Wedding Photography Weekend


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Shooting the Table Settings

Join Zach and Jody Gray for a special three-day weekend as they give you an inside look into how they bring all the pieces of a wedding day together. You will learn how Zach & Jody create beautiful portraits in any lighting situation during a fast-paced wedding day. They'll show how to incorporate dynamic yet simple off-camera flash, and how they master troublesome reception lighting. The weekend will wrap up with a behind-the-scenes look at how they plan and prepare for a great wedding day experience. Learn how they turn their brides into their biggest fans who continue to sell them to other future brides in their personal networks.



  • I have two words to use to review this first day of the class. The first word starts with an F, so I can't use it here. The second word is Awesome. There was a technical glitch partway into it, which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. To have thousands of people watching the live stream and then it dies for a whole hour. Ouch. I was feeling like I would just wait and watch the whole thing later, as I purchased it before it started, but I tuned in this afternoon and watched some more. Wow. Thank you Zach and Jody. I have been learning so much from people whose work I admire, and who inspire me, and I put it all to great use. (My girlfriend told me so, so I know it's true.) The hour I watched after lunch was PACKED with GREAT info, and I am so glad I bought the $99 package beforehand. But if the rest of the weekend is as info-packed as the hour I caught this afternoon, even $150 is money well spent. This is how you go from good to great. Take that knowledge and move forward and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. Thank for putting this event on, and I look forward to downloading the videos when they are up!
  • Great class. I didn't get catch it all but what I did was fantastic. I had an opportunity to attend a workshop they did last year in Nashville at Dury's and it was great, so knew this was going to be extra special with 3 days to work with instead of about 6 or 7 hours. I plan on purchasing the class and using this great info to help me do my first wedding shoot in March. They have inspired me and given me courage to press on. Thanks, Creative Live and thanks to Zach and Jody.
  • A great couple who truly deserve to be where they are at! They did the research, read, set goals and accomplished them! you know it isn't easy to follow through with your own goals! They have passion for what they love to do! CreativeLive you are the BEST! And you keep getting better and better! I have learned so much from all your workshops! I feel like I work for CreativeLive as I tell so many people about who you are! Wish I lived closer, I would be knocking your door down for a job!! Thank you all so very much!! You are a gift to me!