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Website Contact Form


Wedding Photography Weekend

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Website Contact Form


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Website Contact Form

so the next thing on a website and this is actually really critical is the contact form when people say okay I've seen enough and this is ultimate remember this is what you're trying to do you don't want to make this a complicated process I've been to some photographers website I can't even find their email I don't know where they are from where they shoot from so making this process very very simple check out who I am my work get ahold of me like that's really what the website is for its you know we have a link on there that's his press which is one will probably take off you know it's cool to talk about you were in this magazine or voted and the bridal award your europe e p a member and a bride's going what's p p a I could care less you know she doesn't want a funny duddy photographer does she oh I've got an accolade of excellence like what's that she doesn't know what that isthe she knows what she cares about and we've got to reach out to what she cares about so making the contact v...

ery easy is very important but then at the same time you notice our contact forms actually pretty extensive there's one two three four five six seven eight nine ten twelve things for them to fill out and we actually do this on purpose because what we're trying to do is create another filter to qualify clients so when they fill this out we can sort of get a tone it doesn't tell us everything you can only get so much out of a contact form but it gives us some orender green flags to go I think this person's very excited or they're not because if it just says their name their email and their phone number and their wedding date that tells you absolutely nothing about them but ours has obviously that stuff but then it has their photography price point range is one of the questions we ask and not everybody feels that out because not everybody even knows or even feels comfortable but when somebody puts down on your you know say you charged three thousand and somebody puts on their three thousand is my price point reyes you go they're qualified they immediately can afford me I know they can afford me and they don't have to put the exact amount that we charge but if it's within range it's within thirty percent we probably know that uniform and notice how we say photography price point range and not budget often budget implies cheap and we don't want to imply that on anyone so another thing we want to highlight is we ask for their phone number and then the best time to call we don't say would you prefer a call because we want to call it if they don't want to talk to us we know they're probably shopping they're probably just going from contact from the contact for him getting all the price quotes together and seeing who's the best deal and unfortunately we're not the best deal for anybody we charge more than most people do in our area so we want their phone number and know that they want us to call them and not everyone is down or talking on the phone like we had one photographers and it's a facebook message and they're like I love the idea of talking on the phone of clients and we'll get anymore without a while we do that and they're like I stripped off all my numbers there's are all my emails there's no way for them to contact me except by the phone and I was like e well that's not quite the point we're trying to make like you want to be accessible to the clients and meet them where they're at sometimes you know people just don't want talk on the phone like a hate talking on the phone personally uh so you need to meet them where they're at so that's why we asked for the number and then if they don't of course well still be friends with them and then obviously knowing how they heard about you is very important because if somebody says google there's probably a low chance that we'll book them because google's so arbitrary that's why I'm not a big fan of even being number one on google's great and it's not gonna hurt your business but it's not the most important thing happening I promise you because anybody can tell you that have you googled where do you know what's the best car to buy and bought it or did you see your friend driving a car you wrote in it u went this is amazing and I want to buy it based on the referral referrals way more powerful and google is not a very good referral source for the most part but it's it's not bad to be up there but I wouldn't spend ten thousand dollars to be a ceo expert either um but definitely when when the bride says my budget is for forty five hundred dollars we go that's awesome and then she says I would love to come for you to contact me on my phone at this time and then she says you shot my friend meredith sweating and she said you were awesome and then at the bottom you notice it says tell us more that's huge because we're kind of opening up the platform for them to say anything they want and we've had clients go you guys shot meredith's wedding I was there it was so amazing and I feel like I really want to talk to you so excited and sometimes we'll even have clients say I'm not sure if I can afford you but I want to see if it could work and we hear those kind of things does that sound good or bad that sounds good way immediately go there at the top of our list to get on the phone if they want to call it too I'm calling them too you know this is a hot lead okay all right so we kind of are how our process works is when someone fills out the contact for every single person gets an email back it's like hey was that jody you know this is what we started this is what we're about we'd love to set up a time to chat with you and so we want to show you an example of someone who is not our right kind of clients so we sent him an email and then they e mailed us back and they said thank you so much for getting back to me unfortunately for me your package has exceeded so and so and photographer by three thousand six hundred thirty dollars an amount that I do not believe could be negotiated their correct I believe your art exceeds the quality of this photographer though not to the degree that I have calculated wow thank you again for your prompt response that she's probably a lawyer something you're like could not be any more specific and I'm not sure what she was asking she was saying if you can come down to this price now your work now your value is good enough and we're going one that other photographers traditional photographer nashville obviously they're looking at the two of us they don't get what we do it all and there's no way we can negotiate a thirty six hundred dollars anything you know there's no chance of that happening as opposed to this email we got our this contact form that came through so on a scale of one to ten ten they're super excited about us and this is what they said I don't remember how I discovered you guys but I've