I'll have her put her earrings on right in front of me and then like zach sting will grab a quick a portrait like awesome look down and you have no idea that you're standing in this room underwear and makeup and everything hanging out everywhere you have no idea and you just get this really nice purchase it's a really quick grab when you're already set up for that light camera it's already set to shoot so one more thing we want to do all were sitting and we have this big huge space that's beautiful so I think let's get a quick shot of the bride we've got this beautiful piano back here so let's get a quick shot of her just kind of chilling right there be amazing so we could just move these cords but I think would be awesome would be as if you were kind of sitting right see the thing is I kind of want this face in this way well she kind of be like yeah yeah working thinking that you could actually probably sit more like this and then sitting right to the front of this and then looking right out this one no this way so this is what we'll do at weddings we see something cool we have really great light so we'll just take advantage of that and that's okay because that's your job that you're there to do in the way of love it somebody hand me my fifty mil and a reflector wei may have just a little light just in case we need it and then we're gonna shoot ziga room yes finding question actually what she closing your eyes and don't win that shot was just looking at their nose yeah we try not to get her to close her eyes when he said look way down with her eyes open looks a lot better on your cash is I think so avoid the closing eyes and have a look what you usually say look down towards you okay which looks great yeah so this time there is in the center point in re composing is what you're doing okay no I'm shooting now two point oh jodi wass okay I'm not okay sees a shoo shooting up to eight so she was focusing on this with the center point decomposing actually I was using the uppers she wasn't okay something think about it is when you're setting up a bride like you I don't know if you I could see it but soon as learned sat down she started like fixing your address because obviously like a bright like a real right especially once to look good so um I think it really makes the bride feel secure even if there's nothing to tweak but just like to come up and be like oh great great and then you know just a fluffer dress I mean the dress always needs fluffing I don't know who made the idea of having weddings were big wedding dress this one remember face way back that way yes homo super so just make sure that you know that you are remember both for mike's sorry I'm like talking hurt so just let her know that you're watching out for her and you're watching for those details and you wanted to make a good teo that gives her even more confidence it's amazing and can we take this hand and made me kind of threw it yeah looks great looking right out the window and he'll operate looks feels weird looks good we say that all the time and if so yeah that's amazing my dear perfect so I switched to the fifty just because we were a little bit too close with the eighty five and let's make sure that these air shooting up to the screen there and so you know we're talking about is you move closer and further away from the window the light does change so exacted change his shutter speed so he's not shooting at the same exact camera cities so now just because we have all this great white on the floor same thing my dear and a little more dramatic leaning that way but then looking a way out yeah that looks super cool oh my gosh get it learn nice chin down just a touch looking here yes but a little more towards the window but looking here yes and they're looking away out the window again but leaning back again he looks have been doing that yep back to me a little more super cool then one more looking away out the window perfect love it amazing so super cool just a couple shots really quick of a great example and we'll show these tomorrow of you know zack shooting some wide shots but what I can do is I can seventy two hundred on and so I can zoom in and I can get my own shots while zach is she doing that so we get something totally and more tight without having like get all up in her grill so exactly what you were doing for zach warn yep perfect keep looking out that one no perfect you are amazing lauren go ahead and turn your shoulders for me other way yep and then bring your face back to me a little bit yes let's do one more of the reflector but bring it close and then looking right out the window again just passed me perfect nice looking right here at me amazing kimmie just breathe into the mouth yet perfect supercool you rock this is stacey fandy dandy assistant bythe supercool so now that we've got some cool portrait of the bride and we're kind of crunched for time here we want to move on to the groom stir so any questions that that well we transition over to l groom o start by its from the internet is wondering what mitri mode and use most you spot or center meeting good question yeah we use average waited me during most of time but we really don't use our meter that often we just manipulate it with the expo disc and then shoot on manual so the meter is kind of irrelevant at that point we just you know and we usually just fill the frame with whatever needs to be correctly meter most of time it's that expo discuss filling that frame and then it doesn't matter what mentoring mon you're on if it was on center average uh evaluative or any of those but then if we're in a quick situation and we switch over to a b and I have to do the only time we don't shoot on manuals and we do what we call a crab shot we're inside the church were set up manually they go from dark toe four times brighter outside we don't go hang on a sec let me do a quick adjustment on my camera hold a moment while you you just getting married you know we don't do that so instead what we do is we switch to maybe really quick and we kind of get what we call grab shots s so then in that case were on average meat oring because we just want an average evaluation of that scene and we probably realize we're gonna have to individually adjust those images as well which sucks

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Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.