Wedding Photography Weekend

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Show It + Sites for Clients


Wedding Photography Weekend

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Show It + Sites for Clients


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Show It + Sites for Clients

we want to surprise reclines we want to do something unexpected for our clients again so also at the engagement session we can do that it's a surprise what we do joan and I she mentioned under promise over deliver right we try to do that big time because there's nothing worse than when you shoot a client's wedding and you tell them it's gonna be thirty days or whatever your turnaround time sixty days to get the pictures and you're in a busy season and everything's backed up and it's fifty nine days in now seen thinking picture yet and all something send you an email and they go what was I gonna get to see my pictures again I'd really like to see my picture and as soon as that happens you're valued is one way down they were uh uh coming I swear and then you and then you promise something you can't deliver and it starts to bring down their experience of how they feel about jodi and I do is let's reverse that big time and make them think it's gonna be way longer than it's going to be beca...

use we know we can deliver at least by then so we do the engagement session as we say hey it's gonna be like we mentioned and we always say tell them before tell them during and tell them again you know so they because they forget quick so beforehand we tell him thirty days during the engagement such we say don't forget it's gonna be thirty days before you get to see any pictures that's our turn around time they're like okay thirty days we can wait and don't forget afterwards you sending me mail thirty days you know so we do instead because we go back to the house it takes me about one hour at an engagement session take any longer than that either shot too many pictures are you doing too much photoshopped one of the two we go back takes me maybe an hour tow column edit them and then upload them online and then pull out some facebook favorites and jody and I do is we build a website this is one we just got our new brandon's we didn't have any of these websites available from our obvious are due from our old brand so he built one last night took jodie maybe five or ten minutes so this explain mr this is huge so this is something your client is not expecting it's something that takes you no time to do it all and there's no cost you so will you show it sites and one of the coolest things that we do we have used with show its sights is what they have what they call their plus sites what you're looking at now this is a place that looks like our website but it says david and tammy at the top instead of zach and jodi so melissa love our identity specialist she designed a plus site that obviously matches with our brand and look it's about the couple so you see david and tammy's photo there and these are actually the guys who shot our promo photos funny david come and then right there on the right read your block post in ways we did about you click right there and then the thing is is this is a style group that melissa has designed for us show it has these for free that you can use you swap out the couple's names you put in their photos and then you send them this lincoln you're like by the way the website is david and tammy dot zach and jodi dot com so you sent him in in a minute guess what we have a sneak peak of your images are all of your images but everyone do we have a sneak peak of your images at your own girl david and tammy dot zach and jodi dot com so they go here and there like oh my gosh this is amazing and you could make this is simple or as complicated as you want some photographers will gather information from their story they'll be like hey I'd love a paragraph about how you guys met you can't even let them use us as their wedding website for rsp piece and all that stuff but it was a welcome there the romance there's a photographer's there's a link to our website and the cool thing about this is right there and facebook they can share this with their friends and it says leave a comment so when you click that facebook button and someone leaves a comment it shows up on the wall and it shows that website right there how amazing is that same thing with don't want to get showing for any other reason other than that that is sick tell me a blue domain site that could do that and you better not call it wait again go ahead questioning persons coming in uh maybe you were going to get to this but question from abby elaine is can you have a cz many plus sites through showing and want yes we currently have like four great and then I don't know but it's a lot s for example are photographers website is a plus site so it's photographers that zach and jodi dot com workshops website is a plus site workshops that great foot dot zach and jodi dot com so you could make a cz many as you want yes s so it was that and then how many images do you do in your sleep previous way like to do like a sneak peak it depends on how you sell if you're going to bring them back and show them images from the engagement session that maybe try to sell me out like a sign in book that they didn't buy then I recommend a sneak peek put five shots in there or something like that because then you wanna have something to show at a previous session but we don't do a lot of previous sessions for engagement sessions because we don't have a lot of time to usually do those and we save it for after the wedding so we'll put like fifteen shots in there and then prove him on the gallery and if they make a folder of their favorite life fifteen extra drop those in there too because then you know those air their favorites but we put our the most engaging the most beautiful the most emotional shots in there so there's some other features was show it that we're going to talk about like why this is so great and then if we have any questions with some technical or additional questions and we can hit those up so this is the page where it's about david and tammy about your couple swap out the names put in their story drop in image in publish it that simple is that not sexy or what I like and this is interesting