been following your block for months now as a photographer I love the post that detail how you do what you do but as a lover of beautiful things your images are simply amazing though some of my friends have obtained other well known photographers for their weddings I don't think any of them can hold a candle to you guys I know this is amazingly short notice the wedding wasn't about two months and that your price point is likely well above what we can afford but I wanted to at least inquire now that sounded incredible and we're going there not going can you come down by thirty six thirty year can you adjust your price by ten percent they were going I love beautiful things I feel like you guys create beautiful things is there any chance that we can make this work let's try to make it work and this was a wedding up and just just south of boston and I immediately called uh this client I called them and I said dude absolutely we want to make this work so I said this is what we cost this is what the travel fees you're gonna be can you make it work they said let me go you know talk to the family and see if we can pull this out and sure enough they did they made it work we flew out to boss and we shot their wedding we didn't do any price deals no price breaks and we had an amazing time hanging out with this client was absolutely awesome so these are the kind of clients of jody now we're saying we want to build our backs in the clients that think this way because after we go out photograph their wedding something that already feels that way about us before we show up because we're gonna take it up times ten you know when we actually get a person with them now they're going to be talking about us for years and years to come and selling us to all of their friends so very very awesome again it's all our qualifying client making sure they're right for use a question right here didn't really go into it now what numbers are you looking for yeah great question this is something we got from justin a merry marines who have this on their contact form amazing photography by the way uh out of the east coast kind of shots and photos for us which hang hang up in our beautiful home um this what we're looking for here is if somebody says way ask him on a scale of one to ten how excited are you for zach and jodi to shoot you winning so if somebody says two it's like ok they think we suck you know there are they just don't know not in anything at this point maybe we can get them to a five but we need them to be a ten plus especially cr price because we charge more than most people if your prices and crazy in your market then maybe they kind of being a and a half to get it get him signed you know but if we've also so it had clouds put down like four and we've had one client put down seven hundred plus so when we see that we immediately wait we're kind of gauging an excitement factor with that you know it's just another thing to look at and go ok they're putting us down is a ten plus or is a tan or a hundred you know and that's why we leave it optional from that fill out anything they want right there because some people are living put eight point five okay that's pretty specific it's another way to just gauge interest that's all we're doing with that so it's a good it's a really good tool all right so we mentioned once the contact for comes in everyone gets an email and so this is the email these they're kind of the highlights of what we send first of all we want to make it really personal we you know like oh my gosh we're so excited for your wedding if they give a detail of you know my husband's in the military or whatever you know we make sure to address that make it personal and then we want we don't want to overwhelm them we don't want to send them all of our pricing because one that's a lot of them it can be a lot of information and then also they're just going to compare apples to apples so we give them our starting price point and then share a little bit you know we're excited about marriage we love couples and we realized too that the best way to inhibit sales and who wants to inhibit sales nobody you want people to buy right the best way to inhibit sales us to make it too complicated too much information or too many options if you ever walked it and everything's bad man I'm really hungry for soup so you got a wal mart and you go into the soup I'll which is an entire aisle for suit what do you normally do anybody want to tell me what they do when they go to buy soup what do you do you buy what you always buy right you go I know what I like I'm just spending my time looking for how often do you switch to a new soup I never do because there's too many chances that something might not work there's too many options I look at that I just get like threats you know like oh my gosh you're seven hundred kinds of soup so but if if you walked in the soup island there was three it was tomato chicken and bean with bacon you'd probably be a have a much easier time making decisions so we're literally taking that idea pushing it into the email and going making a personal hey thank you so much for emailing us yes we're available for your date putting the specific date in there jody and I began at this price and it includes this we love to talk with you more about what you're looking for because if you say if you send them a twelve page sheet of information about pricing they're just going to be like throw it out what this is too big brian already has nine thousand decisions to make let's make one decision for her do you want us yes or no okay so in that email and we keep it very simple just are starting price point we don't overwhelm them and then what we want to do is we want to set up a phone call with them oftentimes if they can't afford are starting price point you just don't hear back from them we always make sure to follow up but those who are really interests at that point we'll set up a call with them and what's great about the call the reason that we don't want to go back and fourth of email all the time is because we've done such a great job putting our personalities out on our website right then all of a sudden if we just going to email and now we just have this relationship through email where so much can be lost through you know you can't hear expression and tone and you can't see all the body language so much is lost in emails so weekend at least get on the phone with them that would be so much better meeting with our clients in person would be super ideal right but that takes a lot of effort and a lot of time so we can at least get on the phone with them and even book them on the phone then that saves the time for the meeting and the first time that we see them in person all the contracts and money exchanges are done with and we're just there to hang out so we want to get with them on the phone and we have a five step process we actually have a script that we on violent I mean zak goes through when he chats on the phone with our potential rights

Class Description

Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.