teo sixty two percent of all bridegrooms make a wedding website off of like the free ones from the non or whatever make him one like this or even put it in your path even sell it if you wanted to you could sell it as an upgrade show it to him we like to do it as a gift because it makes him so excited but then if they have something like this like this looks ten times cooler than anything you've seen and it's your brand and click a link to your website that's and they're getting what they gonna do they're going to send every person on the guest list there they're gonna send all their friends they're they put it on facebook first time we did one of these within four days we had three hundred fifty views on facebook like that getting okay sorry but what you can do is you can have a link about yourself or just simply put a link to your website whatever you want so this was designed you know by melissa to show a little about section so does is it the photo with their cameras no it's it's about two photographers were zach and jodi thanks for stopping by if you've enjoyed the sweating website and like to know more about us click here you can do whatever you want and then of course what's so great is you can have an actual gallery on here so you can put their a few the engagement photos in a highlight or we talked about we mentioned pass and people are like what is past so pass is a very simple way to share your images and we have a screen shot coming up of what passes but past ties in directly to show it so with a click of a button once you've uploaded your images to pass it'll pull those images right into their plus site and what's even cooler is they can share those images right on facebook and we're going to show you it's a few slides down how this is displayed on facebook which is phenomenal so ah quick screenshot of the behind the scenes of past this is super simple just some images from jasmine star one of her galleries that show it uses just a kind of showcase the back end super simple right were all about simplicity and things that are simple and make our lives better another cool thing about pass next oh so you can you can share images with vendors you can create folders like for the florist throw images in there and then give them a link and it can tie right into facebook for them to have one of the download so crazy and then what's also super awesome is this works on the iphone ipad and so clients right there you can release their images to them either low razor high rez there's so much information we'll just keep it super light but right there on their phone is there hanging out with her friends they sign into that they get the past that and they're like look at my wedding images or looking my engagement images truth right making click on an image and share it right to facebook anytime they feel like okay sorry like killing the punchline so what's super cool about these plus sites about your show its sight is they are cheryl on facebook and I'm going to show you so right here see this it says post of all this is a screenshot of our website you can post it to your profile you can share it directly with friends and a bride and groom that you're friends with or you can put it on your way then it takes you to the next slide right on zack and jodie's wass putting this on her own law then you can write you think oh my gosh sarah you look absolutely beautiful on this plus site love shooting engage in images remember they could do this from the computer from the plus side from their phone anywhere that they want and then they're the ones sharing it and it posts right there wall like this and look at what you see see that little play button I don't know what happens when that play buttons clicked let's find out so there's a video yes sorry videos demonstrating how this works it's pretty cool click on that bad boy todo spans thing and guess what this is our website playing right on facebook there's our intra video that we showed earlier oh zach so handsome I wish he were my photographer you click on enter site and you can go in our whole website right there on facebook so how powerful is that you take your you create a plus site for a client you share it with them on their facebook page and all of their friends now khun see their images it links right back to you see and you can set this up says national wedding photographers great photography zach and jodi you could tweet that to say whatever it says so your images are being shared online on facebook with all of their friends and it links right back to who you are and when you open a past gallery in there the images yes and what's great about this when you share unlike engagement images or their wedding images through a past gallery there's a little button and the websites do this to you click on a full screen button and write in facebook the images go full screen and people can click through that gallery or click rate that website right on facebook full screen and they're all linked back to you all like back to your rooms really really incredible so these tools are all about one talk about free marketing that goes viral you know everybody's on facebook everybody's using these viral techniques everybody wants to get excited and see pictures people love consuming images and we do this a day after the engagement session it's online and let it scatter like rain you know let it go everywhere and people are like how do you not have to do bridal shows anymore this replaces bridal shows times him and it brings clients going if you raise your prices I'm going to try to figure out how to afford it because this is such an exciting experience versus standing in a bridal show going want to book me check out my past gallery or check out my website you know it's like it's night and day difference of marketing prowess using so as I mentioned on break passes for people who have show it because you see who tied it in so quickly but what the past guys were crunching on up until last night they have something just for everyone watching creative live where you can have access to it and it's by a gallery you get one free so there's tons of information you could go to pass premiere dot com there's no e at the end but if you want that creative life promoting its pass promo dot com slash c l for creative life so this is exclusively for the creative live audience which is huge so I mean talk about like that one more time passed promo p I s s promo dot com slash seal and talk about like value in content I mean so much is given to you guys like on this and with our sponsors and with creative live like offering like the video downloads for you know that it's such a great price point like I got excited going through this marketing stuff again because we're seeing our new brand for the first time kind of all put together and melissa just like it looks so yeah very very exciting yeah and the good thing about that to having that sort of uh identity uh what do you call that when it's all the same brand consistencies huge because then everybody immediately goes on those all that second judy oh that's chris oh that's you know the list goes on there remembering really quick who you are and they're seeing you everywhere and that's why we even say things like if you have an avatar and maybe this is a power point but if you have an avatar I've been you ever met somebody that's it you follow each other on twitter but you've never been in their sight and they just chat back and forth when you meet him and you go who are you again oh you're so and so with that weird picture on twitter what your neck a lot of people remember us because we have the same photo everywhere that brand consistency is huge we have a professional image taken of us jody smiling I'm looking at the cameron we have different versions us further apart was closer together and then us right next to each other it's all the same image photoshopped closer together so on twitter and even on my instagram it's that same picture just zoomed in on me so people remember who you are and they go oh you're you're that person that knows that cake lady you're the person that knows that you're the one that knows that photographer you're the one that knows that menu and everybody remembers you and remember your network is your network the more people that know exactly who you are the better the brand consistencies used the last one in this process is encourage we want a firmer clients engage with them surprise them by doing that awesome so many different ways to do that and then encourage our clients is something really simple and you can do this a million different ways they do it this way our clients no we love starbucks so we literally have a stack for the entire year starbucks cards it's like a ten dollar starbucks gift card and all of our branding and stuff that we do together is maybe eighty bucks something like that for each client you could cut that in half and remember these are marketing dollars this is what we spend on marketing for a client seventy range but that's it right and that's a really good point to remember we said we haven't spent traditional we haven't sent money in traditional marketing since two thousand eight the money that we do spend instead of buying a magazine ad we're taking our client out to dinner you could take him to a million donors that we're buying him a pass cower you know each gallery costs twenty nine bucks so we bypass calorie because we know that twenty nine dollar investment is going to share virally on facebook full screen from them and their network and this is a quick side note the average facebook network has two hundred people deep so if you go two hundred people deep in the average depth of someone's network of tight friends of six people so it's six times two hundred it's how many people you could potentially reach every time you make a very viral on facebook that's a lot of people and that's worth twenty nine bucks or worth you know you having a website that can share like that it's not about having you know even the cheapest website it's about having the one that brings you the most business and this brings us business okay the last one is encouraged simply what we do it this way about ten dollar starbucks gift card we have these cool little we have a printed off they're like zach and jodi no cards that are in our brand new stationery and we write in there hey we know it's coming down and we do this about two weeks before the wedding we know it's coming out on the wire you guys were like going nuts planning all the last minute things we've planned a wedding we know how this is but hey go out have a coffee on us and no wedding talk aloud and we've literally had clients remember a bride in two thousand ten email this inside we forgot that this was about us and not about this wedding thank you for reminding us we had an hour to just connect again and we're helping them again benefitting their life has benefits their life it's not about hey have a free coffee thanks you're awesome clients it's no go on connect with each other commune together have a coffee no letting don't talk about your wedding talk about what you love about each other again that's powerful and that gets them right before the wedding we're showing up in their life and tony are friends from afar or closer how much interact that have made our lives better this last year thank you man that's what we want we want to make their lives better so those are the things that we do to help the client experience part from like the emotional and the lovely who believes in the fuzzy feelings that they feel about us we're gonna be breaking for lunch here and then when we come back we will be talking about the logistics of how we set their expectations for how the wedding day goes and we're talking to a lot of that stuff including our client questionnaire so make sure over the lunch break goto photographers dot great dan not zach and jodi dot com photographers that second jenny dot com sign up for newsletter on that splash screen you'll get an immediate download over pdf from our forty nine question client questioning that we are about to go over and this next coming section and we have officially released our workshop dates so goto workshops that grey dot zach and jodi dot com and you'll see the cities that were coming to you for a spring two thousand twelve workshop to it and I think we'll take some questions yeah or you could just stay in that photographer's dot zach and jodi dot com that links to everything else that's that's the home base

Class Description

Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.